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May Accessories on Parade
fast Toons

Clarabelle's wacky accessories for May are starting to hit Toons' Cattlelogs this weekend - including some of the silliest accessories under the sun for summer!


Tons of Toon favorites like the stylish fedora, futuristic goggles, feather headband, and
gag attack pack
make a kooky comeback.
Speaking of backpacks, butterfly, bird, and dragon wings really let the fun fly!

Or start your own sunny street parade as a "one-Toon-band" wearing the jamboree hat with jamboree pack and let the summer silliness soar!

TOON TIP: If you don’t see these accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don't worry!
These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy and receive the trunk first, if you do not have one already.

Become a Member Toon
to wear and enjoy accessories,
and all kooky Cattlelog items!



Posted on May 03, 2013 to:

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Midnight kit (59 LAFF) says:

So cool! Fedora is my favorite one.

Flamepaw says:

woohoo all Toons this month will be so stylish

Joy (76 laff) says:

Yay!! May accessories came out! I can't choose a favorite. They're all fun-filled accessories! Toon-tastically Toony! Don't forget to be Toon Enough!!

master says:

this is so awesome i love the jamboree horn hat

Sir Dynamite says:

Looking forward to all the silly accessories, Toontown!

Cool Lollipop Glittersprinkles says:

Cool! I love the new accessories!

Endless Possibilities (109 LAFF) says:

Cool! Cant wait to get the cattlelog! My favorite is the Dragon Wings ;)

Crazy Super Banana (107 Laff) says:

Yay I am Happy about that! i missed these accessories! WOOOHOOOOO :D

Moon Berry says:

Cool! I can't have any though cause I'm not a member. But I hope I might be one soon!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Omg, I love the rainbow bow and the butterfly wings! I have some May accessories and I'll get some more. May accessories are the best accessories ever!

Sunny says:

Yay! I'm going to get the Rainbow Bow, Green Checker Bow, and the Green Shoes. :)

Reddy Freddy says:

Woohoo!!! I been waiting to get the fedora hat and get my party hat on!!! Literally. And soon I'll be cracking cases when I get the detective hat and glasses!

Thomas (34 LAFFS) says:

It's not in my cattlelog yet! But so excited :D

Captain Popcorn Bumbleberry 109 says:

Thanks to Toontown we have old accessories back I am looking forward to get a fedora for my little kitty Meow (brown cat). Fedora is my favorite I wear it all the time!!!!!

Good ol' Popcorn ( 107 laff ) says:

Sweet!!!!! Fedora and dragon wings are my favourites

Lancelot Thundermarble 106 laff says:

Impressive. I already bought the goggles and the dragon wings.

dippy Mo mo Zillergroven says:


Omar says:

Yay more accessories!

Creativity ( 17 Laff ) says:

i really like the fedora its so cool and the bow too mostly is gag attack pack im getting them all soon. :D

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

Yay! I love the jamboree stuff.

Toons Unite (97 Laff) says:

I'm glad these are back! These are the most sylish clothing items all year!

Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs says:

YAY!!!!! THE FEDORA!!!! :D

Enterprise (94 laff) says:

ooo these look like wacky clothes! they look great too! I'll try to buy them in May myself to see if they look good on me :D!!!!!

Queen amy says:

OOO yay! i love the fedora thank you toontown! :D

Mabel says:

ty toontown!! cant wait to get these, i better stock up on jbs!!!

Melody says:

The bows are back! :D

Hermione (43 laff) says:

i just got my cattllog yesterday and i love the accesories i just need more beans I LOVE TOON TOWN!!!

Vanilla says:

Cool! I always wanted a dragon wing!

jupiter says:

My two favorite accessories are the fedora and the futuristic goggles! :D

Little Kitten says:

Oh My Gosh! I've ALWAYS wanted the rainbow bow! (Because I have the wings, shirt, AND skirt!) And I wanted the fedora so bad! It's so cute! Thanks ToonTown for bringing back those Accessories! ??

Wave says:

Awesome! I love all the silly fun and epic accessories. I'm defenantly going to buy some for my best friend in toontown, Sir Wacko Electroboom!

claris (101 LAFF) says:

oh yay! the old cattlelog is back! i want the fedora and the green shoes!

Good ol' Comet says:

Super excited for these items!

Disaster says:

I'll spy on the cogs with my fedora in secret

Princess Lily says:

I REALLY hope it includes the tiara! I've waited awhile for it :)

Shadow says:

OMG Cant wait

Sprinkles says:

This is EPIC! I totally want to get the Indian Feather and Bird Wings!

Bella says:

Yay! Thanks Toontown for making these wonderful accessories for our toon community to be stylish, chic, and good-looking! ( P.S. I love the cute bows )

Fireball says:

I'm going get another membership card today,so I can buy these sweet accessories. Toons of the world unite!

Coconut says:

I love them! I got the fedora,all bows,detective, purple acc and tons more!

Thomas (19 Laff) says:

Awesome I love theses New accessories best thing toontown has ever done

Flame says:

Woo-hoo! I cannot wait to get me some of this awesome gear. :D

Emily (105 laff) says:

Great! Thanks for bringing back these great accessories! I love them all :) only one I wish were back in the cattlelog were the aquare glasses. Thanks again :D!

pancakenickelgadget says:

LOL love the new accessories can't wait for the next ones

Princess Violet Sparkle Muffin says:

I know the tt people always make the catalog items so beautiful and so in season! Once my computer actually lets me play tt again, i definatly purchase as much catalog items as i can :)

lady jinxsnout (LJS) says:

My fedora looks SO fly! THX, toon council!

jasmine says:

they are awesome but im not member but hope good for all of you good luck

Loud Lily (65 laff) says:

Woot! I'm totally getting the Gag Attack Pack! :D Toooooooooooon-tastic! :3

Little Kitten says:

YAY! May accessories! I'm buying all of them! Thanks for the accessories ToonTown! :D

Magical Crocodile says:

Ooh I don't know which one to get maybe ill get all of them :)

clover purplepop says:

i think toon town is awsome

Tricky says:

If you get the yellow suit and get the gag attack pack they go perfectly together PS I call yellow suit cog buster :P

Veona says:

I really will enjoy the things Clarabelle has sent to the cattloggs! I hope toons like the things Clarabelle has sent out! Peace!

dukeloonytwiddlemuddle says:

i remember 7 years ago when i joined,we didnt have anything like this,now we do and i like it

Crazy Candy says:

Oh wow! These accessories really make a bit hit in the Spring and Summer! If I was a member, I would buy the Flunky Cog Backpack to really show those pesky cogs how I take them down, ONE BY ONE!

Wrinkletoon says:

I'm filling up my trunk with all kinds of accessories! I love you Toontown. So fun.

Star (113 laff) says:

Awesome!!! My fave is Gag Backpack, but I like the Monocle, goggles, bowler hat and fedora too.

Mister Loopenzilla says:

Hey toon council! I'm so glad the accessories are coming back! I have the awesome, goofy looking Jamboree Backpack! But not the jamboree hat though. But still, THEY'RE AWESOME!!!

Al Cat-Pone says:

My favorite is the fedora! Glad to see that it's back!

Lighting (110) says:


Lavender Lady says:

I am really looking forward to getting my Toon some new stylish accessories

Peppermint says:

Sweet! These accessories are toontastic!