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Movers Move Into Field Offices!
The Movers & Shakers have been awarded their own building! For stealing jokes from the Toons, the Sellbot VP gave the Movers & Shakers a "Field Office," which if the Sellbot HQ is the "Main Office," must mean it's a building for spreading Cog nastiness even further afield.
Initial reports state these Field Offices have two levels – a "Mover Maze" and an "Executive Suite," but the big news is what else they contain – our stolen jokes! It's no laughing matter – we need those back! Have you seen one yet?
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prof. C.J. mc. toon says:

these r the best buildings yet.... hope u dont take long on the update ... dont wanna stay away too long from those buildings :P

mister von says:

WOW! these are very cool!!!! lemme tell you whats in it: first you get some water ballons and try to thow them at big movers and shakers! (4 of em) get in a elevator and go fight 3 or 2 cogs. YOU GET AN SOS TOON! this is pretty hard so i suggjest new toons go with more experieced toons. toons of the world unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( plese reply)

ToonCouncil says:

You said it all, mister von, and said it well!

Jacques Super Nose says:

Oh no! The Mover and Shackers stolen are jokes? I'll do my best to get them back! P.S. I have seen a few jokes inside Feild offices buildings.

snappy says:

grrr those cogs wait heh why did the cogs not lock the jokes in a safe now us toons can get them easy O_O opps hope the cogs do not read this

Master crazy poodlewoof says:

i knew it!!! i cant w8! i bet we will get SOS toons! Are they only for members flippy?! cause i want to go in one. :(

Cool Lollipop says:

YES!!! yes i have seen one before and now i noticed that the big eyes in the back of the picture in the news a few weeks ago was actually the HUGE eyes of the BUILDING!!! I CANT WAIT TO GO IN IT AND GET BACK OUR JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Pickleface says:

I'm going to go find an office now!

Queen Ginger Sparkleseed says:

Omg I went on toon town and saw a feild office also get ready to get your butt kicked mover and shaker!!!!

Orville Sourglop 81 laff says:

I've been in one they are messy in side! you can tell the cogs are trying to make Toontown Less fun with those buildings.

ToonCouncil says:

It's hard for them to keep a tidy office when it keeps shaking!

That Cool Blue Dog (105 Laff) says:

Sweet this will be a fun game mode

Good ol' Salty Giggletoon says:

I knew those Sellbots had a good reason to steal jokes, it's becuase they wanted new bigger better buildings to enhance the takeover on Toontown! You know what that means for us Toons? More adventure!! I'm looking forward to defeating the new buildings and claim our jokes back! Just a couple of questions, though. How will I find the new buildings? And, sorry to be a little off-topic, but when will the maximum Laff Limit be increased? Pretty soon, it will take more than activites to raise the Laff Limit.

wes says:

i have been in near a dozen of these and like them im just wondering if they are here for a limited time or are they here for good

Aqua Wiskers (108 laffer) says:

WOW! I already took back five today and man, are they fun! Good luck toons and be sure to give those Movers & Shakers a wash with the water balloons! :-D

Blue Eyes White Dragon says:

The offices r sooooo fun i did 2 today first u fight giant shakers with water ballons then u fight sellbots then u get an SOS card i should of not told u about i spoiled the fun DARN IT. Well im talking to ALL toons DO AN OFFICE TODAY.OFFICES ARE FUN F antastic U will make cogs cry N ot recomended for toons under 20 laugh or cogs that stink or cry.

Pearl (110laff) says:

I think this is like, REALLY fun! I kept doing it in the same group on and on agan! It is really fun! Thank you for inventing it, Toontown! By the way, Flippy, what do you think about it? Please reply! I don't wanna be Embaresses :(

ToonCouncil says:

I love the new Field Offices, Pearl, even though the Cogs were hoping we'd all hate them!

Bunny says:

Oh No They Got A new building O_O what do u think we should do flippy!?

Dottie says:

THIS IS AMAZING! Flippy these are AWESOME! Ive done at least 5 of them already today :D thanks flippy for the update

airspeeder says:


DogMan says:

Us, Toons, need to work hard, we need to get them Jokes back!

Averycooper says:

Cool! I can't wait to go there. Bring it on. Full gags, 112 life, 2 characters. I'm ready.

Dom says:

Yes! I've seen loads of them and I have been in 2 of them. They are really fun!

Fat Nutty Trickybubble says:

this actually sounds very cool!

Sheena says:

Lets get moving! We have stolen jokes to get! Lets go! Toons of the world unite! Oh please put this in the thread, mine never goes in.

little daffy says:

that is really bad don't you think flippy? plz respond that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

itz bingo ( 125 laff ) says:

this sounds fun

Kitty Kat Purr says:

yay finally field offices come out :D im soooo happy ty flippy and tt council

skinny fluffy says:

let me at it

Loopy Poodle Berry says:

Wow! so excited!!! gonna do one now! (I would insert a joke here, but it was stolen!)

Tom says:


Candy says:

Uh-oh... thats not very good... now it must be tougher to get to the VP!! when i am ready, i will go there and get those jokes back!!

Fluffy says:

I sure have Flippy! I was inside with some friends in a maze, it was weird, then there were these big quakes! We saw these coolers and threw water balloons, we saved a shopkeeper! Poor guy, in a cage.

Lady Katswell says:

One of my friends told me before this news came up that the reward was field offices and now i know what those

Kitteh says:

awesome, new cog buildings! it's always fun to throw water balloons at cogs. <3 question, though - are they in toontown central too? :o i've only seen them in places like donald's dock and the brrrgh :3

ToonCouncil says:

They're falling from the sky into EVERY neighborhood, Kitteh!

Jot says:

WOW these are so much better than regular buildings!

Duckman says:

I knew it!!! I knew they had their own cog buildings flippy...time to send the resistance rangers and toons out on their mission while the cogs are minding theirr own buissness its payback time (post me please!!!!!)

Loopy says:

Whoa! This is a serious matter...for cogs! I am sure we will get the jokes back!

King skippydandytoon says:

i been in one and its harder then it looks im warning all toons to watch out! but the cool part about the building is when you get a SOS toon at the end!

Sheriff Toppenbouncer says:

That's great! I won four just this morning with my friends. I am a 121 laffer so it seemed easy, but that's one really fun building! I tell you, this is the best update since parties! Loving the way the giant Mover And Shakers hop around, it looks hilarious. By the way, I have spotted many jokes dropping from the pockets of those criminal cogs! I guess they weren't prepared for us toons coming to take them down!!! With love, Sheriff Toppenbouncer

super fluffy kooky boom (im an uber :D ) says:


Bizzy Cheezytwist says:

I just did one but I died. LOL. I'm not used to them yet because they're new! Probably when I get used to them I might win. :). \

super chip (94 laffer) says:

flippy ill be willing to risk my happiness to get the jokes back you have nothing to worry about!

Egypt says:

I just did one of these today! They're really fun. Toons of the world unite, and beat the Field Offices! :)

Lemondoodle says:

please read this message....its the first time i ever sent fanmail and i dont even know if anyone will receive this either but....Wow the whole field offices are awesome! you guys(people who think up this stuff) come up with cool stuff..and making this game more popular every day....what would REALLY be an awesome idea is if you the make a new line of cogs....we got sellbots, bossbots, lawbots, and cashbots...what if there was another group? I think that would be soooo awesome and what about making a playground for goofy's son a skate park or something! that would be sooo awesome too! please consider this idea.. toontown needs MORE! hopefully you read this......thanks for your time-Lemondoodle

Green Big Dog [ 78 laffer ] says:

OMG!I just did one field office!It's so cool but so easy i can do it myself!Keep up the work Flippy you too squid face [ my doodle ]

princess fluffy says:

i tried one they are really FUN!!!plus i beat it!!!!!!

Pillow Pet says:

OMG these new buildings are awesome!!!!! i did two of the buildings and i got SOS cards!!! im going to do these all day!!!!!!!! :) XD

Darian says:

WOW thats awesome i cant wait to trash won office like that ANYWAYS IM BACK IN TOONTOWN!!! my friend and i tried to figure the problem at school! AND MY FRIEND SOLVED IT!!!

cool biscuit magaslam says:

i love these new buildings :D they are so fun and i cant keep away from them :)

Spike says:

They are so fun!! I like how you added big cogs!!! They are easy to defeat for me! Im only a 23 laffer and i defeat the cogs in the executive suite easily!!!!!!

Master Crazy Beef Jerky (83 laff) says:

please dont get rid of these!!!!!! i love them flippy!!!!!!! please keep them!! make them like buildings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masterlego says:

YOU STEAL OUR JOKES YOU MAKE NEW BLDGS WHAT NEXT?Well whatever you do Mover&Shakers watch your backs there can be a toon behind you waiting to pie you.TOONS OF THE WORLD PIE THOSE COGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss lily (purple cat 44 laff) says:

im heading there right now!!!

Baby Jolteon says:

So that's what happened to my jokes! I was working on new some jokes to tell through my Megaphone, when a Mover and Shaker took my jokes! (I bet they snuck in to my house while I was out during the Sellbot invasions.) Those Sellbots are sneaky and crafty. Upgraded buildings was a wonderful idea. And they even added handy-dandy water coolers just for visiting toons! How kind! It was scary for me, being a lower Laff toon, to see Lv. 10s in Donald's Dock! But overall, I do enjoy the new buildings. I find it amusing that the cogs make such fun things! I have to give them credit for some of my fun. (Even though they try to ruin most of it.) That is my report on the new Field Offices. I hope you do try battling one of these. But don't go alone! Teamwork makes the dream work. And in this case, the dream is battling as many of the Field Offices as possible! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Baby Jolteon, out!

Kung Fu Bear says:

These are awesome buildings but plz go with higher laff toons theres a seven level cog in there! P.S. SOS toons are awesoome!

Cool C.J. Dynoflap says:

Can you do it in toontown central?

Hay Fever says:

This is so much fun! Thanks for something new.

Berry(V.I.P.) says:

i went in there and we saw we really weird things but it was so fun

duk says:


Crazy Boy says:

OMG!!! I was just on the balloon part then died!!!

Crazy Wonderswirl (109 laffer) says:

All I can say is WOW. ._.

Good ol' Pinky Electropocket says:

There is a good and bad part about this. Good part: We get to destroy more cogs and get our jokes back. YAY! :) Bad Part: Sellbots taking over buildings. :(

Crazy(50 laff) says:

!!!!!!!!!!Cool u can get SOS cards that's so awesome!!!!!!

Penny says:

I have done some of these buildings today, and they are so much fun! Throwing water balloons at the cogs is fun, and getting SOS toons as a reward is Awesome! Although we do need to work hard to get our jokes back So, TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! XD

Tom McMuffin says:

Those field offices are fun.

Emerald Star Bananapow says:

So thats what the reward is.... Wow!!! I never expected it that!!! But that is definitley a bad thing because now cogs have MORE space to spread their dull and boring-ness! P.s. Please reply or even post this! I've never had one posted before!!!! That would be GREAT!!!!! =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

Kevin says:

we going to get our jokes back field office is a great idea keep it up toontown

queen melody says:

I think is so cool. love it . keep up the good work tt

King Wacky Electrosnooker says:

Where do i find these?

deputy skimpy says:

lol ik that that mover shakers cant make waves because there not allowed to getted blown up ha

king boo boo fizzeflip says:

WHOA!!Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!O-OThis sounds like bad doom hour for us.Those dang Mover and Shakers cogs stealing the shopkkeeper and OUR jokes to heal us!Those sun of a...GRRR!Bleep blops.

Little Baby says:


cog creater says:

i have to try this lets go toon town!!!

Domino says:

Here's my little Poem about the new offices... (Hope Flippy Loves it!) In the maze, Where cogs are crazed, Running about and snout; My Water Balloons, And other toons, I'll blow their heads about! Floor two, It's a zoo, Trying to save a toon; But when the pies fly, We won't be sly, It'll hit them right in their face! Thanks, Toontown! I love you! Happy Belated Valentoon's Day!

ToonCouncil says:

Flippy DOES love it! Thanks, Domino!

Duck Dodgers says:

This is so COOL! The new field offices look AMAZING! Totally awesome! I just hope the doodles don't chew through the CFO's wires and cause cashbot field offices...

octo uberton (85laffer) says:

Man those movers and shakers are gonna get it by me and my nation!! :D. We will surely kick those Mover and Shakers butt!!!

kirby says:

all i got is a question. are they gonna count for actual building " take downs "? and are they gonna start to appear in toontasks? ( plz reply )

ToonCouncil says:

Good question, kirby! Let me consult the Player's Guide: "Defeating a Field Office does not fulfill ToonTasks that require you to defeat Cog Buildings." So there ya go!

brownie dog [ 24 laff ] says:

The movers and shakers should be awarded with pies in there face! that's what movers and shakers should be awarded with! [ p.s this is my first blog post. ]

brownie dog [ 24 laff ] says:

this is no laughing matter!!!!! we gotta beat these movers and shakers!!!!!!! we will beat them!!! Toons of the world, unite!

sara says:

ive been in 4 and they are awsome

Ally Cat (55 Laff) says:

I LOVE the new cog buildings! They're kinda like mini V.P battles in a way due to the level of cogs in the Executive Suite and the fact that you get an S.O.S. toon. I've beaten it 3 times already and it's way easier with experienced toons. I wonder if Lawbots, Cashbots, or Bossbots may do the same thing in the future? Hmmm.

red lily flower says:

munch... munch... mmm... oh SORRY eating cream pie haha so i wonder if they would be splattered with pie and get ruined! p.s i have never been posted so please post!

Scooter says:

Im gonna go destroy all of those buildings! i need sellbots anyways. -_-

paws says:

Awesome looking buildings! I can't wait to get into one and kick some cog butt! :) Good luck to all my fellow toons and be careful with those nasty cogs! Haha!

twinkleboing says:

This new thing should be fun. i have 105 laff so its probably going to be not that hard. I have maxed vp cj ceo and cfo so this should be different.

princess rosie says:

no!!! toons you all have to help so we could beat the cogs!TQ & tooncouncial you have to let us have have a 6 month membership for free so we have alot of time to defeat them and get our jokes back please respond!!!

Lollipop Sparkleberry says:

I hope this means a certain cog of each kind will also get their own special building! Keep adding new stuff please-- that's what keeps us advanced toons excited about the game. GO TOONS!!!! :-)

mr. oscar funnybumble the third (jk) says:


J.C. Mc Muddle says:


tj says:

Wow, these are amazing! Nice work Toontown!! I just got done with one. ITS AMAZING!!!! IL RATE 100,000,000 STARS!!!

butterfly_lizard says:

this looks cool is it coming out this week or next week? i like toontown alot and i wonder when that space on the map was gonna come out is this like a new trolly game or some thing? its looks rly COOL!!!! =^.^= sing of kitty

Domino Lemonmouth says:

these sound cool. so lets see if i can at least get one joke out well there was a [ Joke Stolen By The Cogs ]

ToonCouncil says:

Good one!

Princess Pearl says:

Fun! My friend and her friends done quite a few of them. It's the MUCH easier way to get SOS cards! THANK YOU TOONTOWN! YOU RULE! P.S. Hi Pancake Poppendorf! :)

Secret Spy says:

I knew i saw some eyes behind the last weeks picture the Movers & Shakers were blocking it so you cant see behind it! two things one i did too of the field office about a day or two behind and two toons of the world unite!

Fluffy Whiskersocks says:

We HAVE to get those jokes back!

Midnight Fire says:

I did three and guess what you get? AN SOS TOON! It is very fun especially fighting the movers! i LOVE IT! BEST BUILDING EVER! They are AWESOME! My prediction was right Flippy!

Fangs says:

Just went to one..... EPIC!!!!

Madison/romeo/kim says:

Madison: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I Am Low Lvl So ill Die Then And There. Romeo: Cool I'm A High Toon. Kim: Cool I 120 Laff!

Super Crazy Wackyquack says:

I've been waiting so long to hear what the prize was. I did seven field offices today! I really like the first floor and its really fun. Have you ever seen mover and shakers that big?

Lightingdog says:

Those Movers and Shakers will pay!!!!!!!!!!Also,The VP will end and no Toon will lose to a cog on my watch!Espicially Sellbots!I'm so angry!

rockinflip laff 104 says:

i got 5 SOS cards

Max Electromarble says:

Wow! Who knew that a COG building could be sooooooo FUN!

lady bebop mcsnooker says:

They may be fun, but I think they are up to somthing else as well.

Aliadel says:

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! cool i did it three times and i won i also got SOS cards so if u dont like vp or ceo or cfo or cj then do these bldg!

Jessie says:

Flippy.... How long will there be field buildings? Forever?? Just for a couple of weeks???

Featherdoodle says:

whoa! a feild office? maybe they r gona plan something rly bad! evil cogs! and making those issues... i wonder wut they r up to! for all we know, our stolen jokes could have been tampered with by those good-for-nothing-but-toontasks cogs! they might have made them, instead of giving toons toon-ups, so that they give toons TOON-DOWNS! flippy, i say we should hand the jokes over to a scientist before we try to use them, especially since they've been around COGS! those robot are good-for-nothing-but-toontasks these days! and all they cause is toon-tastrafies!

Dreamy Dalmation ( 20 Laff and leader of Dalmation clan ) says:

You've stolen our jokes, you'e taken the lot! I wouldn't like to be a robot. You've trapped some toons inside some cages. Now get them out or we'll higher your wages. Give us back our jokes right now, before you take over the whole of Toontown! ( This is not stupidity or weirdness, THIS is comedy. P.S. I think field offices are great, will they last forever Flippy? )

Daphne says:

I've never actually defeated a Mover and Shaker before, but it's best to avoid, and here's the real joke: HOW CAN A COG STEAL A JOKE FOM A TOON?!??

Tiki says:

This is completely rad. We'll get those gears spinning and bust some of those cogs! Lets go storm them >:D

Little Bingo says:

That is fun!! I went in with my friends, what, 23 times? I don't know. All I know is A LOT. I suggest this: if you have Toontasks with Sellbots that are high, like defeat 8+ Cogs, go to The Brrrg or Donald's Dreamland to get them. XD