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Grand Prix Weekend is a GO!

Spring event May-nia races to the finish line with the silly spills and thrills of Toontown's
Grand Prix Weekend!

Grand Prix weekend
Grand Prix Weekend starts this Saturday, May 25 and runs through Tuesday, May 28.
ALL Toons  – Members and Free  may compete in the Grand Prix event!

Racing ticketsTo enter this weekend, you’ll first need tickets to get into the Grand Prix. Zip over to Goofy's Speedway and start getting in your practice laps for tickets today!

Then head to any Toon Battle race starting block to enter one of the circuits from Saturday through Tuesday.


There are four Grand Prix circuits to race -- two regular and two reverse -- to qualify in the event.


The top 25 fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each circuit - each day - win an all-new Grand Prix racing outfit for their Toon! You can see this exclusive racing outfit in Friday's issue of Toon News... For the Amused!

Don't miss the high-speed hilarity in Goofy’s Speedway this weekend!

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Master Fireball says:

I can't wait to do it! That is if I have enough tickets :)

Polar Ice says:

Challenge accepted, time to put my racing cap on and fill up the tires!

Rosebud (112 Laff) says:

I hope I win this year! Last year I didn't make it, but i'm not going to give up! :)

Pixie Love says:

I am going to try real hard this time, last time I didn't do too good, but now I'm going to become a race car myself from all the racing I do this weekend.

lee says:

i can't wait

tiffany says:

i just got membership a few days ago so im going to get alot of tickets this weekend :D

Jasmine The Present Fairy (77 laff) says:

i am going to try and do my toon best! also i am going to win!

Comrade says:

I just may join in this one, will be my first time ever!

earwax says:

Can't wait!!

Captain Kit says:

Sounds like Toontastic fun :D

sir cat says:

I am a free Toon. can i do the Grand Prix?

ToonCouncil says:

Yes you can! Both Member AND Free Toons may take part in the Grand Prix Weekend racing event. Good luck, Sir Cat!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

Wow! I love racing! I'm trying to earn LOTS of tickets! Thanks Toon Council!

Hall Of Fame ( 113 laff ) says:

Yay another competition to win! Good luck to all the people participating may the fastest toon win! :).

little jake says:

i have almost 4.000 tickets I hope I have enough to do all the races

master says:

they had this a while ago i wanted the outfit so bad but now i can get it :)

Queen Of Hairballs says:

Sure, I'll try to win!! You can expect me to be ripping up the road this weekend! Good luck to all those toons thinking about racing, and I hope I'll be able to have a nice, wacky race with you! :)

Bananasmirk says:

time to whip up my car and start driving!

Coconut (26 laff) says:

I can't wait!!! I am really going to try hard. I'm going to win if it kills me. Good luck the rest of you! I better go get some tickets!

Enterprise (96 laff) says:

gl to all who participate!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

I have enough tickets to do it. I won't do this that much on the weekdays because I have school during then. I'll make sure that I'll try my best.

prince fireball says:


Noisy Wildcrash(51 laff) says:

Sweet! I can't wait to race in my cool Roadster! See ya at the Finish line, Toon Council!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

I hope I have enough tickets for it. Me and my slate blue roadster will do our best!

funkey says:

wish i could join

illuminati says:

This will be fun. :)

Dynamite Mcgadget says:

I should start practising and getting tickets.

sir popcorn says:

OMG my other toon, lengendary dog is a pro at racing and he has roadster when hes only 18 laff!!!

happy little monkey ( laff 137 ) says:

Time to go get my car, and start racing! :)

Sir Comet Rufflescooter says:

I have won last year's Grand Prix Weekend. I'll see if I can win again for a second annual win!

Coconut says:

Wow! I got seven hundread tickets today, but I had to spend them. Oh well, back to the track!

swagger boy says:


Prof. Skids Smartybrains says:


Princess Rainbow says:

Yah woo! I cant wait for the winners i hpoe i win :)

Sir Orange Bucky says:

YES! I want this outfit and I'm gonna try my best to WIN IT! TOONTOWN ROCKS!

Timmy ( 58 laff ) says:

Awesome I'm good thanks at racing DISNEY!! Thank you guys that work for toontown!

Miss Bumpy Picklesplat says:

This sound like fun,i might try it! :)

C.J. Superspeed says:

I can't wait to race today!

Carmel Apple says:

This is probably the first contest I'm gonna compete in. I hope I do good. :D

Magical Crocodile says:

Well I'll try my hardest to win one of the days that outfit looks toontastic :D Good Luck Toons!

Anastacia (131 Laff) says:

This sounds like great fun! Can't wait to participate in this amazing Grand Prix Weekend Tournament! :)

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

Good luck to all the racers! See you out on the track!

Sally says:


Dottie purple berry says:

It seems cool but I don't Know if I have enough tickets.

C.J. (110 Laff) says:

Sweet! Can't wait to catch y'all at the speedway! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

prince supertoon says:

is very cool

hatsune says:

i love to race!!! I CAN'T WAIT. YIPPEE!

Rosebud (112 Laff) says:

Good luck all! I hope I won! Good race to all of you! :-)

Sam says:

Sounds Fun! Im Ready To Race!

Tall and Useful says:

I sure hope a year's worth of saving tickets will be enough!

Neon Bud says:

Wow! Seems like fun! I'll ask a few friends to join me to get those tickets!

Bolt says:

its so cool

Princess Trixie says:

Hey guys here's a Toon tip! : When you practice you get 20 tickets if you do 5 races then you will have 100 tickets!!!

Hot Dog Luke says:

I raced all weekend for that racing outfit! Hopefully I get it!

Wolf Paw Print says:

COOL! I'm glad that free toons can do this too! I've been wanting to do a Prix with my friend that is a non-member toon! Thanks Flippy, and Toon Council.... :3

Snowflake says:

Fun!! ^_^ I can't wait!

C.J. Superspeed says:

It's time to turn up the turbo's on my car. These tracks are gonna burn up like the rubber on my tires. The tracks will be in a blaze of speed and smoke. Good luck to everybody out there. Hope ToonTown congratulates the winners with a round of applause.

Lilly :D says:

OOO this is my first time! YAY im gonna try SOOO HARD!!! YAY!:D

Tooners says:

I love Karting But I am not A member so I LOVE this event

markeisha says:

i love this game

jurica says:

i like it