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Bring Down the Most Cog Buildings This Weekend

This summer, Toons turned back multi mega-invasions, then stopped Cogs cold in the streets.
Now let's go knock on their doors, shall we?


Save the Most Buildings

Starting Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19, rescue as many Toon buildings as you can this weekend - by bringing down the most Cog buildings!

Each day of the event, the top 5 Toons who defeat the most Cog buildings per Neighborhood will win an exclusive new prize!
It doesn’t matter which streets, so long as they’re all in the same Neighborhood per day.
NOTE:  Cog HQs and Field Offices DO NOT count towards this weekend’s event, Toons! We’ll have to save those ‘bot spots for another challenge.

Get a sneak peek at the Toontastic new prize this Friday, splattered all over the front page of Toon News… For the Amused!

Gather up your best gags and Toon friends – and win back those buildings!

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Vanilla Milkshake says:

Amazing! I've been waiting for a contest like this. Better gather up some gags and friends!

Cool Dizzy Electroburger ( 112 laff ) says:

I am gonna try my hardest those cogs wont know what him them!

Cloe says:

Can't wait until Friday so I can get all my freinds and make a building crew!!

Rocco (108 Laff) says:


Cranky Flipperbubble says:

Wow, this is one of the best events toontown has thought of!!! I'm definitely gonna compete in this! Good luck to you all! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!!!

Flip says:

Wow! Sounds so exciting! Im in it to win it! Perfect time for me to try to get a gold star/spinning gold star! Good luck other toons! :)

Featherton says:

I can't wait to show those cogs who owns this town!(us toons) I'll try my best to defeat the most cog buildings as possible:) Good luck everyone!

C.W. Funnydorf (109 laff) says:

Awesome! I love doing buildings. Those cogs better watch out because their going DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

Deputy Dog says:

ill try to take down as many cog buildings as i can :D

Fireball (58 laff) says:

I can't wait for this event! I'm gonna try to takeover the most as I can!

big teddy says:

I cant' wait till this i better stock up on gags!

Dinotoon says:

I'll be prepared for cog buildings!

Chocolate Milk says:

Cool! This is DEFINITELY something I'll have to participate in! I just recently got sound, so this will also help me train. Thanks, Toontown! ;)

Ladypeach says:

Oh I can't wait for this to start! I'll round up all of my friends and my best gags and we'll all be ready to go! I'm pretty sure we'll all be very happy to have earned this amazing prize with all of our hard work. The shop keepers would be very happy as well too without all of those pesky Cogs in their buildings!

Little Fluffy Purplehopper says:

Awesome!! I'm gonna rescue lots of buildings!

Josh says:

i LOVE doing cog bldgs this will be fun for me and my friend who like to duo bldgs hope we win! Toons of the world unite!

Lemon Pop says:

Oh cool! I've been waiting for a contest like this for a long time. :D Good luck, fellow toons!

A Cat says:

Well its even more good news if you have a toon task to take out cog building.

Wabbit says:

Grabbing gags and going to take over those buildings wish me good luck! :)

Silver says:

awesome! for me that's never happened before! i can't wait to get started, start training, and BUST THOSE COGS! WOO!

Akira 116 Laff points says:

This sounds fun now i can help my friend with the 100 buildings task!

slappyspackleburger says:

awesome cannot wait im a try to get a bunch :)

Princess Fluffy Smartymuffin says:

Oh boy! I am so exited. I can't wait!! :D

Secret Spy says:

I will try to take as MANY cog buildings as possible! --Toons of the world unite!

Anita Throw A Gag says:

This sounds like a really fun idea! I'll make sure to be defeating those buildings!

Master Sammie says:

Yes, I will try to defeat those evil cogs this weekend! I needed lawbots and gladhanders anyway! Ill save toontown from those Cogs! We can all stop them! Ill take it! Toons of the world, Unite!

Sheriff Dynopow says:

Finally I get to do a challange i like! I love doing cog buildings and now i might get a prize for it! Toons of the world unite!

Odieboy says:

WOO! This is gonna be great! You're going down cogs!

Jellybean says:

I can't wait! Let's show those cogs who's boss! I wonder what that toontastic prize is...

Pink Cupcake Rabbit says:

I am so excited for this event. I can't wait to take down those cog buildings once and for all! Toons of the World, Unite!!!!

Tiger Spirit says:

Wow. I'm really excited. I would probably do my cog bldgs in Daisy Gardens or maybe Donald's Dock. I'm really excited to particapate in the contest!

Cman says:

This is awesome I can't wait to do this. Toons of the World Unite!!!!

Crazy Thunderfish says:

Sounds cool! Ill get my toon friends rounded up and we will take over those buildings! Welcome to Toontown Cogs!

Aqua says:

Cogs, your buildings are going down this weekend! Good luck to all participants!

Prince Don says:

Gonna try to take over at least 100 buildings per DAY!

Rubber ducky says:

Sweet! Lets give those cogs a run for their gears :D

Lily Cheezynerd (108 laff) says:

Sounds fun :P. I'm on it!

Lilac says:

I will try to do that! I just got my wedding cake today! My toontasks will be finished in no time! Those cogs will not be happy! Toons of the world, UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the pies fly!

Snowflake says:

I can't wait to take down those buildings especially because its my toontask and I have alot to do!! Hopefully, I win that prize for the hard work!

Paws says:

OMG!!! I cant wait to take down those buildings with my friends!!! I just got drop so I can train!!! Better grab my bff's and get gags!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD, TAKE DOWN COG BUILDINGS!!!

Rosie TwinkleBee says:

Yes! Good time to train gags and get the prize! Getting my special friends and hitting those buildings!

Princess Kippy says:

Ok I'll beat down those cog buildings cogs don't expect for them to last long. I also wonder what the prize is?

Kippy the Blue Dog says:

I gonna gather up my friends and go do the buildings! I hope the cogs enjoy the pie I'll splat! xD

Mystic Waters says:

Yay! I'm so excited to bust those Cogs!

Lexie says:

Toontastic! Haha, me & my friends, did a whole bunch of buildings together .. it was soooo fun!

Lucky Ducky (17 laff uber) says:

I have wanted to have a reason to defeat many cog buildings in a few days! This is going to be amazing!

Mousey moo says:

lets go toons! lets show these cogs who boss! and to get those unwanted buildings outta here!

Thunderwhip says:

I'm so ready for this but get ready cogs because i'm coming!

Echo says:

Hmm.... Sounds Easy Enough :)

Cindi says:

Oh boy! I can't hardly wait! Looks like I'll be working on getting that spinning gold star this weekend! Good luck everyone!

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

Those cogs won't know what hit them when I'm done pieing 'em!

Little Rainbow Sparkleswirl says:

YES! I need to do alot of boss and law bldgs so hooray! Nice idea Toon Council :D

Kormoskam says:

Can't wait to have so much fun and earn new thing U rock toontown

Cool Tricky Electropoof says:

Today is the day! I already did about 45 buildings now in counting. :D I have a rotating silver and bronze star now and I cant wait to get more! Toons of the world unite and good luck!

McDonalds Fat says:

WOW! So cool! I make sure to get my friends and pie up those evil cogs! Toons of the World Unite!

King Cheezybrains (Laff 64) says:

I've been waiting for something like this got my cog bustin' crew were going bust some buildings.

comet says:

This looks fun to do!, I'll tell my friends to help out too!

Miss Carrots (119 Laff ) says:

You better watch out, You better not Cry, Cogs beware, I'm telling you why, Toons of toontown are coming to break down, your town!!!! Haha :)!, Good Luck to all participants!!!

Midnight (27 laff) says:

Awesome I love doing buildings. Cogs better watch out.

Mac says:

lets give the cogs a dose or 2 of their own medicene

Mini says:

Just starting buildings now!

Tom Kookynoodle says:

I usually solo cog buildings.

Yoeli says:

I'm so hyper even my doodle wants to fight the cogs. Hey , give back that fruit pie right now, Bart (my doodle).

Mia says:

I'm going to fight cog buildings right now! And by the way fighting Cog Buildings is Toontastic!

Cool Roxy Funny Swirl says:

My friends and I are trying soooo hard to get the shirt! I've been doing buildings nonstop :D I hope we get the shirt!!

Super Knuckles Bizzengadget 56 laff says:

AMAZING! if i can just get enough bldgs then i may at least qualify for thr contest ROFL! or just get on the toon HQ board of bldgs

Memory says:

I've already done over 100 cog buildings I think, Ill do more tomorrow! :)

Prof. Trickyswirl says:

This is great! i just did a bunch of buildings xD

Blue Kitten says:

Wow! I would LOVE to do all those buildings! It would be cool it were a special shirt or accesory! And I have a task to do some buildings, and I would turn no colored! so, BRING. ON. THE. BUILDINGS!!

Big Time Crush says:

This is awesome for training gags.

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

I can't wait!I better start getting some gags!Good luck everybody!

Cool MoMo MacSpeed says:

Awesome! I will take down as many as I can!

Duke Buzz 36 laff says:

This what I've been waiting for. Cogs watch to cause I'm coming for You!!!!!!!! Toon of the world Unite!!!!!!!