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Halloween Art Contest Free of Gremlins!
Halloween Art Contest


If you had trouble entering your Toontown Halloween Art by submitting it online, please try again!
We found the pesky gremlins who were getting in the way, and fixed the problem. You can now submit your silly and spooky artwork online, one entry per account.

Remember your artwork must be Toontown-themed, celebrating this chilling holiday in Toontown with Halloween accessories, clothing, decorations, costumes, or even creepy Cogs.
The winning Halloween Art will be posted on Toontown Online for all to see and enjoy - just in time for Halloween!

To enter and send us your Toony Halloween Art,
just go to Toontown's Contest page by clicking here!

Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry.
Submit your haunted Halloween art between now and October 14, 2012!

Attention Toons! This contest is now closed!
Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in
Toon News... For the Amused
right before Halloween!

Posted on October 10, 2012 to:

This thread is now closed for comments.

Ginger says:

Cool I wanted to upload some arkwork

Midnight (58 laff) says:

I'm SO going to enter the contest! Good thing it's not the deadline because I have some super spooky art for ToonTown!

Green Big Dog says:

Oh my thank you. I tried sending in my artwork but it said that i already entered. I was wondering what was happening. I already sent my artwork though by mail ( after the inccedent ). Oh well thanks for fixing the problem toon council! :)

fluffy [120 laffer] says:

wow thanks for fixing the problem now i am going to enter my art and see if i win and also good luck other toons.

Valentine says:

cant wait 2 get started!

Bonnie says:

sounds cool! awesome! :)

spooky says:

Oh thank you!!! i was trying last night but i said " You have already entered this contest on this account but i have not ( yet XD ) but i will so THANK YOU VERY MUCH TOONTOWN!!!

Princess Lollipop says:

I was wondering why it wasn't working! I thought there was something wrong with my Laptop. Thanks for fixing the problem! I can't wait to enter, best of luck to everybody entering! Happy (early) Halloween! (:

Queen Of Hairballs says:

OMG! YES YES YES!!! Thank you for fixing that Toontown!! I tried to enter mine and it didnt let me. I was really freaking out because I worked a day and a half on it XD. Thanks a lot Toontown now I have a chance to enter! Good luck to everyone!

bad cop says:

this is awsome lol

Princesslollipopdizzybubble says:

You guys are the BEST! Yay! Thank you so much for fixing that pesky problem! :D

Lost Rose says:

AWESOME! A ART CONTEST! Guys your the best!

Pink Power Cat (113 Laff) says:

I sent in my drawing through online version, and it accepted it! I'm so excited! Thanks for fixing the glitch! I hope ya'll like my drawing & hope it got sent okay! TOONTASTIC! =)

rainbow dash the pony (137laff) says:

oh no i need to make art

Roxy Whiskermuddle (67 Laff) says:

I was trying to figure out why it wasn't accepting my drawing! I entered it with no problem as soon as I heard it was fixed! I'm excited to see all of the Toontastic drawings other toons have sent in! I hope I win something! Good luck to everyone, too!

Prof.Pickles says:

I have to say that I am gonna do this now after hearing about from my friends and the posts you put up (I look at all of them) :)

little tom says:

Wow can't wait to see the art

pancake says:

i think this is a cool contest because everyone loves to draw and its toontown so all toons would like to enter i will enter ( hopfuly ) lol i think thats why its kewl!

Misty says:

Whew, thanks! I was getting so worried that I couldn't enter!

cool rainbow preciousberry says:

so cool! i love drawing but im not very good at it!!!

rhysh says:

i didnt know there were gremlins but if you ppl really wanted to sumbit your artwork this is the time to sumbit it, thanks for fixing it toontown council! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

tails seville says:

on halloween it will be a SPOOKY night!!! :) im a black cat!!!!

cute paws says:

THIS halloween IS gonna BE so AWESOME!! coral cat :)

Coconut ( 120 laff ) says:

Wow! Thats great! Thanks so much for fixing the problem! Toons of the world, UNITE! - Coconut :D

Loud Thunderchomp says:

THANKS TOONTOWN! It kept saying U ALREADY ENTERED THE CONTEST!! When i didnt! I am SOOOOO happy thank you thank you thank you!!

Dragon says:

Thanks! Many peeps say u dont care about whats goin on with other Toons, But you proved them wrong! Thanks toontown!! Roar! ( those gremlins made it seem i already submitted my artt when i didnt , its grrr-eat you fixed it :D )

Sher says:

I just sent mine I hope i win!

Omar says:

Thank you so much for fixing it! When I tried to enter, it said I already entered when I didn't! So thank you.

Prince Fireball (57 laff) says:

SWEET! I am DEFINATLY entering. So good luck to ALL! Toons of the world UNITE! :D (Hopefully im done before the experation date o.o

Robot ( 30 laff ) says:

Great now its fixed and i can enter xD

Sandpelt says:

Dear Toontown, I live in Florida and I've only heard about the contest until now. Do you think my contest entry will be recieved by then, or not :(?

ToonCouncil says:

Just make sure you send it by October 14th, Sandpelt. That's the deadline for both online submission and regular mail! You can see all the rules on entering your artwork on the Contest page - just click the link in the post above to get there. Happy drawing!

Lady Violet Twinkletoes says:

this is gonna be cool so , yeah.

Charming carrie says:


Chocolate Churro says:

Yay!!! Art contest!

Ashley Sparkle Star says:

Great Glad That Problem Is Resolved!!

suger says:

good luck to all!!!

Midori says:

I'm going to enter :D Glad this art contest arrived because its a motivator to summit art :D This will be my first art post.

justin says:

YAY toontown is the BEST!

sheriff cecil biggingargle says:

GOOD LUCK OTHER TOONS ive got some spooky art work

Fireball (137) says:

Oh boy have been waiting for this!

Sky Blue says:

I entered mine! I hope all the other toons do great!

Stuart Little (116 laff) says:

I wish Toontown the best of luck to the Art Contest! Toons of the world unite!

sparklemuffin says:

Uh Oh! i don't have that much time to enter my work! i better get working on my " spook - tastic ' art! one thing Flippy, this was one SPOOK TASTIC idea!

Rat Fink says:

Woo-hoo!! So I wasn't the only one viewing 'You can only enter once'? Yay! I'll re-enter ASAP!

Master Funny Toon says:


Little Ladybug says:

im excited to enter :) i know i wont win but its always good to have faith in yourself because maybe you can win! good lucky everyone :)

little scooter pepperfidget says:

can wait i am doing it today TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE

vanilla milkshake says:

ok so im so happy. i always wanted to do this :D i love toontown\

Yippie Fiddletoes says:

Sounds fun! :D

Loopy Rufflebocker says:

Yes, finally i might have a chance to win. This is going to be great! Good luck guys!

Coolkid (117 laff) says:

Good luck to all the toons who enter!

Melody Superpop says:

I am going to enter! :D

Shadow Cat (75 laff) says:

this contest sounds really fun :)

Jasmine The Present Fairy (60 laff) says:

I can't wait to make SPOOKY Halloween art!

Twinklemarble (53 Laff) says:

Toontastic! Now I can send in the work I'm planning to do! :D

Ned ElectroDoodle says:

I really want to enter i have cool & spooky ideas

baby doll says:

horray u got the dark thingie n the awesome decorations I'm sooo happy n best of all trick or treat

Snuggle says:

I hope I win something! It took me 2 days to make mine!

van says:

so cool! i totally love toontown!