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Harvest Gags This Summer

Summertime is a Toontastic time to tend to your garden at your Estate. Most Toons already know that garden growing gives you extra Laff, more jellybeans, and even trophies –  but many newer Toons have asked the Toon Council, “Do gags grow on trees??”

Naturally! (What else would a Toon tree grow?)

summer gardening gags

Just plant a tree at your Estate – a gag tree!

A Toon’s tender loving care allows gag trees to produce organic gags, which do 10% more damage when battling Cogs, and make more accurate Lures too.

Buy a Gardening Kit to get going, then plant a gag at any of the dirt mounds at your Estate.
gag treeEach tree can grow gags from only one track, and this track will receive the organic gag bonus -- so choose wisely! Make sure you water it often, and when the gag tree blooms, you’ll have your first organic gag to pick right off your own tree! 


TOON TIP:  If you want a higher level gag tree, you’ll have to plant trees for all the gags beneath it. Keep this in mind if you want a Level 7 gag tree, since you’ll only get one.

So buy a Gardening Kit, plant some Toony trees, and grow lots of gags for a silly summer harvest!

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Duke Spiffy says:

I love planting gags, I planted lure! :)

Tom Kookynoodle says:

I plant throw gags at my estate.

Cranky Peppersocks (85 Laff) says:

i planted toonup!

Little dottie says:

Hey me too I planted my throw and its maxed but later i will plant trap!!!

Duke Bonkers says:

I was so excited to get wedding cake! i planted throw right away!

crazy dinamite mac flapper says:

This us great organic gag thanks toon HQ

Lemon Pop says:

I already planted some. :D

Jake ruffleboom says:

Planting gag trees are fun.

shariff wacko pickle toon says:

i have maxxed throw and i have a wedding tree

Anthony says:

I love making my lure organic i grow harvest lots of lure trees :)

Cow(42laff) says:

I have throw,squirt,and sound. I am planning on doing a drop tree. Toons of the world Unite!

huntin dog says:

im working on throw

Lilac says:

I plant Toon Up Gags. I do that, because so toons can get their Laff meter back up faster! Toons of the world unite!

Wabbit says:

I planted my whole cream pie and it does 44 damage it takes out a level 5 cog without lure. Its amazing! :D

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

:D I have Lure planted and I recently got my Presentation tree full size! I haven't had an opportunity to harvest it yet because I don't use Presentations much.... I enjoy having slightly increased Lure accuracy; it makes it much easier to survive solo buildings :)

King Fireball (LP122) says:


Maxie says:

Lol I'm growing sound..... My trees are WAAAAAAAAAAY too loud at night tho -.-

Cupcake says:

I love gardening! I planted throw! :)

Prof. Crazy Trickynoodle says:

I love these gag trees! My organic Cream Pie defeats level 5 cogs without help from lure! Everyone should plant a few gag trees!

Thunderbubble says:

I currently have organic drop, but i'm going to switch it to trap becaise its harder do get that level 7 back, and i like it more.

Totally Squeak says:

Hi Toontown, it's me Totally Squeak! In my garden, I'm growing toonup, and I'm waiting to get my High Dive. :) I'm gonna plant the high dive because it's pretty hard to get. - If you ever see me around feel free to say hi! :D

Princess Bubbles says:

I love going to cog factilies, so I planted Sound! :D

Princess Bubbles says:

I planted Sound, to make them stronger!

Flappy says:

I just love planting gags, It's really helpful. :D

princess raven (122) says:

i planted my drop! i love organic drop!

Doctor Dizzytoon says:

I plant throw now, but when I max trap I will be sure to plant that. I saw an organic TNT in the V.P and it did almost 200 damage, if it did just a little more it could destroy any cogs!

Fire ball flap jack says:

this is amazing! I never knew that before thanks a millon toon news!

Princess Pearl Bumblebee says:

I've always wondered what a organic gag does, 10% more damage! Wow! I planted my toon up track!

Lily ( 56 laff ) says:

Awesome!!!!!!!! Now I have organic sound and drop!

Knuckles says:

I just planted drop because it misses a lot. I wish we would be able to choose how many gags we can pick off of the gag tree.

Prince Sammie Petalbee says:

I planted drop, my favorite!

Captain Biscuit says:

Neat! I already have organic throw. An organic whole cream pie will defeat a level 5 cog in one shot! Just a toon tip, ;)

Little Red Riding Hood says:

I've planted Lure on my main toon so it misses less when I solo and help others in VP. My uber has planted Throw, and my other has planted Toonup because she's lureless and ends up having to use High Dive for others a lot. Gotta love Organic Gags! :)

Rymon (105 laff) says:

i planted a lure tree its awesome it barely misses

Eric says:

organic lure for the win.

Droopy ( 65 laff ) says:

I planted Lure, and I have to say, it works nearly everytime I use it!

Rabbit Dude (114 Laff) says:

Don't be stubborn and remember that you can remove the track you planted if you'd like! (Although trees take a while to grow, it will help in the long run.) Around three years ago I started with throw, but then I noticed that sound is a weak track, so I improved it by planting it. Once I got tired of sound, I planted trap, because organic train is the only gag that can take out a level 12 cog by itself in one hit. I've had trap for over a year now, so don't be afraid to experiment.

sir tricky featherbumber (53 laff) says:

i planted a throw,squirt,toon-up,and lure. im planning on planting trap

Pinky Dinky Doo says:

I planted throw! The birthday cake can take out a level 9 without lure!!!!

William says:

I love taking out Lured Level 11 Cogs with just one organic Birthday Cake that does 110 damage!!!

Duck Man says:

I like planting gags, since they do much better!

Sumwere overda rainbow says:

Awesomness! I planted throw gags! I love it!

Tiffany (68 Laff) says:

I planted Lure trees to make it more accurate! Now, it won't be a pain in the neck to train :D

Jake Rockentoon says:

I really want to get Wedding Cake! So, I planted Throw! :D

Sheriff Ned Electrospeed says:

I plant organic trap gags because, A level seven organic Railroad gag can take out a single or group of level 12 cogs. Toons of the World, UNITE!

Petunia Sparklespinner says:

I'll get right to gardening! I still have one empty dirt place in my estate, so I might as well plant a tree! Toons of the world, unite!

Omar says:

I planted throw gags! and wedding cake! I love it! The organic cakes work great with lure on busting the big cogs :D

Epic Frizzy DoggenPop says:

This is Cool i cant wait to grow my trees! Toontown rocks!

Leopard says:

I planted trap trees!

Dusk says:

I just got a garden! Im happy to see that instead of buying gags i can get them at my estate!

Ice dragon says:

If you have lure I would choose to make that organic because it almost never misses and this is my first lure working on a level 12 cog over and over so if you have lure I would make that organic.

master green 94 laff says:

i planted throw at my estate!!! it takes out level 10s on its own even with no lure !! its toontastic it takes 12s with lure and a cupcake!!!! 11s with only lure i like organic gags toons of the world unite!!!

Princess Melody says:

Throw For The Win

Blossom says:

I planted Trap, it can take out level 12 cogs when its organic! But on my other toon, I prefer to plant lure so that its accuracy increases!

Lily Cheezynerd (108 laff) says:

I plant toon up gags :-)

Babymouse says:

I love using organic gags. I have a Foghorn tree, and it helps me a lot! Whenever I'm doing a CFO, I make sure to pick the foghorns from the tree. My friends have really cool trees, too. They have birthday cake trees and juggling balls, too. I really love Toontown and that they made these they are so helpful! thanks flippy and the toon council! :)

Sydney says:

ty toontown i like to plant some gags :) every one of my trees is trap

Snowflake says:

I will totally plant trees! Especially Lure!!!

Purrfect says:

I just love planting gag trees!!! Its so fun to see what happens after you harvest them and see what happens in battle!!! Toons of the world, Plant Trees!!! :D

Princess Pearl says:

I plant Sound because I love noisy gags! :)

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

I love planting gag tree's! My organic gags really help in battles against cogs!

Max (74+ Laff) says:

Also... Here's a tip for toons: If you want a Level 7 gag more often... Plant a Tree... Level 7 trees take time to grow... But once it's fully Grown... It'll be worth it since you get the Level 7 Gag you planted once EVERY DAY.

Petunia Funnydoodle says:

I love planting gag trees abnd flowers! I like to plant School Dasies! I like to plant Toon up as well! :)

Pearl (91 Laff) says:

I love Gag trees :D I planted Squirt!

Malik says:

Wow!I never knew gardening gives extra laff :),im going to plant right now!

Princess Lily ( tan mouse ) 77 laff says:

I planted the Throw Track since I want organic Wedding Cake! I cannot wait until all of them grow so I can pick my Wedding Cake soon!!! :)

Cutebug says:

I planted all my squirt because I love using the gyser!!!

Crazy Popcorn says:

Organic train tracks can take down rows of level 12 cogs instantly, so I plant trap.

Tidal Wave (110 laff) says:

I planted sound... who doesnt like blaring fog horns and opera singers? :D especially when your right next to a cog!

Miss Trixie Spacklesticks says:

Cool! I've never really thought about having organic gags instead, but now I think I'm going to start it right now!

Shumie says:

It's fun planting :) What's more fun is running over cogs flat with an organic Railroad!

Cool Flip says:

I love planting Lure gags! It makes the cog parts more attracted to magnets. :)

Blutube (80 laff) says:

I just got my presentation and I thought hey, why can't I plant my lure, when I got it off the tree the accuracy was almost perfect...

Princess Twinkleface (100 laff) says:

I planted my sound yesterday. I haven't been much of a gardener but maybe this will change me :)! Just waiting for them and my flowers to grow now.

Peach Rabbit says:

Yay! I got to plant all my "Throw" gags yesterday because I maxed throw :-)

Memory says:

I like planting gags, I planted sound! Its useful too because it does more damage to the cogs!

Skipper says:

planted throw i must say it does get you out of "sticky" situations

Emily(115LP) says:

I am a soundless toon and I plant drop! :-)

Bo says:

i plant whatever im training at the time like now i have lure.

Hailey says:

I love gardening! It helps me save a few jellybeans from time to time!

Rainbow says:

I always waste my lvl7 wedding cake in ttc with my other friends because they go crazy wondering why i just wasted it on a lvl1 cold caller. then I'm like, "I have more on my tree at home" XD

Candy (75 laff) says:

i love planting gags. GO TOONUP ! :-)

SkippingPaws says:

This is pure genuis! Especially planting these ORGANIC trees, for better and more accurate atacks. This will SURELY get rid of them blasted cogs trying to ruin ToonTown. Thank you ToonTown! ;)

Looney Lincoln says:

Toontastic! I chose Throw as my "Organic Track" so I can wait for my Trap to be maxed ( I'm only on Marbles right now. ) After my Trap is maxed, I cut down the Throw trees and plant new Trap trees! It's GENIUS! Organic Railroad can take down 4 level 12 cogs at once! But the only problem is the Lil' Oldman Task that wants me to defeat 20 four+ story buildings. UGH.

prof. huckleberry says:

i always water my gag trees

Maroon Cat says:

Organic lure really does do wonders for its accuracy! Start planting.

Granny Tubby Hulahopper says:

Toonastic! I never knew that gave you laff boosts! I'll get planting right now! Root for the Rooters!

dark blue soul says:

my garden is one of the things i take care of most. to keep my gags strong and organic! :)

Icy Element says:

I planted trap :D It's awesome. I just loved Railroad, i use it on a daily basis, except the days i forget to pick it! Haha, sometimes i can use Railroad up to 3 times in 1 day! :D

Sarah (84 Laff) says:

I have a wedding cake tree :D

Moosey says:

I love planting gags. I just got membership and I'm loving it.

rc says:

i planted all my gags

Super Shadow (106 laff) says:

Planting sound is so useful, now i can cover up for my friends who don't have sound! Toons of the world unite!!

Sam ( 36 ) says:

I planted my lure because I am an uber in training and I don't want to go sad all the time! :D! Toons of the world unite!

Chocolate Milk says:

I haven't been able to start a garden yet, But after reading this, I will soon! Thats Toontastic for all toons!

Kitty KAT ( 65 Laff ) says:

Ever since I planted lure trees my lure has been working in VP and wherever else I take it!

Master Z.Z. lemontooth says:

This is cool. I'm going to plant them.cause planting and getting cool gags and using them to fight cogs. for such toons like me.

Lady Hulamuffin says:

I love planting gags! It makes my lure less likely to miss and makes it easier to train my gags using those pesky cogs. I'm going to plant more lure trees and show these cogs what lure can do! ;)

Master J.C. (119 Laff Points) says:

Master J.C. has organic trap because train track can take out a row of level 12 cogs when lured if it's organic (215 damage organic, Level 12 cogs have 200 HP)