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Have a Wacky Week of April Toons!


Celebrate all the silliness of the most hilarious holiday for hijinks on the Toon calendar -
April Toons' Week

The wacky week of prank-filled fun lasts through April 11.
Expect chatterbox Doodles, loony low-gravity levity at your Estate - even silly switcheroos by Mickey and friends. And nobody pranks a Cog better than a Toon... ker-SPLAT!

How will YOU be an April Toon?


Posted on April 01, 2013 to:

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Jasmine The Present Fairy says:

Wow! I am Having A happy Week of April Toons!

Omar says:

Im going to use my jet pack as I jump high in my toon estate.

Pinkcat ( 38 laff ) says:

April Toons' Week is one of my favorite holidays on Toontown! Really, how sillier can things get? Time to get your rainbow wig and let the pies fly high!

Lighting (110) says:

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this week- from the talking doodles-to the moon like gravity at your estate-to the goofy tricks of the playground characters! HAPPY APRIL TOONS WEEK TOONS!!!

Stealthy (55 Laff) says:

Aw man........... Is it ending already that quick? I wish this event lasts for the enitre april month!!!! -_- Toons of the world unite! -Stealthy ending transmission-

Magical Crocodile says:

Happy april toons week! Im jumping everywhere while my doodles tell me what has been going on. Such fun this week, well i have to fight cogs with a good pie in their face!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

I love the low gravity and the talking doodles! Good thing I have lots of wacky items to wear for the silliest week of the year! Thanks, Loony Lab Scientists!

Enterprise-D ( uber in training ) says:

My doodle Romulus is chatting all the time! @[email protected] Unfortunately, he talks too much so he won't jump for me xD Oh well... It's fun to have a talking doodle! I do also like the low-gravity!

dandyfoot says:

Wow i love this! this is my first year on toontown and THIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Skimpy Wackyscreech says:

I am wearing the silliest of clothes for april toons! HAPPY APRIL TOONS ( SPLAT)

Floss (45 laff purple dog) says:

Wow! i betta' get the fun while it lasts! i'm definitely gonna give those cogs big ker-SPLAT! and have the last laugh! and i'm gonna make the most of the low-gravity! and my doodle, lets just hope she don't need dreamland!

good ol' rhino face says:

my doodle is saying really nice things to me!

Mephy says:

I love the Low Gravity in the Estate's, its so fun to jump around with the low gravity!

Ivanna B. Blue says:

Totally tubular! XD lol. Anyway, I've been looking forward to this~! I love April's Toon Week! *hugs Silly-Meter*

Frogs Rule says:

I agree! Especially when wearing a Rainbow Wig or a Samba Hat!... And let's not forget the Bear Pack! ROAR!!!

raccoon the hedgehog says:

i love the gravity! OH NO I THINK WE BROKE GRAVITY xD

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Throw some gags for April Toons Week! It's every toons second favorite holiday!

PrincessBubblesFunnyToon says:

I'm going to be an April Toon by I don't know.....Splat Cogs with a pie! Fly super high! Chat with doodles while chatting with Minnie in the Brrrgh! Mickey in Daisy Gardens and Daisy in Toontown Central! Happy April's Toon Week. Toons of the World Unite.

Smorez (62 laff) says:

I LOVE April Toons' Week! Flying and talking doodles is so awesome! Lets pie some cogs and get them defeated! Toons of the World, Get silly!

shadow paws - 43 laff - says:

omg its soooo much silly i wish it wouldnt end so quickly anyway me and my bffs are jumping high laughing at what our doodles say and well guess........ let those pies fly in cogs faces!!!!!! thank you very much toontown without you i wouldnt play toontown :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!

Trololo says:

I plan to buy a few pies, throw few pies, eat a few pies. buy a few water glasses, spew a few water glasses, drink a few water glasses. buy a few bycial horns, use a... You get the pitcure!!! aaaanyway, have a good APRIL TOONS WEEK EVERYONE!!!

Bingo says:

Woohoo! I'll be doing Bingo Pranks on those cogs like never before!

mousetrap says:

Oh boy April Toons Week yay!!!! Lets have Toony Fun!!!

Golden Crystal says:

Nice, I look forward! Wait, where are my jellybeans to buy gags? I KNOW I left them here!

Sara says:

I think April Toons' Week is very fun! My doodle can express her feelings by talking to me and I can soar sky-high with my friends at my estate! This is my favorite week of the toon year!

Lexi Re (39 laff ) says:

I'll be flying with my fairy wings at FLY FLY FLY in estate it will be SUPER fun!!!!

Winter Wolf says:

I LOVE April Toons' Week! Flying and talking doodles is so awesome! Lets pie some cogs and get them defeated! Toons of the World, Get silly!

Neon Glowstick says:

This is great! I love the gravity effect at estates! Toon of the Worl Unite!

oscar says:

Yes!!! The silly meter is genius, I love to see Diego talking with me!!! It's so cool And the low gravity at our estate rock!!!!

B.D. MacZapper says:

APRIL TOONS WEEK!!!!!! Low gravity rocks! I have sooooooo been waiting for this. This is even better than July 4! Wahooooo!

Flower Smellyfeet ( 72 laff ) says:

The doodles are SOOOO cute when they talk!

Stealthy (55 Laff) says:

Hey Toon Council, Will you make this April toons day last until may Because I really want some more fun!!!!!!!!!! Toons of the World Unite!

Bright Supernova Sun says:

This is simply unforgettable! Let's make it last toons! - Ker Splat! -

Rocketboost says:

I like no gravity at my house! :D

Ender Dragon says:

I like jumped on my house, jumped again and I jump so high! Then I went to Toon Hall and the Silly Meter was filled up. Thats what was going on! Happy April Toons!

ToonCouncil says:

Happy April Toons Week!

Popcorn says:

i love doodles can talk!

whiskers says:

April toon's week is so COOL because your doodles talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enterprise (81 laff) says:

Wow! things are sure silly in toontown! this is the most halrious week of silliness ever! I'm gonna have a ton of fun!

Miss Taffy (47 laff) says:

Happy April toons week :D Toons of the world... UNITE!

Kimi (49 laff) says:


Carmel Apple says:

My first year celebrating april toons week!!

Zoltan (129) says:

I love April week the most, I love the jumping power at the estate! I'd love for it to be possible at the playgrounds too!