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Lost Doodle Found!
While it may seem like the news out there is all Sellbot-bad, here’s something good: The last missing Doodle who chewed the wires and started OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT has been found! This Doodle, named “Sparky,” was discovered outside Lawbot HQ, where he was stuck in a big hole.
Welcome back, Sparky – now go help Toons fight Sellbots! Good boy!

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Ghalia says:

Great, now we will have more help! Who found the doodle?

princess lollipop says:

i am so happy you found it

Daffodil says:

I'm so glad Sparky has been found! He must have been really scared! Welcome Back Sparky!!! I'm glad something good has come out of the bad, and I'm glad you guys do postings about it! Keep up the great work!!

secret spy says:

Its good Sparky has been found! Why would he want to chew the sellbot wires? I dont get the point. Does it travel to Vp or something? I can fight the Vp now! Who is Sparky's owner Sparky is a good boy! Dont forget to get those Sellbots, or Toontown will be a disaster!

littlespiffydandyzaper says:

Nice work. Say hi to Sparky for me.

Coffee says:

That's great! Glad you got back to your home, Spark. :) And I made Top Toons(:

ToonCouncil says:

Congratulations on being a Top Toon Coffee, that's Toontastic!

ToonCouncil says:

Congratulations on being a Top Toon Coffee, that's Toontastic!

cool nickel flipper says:

Sparky is helping the toons to fight!?!:D YAY

Crazy Fireball Mizzencrump says:

Cool, it's time to take care of Sparky as he recovers from his traumatic experience with the cogs. If I was Sparky I would have nightmares from being with the cogs all that time.

Sir Kippy says:

Woo! We found the doodle that helped in the past! We owe this doodle a LOT of jellybeans.

Yippie (52 laff) says:

Awww.... so cute!

Princess says:

Aww, poor thing. You rock TT. You rule my day.

Crazy Chunky Sourmarble says:

That big hole he was stuck in was a footprint!

Super Dog says:

I am glad the lost doodle was found. :)

Ginger says:

Whoa! Are the Lawbots up to something too?!?! I'll make sure to pack extra gags from now on! Toons of the world, unite!

Cute Fuzzy says:

Aw! How cute! That little doodle sure deserves some attention. I feel bad for the owner who lost him. I wonder what he was doing near the Lawbot HQ? Little mysterious...... until then, Toons of the world Unite!

Dusty Bumblejinks says:

Yay! Welcome back, Sparky! I have a doodle named Cindy, so i know what its like to find a lost friend. And everyone knows a doodle is a friend to everybody ( Except the cogs ).

Eloise says:

Good boy indeed!

knukles (57) says:

well thats great that they found him but I wonder what made the gigantic hole? what do you think it was flippy?? I think it could be a mega cog or a giant doodle or somthing like that.

ToonCouncil says:

Whatever it was, knukles, I hope I don't run into it anytime soon!

Dottie says:

That is awesome welcome back to ToonTown Sparky and please help us.

kelly says:

I am glad you Found him Wow goo! Sparky toons are good cogs-BAD LUCKY TOONS

Dragonbreath says:

Ok, how did Sparky get there???

Deputy J.C. Kookymonkey says:

This is wonderful. The doodles are helpful to us toons. I liked sellbot operation so much that i think the doodles should do it again. Run my little doodles!!!!

Sundae Lemon says:

whoa such a long time he been missing glad hes found i wonder what he ate and drank lets hope not oil that be gross haha

Bongo says:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's mysterious!

Colonel Rocco Blubbermonkey says:

Sparky please escape and chew the wires again!

J.C. Meganoodle says:

Welcome back, Sparky! But what were you doing at Lawbot HQ? Flippy, any idea how he got there?

Bubbles Sparklenerd says:

HOORAY! Welcome Back Sparky! Now, lets bust up some cogs. XD

Flapjack says:

awesome! sparky has been found! now what was he doing outside of Lawbot HQ....

Princess rainbow wondertoon says:

Oh i am so glad he has been found!!!!! I wonder what it was like to be all alone..... i bet it was scary.... poor Sparky! Well at least he's safe now.

Daphne Fizzle Poof says:


Rubik C. Solver says:

Aww Sparky is a a cute name :)

super says:

i like sparky hes cute!

Violet Giggletwist says:

I am so glad the Doodle was found! I am sure if I lost MY Doodle, my best friends on Toontown would help me find her. My friends are Bradley, a red cat and Azela a pink rabbit. Even though I don't know these guys in person, they are nice to me online. YEAH FOR SPARKY!!!

ToonCouncil says:

And YEAH for Toontown friends, right Violet Giggletwist?

Princess Peaches says:

I am so glad they found him. I love my doodle, Sugarbaby and I hope she doesn't get lost! She is an awesome doodle and so is Sparky!

lucy says:

Awsome! See you in toontown Sparky.

ducky says:

yahh the doodle is found but lets focus on the cog invasion

Drip-Drop says:

Aww! He looks my doodle: Spooky!!

Violet Giggletwist says:

HOORAY!!!! Sparky is a lucky Doodle!

Karma says:

welcome back sparky! i'm sure flippy and the team have been looking all over for you. ;)

Superdog says:

ROFL A FOOT PRINT!!! But I feal bad for Sparky.

Captain Flapjack says:

I am so glad that the lost doodle was found!!!!

Rat Fink says:

aw, such a cute doodle :)

Docter Cuckoo Gigglespinner says:

Good boy Sparky, now Rollover! Backflip! Jump up and down like a toon! :) lol

Thor says:

Poor guy. Looks like he's STARVING! I'd be STARVING too after that LONG month!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Don't worry Thor... We're giving him LOTS of jellybeans to fatten him up!

Captain Spike Rinotoon says:

I think the doodle might be mine... I took him off his leash :{

Ladybug (pink rabbit laff 56) says:

AWWWW...poor little guy!!!! Stuck in a hole!!! Are you going to reward him for being so brave all alone in the hole, Flippy? I think you should..maybe some extra jellybeans.....or even better...a cog to chew on!!!!! Lol!! Well...whatever you do...treat him right!!!

Princess Dandyscooter says:

A big hole? Outside of Lawbot HQ? Sounds a little fishy! Aww, Sparky's cute! I wish he was my doodle. :-O

Rosestar says:

Welcome back, Sparky! Good luck out there!

zekesqueak says:

thats awesome!!

Soul says:

I wonder what made the big hole! Could it lead to another operation in Lawbot HQ? Welcome back, Sparky! :)

Dippy Sourfink says:

Sparky, Sparky, Sparky. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! Now all us Toons can work peacefully! Think positive!

Doctor Cranky Wackyflap says:

Aww! He is SO cute!

Mister Skipper Poppenswirl says:

Welcome back Sparky!!

Bulbasaur says:

Did sparky have a good time at the Lawbot HQ?

CrazyToonyCar says:

I dont want any harm to come to Sparky. But I wish he got into Lawbot HQ and done enough damage for an Operation: Storm Lawbot xD

King skippydandytoon says:

Im very glady sparky has been found! i wonder if he knows what the cogs are up to?

ToonCouncil says:

If he does, he's not telling, King skippydandytoon!

weird waldo zoobleroni (laff 100) says:

cool mabye there will be operation-storm lawbot or something I wonder?????...

C.W. Weaselscooter says:

I read that he helped in the past, so I would like to meet him. I wonder if he will help us some more... SO CUTEEEEE!

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

Perhaps the doodle wanted to start a Storm Lawbot? :3

Megascooter says:

Yay sparky! I am SO happy to know he returned safely. He is such a mischevious doodle!

Ginger dizzy berry says:

He is so cute, poor little doodle stuck in lawbot hq, it must have been scary for him, im looking for a doodle anyway maby i could adopt him :)

kyla says:

Awww!!! Sparky is sooo cute!!

Master says:

You did sat in another forum he was found right outside lawbot hq? hmm? I am getting the idea of Storm lawbot. But for now fight those sellbots!

Illusive Light says:

:) Wow! What an original doodle! I bet he's happy to be back :D!

Fireball Feathertwist says:

Cute Doodle I have to say myself! Still though like the other Toons........ Why was he there? Lawbot HQ, a large hole. The cogs are definitely planning a scheme of some sort........ What do you say, Flippy?

ToonCouncil says:

I say the Cogs are always up to some scheme or another, Fireball Feathertwist, so you're probably right!

Midnight SUgar Rush says:

Poor Sparky!!!

Ella says:

That is a very interesting story. Welcome home Sparky! Now remember not to run away and to help toons fight sellbots.

Grovyle says:

yay! doodles rock! it makes me want to feed mine alot more! i always hope that my doodle can toonup me. its not that very well trained

Angel says:

That is one adorable doodle. I think sparky might be the token to us to stop sellbots!

Daffy Fuzzypretzel says:

how did the hole get there? and why was it shaped like a giant doodle foot?

Pancake Mega Noodle says:

I think Sparky is the one who made the big whole! Note the whole was a paw print. Is it possible that chewing on those wires made him grow? Anyway Welcome back Sparky!

ToonCouncil says:

ANYTHING is possible in Toontown, Pancake Meganoodle!

Beaniesplat says:

OMG! Im very happy THQ found Sparky! Wut IF he was there before OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT?

Candy says:

YAY!!!!!! GO SPARKY!!!!!!!

Lily Twinklebubble says:

Welcome home, Sparky!!!!

Bright Sun (aka Recycling Leaf) says:

I'm glad we found him but how did he ever get there!? Maybe the Lawbots stuck him in there, knowing that he is a toons pet. Or maybe he fell in unknowingly. There are many possibilites how Spakry got in there!

George says:

I hope he's OK, he has beautiful markings!

MissPuffySkirt says:

VERY good job finding Sparky!That is what toons do!!!Why did Sparky chew the wires?I don't get it.Are the wires connected to the Lawbots?I could fight Lawbots right now and see how the wires work out!That will also give me time to use my new sound gag and see how THAT works out.I wondr how my doodle, Paisley would feel if SHE got stuck like Sparky. p.s.please post!!!

Gingerbananaswirl says:

Omg! Yay im so glad you found it keep it on a leash!

aqua cat says:

HOORAY!!! the missing doodle was found im going to save my jellybeans to buy a doodle to celebrate the doodle being found! toontown rocks TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

David ( 58 laff ) says:


Good Ol Ricky Electrotoon says:

The Lawbots probobly got sparky, but, WHY? Could it be Operation Storm Lawbot? The World May never know. say hi to sparky, for everybody in toontown

Lady Ginger Dogencrumbs says:

Well, I sure hope that cute little Sparky finds his owner! And plus, that doodle will learn to have toon ways instead of cog ways. Because if he/she got stuck in the HQ, he would have turned that poor little doodle into a (What i think a cog would call a doodle,) cogie. I give lots of hugs to the doodle and I will donate some toys to that doodle! I really hope that doodle is safe now. Please dust it off and tell him/her it's NOT going to live in a hole anymore. Thanks!

ToonCouncil says:

Don't worry too much about Sparky, Lady Ginger Dogencrumbs... He's already forgotten about that hole. (For once, it's a good thing Doodles are terrible at remembering things!)

Loopy Cecil Poodlebouncer says:

Oh wow! He was hanging around lawbot hq? OOO what a smart doodle. trying to introduce those little toons to the crazy cj maybe?

princess sparklepop says:

Welcome back sparky!who found him?and how a little doodle like him even get there?i wonder what those mean cogs are up to??i bet there still trying to make a plan.all of us toons need to help out so no more doodles get stuck,and more of us need to fight and stand up for what we belive in, we might small but were all mighty inside.

Nicholas says:

Holy moly thoght they would never find him.

Runny Babbit (77 laff) says:

Lawbot HQ? dont tell me were planning a storm Lawbot. O_O

Trickysticks says:

Wow....but like Crazy chunky sourmarble said:the doodle was stuck in a foot print hmm...its a total mystery what happened to him..CRUD!if only we could speak doodle to ask him something.. Maybe juust maybe cogs are wearing bigger and heavier shoes!!!!

fire says:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!Poor baby.I hope he/she didn't get hurt by those devilish CREATURES!!!!!If I could put my hand on them nasty old junk machines I would have.............well UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sparky,WHO DID IT?

Lava (53 laffer) says:


MasterVonElectroGoober says:

Nice going "sparky" you just brought up one step further on our quest to defeat the "cog" army!!!

Donut says:

Wait what? Sparky was found in Lawbot Hq... I think I know what's going on :D man.. I'm good at this tooontown. Best Wishes ;)

Uber Bunny ( In training for a 4 gag uber ) says:

Sparky is back! I feel like doing a victory dance dont you flippy?

ToonCouncil says:

I do, Uber Bunny - but I ALWAYS feel like doing a victory dance!

Cool Z.Z. Thundermash says:

I wasn't there for OPERATION : STORM SELLBOT but im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that sparky is back!

Mrs. Kitty says:

This is very very great news, i hope we get more cog invasions so i can kick some cog butt! Please post i have never been posted before

LollipopFuzzyMarble says:

I'm very happy he is back now i think he will help us alot do you think that flippy?well I think he will be happy he is back to! :D and I love tt! Pleas resopond flippy!

luvpoochie says:

that is great!!At least that little doodle found his owner. It is a mystery how that hole got thete.

Quidditch-mania says:

I agree with Fireball Feathertwist... seems a bit fishy don't you think? Those cogs are very sneaky and right foul gits if you ask me!

Super Bananaflapper says:

Wow! Sparky is lucky to be back! I wonder how he got trapped in the hole... Maybe a cog could of trapped Sparky! Do you know how he did? Well I'm glad he's safe and alright. - Your Pal, Super Bananaflapper. P.S I got a new toontown membership! :D

Icecream Chihuahua says:

Wow! That's great! :D Welcome back Sparky

Zippy says:

My doodle was stuck in the ground once.

Melody McMuffin says:

Well that's some nice news to hear, especially in these desperate times for us toons. I hope Sparky wasn't injured while he was away. GOOD BOY, SPARKY!!!!!!!!! Go help us fight!!! Give em all you got!!!!!

Sherif zoo says:

Hey wasn't there a doodle escape a few months ago?

ToonCouncil says:

There sure was, sherrif zoo... You can read all about it in the latest post!

Vicky Justice ( 61 laff ) says:

Hey there! This is my new scoop! My friends and I have been searching for DAAAAAAAAYS! Now that the doodle was found, our club succeeds once again! Thanks Madame Manners! And thanks to the rest of the Toon Council!

Jake says:

Yay!!! you found Sparky!!! :D Could these so called 'Cog Dominiums' be the reward for the cog who Distinguishes himself? ;)

Olivia says:


princess daffodill says:

good another doodle found!

Rosie says:

im extremely happy he was found since i read the toontown news pretty much every day my friend has a doodle just like Sparky

Loopy Bumpy Wackybrains says:

Sparky is awesome! I'm glad you found him!

Blinky says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that doodle is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!

harpo says:

i have a ? about it are we going to have doodles chew the lawbots wires

Princess Pepper Doodle 51 laff says:

sparky is sow cute!!! and i love doodles! my last name is doodle! maybe my maxed doodle, avalanche can play with him. but what about the big hole?!?! and what about the cog nation?!?! heres what im thinking about. will we ever get to scratch him?!?! what about feeding him?!?! ok, after sellbot invasion there will be lawbot. my true friend said lawbots are hard.

pink rabbit says:

hi! i'm glad you found sparky! but... where is he now? good luck! hope everyone had a good time finding sparky!

Maddie says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor little Sparky. All alone beside all those nasty Sellbots! I wonder who found sparky? Well that doesn't matter now, because Sparky is safe at last! YAY, FOR SPARKY!!!!

Lilly says:

I dont get why they did this but wb sparky!

cutekitten says:

:)i am so so so happy:)

zeke squeak says:

Yeah sparky!!!! you really helped us show the vp who is boss!!!:)ps: why was he in a footprint? can you chew the wires again? toons(and doodles!)rule cogs drool!

Midnight Rain says:

At least he is safe :) Welcome back Sparky!!

Princess Roxy says:

Poor Doodle... LOL (SPARKY) must of been FREEZING COLD :O :( :O :( poor sparky.

tatiana says:

omg! my friend lost a doodle named sparky b4 the OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT began! and it look EXACTLY lik tht doodle! so welcocme bak sparky!!!!!! :)

Crimson says:

Im so Glad sparky is ok :D...maybe sparky knows something abouts these cogs :O only if we could understand there a toon who can understand doodles? :) i hope so...sparky might have a helpful information :D

ToonCouncil says:

Or maybe a time when Doodles speak the same language as Toons... Can you think of a time like that, Crimson?

Little Violet Sparklebubble says:

I'm not suprised that the doodle's name is Sparky after eating all those wires! He is one lucky boy! I never noticed the doodle shape in the doodle shop before in Daisy Gardens and now I know why its there! Well the good news is he's found and the BAD news is the sellbots are doing invastions now! Good job Toontown and good job Flippy!

cool fancy says:

That's so cool how he was found! Lucky he didn't get hurt in any way! I was just wondering if anything like this would happen again? Please reply :)

CrazyCrinkle says:

Good Job, Ive Made Top Toons Gold Star, im happy for the people that save sparky, I have one omost like him but his names Chocolate im training him how to speak If ya know what i mean lol GB Toontown, Who ever saved sparky

Kookyphoony says:

Sparky is back! YAY! we're lucky to found this cute doodle. Welcome back Sparky!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who is sparky's owner. well, nice to have you back Sparky! say that i said hi to Sparky. :)

super loopy wackyfish says:

man, he a tough little guy!!!

Alban Electroman says:

Tell Sparky I said "Hi!" I'm glad they found him.

Camila says:

I didn't think the Lawbots are up to something too!Look if THEY dug the hole on PURPOSE to catch Sparky.Poor Sparky.Trapped in that hole.If I was Sparky I would FREAK OUT.But Sparky is safe now in her owners estate or in the pet shop still trying to find it's owner.I'm just glad Sparky is safe and not trapped in that hole.By the way, what do you think MY doodle, Maggie, would do if SHE was trapped like that.

ToonCouncil says:

I think Maggie wouldn't have to wait long before you came looking for her, right Camila?

princess dafodill says:

OMG i have a doodle that looks just like him! its a good thing we found the sucker!

Lola says:

I have an idea on why he was at lawbot hq. I think it was because his owner called him to help but instead of going back home, he wandered off. Either that, or a sellbot sold him to a lawbot during operation storm sellbot. Either way, his owner is out there, looking for him, so dont feel left out Sparky!

Macky Mouse says:

Wow, i thought all the missing doodles were found! Sparky, welcome back to your home! And isnt it a good thing the lawbots didnt try to capture Sparky? He wouldnt stand a chance with the Cheif Justice!