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Melville Fishes for a Winner
It's time for our Toontastic spring events - and that ol' sea horse Captain Melville starts it off
with a splash!

fast Toons
Melville challenges all Toons to enter his annual Fishing Tournament this weekend:
Friday, April 26  -  Monday, April 29.


Catch the most fish in a 24-hour period any day of the Tournament using one of the following fishing rods: twig, bamboo, wood, steel or gold.
Any pond will do – including the one at your very own Estate.

The top 20 Toons who catch the most fish per rod - each day - win Melville's all-new Fishing Tournament prize. Read this Friday's Toon News... For the Amused inside Toontown to see Melville's Toontastic new prize!


ALL Toons are welcome to cast a line in this challenge. If you're not a Member, your twig fishing rod works too.
Good luck, Toons!


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Magical Crocodile says:

Yay an exciting event is here! Time to get my fish on :D

wilbur says:

I love a good challenge im ready! Oh no incoming cogs better splat em! Oh no not the ceo.....

Sadie says:

I shall try... I don't think I'll win, but I have a golden rod... well, at least I tried. Good luck everyone! ;)

Fluffy says:

That's great cause I like to fish and I need more beans and i'll have to ride the trolley which challenges me :D.

Moon Berry says:

Cool! Although I know I'll never win out of ALL the toons out there. I'm not that lucky!

Mew says:

Woo Im so trying :D. Wish me luck

Enterprise (91 laff) says:

Wow! a fishing prize?! that will be great! good thing I have a steel rod so I can get some jellybeans!

Necie says:

I'm going to attempt it! A great way to earn jellybeans if I do not win. :)

Joy (76 laff) says:

Whoa! In this picture that monkey is lucky he caught a devil fish. I have caught not a' one of those species! Oh well. Thank ya'll very much for this operation of success Toontown. You do NOT know how much of a fan I am of your successful game. :-)

Silly Fangs says:

Wow I'm very excited! This time I think I'll have this one for me to win into! Maybe... Lol. Goodluck all Toons! Toons of the World Fish!

Flippy Jr. says:

I love to catch fish, but when it's not fish bingo, I sometimes get bored. Now through this period of time I will have mor fun than ever! I wish this would go on forever. The best part about this is the prize if your one of the 20. Thank you Toontown for having this. I'll be fishing every day till it ends!

Beary Good (37 laff) says:

Awesome! Been fishing lately so this will be a fun challenge! :D!!!

Andrew says:

This should be an easy tournament to win. that means more shirts awarding for me to put in my closet.

colonel jeeper nerd says:

omg i cant wait till this weekend!!!!

Black Hole says:

Last time I forgot about it. I hope that im going to be a winner! I have a twig rod. Good luck everyone! :)

Hannah says:

Yay! I love fishing tournaments! (although I have never been in one) I can't wait to fish this weekend (((:

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist says:

Yay! I'm up for that! Can't wait :D

Little Peanut says:

Awesome. I can't wait to start fishing :3

Loud Lily says:

WOO! Perfect for the ducky that loves fishing.

Clover says:

Yay I will try to play

Pinkertoon says:

My toon won this challenge before, I'll try again. I'm still searching for new species and the jellybeans will be a bonus! Good luck everybody!

Miss Bubbles (116 Laff) says:

I've been looking for some extra motivation to finally get those last fishing laff boosts! This will be the perfect chance to get those crazy devil rays and holey mackerals :)

Queen Wolfy ( 15 laff ) says:

Wow!!! This is Sooooooooooooooo Cool!!!!!! And im sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! I hope some Toon like you can pull it off!!!! So........ Toons Of The World Unite!!!

Stephanie says:

I can't wait! I won a few years ago :D Still have the fish hooks skirt!

Cool Lollipop Glitterspirnkles says:

Yay! I can a least try to win! (P.S. i probably will win! :D)

Super Stinky Sourzilla says:

I wonder what the prize is!

Midnight (45) says:

How did that pig get a devil ray???

Sprinkles says:

Woohoo! I am TOTALLY joining!

Fabian says:

I Want The Prize, so i wanna fish in a 24 hour period. I Love Fishin!!!

Princess Fancy McQuack (112) says:

YAY! Last year I had somewhere to be during the fishing tournament but this year ITS ON TOON PEOPLES! XD Good luck to everyone participating! ;)

Rocksteady says:

AWESOME! I'm gonna enter this! But whats the prize?

Little Kitten says:

Woohoo! Fishing ponds... Here I come! :D I absolutely LOVE fishing! I can't wait to use my GOLD ROD OF AWESOMENESS! lol Good Luck Toons!

Black Rose says:

Sweet! Godd luck Ya'll!

Shawn says:

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to do this! I have waited SO long for this and I've never won anything. I'm going to do my best! :)

Madame Horsier says:

Okay, got my beans. READY TO FISH! :) LET'S STAY UP ALL NIGHT, TOONS! Just kidding, people need their rest. But seriously, LET'S FISH!

Twinklepoof says:

Omg i am going to try to win at this ( never did ) lol

Smarti says:

We get to fish, jellybeans ahoy, and we win a prize! How can it get any better?

Collin says:

I hope to win one!!!!!!! Count me in! :-)

Mystery says:

Wow! I love to fish, and I love toontown! CANT WAIT!!!!!!! :D

Queen Lefty (104) says:

ahh!! fishing is hard sometimes but ALOT of people are good at it :D

Princess Trixie says:

Yay! I can't wait! I'm fishing right when it starts! (Non-stop!) Hope I win! Toontastic!

domino mctoon says:

YES ANOTHER CHALLENGE!!!!!! i lost last years fishing challenge, BUT I HOPE TO WIN THIS YEARS :D! GOOD LUCK ALL TOONS!

Oscar says:

Cool!, I'll try to win, I can not wait to see this toontastic prize!!! Good luck everyone!!!

Subzero says:

WOW! I never really went fishing unless it was a special occasion, but since Melville put up a new event... I will go fishing first chance I get! BUT... Let's hope those pesky cogs don't ruin all of our fishing fun! Toons of the world unite! (Wood Rod)

Smorez says:

Ooo I love the fishing tournament! I hope i catch a lot of fish! :D

Joseph says:

I LOve fishing ! :D

Vanessa says:

Awesome, my other toon won a fabulous shirt last year. I hope I win this year, too.

Plankton or Plankton Jr. says:

I wonder if I can win this prize. It will be awesome if I can!

Omar says:

Im ready for this!

melodylicious says:

i hope i win :)

Princess Boo Boo says:

Good thing I bought my gold rod yesterday! :D

Blue Kitten says:

Sounds great! Can't wait to try again; considering I won last year. Good luck to everyone! New toons and old toons all have a chance at winning, and I can't wait to try as well! Good luck!

Duke Tom says:

I'm super excited! I've been waiting for this! I hope I win :) This is gonna be awesome!

Isabella says:

I think this is a good opportunity because I like fishing and I caught 200 fishes in all. Its so fun!

Lucky Leaf says:

Ooh, I hope I win!

Sheriff J.C. Zoobleteeth says:

I'm so happy to see so many people excited over something a lot of people don't do as often. I'm an older toon and I enjoy going to parties, fishing, and even busting cogs. I also NEVER get annoyed with toontasks because I know that someday, there won't be as many toontasks and I'm gonna be one of the toons that can say, "Yeah, I was one of those toons who had yo complete all thoses toontasks." Even through they took forever to get done, it made me learn to have patience. Just like fishing, you have to have patience.

ursula gigglepocket says:

i have a gold rod... been fishing for years on toontown... never not the devil ray... still fishing... never caught it...... now might be the chance

Yin says:

I hope I win! :D At least I'm gonna get a ton of jellybeans from all the fishing.

Falling Snowflakes ( 58 laff ) says:

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU TT!!!!!!! i already caught at least 340 fish i think

Puppy says:

i been fishing all day :) toontown is the best game in the world ill never stop playing it!

king oscar says:

in two days I've already unlocked 25 species I'm feeling good about getting that shirt!

Sophina says:

Toontastic! Time to fish up new fish!

Exotic Titans says:

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get my fishing on! BOOYAH, ToonTown rules

Pegasus (15 laff Aqua Horse) says:

Coolio! I wish luck to all Toons! Are YOU and your 'neigh'bors Toon enough? ( Lets hope so! XD)

Flip (43 laff) says:

I wonder what the prize is! LETS FIND OUT TOONS!

Vanilla says:

Woo hoo! I love prizes! I'm going to try to catch a lot of fish!

Sweetie Paul says:

Who do you think will win???

Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs (66 laff) says:

*Opens closet and everything falls out* Now where's that fishing rod? Wait, is that you Flippy?

Mindy says:

I love these challenges! They supply Toons more fun when playing the game! I am on Toontown almost every day, and little activities such as these give you a little bit more variety of experiences on Toontown! Thanks Toontown!

Orange Soda says:

Wow i've been waiting for this im going to try and catch as many fish as possible!

Little Dottie Dandydoodle says:

I fished all night until 12 am PST. Which my time is 2 in the morning. :P I caught over 1500 fish on a wood rod. I got a TON of beans!!!! I hope I win and good luck to everyone else!!! :D

Loud Thunderchomp says:

I've been Fishin' away and I can say that this contest is pretty fun! I found new species of fish during the fishing.

Sir Snappy Bubblezapper says:

This event came at the right time at I've just bought an new hardwood fishing rod!

Miss Doodle care says:

This is a really good idea! Come up with some more toontastic things we can do! I will try to fish as much as I can!

King Ricky Googlenoodle says:

I will WIN!!! I love contest like these-keep 'em coming!

bre says:

yay i cant wait i better get my game on. :) <3

sir cat says:

yay toontastic!

Mac (33 laff) says:

A fishing tornament? I would like doing it!

Googlesocks says:

Good luck for all the toon fishers out there!

Midnightkit says:

I can't wait till they announce it. I have been fishing since it has been announced. Most of my new species were Acudas. Im a steel rod, from the 57 laffer, that loves Toontown

Electromuffin says:

This is a excelent event! It can help the toons get their 7 laff boosts from fishing with knowing you might get a prize! Good job disney!