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Last Weekend for ValenToon Parties

weekend parties


This is the last weekend to party your Toon’s heart out like a ValenToon!


After Sunday, February 17 the sweet ValenToon’s holiday comes to a close, so don’t delay –
throw on your smooch glasses, and jump into a hearty party today!

Posted on February 15, 2013 to:

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Magical Crocodile says:

Ah so sad the fun of Valentoons day ends so quickly well you know what they say "Time flies when your having fun!" And I'm always having fun in toontown I'll make a party just in time before the fun ends so quickly!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee - 109 laff - says:

They are almost over? Aww man. But who cares! I love toontown anyways! ITS THE BEST GAME EVER! GO TOONCOUNCIL! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Funny Bunny says:

Oh! I better hurry and host one before its gone! Thanks for reminding me Flippy! Toons of the world Unite!!

Ellie Bean says:

Thanks for reminding me Flippy! I'm going to go to one now! Oh and Happy late Valentine's Day!

Epic Zoom says:

Oh no! I better party while it last!

Icey Wolf says:

Hurry everybody :) Make your parties bigger and better for the last weekened of the valentoon weekend!!!!!

Tall and Useful says:

NNNOOOOOO! I Cannot Believe that Valentoon's day is Over! I Loved it!

sam says:

valentoon's day may be almost over but i had fun with it I LOVE TOONTOWN and i can't wait for april toons day on april 1st

Peaches Precious Toon says:

I love Valentines Day because it's a day where toons everywhere gather around from here to there.I don't want the fun to end I love toontown.

Princess Kippy says:

Aww:( I loved the Valentino parties I'm going to celebrate it while I can

Cutie Kitty says:

Wow, all this things pass by toon council! I wish it can come back!

Amy ( 15 laff uber ) says:

Aww, I really liked the pink and red music boxes and it's so sad that it has to end :(

Western crocodile says:

Oh no! they're going to be gone so soon? Aw man i got to host one!

Princess says:

I have my smooch glasses ready, For next year that is. Valentoons day goes so fast :)

Bell says:

Yesterday I made a Valentoon's Birthday party, when i turned on the fireworks,the dance floor was the shine of the party!

Super Purplepop says:

Aww -- I loved those Valentoon parties!!! No problem, atleast I can still go on Toontown. I can't waste one day to go on Toontown. I LOVE IT!! Thanks! :)

Master Fireball (112 laff) says:

I cant wait to make another toontastic Valentoon's party! Happy Valentoon's Day to all toons! Toons of the world Unite!

mister cliff says:

Well, when I looked at this picture, I saw a pink cat with a hat that i never knew was in toontown!

Super Stinky Sourzilla says:

I must throw one more party!!

Buster says:

Valentoons day may be over, but it's not the end of the world, or the end of Toontown! you don't have to stop partying the night away, lets just say this weekend is going to be THE BEST WEEKEND OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES!

Fat Fancy Glitterboom says:

I have loved Valentoons day while it lasted, and i have loved the Valentoons parties! till next year!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Owoooo! I went to alot of ValenToon parties! They were all fun. I had a few ValenToon parties. I hope that all toons will go to one.

Loud Thunderchomp says:

The valentoon parties are great! Heres a special poem: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I only have hypno-eyes for you! PS:Im kinda upset about them ending, they look toontastic!

lavender says:

aww man!! they are ending so quickly! i had one yesterday but i am still gonna make another! thanks flippy! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Pink Mouse says:

i have fun on Valentoons day!

Cool Pinky says:

I'm gonna go to a party! WOW Valentoon's Day went so fast!! Can't wait til next year for Valentoon's Day!!! Yay!!!!

Duke binkey snorkezilla says:

I love those parties because there so FUN right come on down to a those parties in toontown lets go where you want to go YAY!

Randomgirl says:

Although I'm sad it is coming to an end, we had an awesome time! Thank you Toontown for another fantastic holiday!

cupcake says:

Let's go get your party on!

King Tricky funnytooth/52 laff says:

As a younger member of toontown, I have not celebrated Valentoon's Day very much but this year is different. I made a public party and played 'til midnight! (not the toon, the time).

Scoot27 laff says:

:0 I cant belive the parties are ending!!!

chocolate crocodile says:

Aww! I can't gift my crocodile friends anymore valentoon stuff! Oh well toontown is awesome!

Dippy Sta Jeeperhoffer says:

Happpy ValenTooon's week to all toons of the world

pinky says:

wow ohh wow i love the parties and im going to miss them will they be back next valentoon?

mew(53 LAFF) says:

I call these party S.F.V.P. Super Fun Valentoon Parties Toontown is the epicest game ever(is epicest even a word, toontown isnt that! its better)

Melody (47laff) says:

I went to a lot of parties and bought the smooch glasses, but I hope the Silly Meter gets fixed soon, more updates, more accessories come soon, and more clothes come soon, because I need clothes and jellybeans so, I hope toon troopers come soon! Toons of the World Unite!

cj says:

i loved the parties they were AWESOME