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Blast Your Way Into WINTER Fun

Winter Holiday cannon code


Get set for high-flying Holiday fun, thanks to this special gift from the ToonCouncil to all Toons:  48 hours of cannon rentals at your Estate!


Go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER.
You’ll receive 48 hours of cannon rentals to enjoy at your Toon Estate.


Learning to fly out of a cannon is the gift that keeps on giving!


Posted on December 08, 2011 to:

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Watermouse says:

Thank you!

Master Kippy Nickelflip says:

Thank You Toon Council! :)

Princess Cuddles says:

Thanks toon council! You make the toontown holidays even more fun every year!

ToonCouncil says:

You're very welcome, Toons! We hope your Winter Holidays soar with wacky good cheer!

lady zowie says:

i love toon town

Libby(111 laff) says:

i think this is pretty awesome. you should do this cannon thing for every holiday

coolflapjack says:

Thanks toon council lets have a toontastic holiday

Cute Cat says:

Thank You Toon Council! You guys are AWESOME!

ToonCouncil says:

We think all you Toons are pretty Toon-errific too, Cute Cat! Have a chilly, silly Winter Holiday!

Max (107 laff) says:

I'm having so much fun!Thanks toon council!!!

Esteban says:

Wow thanks Toon Council you guys are great happy holidays to all ToonTown is the best game ever!Creating it was an excellent gift to me!

Little Lollipop Fuzzypop says:

Thanks Toontown And Toon Council! You rock! I'll have fun! Have a great holiday, and new year, Toons! Keep those cog gears busting! Bye!

Midnight Dreamer says:

Oh, wonderful :3 Now I can spend my money on gifts for my friends! ( and possibly me... ) >:3 THX SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

ToonCouncil says:

There you go, Midnight Dreamer - that's the perfect way to spread the warm and wacky Winter Holiday cheer!

zippity ( 105 laff ) says:

One of my favorite ways to earn jelly beans!

Karen says:

Wow! i cant wait to got the cannons! thank you! Toons of the world unite! :D

Pepperdoodle says:

Wow! This is awesome i cant wait to get the cannons! Thank you! Toons of the world unite!

Shadow says:

COOL COOL COOL! I am not subscribed and it is great and really nice that the council is giving all of us toons a nice gift. THANKS TOON COUNCIL

furball says:

Thanks ToonTown

Dizzy says:

Wow. This is awesome. Thanks for thinking about Non-Members

missterchunkysparkelslm says:

i love toontown so much

Alyssa says:


Scooter says:

Nice! Thanks toontown

ToonCouncil says:

Our pleasure! Happy wacky Winter Holiday, everyToon!

clover ikes chicken says:

This is so much fun :D TYVM

C.crunchytoon says:


Dogybone says:

I remember this from last year! it was so fun! do non-members get the 48 hours of cannon too?

Princess PoodleDoodle says:

Thanks, I cant wait to use it with my friends. Have a little contest... you know. :D

Batty says:

Thank you ToonTown for giving canons with out member ship XD

Duke Electrocrunch says:

I may not be a member yet but i sure enjoy the gifts the tooncouncil has given us every year!

Duke Electrocrunch says:

Thank you ! Toon Council!

peanut sparklenugget (104) says:

thanks! happy winter holiday to everyone!

Martha says:

Thanks! I've been blasting trough my own house, hehe. Thanks, Toontown! =D

Master Spunky says:

Thank you Toon Counsil! Hey by the way, when we shoot out of the cannon, Can u make us glide?

ToonCouncil says:

How long you stay up in the air and above the snow is up to you, Spunky! Luckily Toontown has such springy sproingy clouds in the sky - just make sure you land on them!

Firedog says:

Yay!(: I love it when the Toon Council does this every year! Toons of The World Unite!(:

Roxy says:

Thank you! Looks very fun!

good ol mildew says:

sweet. i love the cannon game, and this a great tradition! :D

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

I'm not a member, can I still do that?

ToonCouncil says:

Yes you sure can, Roxy Whiskermuddle - enjoy your Winter Holidays!

Little oscar palepoof (106 laff) says:

i like the new cannon i got it already :)

Maddy says:

Thanks Flippy :)

Firequacker says:

Toon Council just keeps on giving! Thanks for giving us this gift AND working hard to make Toons all around the world happy.

Little Lollipop Gigglebee says:

Does the canon active immediately or will it be sent by mail like normal?

ToonCouncil says:

Once you enter the code in your Shticker Book, the cannon rental is rushed to your mailbox on your Toon Estate, Little Lollipop Gigglebee. Just take it out of your mailbox when you want to start enjoying the holiday cannon gift!

Legendary Duck says:

Cool! Thanks a million!

Stylish Buddy says:

I was wondering when this one will be back

Good ol' Cranky says:

Thank you!!!! I finally can do a member activity!

Luna Luminous says:

These cannons are toontastic!

Masked daydreamer ( 25 laff ) says:

thanks toontown! for this gift. I'm using my cannon now. Keep on being toony! Your friend, Masked Daydreamer

Slumpy Dandyzilla says:

Thanks Tooon Council!!!

Clyde says:

Thank you!!A happpy time on TT

Buzz says:

thanks i just wished this would happen !!!!!!!!

brambleheart says:

thank you toon council! this will make the holidays start with a BANG!

sherrif zippy/super toon says:

yaaa hoooo!!!!!!!!!! thanks toon council!!!!!! this is teh best!!!!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNTIE!

Fire Heart (60 laff) says:

This is the best code i think they have ever given us thanks!

Arachna says:


Ms. Gina says:

Awesome just what I wanted!

captian trickytoon says:

you guys rule and i told more of my friends to play toontown thank you toon concil

WOLFIE says:


Crazy Pinky Electrofoot says:


Poppybro says:

Thanks Toontown! :)

Boo Boo Hulapounce says:

wOw, thanks bunches

Pickles says:

OMG Thanks toontown!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

Princess Pearl says:

Yaaay! Thank you guys! :D

Loopy ned toppenpoof says:

Thanks toon council! Now I can have fun blasting in the snow!

Little Dizzy Dizzyflinger says:

thank you Toon council i like using the cannons to toon up and also to play with my friends i saved one from last year and did not use it until a couple days ago

doctor lefty crunchenbouncer says:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deputy trixie funnybump says:

Thank you toon concil! i love toontown and ill play forever! :D happy holiday toons! Toons of the world unite for the holidays! :) thanks again toontown! :)

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

Sweet! Toontown rocks!

Captain Daphne Twinkletooth says:

Are then minty tasting cream pies to go with the cannons? Just kidding! But Happy winter and i will go enter the code

Ben 108LP says:

Alright! :D Nothing much more fun than flying through the falling snow bouncing off multicoloured clouds! Apart from landing :/ Ouch!

LittleFuzzybouncer says:

Thanks Toon Concil! Im gonna have a BLAST with a 48 hours cannons rentel :D! I hope we all have fun using these cannons :D

Ronaljoe says:

This is going to be awesome, i cant wait for this event, thank you Toontown!! :)

Bluestar says:

Awesome! Now I dont have to be a member and make a party!Stay happy ToonTown

Big Crazy Duck says:

Thanks toon council it is very fun having cannons and its also a way to toon you up while having the fun

Dimension says:

Aww, that's a great gift. I wish I can give something too! Thank you very much Toontown & I am having fun with the cannons today!

tom dog says:

sir daffy always wants to go to my house because i have them!

Little Dee Dee says:

Thank you! Toon Council so much you guys ROCK!!!!

DeputyFlip JackBlubblerCrumb says:

This is awesome! You think the cog will explode if they see the cannons? :P Toons of the World UNITE!

Snowy Tree says:

This Is Awesome! Thanks For the Cannons! I Got A Question... Why Can We Only Get It Once? They Are Just Cannons!

Coconut Sparklenoodle says:


Colonel popcorn says:

cool i already redeemed it!

lollipop ( laff 27 ) says:

i got my cannons im so happy thank you toon town town is AWESOME

Moussy (36 laff) says:

Thanks toontown!! I wish they would keep this cannon stuff forever! Toons of the world unite! ;)

flappy(93)laff says:

thanks guys

Haley says:

This is toontastic! But wait, when will the free cannons expire? Just wondering. :/

princess says:

EEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Hot Duck says:

I can't wait to order the cannons! :D Toons of the world unite!

Berry Berry Cat (27 laffs) says:

cool! thank you so much to create Toontown Flippy: you rock!!

Blue Bunny (106 laff) says:

Thanks soooooo much toon council! But most of all, thank you so much Flippy.

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

YEAH! Thanks Flippy!!!

Neon Dream says:

Thank goodness! I'm spending so many jellybeans on gags that I couldn't afford the cannons! (:

Andy says:

Thanks Toon Council! Your The Best....

little dottie says:

yay! this is awesome because I'M not a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but i was one before) THANKS TOON COUNCIL I HOPE YOU MAKE A CODE THAT MAKES TOONS MEMBER I WOULD BE VERY SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Popcorn(116 laff) says:


Night Stars ( 83 laff ) says:

I really love the winter code... It's fun to be with my friends and have like a friend party with them. They should have like a halloween code for like cannons or something. :P

Night Stars ( 83 laff ) says:

Wait. Snow comes to Toontown? Or is this something new? Because i dont remember snow.

Sir Alvin SuperPretzel says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH TOONHQ!!!! I love the cannon and now i can have it!!! for free!!! Can you enter the code several times after one use or no....

Samson says:


Aunt bubbles (107 Laff) says:

Omg thank you soooooo much toon council! :)

Stuart Little says:

I could blast up to Pluto in my 48 Hour Cannon in under 5 SECONDS

Looloo says:

Ooh! Thank you so much, Toon Council!!! :D

Trixie Sparkletoon says:

That sounds AWESOME!!! I'm going on Toontown right now to try it!

Captin Cuckoo(54 laff) says:


Electric says:

Thanks Toon Council!!!

Rosie says:

I cant wait to get on and get my cannons! Thanks so much toon council. Happy Holidays!

Happy Rabbit says:

This is sure to make this a wonderful holiday experience for everyone in Toontown.

Ubiquitous says:

A nice gift, indeed.

Big Boo Boo says:

This is an example of what I call, AWESOME!

Bane says:

Thank you toon council I have been wating for this for moment. Thx Toons Of the world unite!:D

princess perl bonginfoot says:

Thanks toontown! your the best! and remember toon's of the world unite!!!!!!!!

mr frostee says:

Thank you you guys are toontastic

Prof. Lollipop Lemonflipper says:

Thanks Toon Council! Now I can have more fun in Toontown!

Cuddles ( 86 laff ) says:

:D I love codes! I really like cannoning too! I really hope I will have fun. Have fun, everyone who's going cannoning! :)

Colby says:

Awesome! I'm gonna do that right now. Thanks!!

Xray Vision says:

Thanks, Toon Council! Toons of the World, Unite with cannon parties!

Pink Fluffy Unicorn says:

I have 2 words for this: WOO HOO! thank you toonc council and Flippy! I'll have so much fun! :D

hot chocolate says:

You guys at Toon council rule!!!!!!!! :D

Clyde says:

I love cannons thank you Toon Council! :)!

Master Popcorn says:

Thank you Toon Council.You guys are awesome!!!!!!

venus says: