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Attention, Toons:
Toontown Online will be closing on September 19, 2013. 

From now until September 19, 2013, ALL Toons can enjoy the full unlimited fun of Toontown – from shopping the Cattlelog, wearing accessories, battling the toughest Cogs, visiting all Neighborhoods, hosting Toon Parties, and more!

Thank you for making Toontown the biggest, wackiest, splattiest online world it can be. You are all Toontastic!

To learn more about Toontown Online closing click here, or visit our Toontown Closing FAQs for even further information.

Be sure to keep checking the news here in Toon HQ for up-Toon-the-minute news on all the Toontastic activities and kooky celebrations coming your way during Toontown’s final weeks – like fireworks kicking off Double Jellybean MONTH!
Earn double beans in Toon Parties, Fishing, and Trolley Games from now until September 19th!

Expect even more wacky silliness in the coming weeks,
and enjoy your free unlimited access to explore every loony Laff that Toontown has to offer!

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Big Chester Rhinoboom says:

I can't believe it's closing. I've played this game for 7+ years, I cried when I heard about the news.. Well, things come and go. Amazing game, I'll be sure to enjoy the last month. ~Rhino

Ducky (98 laff) says:

NO!!!!!! Please don't close! I wish that it wasn't closing. I wanted to max my toon and help other toons. I've been playing for more than a year now and i've been working on my toon a lot. Please don't close! If it does, than i hope a better game comes out. I'll miss my toon! Thanks disney! :(

Lime (started Oct. 2007) says:

So many of my childhood memories are going to be lost when Toontown closes. Goodbye Toontown.

Spike says:

This was the only game i could play that didnt break!

Skeeveo says:

Played this game a long time ago, sad to hear. Maybe I'll play till the end ;)

Roxy's Joyful Uber says:

Truly sad to here this as I have grown up with this game since 2005. :(

King Tricky says:

Oh wow...

Jade Bandicoot says:

This is just sad.I love this game and now it has to go away! Well at laest i can enjoy the game while i can. Toons of the world Unite!

lollipoppurplenose says:

this is the best turn taking game out there teaches kids how to interact and to work together to accomplish something it would be a horrible decision to shut it down

Boo Boo Googletoes (113) says:

What?! No!! :( It's been great and I'm going to miss all my friends!!! :(

toonerz says:

why this is a great game why are you closing it!

Timmy says:

I cant believe it.

Master popcorn says:

Dont close toontown! We havent even stopped the cogs yet.

Tree Hugger says:

Wow. Toontown's closing... I've spent my childhood on this game. Well, I guess it's it... Goodbye toontown.. We'll miss you.. :( Toons of the word, unite! ...-Tree Hugger,

Melody ( toon that will now never be maxxed ) says:

you guys had a good run ;)

Strawberry ( l04 laff ) says:

PLEASE DONT CLOSE! I LOVE this game so much! its the best game ever!!!!!!

Ryth says:

I've played this game for 6 years.. so sad to see that it's closing.

Shockey (Continued) says:

I will never forget the day that the Cream Pies started to Fly, and I will NEVER EVER EVER forget the day the stop flying. One last time I will say on Sept. 19 2013, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Jessie says:

I've played this game since 2006 I was in the middle training for Toon up! I hope I get it before it closes!

Duke Comet (Decemer 2005) says:

I've been playing for years and years, I will truly miss Toontown, please don't shutdown, I'm literally crying right now.

Amelia says:

I'll miss you Toontown! You're the first game I ever found. but anyway bye forever toontown.....

Little Duckling says:

I love Toontown! For the last month can you update catalogs daily, plzzz Toontown I really want to decorate my house! I also want to try the CJ and CEO!

Super Knuckles Cheezyfish (85 laff) says:

This is it. I wish it didn't have to end so soon :(

Martin says:

Omg i cant belive it ive met so many great people and have grown up with this game :(

On says:

Wow! Speechless!!! Sad it is closing....

Chunk (111 laff) says:

Is toontown really closing? ive been playing this game for 2 years! I just got hypno on my other toon. I want to get presentation :(

Super Knuckles Cheezyfish (85 laff) says:

This is it. I wish it didn't have to end so soon :(

Queen Cheezynoodle (55 laff and i'm proud of that) says:

:( i love toontown. thanks for making toontown awesome since the time i started about 7 years ago. PLEASE DONT CLOSE!! :( :(

Vanilla Ice Cream says:

Oh this made me cry I have started since 2006 and I really loved my friends and fighting those evil cogs for my task. And I loved going in cog bldgs. Well goodbye! :'(

Morgan says:


Little Cecil says:

No! no! toontown don't closed! cecil want to play!

nickelcrumbs says:

this has to be a nightmare or a extreme prank T-T

Curly Dizzymuffin says:

Very hard for me to let this game go. It's completely different from any other game I've seen. Just as a suggestion, you should bring back the super jumps from April Fool's Week. I looked forward to that every year.

Skippy Zillerpocket says:

please....... don't close.....

BooBoo says:

Can't believe your closing Toontown, Faries and Pirates. Really! Were are my kids going to play when it raining. Best games ever. Really wish you would re think this.

Ashley says:

Please please please please please don't close! I really like this game and it would make me very sad if it closed. Toontastic fun is over :(

Princess Pinky SparkleMuffin says:

Wow, that's too bad. I remember playing when I was way young and then I stopped for a while and came back on just recently. Great game, shouldn't shut down =/

cheeseburger says:

its sad that toontown is done ill allways rember making cheeseburger!!

Sparkle says:

Wow. I am stunned. I'm really sad to see the game close. Farewell, Toontown. Thanks for the memories.

Prince Leroy Bizzenpow says:

I never thought this day would come...

Katiemagicsparkles says:

I have been playing this game for 4 years. I really am gonna miss it :( But I had a really Toontastic time on it though so thank you Disney for all that you have done :)

Smirky Bumberpop says:

I'll miss this game alot.

Sheriff Rusty says:

I've been playing Toontown ever since I was a child. It was my first mmorpg. I will cherish all the memories I had with this game. Its been a good run.

Believe N Miracles says:

NO!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this! :(

Hailey says:

I pulled it up when i got home and i saw this and my heart just sank :(

Princess Mo Mo (127 laff) says:

:( Awe this is sad :( I was just about to max my lawbot suit too. I will miss ToonTown.

Blue Tarantula says:

I am really sad about toontown closing :( I spent most of my childhood playing toontown and I will dearly miss it. I have so many amazing friends on toontown that I love and I will miss so much with all my heart ;

Slippy Snorkeltwist (July 2008) says:

Sad to see the game go, I've been playing for a while, and it's just sad to know it's gone in less than a month.

Cool twinkleflap says:

I am sad Toontown Ive played for 7+Years now and i dont want it to close I'll enjoy the last month

lady jinxnsout says:

I'll miss you. Team toon Toons of the world unite

Ugly Corny says:

Thank you for making my childhood super awesome. Will never forget about this game. Because of this game I've made some of the nicest friends and have bad just an amazing time. Thank you Disney.

Daffy says:

I can't believe it there closing down toontown! all of those years i have played and now my toon is going to get deleted. :( i'm also going to lose contact with all of my friends! Good bye toontown you will always be my favorite website no matter what!

Fluffy sparklemarble says:

wow I had a lot of fun... this is so sad I wish it would never stop ending the toontastic fun ON SEPTEMBER 19 ILL SAY Goodbye toons of the world unite !!! :(

Immortal Knight says:

A fun game to say the least. I will miss this game, but forever hold the memories it has given me. goodbye toontown :(

cool max super crash says:

:( omg sadness

Zac says:

It was a great game while it lasted.

Captian Fireball says:

I will miss toontown SOO much. Please reconsider! It's the best game ever. Me and my friends became best friends through this game! Thanks for all the fun filled adventures! So sad it's closing :(

Lucky Jabber Bounce says:

im really gonna miss this game well good bye :)

Mcwoof says:

Very sad to see it go, I had amazing memories playing this game, Thank you, Toontown for the game of my childhood. Toons of the World, Thank You.

Moon Berry says:

I'm really bummed about it closing, but I really like the free membership. :D TT has been really great, I'd hate to see it go.

Shane says:

I've been playing since 2006 or 2007, and I must say Toontown has been the best I've ever played. I dunno it just appeals to me in a way... I'm really sad to see it go, but it truly has been fun. I don't think I'll ever forget this game Toons of the world unite!

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

I cannot begin to express how upset I am. I have been with this game for just under eight years with the same toon. Goodbye Toontown! Miss you a lot!

Skinny Clarence Bumpencrunch says:

This was my first video game since pac-man. I wish i could have maxed boss, Im proud of my uber though. Thanks fellow players.

Scientist Domino says:

Bye, Toontown. :(

Banjo says:

Will be a sad day for many because friends and memories are stored in this game. All of the toontastic adventures we have gone through in this game just suddenly comes to an end..

Lily says:

I have played this game since I was 8 and i loved it. When i found out it was going to close, I remembered every moment I had when I was playing. I will miss ToonTown and it will always be in my heart.

Preciousswirl says:

No... This can't be happening..:(

chris says:

WOW, i remember this game when i was little, my childhood. just started to play this again this summer, loved it, but now it will be gone..

sally says:

Toontown was fun because it challenged kids in a fun kid friendly website. I will miss toontown. :( Maybe the cogs were a little hard sometimes, but that's what made it fun! It challenged us!

Peaches says:

I cant believe toontown is closing i've been playing this game for at least 5 years. i will miss the game very much. hopefully disney will come out with an even better game! i'LL miss toontown, my toons, and everything about it. thanks for the wonderful years disney! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Star says:

So sad that toontown is going :( hopefully I'll be able to get Star to 100 laff before the game closes (she's at 84) :(

Captain Rosie FlipperFussen says:

I hope Toontown comes back! I will miss Toontown. Farewell! Your Forever Toontastic Friend, Captain!

Cool whistlepop says:

I have been playing this game since I was a little kid I would say I was about I don't no like five and now my favorite game on the computer for SIX years of my life is now gone is like moving out of a house that you lives I your HOLE LIFE :( well good bye toontown the best game in the world to Me! thx for make a game I really like toontown creators good by toontown and thx for the good fun thing like double jelly beans

PrincessGlowingStar says:

I've been playing this since i was 11 or 12... and of course, as i grew up I had less time to be on it, but occasionally i would check on my toon and finish tasks up. I have loved this game since Day 1! now i am 18, i am sad to see this go. I have had so much fun playing this game. i will miss you toontown, part of my childhood, but i guess nothing lasts forever. i will miss you PrincessGlowingStar-- the best toon xxx

Deputy Snifflebrains says:

My son started playing Toontown when he was in the second grade. He has graduated from high school and at the end of December 2013 he will begin his junior year in college. Seems like a long time. Met a lot of very nice people and made a lot of great friends. it is going to be tough seeing Toontown go away.

Bigty says:

Thanks ToonTown, I played this game for over 4 years and It was a blast. I joined in 08. ToonTown taught me how to play online games. I played it with my friend and it was the best game at the time. Please don't shut it down. I also got a test account which many people waited months for it and I just signed up and got in. I ruled at doing the VP. I would do the VP with my friend and we would have a blast. ToonTown was really my first real game on a pc. ToonTown you gave me tons of memories. The first time I maxed a gag I was so excited. I used to compete with my friend to see who can max their gags first. I remember the first time I did the VP. It was so fun and I died epicly on my first try. Overall, I loved this game when I was a kid, and I still do now. Disney, you gave me something to do during the winter and holidays and I thank you so much for making this game fun for me and all the people who played this game.

Aquamaid says:

I'm really sad to see the game go. I've played it on and off for the past several years loving every moment of toontastic fun, and it has been a large part of my childhood. But I suppose that all good things must come to an end. Toontown, you will be missed dearly. There is no other game quite the same as you. Goodbye. :(

Princess Bubbles says:

I love this game and am very sad to hear that it is closing down. I grew up with this game and have been playing since the start, I will most definitely play until the end.

Bizzenmuffin says:

I was six when I signed up for TT, now possibly one of the best games I have played, is closing. This was part of me, part of my life. Farewell ToonTown. We love you.

Rainbow Thunderswirl says:

Hello everyone, I used to play this game for years but quit about 2 years ago. I met some amazing people on this game, who I still talk to now years later. Although I don't play anymore, I really feel for the people who have worked so hard on their toons. So, thank you Disney for keeping Toontown alive this long. Hopefully a new game will be made in the future.

Cheezygrooven says:

I'm surprised that Toontown is now closing. I've played toontown for over 6 years, still an awesome game XD

Cheetah cub says:

I'll miss you toontown so many great memories. Bye crazy cat and all fellow friends xoxoxxxxxxxxooo

Vanilla says:

Toontown is my FAVORITE game. I have been playing it for SO many years. I'll remember you.. always.

Super Rocko Tricky Nerd says:

Dear Disney, If your reading this i'd like to say, thank you for the many years of joy playing this game. its a great game and I highly disagree with your decision of closing this truly lovable game. Please for me, and the next generation of toons, DONT CLOSE! ToonTown FOR LIFE!

Loopy Thunderpoof says:

No!!! I've been playing this game since 2007... and it'll be very hard to say goodbye to the Toon world :( We'll all enjoy the final days before this game is gone.

Sir Skippy says:

I can't believe it, I started playing this game when I was in second grade, and im going to be a senior here in a few weeks, and played Toontown non stop up until a few years ago, and even so, I went back on occasionally since I stopped playing it everyday because there has always been something about this game I loved. It was a major part of my childhood and I feel like some of my fondest childhood memories are been stripped away. Really hope Disney rethinks closing it down, or least attempts to bring ToonTown back in the future. Very sad that this is happening.

Master Snifflebump says:

its sad to see such a great game end. oh well, as doctor seuss said: "Dont be sad because it ended, smile because it happened."

Skids says:

Can't believe this game is closing.. Its such a fun game, i don't know why they are getting rid of it.

Chomp N. Carrots says:

Wow, So many Childhood memories, This game made my life so much better,

Miss Melody says:

I LOVE this game! I started at 8 and I'm STILL playing at 17! This game taught me to read, write and make friends. I'm going to miss this game SOOOOO much!!!

Crunchyscooter says:

:( I cant believe this game is ending. I had a lot of friends to play with and i will miss it a lot. When it is September 19, 2013, i will defeat the cogs and I will say one last thing. Which is Toons of the world unite. It has been the best childhood on this game. Thanks toontown, and goodbye. :(

Kawaii Kitten says:

This game was my childhood right here. Because of you guys, I've made some amazing friends that I talk to every single day since I joined. I became a member in 2005 and have been a loyal member to this very day! Thanks Toontown for changing my childhood in such a positive way! Always will be remembered

Princess Raven says:

Omg. No. My sister and I have played since we we're little. I have so many Childhood memories with this game. I honestly wanted it to where my kids could play it someday.

Gregory says:

It's sad knowing that I didn't even get to defeat the CJ or the CEO in all my years of playing. I didn't even get to max my Sellbot suit.

Meow Mitten says:

I will truly miss this game. It will always be my absolute favorite pc game and has been since the day it first started so many years ago. Good bye toons thanks for toontastic time.

skippy boy says:

so sad :(

Little Rainbow Giggleswirl says:

I'm extremely sad that TT is closing. Even though I quit about 2 years ago, I'm still upset about it. I've been playing this game since December 2007. This game was my favorite. When I randomly decided to check on this game & saw the news, I couldn't believe it. The game has had a nice run of it, though. 10 full years.. wow. This game will always be in my heart, though, because of all the memories it gave me. Toontown will live on in our hearts. c:

Night Fury says:

Omg I can't believe this is happening :( so I will be here till the very end. Thank you for the memories that you have given us though. Its still sad that its closing. Good bye Toontown :,(

Morgan the Monkey says:

Sad to hear this. I have grown up from this. What a shame. You guys had the best run, Toontown...

Candy Twinkleton says:

An amazing game.

Ceasle says:


Good ol Popcorn says:

NO!!!!!!!! please dont close! :(

Good ol Popcorn says:

I was 7 when i first signed up for Toontown.7 years later i still love playing

Conily says:

Sad to hear this news since I have been playing this game since I was a young child, but I support you guys. Toons of the world unite!

Duke of Oil (member since 2007) says:

It's been a blast and I will miss TT. My grandson introduced me to this game and we defeated many cogs together over the past years. He's moved on to other games now...much too complicated for me! :) Guess I'll have to look for something else. Thanks for the memories, TT.

hot chocolate says:

; ; I cant even say anything about this

Big Scooter Poppennerd says:

I will miss all of my best best friends :(

Friday Frenchfries says:

ive been playing this since i could work the arrow keys ;( im sooo just shocked

Tiffany says:

this was a fun game, im sad its closing, but I guess its time for us to move on, im gonna miss this game.I cant wait to see what other ideas you got for a game are

spike says:

IS IT CLOSING FOREVER??? but I am kinda happy that we all are members though!

Meow Dog says:

There's no point of closing a perfect game. Toontown is really fun. I just can't do this. Great run guys. Toons of the World, Unite! .-.

Sir Rollie says:

I remember first playing toontown when I was 6, I'm 14 now, long grown out of it. But man, it was fun for the longest time, well you had a good run Disney. This is sad, but it's ok, the game had a long run :)

Twinkledoodle says:

I cant beleive that this game is coming to an end. I heard rumors for years, but this game is one that I will remember forever.

Fear Tiger says:

I can't believe that toontown is closing

Duke Bonkers BumbleJinks says:

I started my toontastic journey when i was 4-5ish. I'm now 15 and im really upset that they are closing ToonTown. I might not play as much anymore, but I still remember getting ToonTown cards and enjoying over 10 years worth of fun. Wish there was some way that ToonTown could go on.

queen rainbow says:

no! please don't close I have been playing for four years there is no other game like this one toontown is the best, but I will enjoy the last month ; - ;

Millie says:

OMG! NOOO! I'm upset that toontown is closing, but, The Walt Disney Company can make anything happen, and everyone knows that the next game will be so SO awesome! Keep it up! ~ Millie

Wildsticks says:

Toontown is my favorite game of all time. I've played it since 2007 and even though I entered high school last year with tons of school work, I still spend the little free time I get on it. I never maxed any of my toons, but I have 2 that are very close ( both 124 laff ). It bothers me to see Toontown go. I wish it could stay, but I guess all good things come to an end

Superfriend says:

Been playing this game for 6 years. So extremely disappointed that it's closing. Shocked!

Cool funnyswirl says:

I have great memories of toontown, all of my friends, and everything. While I can't believe its closing, it was an amazing game, and I loved it. Goodbye toontown

Athos says:

its sad that toontown is closing i been playing it for 9 yrs

Oodles says:

I have so many great memories from this game. I will always remember it.

Daughter says:

Although this is very heartbreaking to hear, thanks for everything, Toontown. You supplied me with a great childhood and when I went through hard times, I was able to call this game "home." I regret having to say goodbye, but I know Toontown will forever have a special place in my heart and I will cherish the memories made. It may sound cheesy, but TT was a huge part of my life and I'm so glad to have been able to experience this. Thank you. So much.