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Make a Splash Catching the Most Fish!

Melville Fishing Tournament


Our Toontastic spring events start off with a splash!
Captain Melville challenges all Toons to enter his annual Fishing Tournament this weekend:
Friday, April 27 -  Monday, April 30.


Catch the most fish in a 24-hour period any day of the Tournament using one of the following fishing rods: twig, bamboo, wood, steel or gold.

The top 20 Toons who catch the most fish per rod - each day - win Melville's Fishing Tournament prize. Read this week's "Toon News... For the Amused!" for a hint on this year's prize.

Melville loves to hear what wacky and rare species of fish you find, so throw us a line and let us know!


Posted on April 25, 2012 to:

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Sparklez says:

Do you have to be a member? If you don't, i'm gonna catch ALL THE FISH I CAN!! YEAH!!

ToonCouncil says:

All Toons can enter Melville's Fishing Tournament! If you're not a Member, your twig fishing rod will work too, Sparklez. Happy fishing!

Hiccup (40 laff) says:

I cant wait! I love to fish! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

Tubby Googlequack says:

I'll try my best, and compete!!

Lily says:

I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE SO WATCH OUT! Toontown is the best game in the universe!

Cool Boo Boo (88 Laff) says:

I can't wait till the the event starts! I'm going to practice fishing more!

crazy candy says:

Wow I got to enter this!

Princess Mo Mo says:

Let the fishing BEGIN!!!!! It's on!!! xD Are you TOON enough?

Dizzy says:

I caught a holey mackerel :)

ToonCouncil says:

Holey moley, Dizzy - that's quite a catch!

samantha says:

I hope I win, I've never won

Cutie Pututie (95 laff) says:

Oh my, fishing on the weekend my favorite time. Mostly because I'm free. Hope i get my rod upgrade soon!

Ashley Sparkle Star says:

Sounds Fun! I'm So Excited! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Ricky Hulachomp says:

I can't wait for Melville's Fishing Tournament! I'm going to try to catch a lot of fish! I wonder what the prize will be.... Toons of the World Unite!

ToonCouncil says:

I can't wait to see Melville's prize either, Ricky! Did you see the hint in this week's "Toon News... For the Amused"?

blossom says:

I just entered and im catching fish in every playground startng the Brrrgh!

Chipper Dandysnoop says:

I am going to try and work my way into winning the sweet prize :) Hope I am lucky enough :P

Short Mouse says:

cool! ill put on my fisherman suit and hit the ponds!

eddy- 118 says:

cant wait to fish

Sweetbud ( 57 laff ) says:

Can't wait for it to start im gonna try to get alot of fish if I Can! Good luck rest of toontown. Toons Of The World Unite

Little Daffodil says:

Wow! This contest sounds fun! You don't have to be a member to enter?

ToonCouncil says:

All Toons can enter the Fishing Tournament, Little Daffodil. If you're not a Member, you can fish with your twig rod. Good luck!

Tracy ( 90 laff ) says:

Oh my! A contest. I really want to win, and might, with my shiny new gold rod! I wonder what the prize is, Maybe a toontastic shirt with a fish trophy on it! Best Luck to you guys all! ~Tracy

Violet Petalberry ( 105 laff ) says:

Ooo, that looks like fun! Good luck toons! I better start training ;).

Salvador says:

I cant wait until this weekend! I hope i don't have homework over the weekend so i can try earning Melville's prize. I hope i can catch the most fish!

Master Fireball Superslam says:

Cool! Maybe I'll finally get my fishing laff boost. :P

Sandstorm (57 laff) says:

Sweet! I LOVE fishing. This could get me on the records! Toons of the world, unite!

Mystic Sa'fique says:

I can hardly wait to begin! In the Toon News, the only hint of the reward I see is the silhouette of a shirt - and I'm a maniac when it comes to exclusive clothing & accessories :) Best of luck to everybody!

King Nutty Frecklefussen says:

Hey Flippy, can't wait to catch a whole bucket of Wholy Mackeral and Devil Ray fish and hopefully give a good running to other toon friends in Captain Melvilles Tournament

Felix (106 laff) says:

Well I recently got my hardwood rod, and I know that's the first possible rod to catch a paino tuna, so I guess I'll put a lot of effort in Minnie's Melodyland.

Alvin Berry says:

thanks toontown and you to Mellville.good luck toons :-)

Mosquito Memory says:

im going to try it with my toontastic steel rod

Chocolate Milk says:

Awesome!!! I think I might compete in the tournament. I LOVE fishing on Toontown! :D

Hunter (Laff 115) says:

I am going to get my membership paid before tomorrow and fish my heart out. I am SO determined to win! :D

Boingingmoot says:

Yay! I love fishing! Laff boosts! Who would NOT like fishing? No toon of course! Let's take a look at what we catch while were at it and have a toontastic time! Toons of the world unite!

Lady Ginger Kooky Doodle (103 laff) says:

I can't wait! I probably won't win though this will be fun! Good Luck! Toons of the World, Unite! :O)

Cool lollipop Dizzy Doodle says:

What a ToonTastic idea. Time to practise my fishing!!!

Jetta says:

OMG. I loved the skirt from last year! I couldn't believe when I got it - count me in this time for a great round of fish-catching: BRING IT ON:)

Snowy Tree says:

Hey, ToonTown! Everyone Is Practicing Their Fishing! Even I'm Getting Ready For The Big Contest Starting Tomorrow! When There's An Empty Fishing Dock, Somebody Will Get On It Right Away! With Alot Of Toons Practicing, This Might Be A Very Hard Contest! I'm So Excited, I Could Fish All Day! I'm Catching Lots Of Fish Already, Too! I Just Can't Wait Until The Contest Starts Tomorrow!

Daffy McCrash says:

I love Fishing cant Wait i WIll Be Catching a Lot Of Fish

Sparkletoon (55 laff) says:

This is sooo cool! I hope i can get one of the prizes! :D

zachary says:

Cool! i dont fish alot but ill try!

Vert says:

Yes, now i can put my jellybeans and Gold Rod to use!

Boo Boo Googletoes (purple dog 86 laff) says:

sweet! i love fishing!. this will be awesome!!!!:D

Halloween says:

This sounds like a very fun event! Hallo' will be sure to have her gold rod ready, and her jellybean bucket full! She is determined to win this!

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

I'll be sure to participate in this fishing competition. Thanks for giving us such a fun task, Captain Melville!!!

crunchyscooter says:

I hope i get the most fish! Good luck to every that are participating!! goodl luck to all

Candy Cane says:

i love to fish on ToonTown and know we have a tournament! i have tried it and it is really FUN

Princess Candy Flipperdoodle says:

This is awesome! I can't wait to get my gloves on that shirt!!! I'll be doing a lot of fishing tomorrow!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Cuddles Purplemuffin says:

Awesome!Can't wait!I wonder how much I can catch,Flippy!

Princess Lily says:

I hope all toons get ALOT of jellybeans to prepare for the fishing tournament! tomorrow is trhe first day! Toons of the world unite!

Green Apple says:

It sound like some fun! Good luck all you Toons!

Crazy kitty says:

Hope I win. It sounds AWESOME! : D Thanks Toontown!

Queen Petalflip says:

Ooo!I'm going to go fishing! :D I hope I win the contest

Salty says:

I can't wait until it starts!

Barney Bananaburger (89 laff points) says:

I'm working on fishing! Once I caught a Piano Tuna. Keep the fun coming!

valentine says:

i'm gonna start fishing right away. :D

joey (79 laff) says:

Man i got the devil ray twice Today im ready!

Spunky McSpunkstuff says:

Oh really? That's great! I'm going to catch alot of fish so that I can get the prize. What makes it fun is that the prize is a "surprise"! I sure do hope I'm one of the ones who catches the most fish!

Rose Petal says:

Im Gonna try to win this :O!

cliff (67) says:

I cant wait! Im going to fish and fish and fish!

Lucario says:

I caught a Devil Ray today during the tournament!

princess says:

Those fish are going in my bucket!

Whispurring Willow says:

I've gotten easily over 2000 fish with over 80 bucketfulls of fish on the first day, hopefully it's enough to win! :D Got 3 new species today; Kodiac Bear Acuda, All Star Fish, and Concord PB&J, making my found fish a total of 63! Wish me luck on winning! :D

Captain Boo Boo Bumblesticks says:

Do you have to go to a certain pond to compete? I really want to show off my toontastic fishing skills!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Melville says you can show off your Toontastic fishing skills at any pond for the Tournament, Captain Boo Boo Bumblesticks. You can even impress your Doodle by fishing from the pond at your very own Estate!

Arctic Wolf says:

:O I remember i won this a few years ago on my 2nd year on here! :D I dunno what happened to my shirt tho o.o Anyways, this was so fun to do! Good luck guys!! :)

Full Moon Leader says:

I hope to win im Full Moon Leader and I wonder what the prize is

Full moon leader says:

Ive already caught 280 fish almost!!!

Lore says:

This is gonna be epic!!! I just wish I knew what the prize was........ ( Always got me wondering ) I also wish doodles could fish too. If so I would bring Lynx to fish with me too.

super dog says:

im ready to WIN! toontown online is the best game in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! toons of the world, UNITE!

Sea Green Dog says:

Can't wait!

PrincessBubblesfunnytoon says:

Yay I cant wait to fish! I tried last year but I was a non-member so I didnt catch many fish or win.But this year Im a member so Im going to win and with my new jellybeans maybe even buy Clarabelle"s new acessories!Go fishing!

Crazy Chipper BumberChomp says:

Can we do this at any pond?

ToonCouncil says:

For the Tournament, you can pick any pond in Toontown to do your fishing, Crazy Chipper BumberChomp. You can even fish from your very own pond at your Toon Estate!

Snuffy Thunderbumper says:

This has to be fun.

Zoom Zoom ( 108 laffs ) says:

Awesome I'm going to go fish right now! I wonder what the " FISHY " prize is LOL! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!

Chirpy Bumble Slam says:

Fishing is fun. I dont have to be a member thats cool I cant wait. good chance to get jellybeans have fun everyone!!!

Pearl says:

Wow, Sounds Really Really REALLY awesome! I really want to win that prize!!!!

Sweet Heart says:

Cool, I'll start bright and early. :) May the odds be ever in yall's favor. Gl.

Zoe Nightshade says:

I love catching fish and getting a lot of jellybeans!

Lollipop says:

I got all the fish

c.w. ( 89 laff ) says:

i caught a devil ray fish :D

Little Violet says:

Yay!!! I caught 3 ultra rares today :P Devil Ray, Grand Piano Tuna, and All Star Fish! I have caught around 3,500 fish I hope that's enough for top 20!

Silly Pancake says:

Is this contest at any pond? Or is it only at Donald's Dock?

ToonCouncil says:

You can do your fishing out of any pond in Toontown, Silly Pancake - even the pond at your own Estate!

wiggler says:

Where do you get one of those fishing rods?

ToonCouncil says:

Every Toon starts with a twig fishing rod, Wiggler. To get started, just step up to a pier at any pond to fish. As you keep fishing, you can upgrade to stronger fishing rods - like bamboo, steel, even gold - by getting them in Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

Flappy Biggenpow says:

When does it end, Flippy?

ToonCouncil says:

The Tournament runs all the way through the end of day Monday, April 30th, Flappy Biggenpow. Good fishing to you!

Silly Huckelfoot says:

I went fishing w/ my friends all day we have our own fish team now lol. and i caught 8 new fish :) TOONTASTIC!

Riley the Bunny (Laff 80 says:

:) I love fishing! so much fun

Ginger says:

I hope I win but even if I don't everyone still had fun! I caught a Rocking horse or rocking sea horse

Jerry says:

I found the Clara Nurse Shark, Scurvy Cutthroat Trout, and Tom Cat Fish for a laff boost!

Silly McSplat says:

OMG!!! this looks like sooooo much fun... i think i might do it!!! look out cuz Silly McSplat is taking home the trophy!!!!! @[email protected]

cranky flipperbubble says:

I will fish every time that i can :) TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Bubbles says:

I Have been In Toontown a VERY Long Time but I Never Saw ANYTHING Like this I'm goanna Catch A HORSE If I Have to!!

ToonCouncil says:

Sounds like you're not horsin' around, Bubbles! Would that be a Rocking Sea Horse? Or a Clydesdale Sea Horse? Maybe a very rare Arabian Sea Horse?

Batty (53) says:

i'm Catching SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fish i hope i win a prize!

Lucky Ducky (17 laff uber) says:

Sounds FINtastic! I can't wait to catch all the fish I can!

Little Pip says:

Totally going to participate in this. I'm SO excited! I'm even wearing my fishing t-shirt and fishing hat for the tournament!

Duke Spunky Beaniemouth says:

Where's the News for the Amused?

ToonCouncil says:

Jump into Toontown to read the Toon News, Duke. Just open your Shticker Book and click on the typewriter icon to open up the latest Toon News issue. Stay up-to-date on all the silly stories in Toontown!

Crazy Bella says:

i love making a splash catching the most fish! U should try it!

nico says:

i got the most rareist fish

Pickles (112 laffer) says:

Pickles here, I gave it all I had to fish! I fished for so long! I hope i'm one of the winners!

FunnyBunny says:

i caught Full Moon fish after 1,900 catches! woohoo

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

Yesterday I Was at My Friends House Fishing and i Caught my First Ever Holey Mackerel!!

ToonCouncil says:

A Holey Mackerel? Holey Mackerel, that's Toontastic, Sir Goopy!