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Halloween Creeps Into Clarabelle’s Cattlelog

We hope you’ve been banking those beans - it’s time to start shopping for Halloween!
Halloween Cattlelog


Clarabelle starts stocking some truly chilling Cattlelog items for you to collect, including FIVE classic costumes returning to Toontown this year: SuperToon, Vampire, Turtle, Bee, and SkeleToon!


Don’t forget to pick up Toontastic new accessories to complete your costume this year. With items like the viking helmet, archer hat, wings, antennae, bug backpack, masks, and beehive hairdo, this year’s Halloween will be the best-ever!


Even more frightful fun is on the way with the brand new PirateToon and Toonosaurus costumes, Trick-or-Treating, Toon Pumpkin Heads, and Black Cats.
Stay Tooooned…


Posted on October 07, 2011 to:

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trevor says:

awesome cant wait to get these new clothes. resistance salute to all!

dream says:

OMG COOL i better look cool AND SCARY OOOO

Haley says:

I can't wait for these to come! I just started to save and earn jbs the past week! :D

Rowanclaw says:

THIS IS AWESOME! HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE ON TOONTOWN :D! My Black cat this year will be Toontastic. I love the new costumes, too! Stay safe toontown!

Hunter says:

I love Halloween! The candy the costumes, and the scares! By the way you should give non-members the ability to buy a select group items.

Angel says:

TOONTASTIC! thanks for bringing us toons with great new stuff and cant wait to get the new stuff as halloween is my fav time of the year :)

Koofguy says:

WOOT!! I CAN NOT wait till Clarabelle's Cattlelog arrives for me!

Rebeca says:

Yay! I love Halloween on Toontown! Lots of fun, wacky costumes to enjoy! Toons of the World, Unite!

Flower says:

Yay! Halloween is the best holiday in Toontown!

lollipop says:

im gonna get pumpkin head and a black cat its cool

Baron says:

So this means that the next cattlelog you get will come with Halloween items?

Angel says:

cool! i cant wait to be SPOOKY this halloween!

Sea Green Mouse says:

I can't wait for Halloween! All of the costumes and accessories are going to be amazing!

Mattthrew 83 laff says:

Woah im so gonna go trick or treating and buying a costume!!!

Fomper Domper Doggie Head (20 laff) says:

Wow! I am gonna get the pumpkin head and shirt. Maybe the SuperToon too!

Penny Fuzzyjinks says:

Hmm... Maybe I'll get the turtle!

Miranda says:

OOO! I want to be a bee for halloween or a pirate! Because I got a bee antennae and bee wings! For a pirate I got my pirate hat.

Princess Raven Bumblescreech says:

Yay I can't wait for the Bee Costume to be in my Cattlelog!!!!!!! It will go nicely with my Beehive hairdo!!!!!!! Come on Cattelog be there when I sign on!!!! WOOT WOOT!

Crazy Furball Dandypoof says:

Dear TT, That's great to hear! I'm going to have to free up some serious space in my home for all the fun, new halloween tricks and treats. When are the decorations around ToonTown going up? Crazy Furball Dandypoof P.S, Toons of the World Unite, and have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Chipper Dandysnoop (109 Laff) says:

OMG FINALLY!! YES! This is going to be great :P TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Ashstar says:

Ooh! Im doing the trolley for all the costumes

Princess Rainbow Fuzzyswirl (66 laff) says:

Cool! I love the accessories! Thanks Toontown! (and Clarabelle, be sure to tell Clarabelle I said Thank you, Flippy!) :D

liondog says:


Pearl says:

I cant wait for my new catalog to come to get the turtle and the vampire shirt and skirt!! :) Thank you flippy for bringing back the old costumes from last year!! :) That was a good idea to make black cats, how did you think of that flippy?

Tricky Mega gadget ( 84 laff ) says:

sweet! can't w8 to get it in my cattalog!

Snowtruth says:

YAY! I love Halloween! It's the most Toontastic Holiday on Toontown EVER!!

Trixie says:

The halloween and winter cattleogs are my favorite! I cant wait to purchase the new costumes for my toon to wear =D

mr.zombie says:

this is awesome XD

Blue Cotten Candy says:

I dont have skeletoon in my cattlelog. Why dont I have it yet? I wanna be SPOOOOKY as ever! :D

Flipster says:

I think this years halloween's gonna be great cause THIS time we have ACCESSORIES. It's gonna be awesome.

Secret Spy says:

Happy Halloween! This is gonna be the spooky side!

Shiny teddy says:

Caaant Wait for Halloween!

Mackie (109) Laffer says:

Halloween is here ! Im So excited :D

Dizzy says:

I'd love to spook into Toontown

Gold rush cupake says:

YAY!!!!!!! THE SPOOKY COSTUMES ARE HERE! i need to fll up my bank on my other toon so i can start shopping for SPOOKY stuff. thanks flippy and toontown!! Toons of the World Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toonie says:

Yay i cant wait!

Princess bagelMash says:

Hey its no fair i really want to buy this cool stuff but im not a member :(

Sundae says:

Yep, another fun holiday to look forward to! Let the jellybeans rain!

Pebble The Halloween Cat says:

Really cool!. I am making a black cat and trick or treating. I even made Halloween Cat Clan! We will use our spells to make this the best Halloween in Toontown ever!

Princess Pepper Doodle (107 laff) says:

Ooooo! i was really wanting the turtle costume but it was christmas when i got my toontown. i saw people wearing toontastic halloween outfits and i wanted one.Now, i can! thank you clarabelle! toons of the world unite!!!!!!

Wiley says:

Cool! I can't wait 'till Halloween! But I have to wait a while for my catelog to come in. :(

Miss Lollipop says:

Wow! I Can't Wait To Have A Head For A PUMPKIN! HaHa! And Trick Or Treating On Toon town!! Thanks A lot Toon Town Please Fix Hackers And Stuff Peace! Bye Toons! :)

Blossom says:

Cool! I still can't wait for Trick-Or-Treating!

Im A Banana says:

Cool! i cant wait to buy some Pumpkin heads :D!

Ryanne says:

I cant wait to see all those great costumes clarabelle! :)

Dinosawr says:

I've been waiting months to make my black cat ._. I already have a toon in the toontorial with the name approved and everything! I'm also excites for the dinosaur costume! My toon Dinosawr will finally be able to show her true colors! :D

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Hey Toon Council.... it seems like only yesterday it was Halloween in Toontown... :)

Fastdoggy (106Laffer) says:

WOOT!! I always wanted to be won of those old toons with the super toon costumes :D

sherrif zilly fizzlewig says:

omg ppl say being a member is boring to me it looks fun. i want the cattlog in my house!!!! grr fly

Miss Trixie Spacklesticks says:

Wow! This is going to be good. I've been waiting all year for the Halloween cattlelog. Can't wait for the new costumes! Oh, and I REALLY want to make a black cat!!!

Queen Megyn (75 laff) says:

Omg I love when toon town does the trick or treating and the toon pumpkin head. My cousin and I made matching black cats last year too. It was pretty cool. I love halloween on toontown! Thanks for bringing back those awesome costumes too!

Cool Trixie Petalcrash says:

Awesome! I can't wait to buy my halloween stuff from the cattlelog! I wonder what the two new outfits will look like.

pancake (green cat 68 laff) says:

AWESOME!!! ive always wanted to make a black cat! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND TOONTOWN ROCKS!!!

Kitty says:

YAY! I love halloween in toontown :D I never made a black cat but this time I will. :)

ocito says:

YES FINALLY i have been waiting for ever im happy now :)

Mr Chan says:

Man! that sounds like a alot of fun! I cant wait tell i get my new cattlelog!

granny sourmush says:

WHOA thats awesome! ya'lls are fun! I love the outfits! there spooktacular! KEEP THE COSTUMES COMING!

Slippy Looppennoodle says:

This is going to be the best Halloween ever TOONS OF THE WORLD, MAKE A FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked (56 Laff) says:

Thank you Toontown SOOOOO much! I have been Waiting for this forever! I didn't get to join these spooky frights last year:( So I tend to this year! Thanks Toontwon soooo much I LOVE Halloween!!!!!! STAY TOOOOOONED with TOONTOWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pritty Pritty says:

the toonosaurus is so to die for! Along with the vampire and skele toon!

Winter Leaf says:

OMG THIS HALLOWEEN IS GOING TO BE THE BEST! -Keep throwing pies ~Winter Leaf

BFFAiyana says:

Wow! Cool, I can't wait until my next cattlelog arrives!

Trixie says:

I am so excited that the bee costume is coming back. I've waited for that costume for so long! Thanks so much for bringing it back :-)

Princess Trixie says:

Wow! I wish I was a member. :(

sir sniffy says:

yes!!!!!!!! its the the tooniest time the year...holloween. i never got to get holloween stuff beforeso this is very new for me thanks toontown and remember... TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuddly Lizard (70 Laff) says:

Toontastic! I cant wait for the new costumes to come out! This is gonna be a spooktastic halloween!

tails says:

I cant wait to try on those costumes! Toontown rules keep it up! can you guys make thanksgiving costomes? Toontown keep it up I love you Toontown! ;)

Cast says:

Extremely excited for Toontown halloween!!

Rainbow Girl says:

wow! i need a halloween house! xD

Kitty Galore says:

Cool! this Halloween I going to be a Toonosaurus Roooar!

Cool Lily Frinkel Gloop says:

This year's halloween costume's rock's!

Miss Sadie says:

Wow! How spooky! This is my first year playing Toontown so this is my first Toon Halloween. It will be so fun! I can't wait.

Mr Whistling Rabbit says:

Wow nice halloween clothing!

black cat says:

OMG so excited yay yay yay im gonna buy EVERYTHING

Little Sadie says:

I love having the choice of Halloween supplies. Toon costumes was such a good idea and they are so cute. i like all of them!

Tbear says:

Totally waiting for trick-or-treating. But, i strangely cannot find out what this GLORIOUS occasion will be like :|

CrazyWinky Cheesyswirl (107) says:

Omg you kidding i can't wait! i have jellybeans i think, I hope its a good halloween!

Princess pearl poodle doodle says:

Wow i cannot believe HQ is bringing back the Bee. This is toontastic or spooktastic now :) thanks happy halloween oh by the way im gonna be cruellla from 101 dalmations

Lily Cheezynerd( 105 laff ) says:

Wow, I cant wait till I get my cattlelog with the costumes, and get to go Trick or Treating!

crazy tom says:

i wonder if cogs will dress as dinos and pirates to... IM SO EXCITED even if im not a member !!! plz reply flippy and... ... TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pebblewhisker says:

COOL! My main toon has alot of jellies! i'll make sure to buy some! Thanks for making toontown, Toon Council! Toons of the World, Get SPOOOKY!

Magic says:

I'm so excited!!

Buster says:


rocko (52laff) says:

oh boy i cant wait! i am gonna save ALOT and i meant ALOT of jellybeans! i really want the punkin heads and make my house a haunted house so i can get ready to give toons candy and go trick or treating! toontown rocks! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Max Thunderbump(111) says:

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much toon town

Master Sammie ( 75 laff ) says:

Wow! You know, since we get more and MORE accessories, I get more happier! To get to wear the Fall Accessories, I had to delete old accessories. Good to hear that Halloween Accessories/Clothing/Wallpaper/Furniture/Phrases are back! From Your spooky friend, Master sammie

princess says:

i have been on toontown over 5 years but this is my first halloween as a member i used to not be able to buy costumes or trick or treating being a member of toontown rocks!!!!!!!!!!

jake zillerbee says:

nice omg its cool

Ravenpaw says:

I think this is toontastic! I love this time of year on toontown and I can't wait to get the new stuff in my cattlelog!

Purr-fecto Cutie Kitten says:

WOW these halloween costumes rock! this toon has them in her cattlelog but my other toon doesn't :'(

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

Sweet! Can't wait for the new costumes to come out! :D

Lily Lemonpop says:

I can't wait for the new toontastic costumes! I love the pirate and I still enjoy the old ones. And, we can add to the old ones by putting accesories on! Toons of the World Unite!!!

super zippy bumble brains says:

I can't what for the Halloween cattlelog!

Prof. Vicky says:

Oh nice! I'm excited that Halloween is coming once again! I will be ready to spook out some Cogs... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Toons of the World, Unite! -Prof. Vicky

Electroboom says:

This is awesome! Keep up the epic work toontown! I already have the Skeletoon and I am planning to buy the original Vampire Costume, and maybe both of the new costumes. Being already awesome, i can't wait for Haloween! I also cant wait for next year's " Toonoween " and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that, and...... TOONOWEEN RULES!!!!

Sophina(56 laff) says:

I can't wait to buy those items! I can't yet cuz my cattllelog hasn't changed yet. Maybe my other toons could gift them to me...

nutmeg thunderberry says:

AWSOME!!!! This is going to be the best halloween town toontown has created so far.i wonder what the treak or treating will be about and how the costumes will look like?

lucky star says:

I love the halloween costumes and accessories you rock flippy and clarabelle and every toon in the world toons of the world unite

Gwen says:

YAY! Thanks Toontown! :) Your.. Spooktastic! :)

Granny Fuzzydorf says:

I can`t wait for the costumes to arrive this is gonna be sweet.

dippy trickymash says:

GREAT! i cant wait for the two new toontown costumes!

taffy says:

So cool

Jennifer (57 laff) says:

Getting ready to make black cats :D

Dr.Cat says:

I can't wait for my new cattlelog TT is always fun pluss i cant w8 for October 31 i am making a black cat named Dark Coffee lol. Halloween on TT is fun

Hayden (84 laff black cat) says:

This Halloween is gonna be spooooky & toooontastic! And this catalog looks spooooky and toooontastic! These black cats r spooooky and toooontastic! Happy Hallooooween

Princess Penny says:

Awesome! i have my FULL costume! accessories and clothes! all i have to do now is my house! :D YAY!

rabbit says:

i like the ghost clothing

candy says:


leonardo says:

thats so cool ! i already buy my pumpkin head and skeleton costume could toontown get i ven better :) thanks for all the new things toontown and thanks flippy your the best :)

Scary says:

I love the new catalog! my toon Scary is a black cat and thinks all the new stuff is awesome!

Penny Nickle Dime says:

the new outfits are GREAT! I love how it all fits in with the bows shoes and hats! nice job Clarabelle!

Hunter says:

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Toontown makes it that much better! I love trick or treating on toontown. I love the toontown pumpkin heads. Also It would be cool instead of just black cat you could make it so that any toon can be made black on Halloween, well new toons anyways.

Fluffyson says:

That's cool! When are those tasks for pumpkin heads gonna come? - Fluffyson

Squeakers says:

yay!!!! :D this is my FIRST toontown halloween i cant WAIT until the new stuff oh wait its here! i better start saving my jellies!!!!

Liberty says:

Hi! Thank you very much! I love Halloween, and I love Toontown. You are doing great, Toontown! I'm very excited for the new costumes :)! Have an awesome day and a happy Halloween!

Super Freja says:

yay it's soon Halloween :)

Bookie says:

Yay! I can't wait to try on a halloween costume!

Mrs. Smiley says:

Omg im so excited! i love those shirts!!:))

violet says:

can't wait.

peach says:

NICE i love it!!!!!!!!!

Chan Chomp McChomp says:

Well if I were a member I would buy them!

Sandpelt says:

Yay! Halloween is one of my fave. holidays on Toontown (besides Christmas) and I can't wait to make my Black Cat! I'm probably gonna get her SkeleToon costume and the Toonasaurus! I can tell, this year's Halloween on Toontown is gonna be spooktactular!

Riverstorm says:

I can't wait for black cats on Halloween!

Love Cat says:

YAY! i cant wait to shop for those clothes & pumpkins! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki (76 laff) says:

Cool! This is my first year on toontown so i really didnt get a chance to buy halloween stuff until now! :D

Lavender Duck says:

Im going to log into toontown asap to check out those new outfits and other awesomeness!!!!!!!!

King Coconut says:

Woo hoo! I can't wait for haloween! I am so making a black cat! My friend has one and it is a 105 laff... Epic! Good job, ToonTown!

Beanie Fidget (101 laff) says:

I cant wait for all of the Halloween items and i sure cant wait to get them all, by the time im done my house will be full with Halloween items. I also cant wait to go Trick or Treating on Toontown it will be a bunch of fun.

Lily Lemonhopper says:

Wow! I like the vampire!