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"Just For Fun" ToonTasks

Did you know that you can delete any Just For Fun ToonTask in your Shticker Book?
It’s true – and couldn’t be easier!

Maybe you took the “Just For Fun” task by accident, or maybe you just don’t feel like busting those last 125 Cogs you need to finish up. No problem!
You can delete any unwanted Just For Fun task by clicking the trash can icon in your Shticker Book.

Just for Fun ToonTask

Then you can get back to making your Toon stronger, by finishing all your regular ToonTasks! 


Posted on April 17, 2012 to:

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Lady Katswell says:

Yeah... Sometimes you have to take a break and do a for fun task! Its fun! The rewards can be your head being overly large, a big toon, a tiny toon, a small head, small legs... Pretty much anything!

Lillian ( 108 laff ) says:

Hooray! i can finally get rid of this just for fun task

weird bonzo flippenzilla says:

yay! now i can get rid of my defeat 200 5 story toontask! thank you flippy! toons of the world unite!

Awesome life says:

COOL! I totally forgot about this ill use it now with the defeat fivety big cheeses thankes tt! TOON OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Little Foot (62 laff) says:

Wow! I have accidentally clicked on tasks and went to fast and realized at the last second they're "just for fun" tasks and i couldn't delete them. Thanks a bunch for this so people wouldn't have to realize these silly things at the last second lol. Your big toontown and Disney fan, Little Foot.

Sandstorm says:

I knew. By only a day ago! I was going to help a new toon bust 5 cogs, but a task in the Brrgh was pleading to me! I checked my Shticker Book and click the trash can. THANKS! Toons of the world unite!

PrincessBubblesfunnytoon says:

Im so glad that we dont have to do Just For Fun Tasks regular tasks are hard enough it would be more hard if I had to defeat 120 cogs!

funny nickelbuster says:

No, I actually didn't know that! Thanks for the advice!

Bubbles GlitterSwirl says:

I have played ToonTown off and on for about 4 years now. And no clue you could do that! Thanks for telling us! :D

Twinkledoodle says:

Awesome! I'm glad beacause I really had a hard task that I didn't want to do, but because of this, I moved on to another J-ust F-or F-un task (JFF) Toons Of The World.... UNITE!

Super BooBoo Whisker Screech says:

I've known this for a while. Its really helpful

Princess Electrozap (75 Laff) says:

Hi! This is the best! I have this one "Just for Fun!" task that I took a while ago, but I don't want to finish it. Thanks!

Finn says:

Good show! This can help new toons so they can get back to getting higher laff and gags by doing normal tasks!

Chester says:

AWESOME! I am new to Toontown, so I was wondering why that little trash can was there. But this is great, because I agree ; 125 cogs is just too much!

Sam McDuck says:

I had a clothing ticket toontask but I didn't really need anymore clothes so THANK YOU for telling me about this Toontown! :D

Sadie Petalhopper says:

This helps so much! I couldn't complete one of my tasks and I was able to continue on in the Brrrgh. Toontown Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Pickles Kookysnoop says:

this is very helpful unlike two years ago when i got the just for fun to defeat six bloodsuckers when i was beginning. im sure glad we can delete now!

Firefighter says:

Wow, I didn't know this!

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

You can delete them? I had no idea! Now I won't have to do all that work I chose on accident! Thanks Flippy!!!

Max says:

I hope this will help new toons. As a new toon I had trouble deleting just for fun toontasks. xD

Howl Sheperd says:

Ya its awesome to be able to do that since my last toon they didnt have the delete option

Princess Mo Mo says:

I don't spend my time on Just For Fun toontasks. If i accidently choose one though, it would be wonderful to know that I can delete them!

Sir Domino Peppertwist says:

This feature has been around for a while, but the reminder is really nice. Being able to delete a Just For Fun ToonTask is very useful. Thanks for adding this feature in! :)

Salty says:

thats easy,i didn't know that

Thunderbubble (105 laugh) says:

I already knew about this, and i thought it was great! I onece took a just for fun task for 900 cogs. After about 200, i got board and tired of doing it.It was so helpful that i could delete it.One thing i think you should be able to do is delete regular toontasks.I have one for 100 5 plus story cog buildings, and ive had it since december,and i still need over 40 buildings!The task is for carry 80 gags, and onece i do that, i can start training for my law suit!Well, thats all i have to say.Thanks!

Toon ( laff 54 ) says:

Ya i knew that long time ago but it is helpful still!

Fluffy (84 laff) (purple mouse) says:

yes and its pretty nice :)

Baron Zilly Fuzzypretzel says:

Well I knew this, but thanks for the Toon Tip

Hannah Lilacflower says:

Yay! Now I dont have to do the tasks I don't need to do. I really want to get my ToonUp!

Cookies N Cream says:

Oh! I didn't know that! Now if I'm tired of my "Just for fun" Tasks I'll just delete them :)

Boingingmoot says:

Yay! Now you don't have to defeat 1000 cogs over a clothing ticket! This task can only be given to advanced toons but well... it's annoying to be forced to do it so... YAY!!! That was just a example there are other annoying just for fun taks wich you can delete, and as they always say, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Captain Daphne Twinkletooth says:

I knew that, Thanks so much Flippy!

Holly Hobby Land says:

I love this idea! Toon Town you rock! Sometimes i have regretted picking a certain task and now u made it so much easier. Thanks!

General Megascooter says:

This is useful when you accidently pick a toontask that is "just for fun" that you didn't want or when you have a task that you no longer want to work on.

Lily Kitty says:

YAY!! Now I don't have to defeat a two story bossbot building!

D Man says:

Awesome i like that you can delete any just for fun task because sometimes you need to if you don't feel like busting those last cogs AWESOME! Toontown is the best game. Toons Of The World UNITE!

Rabbit Rose says:

its a good thing to have cause lets say you have gag training and you had a just for fun task far away from finishing you can delete and do the gag training task

Cassie ( 124 laff ) says:

So helpful ! Thanks!

King Corky (70 laff) says:

I really dont take just for fun unless it is new clothes or more beans. Some are REALLY HARD. So thank u

Super Rylee says:

Good now I can delete a just for fun task when I need to!!! Thanks Toontown!!!!!!!

Princess Bizzy Paletoon says:

I think it's a really great addition - once I spent a year wandering around trying to defeat 500 Double-Talkers, just for small legs!! But sometimes the rewards are fun - like the small toon and big head!!!!

Super Bingo says:

This is so awesome! I got a toontask to defeat 1000 5 story cog buildings and I finally realized I could delete it! Thank You Toontown!

sir fluffy says:

YES! I can do real missions now without worrying about just for fun toontasks. THANKS TOONTOWN

Puppy Power says:

Why would you want to delete toontasks? You get to pie cogs good!

Dark blue dog (62 laff) says:

Epic beacuse when im in donalds dreamlad there will be lots of cogs to do on the just for fun tasks there,anyway i can help some other toons do there's too! good luck toons. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Flapjack Funnymonkey (60 Laff) says:

Wow! I totally forgot about this feature! I've been stuck with a really hard Just For Fun Task for a long time! Now I will be able to level up my Toon more!

Lore says:

I never had a problem with "Just For Fun!" toontasks. Except once so i'd say this is a good option!

Frizzy Thundermuffin(84 laff) says:

I already knew how to do that but know other toons that dont know now know.

Fireball says:

I sometimes do not delete the "Just For Fun" ToonTasks because they are easy to do without getting tired!

Loud Huddles Beanpretzel says:

I've known this for awhile but thanks for the reminder!