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"Design a Toon Accessory" Contest Winners - PART TOOn!

Design Contest Winners

You cheered the Grand Prize winners, and by popular Toon demand, we now showcase the nine First Place winners too!

Congratulations to our creative First Place winners!

apple with arrow hat    headphones    egyptian crown hat
Apple with Arrow Hat by Naajia           
Headphones Hat by Brynna            Egyptian Crown Hat by Emily

bat mask glasses    cog gear glasses    flunky glasses
     Bat Mask Glasses by Mi Sun         
Cog Gear Glasses by William             Flunky Glasses by Mitchell

Doodle backpack    electric guitar backpack    jellybean backpack
    Doodle Backpack by Hannah         Electric Guitar Pack by Carrie            
Jellybean Pack by Marie 


The Toon Council says THANK YOU to all the many talented Toons who entered their especially exceptional designs!


Posted on November 30, 2011 to:

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sam says:

are they in the cattlelog

ToonCouncil says:

Only the three Grand Prize winners' designs were brought to life in Clarabelle's Cattlelog, Sam. Each First Place winner receives a one-month Toontown Membership and a Toontown Prize Pack stuffed with tons of Toontastic goodies!

Pink Panther says:

Is there any chance that the Cog Gear Glasses or the Jellybean Pack will ever show up in the Cattlelog? They look like toontastic accessories!

ToonCouncil says:

Not any time soon, Panther, but Clarabelle's always on the lookout for great new accessory ideas - so you never know!

Princess Trixie says:

Awesome! i Think they are all Awesome!

Lily says:

Congratulations toons! The designs are cool! :)

Bonnie says:

I think you should have brought out the Doodle Pack too - it's cute. But of course, there was only 3 Grand Prize winners and I love their designs, the Cog Pack being my favourite. :)

watermelon says:

The doodle backpack is really good and so r the rest (:

ToonCouncil says:

We agree, watermelon - all the designs are very creative and Toon-y!

Dippy Spiffy Rhinosplat says:

These designs are really creative, it must've been REALLY hard choosing the Grand prize winners and the first place winners

Knuckles Jumbledorf (108 laff) says:

I really really wish Clarabelle would put all nine accessories in the cattlelog they are all very cool!

Retired says:

These look great. I'm glad you guys finally released the accessories! Keep the new ideas coming, you guys are doing everything right.

Miss Ginger Beaniewoof says:

I love all of the designs and can't wait to get my own Cog Backpack!

Maddy says:

Wow, these Toons are extremely creative! Especially the one who created the Doodle Pack. Hannah, you draw Toontastically!

poppy (103 laff) says:

they are all amazing! congrats to Mare Carrie Hannah Mitchell William Mi Sun Emily Brynna and Naajia

Zekrom says:

Congrats! Personally I Like The Cog Gear Glasses! ;)

chettercheese says:

Are we gonna have more contests

Monique says:

will there be other contests that offer a free membership coming soon?

ToonCouncil says:

Based on the huge response we received with this Contest, I think it's a sure bet the Toon Council will bring more your way in the coming months, chettercheese and Monique! Stay Tooned...

Bluepaw says:

All of these are toon-a-rific! I really like the Cog Backpack and the Headphones :D

King j. c says:

I love ALL of them! But the best is Cog Gear Glasses by William. Congratulations to the other winners to!!!!!! - KIng j.c

Duke Pierre Funnyflipper says:


Banjo says:

Cooool i like the flunky glasses a lot!

Gag Master says:

All of those are so cool! Good job guys and gals!!!!!

Dog Of Fun says:

It's a shame that these Toontastic Designs aren't going to become real accessories in the Cattlelog! I would love to have a Jellybean Pack on by back, Headphones on my head, and gear glasses on my face! Wouldn't you?

Bubba says:

The Doodle backpack is so awesome! I want one!

Hermione says:

the accesories are all so great! :D i like all of the accesories that i cant choose which one i like the most!

Lucy says:

I think that Doodle Backpack should have been a grand prize winner! It looks amazing! Congrats to all the winners! :D

Samson says:

Awesome designs,I wish I was of the winners or had one of those designs.

nightingale! says:

I like the egyptian crown! I would like it if you guys made that. :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Cute Cat says:

i love all the new toon accessory's! Im still saving jelly beans for the cog backpack! thx so much toons who made these accessory! :)

Neon Rain. says:

These.... Are.... Wonderful! :D

Super Daffy Blubberquack says:

Are you going to make more drawing contests? I love them! I just need to remember to enter. ;)

Hulamuffin says:

I like the Doodle Backpack a lot. I wish it could come to my cattle log too! Thanks a lot for all the new stuff though!

Dizzy says:

Theese are great. Can we please do another accsessory contest. I had an idea.

jar says:

When is the next contest. I also want to win a toontastic prize.

nutty electropow says:

i wish the eletric guitar would be made it seems so cool is it possible it will be made or will they have to be one of the grand prize winners

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

Congrats to the First Place Winners!

Popsicle says:

I love these designs! I bought the cog pack a few weeks ago.

Flappy Nickelface says:

Why won't these appear in the calelog?

Rosie Fuzzyface says:

WOW! those are so cool looking! :O i really like the headphones! :) oh and also..... if you make another design accessory for you toon, will the winner get a free accessory? cause that would be so cool!! and yeah my name is fuzzyface :D!

Dr.Cat says:

I think they are all toontastic. They all did a good job. it be cool if there were accessory for doodles to

Princess Candy WonderHopper says:

I absolutly love them so cool i want to faint woo hoo go first prize winners

Coco Muffin says:

Wow! i like all of these! :D But why did u pick the Flunky Back Pack its just like the Doodle Back Pack? ( Not that i dont like it i love them both ) And why didnt you pick the other ones too? :D. Bye Coco Muffin OUT.

Nutty Electropow says:

i think it would be cool to have the contest again plus my favorite one is the cog backpack (ps. first time doing a comment)

Cuddles says:

Aw I wish the Doodle backpack and the Egyptian hat were really in Toontown. I would want to get them! Do you think they will really come around?

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

Good job Toons!

Mikey (57 laff) says:

Toontastic accessories!!!!!!!!!!!! (why didn't I think of these?)

Good ol' Clarence Crunchengrooven says:

Cool Acsessories! I was just wondering a Toontastic idea! what if we did a Design-A-Outfit Contest!

Little Fireball says:

I think the electric guitar pack is awesome!

MisterNuttyKooky Snooker says:

Is there going to be another design a accsory contest? I have bunches of ideas like the grocho glasses with the mustache and nose!

Elvin Warrior says:

Awesome!!! Love the Doodle pack!! Awsome work guys

princess daffidale dandydoodle says:

when is there going to be another contest so i can join in?

Kipp says:

WOW these are all very awesome! On a side note, when will all the winter/Christmas clothing and accessories come onto the Cattlelog?

Candy Cane Cat says:

the headphones and jellybean backpacks are really good. they are all good and i would probably buy all of them if i could! I wish i had known about this contest because i would of totally entered!!! ill be sure to enter next time. and by the way you picked the best prizes because a lot of people want a membeship and accessories!! thanks toontown you rock!

Joseph (107 laff) says:

I love all of the accessories made by these toons....... I'm very surprised that they all weren't put in the cattlelog. Great job Toons.

Bethany says:

i love all of them

Lightclaw says:

They look awesome! Some of them I wish we could of bought.

jeslyn says:

I think they are awesome and cool.

Daffy Fuzzypretzel says:

I want the Jellybean container, flunky glasses to match my pack, and gear glasses.

Candy says:

CONGRATS TOONS! i love them all!! especially the jellybean pack!

Miss TwinkleFish says:

Can i hear a woot woot? I love the doodle backpacks! Do they come in different colors?

Sir Loopy Thunderpow says:

These drawings are SO cool! At one point Toontown SHOULD put them in Clarabelle's Cattlelog! Just today while defeating the Chief Justice I was wearing my new Cog Backpack! :)

Dizzy says:

WOW! Those are cool. I can't wait to be a member to buy one of each. Happy Holidays T.T.

Binka says:

These are all so amazing! I would have loved to see all submissions turn into accessories, and I would totally buy them all! Congratulations and thanks to the talented toons as well! :-)

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

Cool! Congrats to all of the entries! I think you should consider putting those in the the catalog, too, Flippy!

tom says:

man those prize winners are lucky! :)