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Black Cat Friday!

This CATastrophic Friday the 13th is having purrfectly weird effects on the Silly Meter...
summer codes
Every Toon who jumps into Toontown this Friday, September 13th is *poof*
a BLACK CAT all day long!
Black Cat Toon(ulp - even Flippy!)

With the Silly Meter on the blink, there's no telling what size or shape black cat
you will be – just jump in and test your luck this Friday the 13th to see!


Don't miss meowt – head into Toontown this Friday the 13th for a black cat
blast of craziness!

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Scientist Domino says:

Oh man, black cat invasion! Can't wait! Flippy as a black cat... Wow!

Ex-Icon says:

Sounds like a fun way for everyone to experience being one on the perfect day too.

Breezpelt says:

TOONTASTICLY AWESOME!!!!! Thx Toontown! But wow....Flippy a cat? That is crazy!!!!

Dynamite says:

Wow! This is AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't wait!

Kippy (133 laff) says:

I'm already a black cat xD

Emma (36 laff) says:

This will be Awesome! I have been waiting for this! thanks! :)

Miss Floor Guard says:


Little Jellyroll says:

Awesome roll on friday! :)

Silly Shelly says:

I have Been waiting for this MOMENT! YAY! :D Thanks Toontown!

Maddy says:

Wow, great idea! Thanks!

Guardian Angel says:

Eek! I can't wait! But wait a second.. Flippy the CAT? Can't wait to see THAT happen!

Victoria says:

My Toon is a dog but I CAN'T WAIT To be a black cat!!!!!! LOL!!Flippy is going to be a black cat awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Toons Of The World Unite for Friday The 13th!!!! Meow!! Oops I'm a dog. Dogs don't say meow!!!!!! WOW Friday the 13th is already coming to me!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Flippy as a black cat YAY!!!!!!! I'm gonna say Hi To Flippy Soon!! LOL XD!!

Popcorn Superboom says:

We get turned into black cats?

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks to Friday the 13th's wacky effects on the Silly Meter *POOF* every Toon is turned into a Black Cat just for Friday! Your Toon will turn back to your purrfectly nutty, normal self once Friday is over, Popcorn!

Hats says:

I hope I'll be a boo-tiful black cat :)!

Rainbow Kookyberry says:

that is awesome! ive never been a black cat :D

Mr Freeze (127 Laff) says:

Awesome!! My toon will be a black cat :D

Teardrop says:

I really wasn't expecting this...

Ned says:

This going to be fun! all the toons of Toontown are going to be black cats :P cant wait to see this XD

Sariah says:

I still don't understand how flippy could become a black cat but still how cool is this i'll tell you 20% cooler

Jim says:

Sounds funny !

Fat Peanut says:

Meowza! I can't wait!

Little Cat says:

Everybody a black Cat? Is the Silly Meter have gone insane?!

Moon Berry says:

I'm already a cat, but I wonder what size I'll be! :D

Snorkelpretzel (83 laff) says:

Toontastic! I wonder what my doodle will think of me being a black cat...

Carmel says:

Yay!!!!!!! thanks toontown :)!

Neku says:

i want to have a black cat xd.

Doctor Vanessa says:

Friday the 13 best day ever!

Super Wilbur Biggensticks says:

OMG SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orange cat says:

cant wait for black cat DAY! so fun to be a cat

Alpha says:


Princess Cuddles says:

Wow, who would've thought Goofy's mistake could throw Toontown into extreme silly mode! Everyone will be a black cat?! Even Flippy?! This is down right kooky! I can't wait! :)

Noel says:

OOOOO Can't wait

Princess Poodleswirl says:


Lol says:

It will be funny when a pig becomes a cat lolz

Master Knuckles Maczap says:

Wow, this was VERY unexpected

Prince Fireball says:

Ooooo. Things just got REAL! GREAT IDEA!

Bebop says:


Princess Nutty ( A Now Black Cat ) says:


Sniffy says:

So, obviously, if your toon isn't a black cat, you will become one for a day?

ToonCouncil says:

Obviously - and purrrfectly - correct, Sniffy! You will return to your ol' Toony self once Friday the 13th is over!

Meowserz says:

Puuurfect! I've been looking forward to the black cats coming! Can't wait for the cat craziness to begin!

Rainbow Berry says:

Wow! Everyone is going to be a black cat? Cool! :) This is going to be interesting... very interesting.

Jade Bandicoot says:

This is going to be awsome! I can't wait to be a black cat! Toons of the world, Unite!

yolo says:

Oh boy, my favorite. Blacks cats. I never had a black cat before so this will be fun to see my big toons as them.

Bye says:

Aw man this is going to be a total BLAST!

Bubbles says:

Sweet! Thanks for making our last toony days awesome!

Midnight Berry says:

I'm already a black cat. This should be fun :D

Grace says:

Seems cool! It's gonna be so weird! Thanks toontown best way to end toontown! :)

Brown Laugher says:

Toontastic! i cant wait to see Flippy as a black cat xD

Golduck says:

All toons are gonna become a blact cat tomorrow? Hmm. Wow.

Jameson (66 laugh) says:

This will be SO! cool! I never saw a black cat before this is awesome! Ruff... Ugh! Help! Meow...

Nitro ( 2 Track Uber ) says:

Wow! I'm a huge fan of Black Cats! I definately look forward to this! ~ Nitro

Cheezypop (52 laff) says:

Awesome, Can't wait! (Btw can you please post mine? This may be my first and last post..)

Pony-Go-Round says:

Oh, so my horse is gonna be a black cat eh? Spooktastic!

Cool Mac ( who is NOT a cat ) says:

w8 WAT DOUBLE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

Crystalis says:

Wait just a minute...... FLIPPY. As a black CAT. THINK ABOUT IT. WHAT'S ALWAYS BEEN A BLUE DOG WILL NOW BE A BLACK CAT. Kind of frightening...... 3:

Good ol' Popcorn says:

YAY! cant wait! :D

Mister Batty Trickyteeth says:

Black cats are so cool! Can't wait.

Oracularstar says:

WHOA. Totally awesome. I wonder what Flippy will look like? Hmm

Miss Bonnie says:

I can't wait to become a black cat!

Crystal Chow Chow says:

woof-- meow meow meow meow meow. I think I'm turning into a cat already @[email protected]

AMTRAK says:

i cant wait :D im gonna make a black cat

trixiepoodlehopper (112 laff) says:

WOW?!!?!?!?!??! I cant wait to see the black cat sensation?! CANT WAIT!

prince 46 laff says:

oh boy i always wanted to be a black cat! I LOVE YOU TOONTOWN plz do not close toontown plz i love toontown

Yummy Tummy says:

That's cool. I've never been a black cat! :3

Furry Paws says:

OMG! I LOVE BLACK CATS! Goofy is a Daffy Laffy Dog! :D Many cheers for Goofy! MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Chipper Zoobletoes (119 laff points) says:

Oh boy, I can't wait for this to happen, though the cogs will be confused by everyone a black cat.

ToonCouncil says:

That would be a nice bit of luck on the unluckiest day of the year, King Chipper Zoobletoes!

Little Chip says:

Whoa! Thats nice, i'm looking forward to becoming a Black Cat!

Blake says:

Flippy fix the silly meter please thank you-Blake.

Popcornbud says:

Omg!!! when I deleted my black cat on purpose I was so sad, but tomorrow, this is perfect!!! BLACK CAT FRIDAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH TOONTOWN I LOVE YOU. TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

I must say, this was unexpected. Thanks for a wonderful event. I'll be sure not to miss out :)

Joy says:

Lol, oh my gosh Flippy is a black cat, my name is not going to go with the black cat LOL but oh well, I can be a JOYful black cat :P

Penguins Rock says:


Midnight says:

Great way to let me finally be a black cat :)

Weird Feathermouth says:

Will this only be one day? cause i really want my toon to stay a duck when it closes.

ToonCouncil says:

Your Toon will be back to his ducky ol' self once Friday the 13th ends, Weird Feathermouth - unless there's more Silly Meter silliness!

Alvin says:


Hot Dog Luke says:

Looks like Hot Dog Luke is gonna be a hot cat, not a hot dog ;)

Little kit says:

I already am a back cat but this is AWESOME! flippy is a cat! im cat! EVERYBODY IS A CAT!

Jason says:

Go Black Cats, GO!

Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs says:

Wha...? Ok, this is SO strange, but Flippy as a black cat, WOW. COOL.

Captain Rollie Jumblemarble says:

Wow! Cool.Last Halloween there was a thing where you could make a black cat but never become one! Thanks for these last fun-filled days! Let the Cream Pies fly!

Red Rose says:

This Week Just Keep On Getting Better! :)

Violet says:

Sounds like fun!!! Am black cat already! lol

Blossom (72 laff soundless) says:

Can't wait to go on my account on friday and see my cute little toon as a black cat!

Awesomegalaxy says:

So... All my toons will be blackcats

Monita says:

Can't wait!...but will the Silly Meter turn everyone back on the 14th? I don't want my poor Monita to be a darkish black cat forever. :(

Miss Appear The Uber says:

Black cats turn into - BLACK CATS! HOW FUNNY

Believe N Miracles says:

This should be epic. 1 more great memory to thrive on.

Thing says:

I love black cats but my poor dog will go into hiding today :(

Mr. Barks Alot (95 laff) says:

Very cool! I like it. I made my own cute black cat named Umbreon :). What's next?

Popcorn says:


Cheese And Quackers says:


Master Gabe (137 Laff) says:

This is a great way to end my ToonTown experience :)

Purple Kit says:

Wow!!! What about black dogs and mice :P? Well, gotta name my cat BLACK kit!!!

Oswald says:

I always wondered what Oswald looked as a black cat XD Thanks Toontown! Tell Loony Labs Oswald said hi!

ToonCouncil says:

We sure did, Oswald - but all Prof. Prepostera said back was "MeoOOWW!" See what we mean for yourself, and CATch those purrrfectly wacky Toon Scientists by the Silly Meter in Toon Hall. Looks like only Mickey and gang escaped the Friday the 13th feline fiasco!

Maga says:

I love it!!! Toontown is great, love u!

Kyleallt (57 laff) says:

Wow... Can't believe we're Black Cats! Gonna go see Flippy as one!

Teddy (108 laff) says:

This is so fun and creepy! Going from a little blue mouse to a black cat is fun! :)

Sherlock says:

Finally I've been waiting for a black cat day to come, hehe! I'm still so shocked that Toontown is coming to a close, but it's just such a privilege to have met so many lovely people in the past few weeks on my other Toon, thanks for being brilliant people!

Dough Light says:

Thanks, Toon Council. Flippy a Black Cat? WOW. I'm a black cat too. Thanks All Toontown for this exciting moment to happen!

Inky says:

Thanks toons includes flippy I love this moment thanks for being great toons!!!!!!

Chew Toy says:

You guys are making the last days of Toontown some memories I will not forget. You guys are amazing. Thanks for 10 years of fun. (:

Captain Trixie Nickeflapper says:

WOW! Seeing Trixie as a black cat?!?! Never thought I would experience this before. Thanks to the Prof. and Toontown making us experience these wacky things of our 2nd to last week until Toontown ends :'(

Rosie Rhino Spinner says:

Aw just for a day? I wish I made my toon on halloween all those years ago and made her a cat. :( It's good to be able to do that for at least a day though, thanks for this! I just wish it didn't have to end!

Little Batty Thundermuffin (57 laff) says:

Black cat Friday is really funny. I was always a black cat, but it's cool seeing everyone else as one too. As of all the other updates, I appreciate what Disney is doing to make the last month of ToonTown as enjoyable as possible, but I am still sad to see it go.

Lollipop (45 laff) says:

OMG I look so weird as a black cat! What is next Toon Council?

Little Batty Thundermuffin (again) says:

Black cat Friday is a blast! Also, I know this is not the right comments section, but on behalf on all of the fans of toontown, please don't shut TT down.

Stubby Toppenpow says:

Black cat, FTW!!!! ;D

Loopy z.z says:

Wow. Brilliant idea guys. Can't wait to get my paws on and see what I look like. This is sure to be the bees knees. Hope it's not a clawful. Happy Halloween guys. Perfect ending for a perfect game.

Princess Ginger says:

Awesome!! :)

Glow says:

This will be awesome, Thank you so much Toontown

Mr. Bunnypants says:

This is real zany, but what do I do about my name? It's a paradox. I'm now a black cat!

Princess Valentine says:

Wow so exited to see Flippy as a black cat

princess bubbles says:

omg black cats so cool !!!!

Black Coffee says:

YAY! Besides I'm A Black Cat :3

Fluffy says:


Chip says:

wow, amazing! Ill enjoy this for the last time. :(

Vexy says:


Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

I got turned into a black cat, but it was hideous... yay... At least tomorrow I'll be a cute little blue doggy again :) Only for a few days though... -_-

Isabella says:

Hooray! Black cat day. I celebrated first by showing my friends. Then I took some funny photos. It was a blasting day for me. I had a very Toontastic time. Remember to keep cool and for the last time I would like to say to get those gears running...... Toons Of The World, Spend Wisely!!!!!!!!! :D

Cuckoo feathered friend says:


Noisy Wildcrash says:

LOL This is cool! I even made a black cat. Black Cat Toons of the world unite!

Madi says:

Amazing! I always wanted to be a black cat!

Mewsical Note (15 Laff) says:


Dynamitelectrorash says:

Its an invasion of black cats! This is Catastic fun I would say :D

Lollipop Lemon swirl says:

LOL! Very cool, Flippy looks epic! :D

Little Cecil says:

Ooh! friday 13 little cecil a kitty cat! :D

Furry Mess says:

I miss being a dog XD

Abby says:


Nightmare Dreams (137 laff) says:

Flippy looked kinda funny as a black cat! LOL. Toons of the World, UNITE!

Lucky Jabberbounce says:

Thank you for that now i have a black cat toon

Babydoll says:

Awwwww i missed out -_-

Loud Thunderchomp says:

That was one FREAKY Friday! When I saw you as a cat Flippy, I almost screamed!

Sparkly Rose Lab says:

I was a dog.. Then a black cat? Weird. :P

good old pinky bananadoodles says:

I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Swordfish says:

fine by me!:D

Tiny Pumpkin says:


Angel Angel says:

kitty cat pow

venollope von haha says:

my head kept changing but it was so awesome!!

Super Taffy says:

I was a cat a blue cat, then i turned black, and my FACE changed size to! OMG?! AWESOME?!

Drizzy says:

I wonder what we have in store for the last day of ToonTown! I hope it's the most cog bustingness, selzter bottle spayingest, pie splattinglest, silly meter silliest, flippy flippyiest, zany, nuttyiest, day ever! =)