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Final Weekend for Spectacular Summer Fireworks

It’s the final weekend to enjoy fireworks exploding over Toontown’s Playgrounds. Gather together your Toon friends this weekend, and don’t miss one single KA-BOOM!

Fireworks reminder


The dazzling displays of color come to a close at the end of Monday, July 16.

Of course you can always thrill to your very own spectacular fireworks shows in Toon Parties.
Have a blast all summer, Toons!

Posted on July 13, 2012 to:

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happy maddie says:

cool thanks for the fireworks toontown!

sandstorm says:

fireworks r so pretty. i have always loved them. and thanks to toon council, (which is our amazing flippy) an extra long firework show!!!!!!!!!!! thank u!!!!!!!!!

Lily Cheezynerd ( 108 laff ) says:

I'll try not to miss one more Summer Firework! Thanks Toontown!

Wolf paw print says:

Woot Woot!!! :D The fireworks have been pretty awesome and i cant wait what will happen next in toontown.

Electrozapper says:

They are done already? I WANT MORE TOON TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark(45) says:

Thanks alot for the summer fireworks toontown :D. You guys are the best.

Pancake Supergadget says:

Too bad they're ending it was interesting to watch.

skipper says:

The fireworks was so cool thank you toontown

Cranky Peppersocks (85 Laff) says:

ill see KA-BOOM!

King Zilly says:

Yay! I can't wait to see them at a party when i'm at one

J.C says:

Cool Fireworks in ToonTown

Princess Fluffy (aqua cat) says:

It's really fun to watch the sky lit up with beautiful colors :) Gonna miss it when it ends..

PrincessViolet says:

no!!! DON'T END! :(

Sherrif Biscuit says:

I looooove the fireworks! They look so real its like im actually there! Thanks Toontown!

Little Loony PoodleBubble says:

Love the fireworks!!!!

Aqua Mouse says:

I barely see fireworks in real. Seeing them on toontown gives me a great amount of pleasure!

Miss Lily HulaHopper says:

i love fireworks!

Epicscooot says:

Thanks to everyone who has worked in this! From Epicscoot 15 laff uber

Charcat says:

Toontown fireworks are so pretty! I absolutely love watching them =).

Master says:

These fireworks are special to me. They were the first thing I saw when I joined back into toontown since 1 year!

crunchyscooter says:

Aww! Welll it was a fun time watching the fireworks at Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, and Donald's Deamland!

Sir Blendymouse says:

Thanks for the fireworks! You know how to put the Fire in the Works!

Snow Kitten says:

Hope everyone has a great summer!

spooky says:

ooooowwwwoooo! preety! *crys* i cant belive its over! thanks!

sheriff wacko pickle toon(58 laff and has wedding cake) says:

i like the music! toons of the world UNITE!

leilani says:

thanks you toontown for the fireworks,i hope everyone is enjoying it i am too!

Zipity(107)laff says:

Aww I wish firework parties never ended.Thanks though for the toontastic fireworks.Now that everyone partied it up its now time to bust some cogs!!TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Sandy says:

The fireworks are so spectacular. I always look at them when I am online! Personally, I like the grand finale!

Loopy (64 laff, pink dog) says:

Thanks Toontown for the beautiful fireworks!! :) Toons of the world unite!!!!

Lily says:

Aww they were so pretty. as always TT IS THE BEST GAME IN THE TOONIVERSE ( aka universe )

Captain Alvin(110Laff) says:

Awwww I loved the fireworks well thanks for them anyway ToonTown.

Sadie Petalhopper says:

I cant wait to see the fireworks again next year! They are coming back, right?

Light Blue Cat says:

Hope you all have a good summer!! :)

Captain Biscuit says:

The fireworks are so pretty! The awesome colors, the great music, but my favorite part is the end, where the fireworks form Mickey Mouse.

Super Stinky Sourzilla says:

Those fireworks were toontastic!

princess bubbles says:

good show i LOVE the fireworks and other good news the big wigs are gone YAY FOR FIREWORKS

Princess Kippy says:

Thanks toontown for all the fun the fireworks were awesome

Blooper (108 laff) says:

thanks they were great again i liked the end also!

Cookie Wolf says:

the fireworks are so pretty! its cool to suddenly just have the sky crack open in a bajillion fireworks!

king Electrogadget(82laff) says:

i sure had fun seeing those beautiful fireworks but they will show them next year, Toons of the world Unite!

Sky-Light (54 laff) says:

Wow! The colors are beatiful! I love fireworks!

Antonio says:

I don't want the fireworks to end. I wish they went on forever

Miss Fluffy Fuzzyfliper (laff 53 pink pig) says:

I LOVE the fireworks! I wish they could never end. Thanks Toontown!

Andy (92 Laff) says:

Wow. Best summer fireworks EVA! Toontown is so awesome. I cant wait for the next event because in toontown everythings fun! :)

Jacob says:

It was much fun thanks!

Candy Apple says:

those fireworks were amazing! I cant wait until we see them again next year! i hope they're bigger and brighter than ever!

Janna says:

Thanks so much Toon Council! The fireworks were AMAZING! Ya'll did a SUPER DUPER job on them!

Eleanor says:

Thanks Toon Council for these awesome summer fireworks! They were BRILLIANT! Thanks once again(:

Daphne Squigglebouncer says:

i loved the fireworks everytime they're on i go to watch them i just cant stop thank you toon resistance oh and a big thanks to you Flippytoons of the world unite!!!!!!!!!

Pink Cupcake Rabbit says:

I loved watching the summer fireworks show everyday! I loved all of the pretty colors in the show. Even though I just came onto Toontown, the fireworks were amazing! Toons Rule!!!!!

Autistic Bud says:

Really cool

miss biscuit doggenbubble says:

The fireworks are toonful and everyone with thier friend are having a great time to lookat it

Rosetta says:

No! They cant end!!! I didnt get to see any and i love fireworks!!

Volleyball Dachshund says:

Thanks for the fireworks! they were awesome :) cant wait til next year!! :D

luckysupertoon says:

cool picture,I wish I could be there,nice fireworks

Jamrustle says:

Boom! Bang! Fireworks yay :D! Thanks so much ToonTown!

Droopy says:

The fireworks looked awesome! I want more :).

Cool Boo Boo (107 laff) says:

The fireworks were AMAZING this year, especially in Minnie's Melodyland.

Roxy says:

Thanks the fireworks are amazing if i do say so my self they r beautyful they remind me of the forth of july it always makes me smile they are beautyful :D