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Bundle Up with Warm Winter Accessories!

Looking forward to chilly weather and winter holidays? Clarabelle has got you covered with her brand new batch of accessories!
Winter Accessories
All new winter hats, glasses, backpacks and shoes are now appearing in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog.


Look your Toontastic best for the holidays with a top hat, jester hat, and angel wings!
Plus a tiara and new red bow for girls, and a pompadour hairdo for boy Toons!


Sling a backpack of toys over your shoulder and throw on some jolly boots while making the rounds at holiday Parties.


You’ll find a bounty of brand new winter boots, rain boots, and Toon boots in the Cattlelog to boot!


Clarabelle has even created specs based on her very own heart-shaped glasses for all Toons to wear!


Remember: If you don’t yet see these new accessories in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry! These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy the trunk first!


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Lakesong says:

Wait........ we need to buy a new trunk? The accessories are cute though

ToonCouncil says:

If you've already purchased the trunk, Lakesong, then you're good to go. Happy shopping!

Chipper Dandysnoop (109 Laff) says:

Already have my new accessory's. They look lovely and nice!

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

this is so cool but i have one question... when are the Accessory contest winners coming out?

ToonCouncil says:

Great question, Sir Goopy. And we have a great answer - we're excited to announce all the Grand Prize and First Place winners of the "Design a Toon Accessory" Contest next week! At that time, we'll also be revealing the three Grand Prize designs that will be created in Toontown. Stay Tooned here at "What's New" and also for new issues of the "Toon News... For the Amused"!

Kaitlin says:

yay i cant wait for my new ctatlog thank you very much toontown!

King Chunky Mcbubble says:

Sweet! they look epic ill be sure to get some :P

violet twinkleberry says:

These look SO cute! Can't wait to see everyone wearing them!

princess pepper doodle (107) says:

they look aborable!!!! i want them all!!!!!!!! i really like the angel wings

Miss Storm says:

Thank you Towntoon I already got this and I cannot wait to get more jellybeans to buy them. I can't wait too see wait else you guys come out with. Keep up the good work. :D

Skrillex says:

Oooh! I can't wait for my new Cattlelog! Good thing I've been saving up Jellybeans :3

Timmy says:

i love the winter! i cant wait to go and get some winter clothing!

Bunny says:

I got the new stuff! :P cant w8 to get jellybeans to buy them! Toons of The World Unite!

Nick (107 laff) says:

Cool! I want some. :) I'm gonna start getting jellybeans.

Dragon Magic says:

WHOA! These are the best accessories yet. Wow.... thanks so much Toontown! I wonder if we'll every get a blue bow ;) That would be so awesome....


SO COOL!!!!!!!

Martha says:

i love the colored boots for girls! way to go Toontown! =)

Soniic says:

Wow! I love the new accessories! I will buy the accessories that the bear is wearing! It looks good! Thank you Flippy for these Toontastic accessories! I hope Toons will LOVE them! I can't wait for Winter Holiday! By the way, Happy Early Winter Holiday Toons! I am gonna save up on Jellybeans today!

Silva says:

Yay I can't wait to get the catalog! Then we will find out the new accessories from the contest! This winter will be amazing! Thank you Toontown!

Abraham Bacon says:

I saw someone fishing with those white wings and they were cool!

blackboard says:

yea I love accessories it fun to dress up and take down the cogs.

Princess Trixie says:

Awesome! i cant wait to get my new Cattlelog! you rock toontown!

Furball says:

Hey thanks toontown I can't WAIT!

Jelly Beanz says:

Oh my, I must get the jester cap.

Sammy says:

Cool! But i have won question. WHATS A POMPADOUR?

ToonCouncil says:

A pompadour is a boy Toon's hairstyle that's Toontastically tall, Sammy. Take a peek at this super-cool accessory in the Cattlelog - or better yet - try one on for size!

Popcorn ( 55 laff ) says:

oh my gosh! i cant wait i dont have the catalog tho yet

Werecat says:

Cant wait to get enough Jellbeans to buy this stuff thanks again toontown!

Dippy Ginger Bumblebubble says:

Awesome! I saved up my jellybeans and got the all-new, awesome tiara!

Scary says:

Sounds great Clarabelle! I'm looking forward to seeing the new hats and shoes and glasses! Clarabelle always has great ideas for that kind of stuff! Again I cant wait!

Spike says:

Awesome! Can't wait to purchase all of them!

Mousy says:

The shoes that the girls are wearing are SO SO CUTE!

Quackers says:

i think there pretty epic :D

bolt says:

the toontastic holliday is soon here so dont stand around get started for winter already

Mighty Kat (93 laff) says:

Whoa i love the jellybean boots they are colored pink, red, and silver thanks you very much toon council for adding a new accessories i think i will love them and i got about 4000beans so i will buy them :) Toons Of The World Unite!

Hatsune Miku says:

OMG I can't wait to get them! I really want the tiara,the gray polka dot boots,and the heart glasses! I already have the truck and a lot of accessories. But, they will look so cute on my mouse! I also want the angel wings! They look so cute!

nightmare says:

cant wait to buy the angel wings thanks ToonCouncil!

clover says:

wow they look and sound awesome

Singingstar says:

Toontastic! The tiaras sound awesome!

Otter says:

I'm almost at the max of 12,250 Jellybeans! I can't wait for my next cattlelog! Shopping, here I come!!! :D

Sizzling Red says:

Sweet accessories! One question. How long is it before they arrive in your mailbox? I have the trunk but haven't bought anything yet.

ToonCouncil says:

Just like the clothing offered in the Cattlelog, Red, it takes about an hour to receive your accessories once you've ordered them from Clarabelle.

Little Candy McMonkey says:

yay love the new boots!!!!!! there so cute. :)

Jimmy Kitty (93 laff) says:

Make sure you wear warm clothes! I'm going to try and get the top-hat!

master says:

that is going to be awesome ! i am getting a pompadour but what are jolly boots

Isabella says:

Awesome!!!! I have beem waiting for new accessories! Cant wait till i get my cattleog TOMORROW! :D Thx Toon Council! You guys are "Toontastic!" :D

prisha says:

i cant get them but i checked them out AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Coolguy says:

this rocks! Go Everyone That works At the cattlelog. Long live toontown! I love the items that i can wear on my Feet. Everyone at toon council rules!

Princess Peaches Lemonwhip says:

I bet this winter on toontown is going to be toontastic! All of the accessories will make these winter holidays the jolliest of all. I also think it would be cool if the toons could wear scarfs for winter. With or with out scarfs though, it will be a great winter!

Holly says:

i really want the tiara. what do you think is the best way to get alot of jellybeans?

Pickles says:

Awesome! Halloween,black cats,now this :D! I just randomly decided to join toontown in June and I must say I picked that best year to join! Thanks so much toontown!!! toons of the world UNITE!

spooky says:

What about earmuffs and new clotes like a coat?

dusty says:

this looks awsome i cant wait to get on

Sheriff Raven says:

There so cool! ^3^

J.C Zillerberry says:

Wow! I'm going to love the winter accessories!

Riverstorm says:

How toontastic! Riverstorm looks as cool as Clarabelle in his pompadour hairdo and work boots!

Midnight Beauty says:

Wow! Those glasses, wings, and tiara look so beautiful!

Rainbowverycute says:

Wow! I can't believe this! I HAVE to get these. Toontown ROCKS!

Furball says:

That's great! Thanks Clarabelle! I've allready got the Top Hat! It looks great!

bingo sparkle socks says:

thanks so much flippy I alredy purchesed the following ( winter boots ) they rock! I will be sure to send these wonderfull accessories to toons I love

Into-D-Shadows says:

So cool! Im going to save all my beans - just for this! I cant WAIT!

Anastacia (115) says:

AWESOME!!! These accessories look amazingly wacky! My favorite is the tiara it would look cool on me! Cannot wait for them to come out!! :D

Lily says:

It came just in time for my b-day its friday november 11! now i will look awesome for my b-day!! TY FOR BRINGING THEM!!

Popsicle says:

YAY!!!!! When i get more jellybeans then i will be totally buying WINTER ACCESSORIES!!!

Drakath says:

long time i havent been here well this seems cool i actually need new clothes

super dizzy dnowoof says:

The accessories are going to be toontastic!

tornado expert (55 laff) says:

backpack of toys! that is the coolest accessorie ever!

Ducky says:

This is cool! I can't wait to buy some.

Nicole says:

WOWIE! i got new stuff for my house! it is really great! ToonTown u r the best!!! :D

deputy trixie funnybump says:

I can't wait till i get the new accessories. I love all of them already! All of my friends gift them to me, and you guys are awesome. thanks for the new accessories! :) deputy trixie funnybump

Hollypaw (53 laff) says:

YAY I GOT THE ACCESSORIES Well, some anyways. Cant wait for the next new accessories, Their awesome!

Into-D-Shadows says:

Yay! I got some of the accessories, and they look Purr-fect on my black cat! Flippy, you have some Toontastic ideas!

candy says:

The best time to play Toontown is during the winter. It feels very cozy!

Ruby says:

I LOVE the new accessories! Ive been saving up for the tiara, and guess what! I just bought it! It looks amazing on me!!!!!!! Now im going to gift all my friends the new accessories. Thanks Toontown!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Danny says:

Nice! I'm waiting for the next Cattlelogs so I can purchase some of these accessories!

Master Flapjack says:

I love the ideas for the cooooooool accessories like the shoes and hats...stuff like that. PEACE

Coconut (63 laff) says:

Cool! Love Winter time! Love the snow too! Love the boots and the top hat! Coolness! Thanks for all these things too choose from! Toontown is the best ever!

Wrinkletoon says:

Oooo - I've got to do some fishing so I can save up for a top hat and boots!

nightingale says:

I love the new accessories! they will look so great with my black cat!

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

Sweet, can't wait to get the new items!

Spike Sourcrunch says:

Sweet! This will help me in the VERY COLD enviroment of toontown!

Little Pip says:

Great job making these accessories! I love the boots.

Hayden (76 Laff) says:

Awesome It Will Make Toontown Better And make some new cog invasions From The toon Hayden Toon's Of the world unite!!

Coconut ( 72 laff ) says:

Wow i can wait to buy the tiara! Thanks Toonown