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Grand Prix Races to the Finish Line

Grand Prix Thanks
Thanks to all turbo-charged Toons put the pedal to the metal competing in the Grand Prix Weekend. Four days of rip-roaring racing at Goofy Speedway zoomed right by!


All races and finish times are currently under review to find our winners – the speediest Grand Prix Toons!

The top twenty-five fastest Toons with legitimate qualifying times in each of the four circuits, each day of the Grand Prix event, will be announced soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused!
Once the list posts, our lightning-fast winners will receive the all-new racing outfit in their Toon mailbox!


But first up, stay Tooned for the Acorn Acres MiniGolf winners in this Friday's new Toon News… For the Amused!

Posted on May 29, 2013 to:

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snow kit says:

i cant wait! :)

Pixie Love says:

I hope I won and the others who tried to put that pedal to the medal. :)

Little wacky says:

I hope i win :D I TRIED MY HARDEST for golfing and racing tournament :)

King Comet says:

Cant Wait!

Sir Domino Peppertwist says:

I did quite a bit of racing this past weekend. I hope I win! :D Good luck to everyone else, as well!

Dynamite says:

I hope I won! I did quite a bit of racing on the first day, and won fishing tournament! :) Good luck everyone!

Rosebud [112 Laff] says:

Good luck toons! I very well I hope I won! This sure raised my tickets, I got over a million tickets doing this! All in all, Congratulations winners! :)

Omar says:

I hope I won.

Mikey says:

Wow! I did race, I don't know if i won or not. But if I did, I'm happy! If not, its okay. CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS OF GRAND PRIX!!!! :)

Mercury says:

Sweet. :)

C.J. Superspeed says:

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time to see if i won. and good luck to those who tried their best. give around of applause to the winners if you see them. make sure you have the acting lesson applause too.

Sir Orange Bucky says:


Big Chester Rhinoboom says:

What an amazing weekend! I had a lot of fun racing, I hope I win! Good luck to all the others! :D

Sabrina (47 laff) says:

Woo hoo! I can't wait toon council! i won a trophy and a laff point boost during this! I hope everyone worked hard and enjoyed!

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

I won last year on my other toon, and I can't wait to find out if I did it again! :D Congrats to all the winners!

Spence says:

I did lots of racing. I REALLY hope I won!

little jake says:

i hope I won I tried so hard it sounds hard to win but good luck out there to those awesome racers I got lots of tickets in the grand prix from 3,906 to 100,000 tickets good luck guys!!!! I hope you win!!!!! :)

Moon Berry says:

Wow! That weekend went by zooming FAST! I didn't get a chance to race because I didn't get enough tickets, but congratulations to all that made it!

Cupcake says:

I hope i get it i never one a contest before

Midnight Jinx says:

Had lots of fun was able to get 2 toons finished with tournament racing even if I don't win the outfit was alot of fun.

Good Ol' Rainbow Pickleflapper says:

Grand Prix weekend was so fun, I didn't come across one bad sport. :) I hope I get to rock that outfit along with all the other lightning-fast winners. Good luck everyone!

Magical Crocodile says:

Well, I missed my chance oh well I hope some of friends won congratulations to all the winners you guys earned it :)

Fluffy Wonderfuddy says:

I love to race. My favourite course has to be the regular qualifier as it shows how pedal to the metal you are. Toons of the World...Unite!

Captain Popcorn Bumbleberry (110 laff) says:

Cool, the outfits look awesome :)

bubbly bay says:

sounds fun

Ginger Zillergoober says:

To bad i missed this... good luck to everyone else! :D

lengendary dog (racing uber) says:

I HOPE I WIN and hope the many other toons who tried their best too! P.S. don't forget,TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Lee says:

That was hard

Isabella says:

Yay! I raced my heart out for countless hours and I hope I won! Good luck to all my other fellow toons! Racing weekend was such a blast! Not to mention that the racing outfit is super cute. :)

tricky electrowoof says:

hmph. i hope i win this thing

swagger boy says:

i cant wait congrats

Little Lucky Lemontoon says:

Good luck, I hope you win, whoever you are, just be happy! :) Thanks, Luckylemon.

Captain Kit says:

Congrats to the winners. :)

Rea says:

Goodluck to everyone who participated! Toontowns 10th Birthday soon! :)

Outlaw says:

Hopefully it comes out soon I got two weekly records and I hope I got it but if not Congratulations to everyone who got the outfit/or tried for it even if you didn't get it because I know you tried and that's all that matters <3.

rocker says:

racer toontown!

PrincessBubblesFunnytoon(62 laff) says:

Can't wait to see if I won both the golf outfit and the racing outfit! Hope everyone had fun alot people I raced were super fast! Hey Flippy how were your races? Toons of the World Unite!