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Beware the Bloodsucker Invasions!

Bloodsucker Invasions


It’s no Halloween trick - the Toon Resistance confirms reports that Bloodsucker Cogs plan to invade Toontown this weekend, Saturday October 29 to Monday October 31!


These creepy Cogs are set to swarm in three waves:  2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. PST, then at 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST, and finally at 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. PST.


For Toons who want to avoid the Invasions, the Toon Resistance has already cleared the following Districts as safe zones:

Crazy Grove        Goofy Valley
Gigglyfield           Silly Valley
Giggly Hills          Zany Acres


Toons unite and bust those Bloodsuckers! Let's show these ghoulish Cogs that they can’t spoil Halloween fun in Toontown!


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Bumblebee says:

I will get ready for that!

Clawgalaxie says:

Uh Oh! The Bloodsuckers are here! I better go and get some gags for my toons and stock up on beans!

Zekrom says:

Nice!! Cant Wait To Get Their Gears Spinning!! ;) Toons Of The World Unite!!!!!!!!!

Crazy CrunchyFlip says:

There at it again? No problem, We can stop them!

Andy says:

OH NO! well i know one thing im not just going to stand back in a safe district im going to help protect toontown lets show those cogs they cant take over toontown or spoil our halloween fun as long toontown is silly those cogs will never be able to spoil our fun! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

Cool Tricky Peppergoose says:

Oh, nobody's scared of a tall and skinny cog! We all can just defeat him easily! ;D I BAT we can fight all those bloodsuckers and let ToonTown be a Halloween fright! I think their just envious that we get to trick or treat all day and earn things like silly heads and become black cats!

tidal waxe says:

yay! i am so excited about the invasions!

duke says:

the toontown toons will stop it!

yippie thunder doodle says:

oh boy! these cogs just cant get enough of us eh? heres some advice for all you toons out there : stock up on gags and defeat these cogs :D! this is also a great time for me to train my little toons and get them really high gags! Toons of the world UNITE!!!

Little Pip says:

I love the Bloodsucker invasions! I'll be sure to be in those certain districts. Can't wait to throw more cream pies!

Chipper Dandysnoop (109 Laff) says:

Oh man! Its go time for us toons to show these cogs not to mess with us during the holiday of Halloween. Lets gag up, Laff Up, and get ready for this invasion! Its gonna be wild and fun ;)

Kit-E-Treats says:

thank you for spending your time to make new things on toontown for us to play!

Yummy Cream Pie says:

Thanks flippy for your bloodsucker invasion i hope dont go sad till fighting . Toon of the world unite!

Sheriff Skids Dizzyflip says:

I have a task to defeat 16 BLOODSUCKERS!!!!! So im going to do that task during the invasions! Toons of the world unite!!!!!! Lets show these bloodsuckers whos in charge!

Chester says:

Let's show those BloodSuckers whoose BOSS!!!

Loopy peanut bannan doddle says:

The COGS are going down

funkey says:

oh no!! cogs are going to ruin halloween oh well we can allways beat them good luck to all toons

Twinkledoodle says:

Thoose cogs think they can ruin our fun? We'll show them!

Queen Fireball Megatooth says:

Awesome! I love invasions, now I can actually get some in on my "soon-to-be" black cats for a bit! Thanks ToonTown!

Annoying Orange says:

Hooray!!! The Bloodsucker Invasions are back! I defeated SO many Bloodsuckers last year. It was a blast! I also need a lot of them for my Toontasks so I'm a happy camper! Bloodsuckers beware... This kitty's coming for you!

lady ginger kooky doodle says:

Sounds seriously scary guys! good luck fighting them off! :D Let us unite!

Deja Mew says:

Oh, when I get started on this black cat on Oct31, you bet I'll get those gears spinning! And it'll be good for gag training on all my toons :) Toons of the world, unite!

popcorn wildzap (101 laff) says:

no need to fear popcorn wildzap is here!hint for bloodsucker invasion:use cupcakes recipes made with garlic like in the toon news

Blondie says:

Totally stocking up on gags and garlic! :D

Miss Peaches Twinkledoodle (99 laff xD ) says:

OOO! i cant wait!! but.. i have one thing to say.. Are You Toon Enough????? Hope so for those bloodsuckers!!

Brianna says:

i cant wait! im going to fight as many as i can!

Charlotte says:

Bloodsuckers! They are the Halloween Kings of all cogs! I believe they are part vampire! I will try to watch out, Toontown crew.

Toon says:

Let's blast some bloodsuckers!

lucky star says:

wow i gotta fill my bean bank and let the cream pies fly toons of the world unite

bubbles sparkle knees says:

i hope every toon will be able to enjoy busting those bloodsuckers happy halloween! have a good time trick or treating also!

Captain Chip Crumbledorf says:

Toons unite and bust those Bloodsuckers! Let's show these ghoulish Cogs that they can’t spoil Halloween fun in Toontown!

Samson says:

All lower laff toons,round up!Get ready to battle and get more gags!

Robin says:

Bloodsuckers coming back for more? Better stock up on gags! Of course why bother? We are obviously going to win this invasion!! Toons rule, cogs drool (ew) !

Jennifer (58 laff) says:

Thank goodness, I was thinking we would need to get on those toontasks for the weekend! Thank you so much Toon Resistance!

prince pierre says:

yay! i can get all the bloodsuckers i need

Little Lily says:

ill get my gags ready!

Swampo says:

I love fighting cogs! Im in! Thanks toontown for making these invaisons! It make toontowns gags more better!

Big ned says:

I am gonna defeat those bloodsuckers! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

master gabriel i says:

can't wait for the invasion!

Piggy Power says:

Brave cogs to invade toons like us

Alvin says:

cool! i like the bloodsucker imvasion because it's my toon's frist halloween.

feather tale says:

i cant wait!!! i will stock up on gags! ( with all my toons ) Toons of the world unite!

kayla says:

I will beat those cogs!!!!! i have enough gags to beat them

Rico says:

Them going down! No one stands back at a fight with them!

Frecklefidget says:

WOW!!! I cant wait for these invasions!!!!! Lets Stop them cogs from trying to defeat toontown!!!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dogman says:

Well i just got wedding cake! BRING IT ON COGS

nuttycrumbs says:

This is going to be easy!

Princess pepper doodle (107 laff) says:

wear some garlic around ur necks lol :D

teardrop says:

i cant wait for these invasions! i have been looking forward to them all week!!! i will be doing my bit to save toontown!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet Twinkleberry says:

Bloodsuckers? We can handle em'! Toons of the world unite! (and aim for the pointy teeth ;)

Mintra says:

I'm actually glad because I think I have a couple of toontasks already for bloodsuckers! Halloween is so awesome in Toontown!

gigglenugget says:

Not again! I thought I taught those cogs a lesson when I beat the V.P.!

shadow says:


Banjo says:

Don't worry, we can stop these Bloodsuckers! This will be the best Halloween ever!

Reptile says:

bloodsuckers are easy :)

Lorella says:

Ooh. nice i better get my gags ready

Cool Flapjack says:

Im ready!!!! i got all my high gags and i can take them!!!!! GO TOONTOWN :D

Andy says:

i know i already left a comment but i just have one more quick reminder remember make sure theres garlic in every gag you have it will help to beat off the bloodsuckers to be honest i think the cogs watched too many vampire movies and then they just invented a cog modeled off a vampire so they could have their vampire action out of tv anyway i gotta start whipping up some garlic cream pies so TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Gabriella says:

Im going to fight cogs and try to save toontown from the nasty blood suckers :D!!!

Feathertail says:

:O! Ill Get My Gags Ready For This.. MUAHAHA. We'll Show Those Cogs Who's Boss! Toons Of The World. Unite! ~Feathertail~

sonew says:

yay this is going to be fun!!!!

nick says:


King Fireball (LP114) says:

i'm not gonna get bitten by these bloodsuckers so i use some pies that has a special ingredient that is...GARLIC!!this will be the awesome halloween ever.

King Max says:

Uh-oh, bloodsuckers invasions but we toons are strong enough to handle it.


You bloodsuckers, you better watch out this kittys coming for you!!!! I'm !!!!!going to defeat ALL of you.!!!!!!!!!

captainfancybumpenzapper says:

I CAN'T WAIT. i am gonna stock up on my gags.:) I LOVE TOOTNTOWN

Noisy Cricket says:

Coincidentally I have a toontask to defeat some Draculas err I mean Bloodsuckers.

Gardiner says:

Oh no! It happend again like last years blood sucker invasion! ;)

dukefritzcheezymonkey says:

oh no! im going to bust them up for you flippy!

princess petunia preciousmuffin says:

we will defeat those bloodsucker,stay unite!

carmen says:

i love the bloodsucker invasion its spooky and its cool! AND ALL THEM PUMPKIN HEADS there awesome i live u toon council! :)

doctor rockenspinner says:

bloodsuckers invasion !

Little Bill says:

im gonna use my weakling and train him to get better gags! :D

Melody (114) says:

Yay! I love Invasions! Toons Rule!

Funky Mouse ( 105 laff ) says:

I hope I dont't get sucked by the bloodsucker invasion..... Everyone stay tooned for the invasion. GL!!!! See ya next time i comment!!! BYE!!!!

knuckles lemonclunk says:

easy there levels are low not like The big cheese there levels are high

Little Tubby Dizzenspeed says:

Perfect for Halloween

Good'ol Dingledorf says:

Watch out for all the cogs that are taking over toontown! Like Mr. Hollywood, The Minglers, Big Wigs,and most of all....... Bloodsuckers!

Natalie says:

Uh Oh! Looks Like were going to Beat these cogs again! Better stock up on gags...

Sherrif FizzleBurger says:

Bloodsuckers? Great! This is AWESOME because I love busting these Cogs!

Silly Wally Nuttygadget says:

We can do it lets GO!!!

Captain Daphne Twinkletooth says:

Sounds spooky!

Duke says:

Spooky! I'll be sure to fight as many as i can, Toons of the world unite!!!

PrinceRusty Sparkletooth(43 laff) says:

Oh, I want some GREAT Blodsuckers to battle this year better get ready!!!

dogface says:

Us toons will put an end to thoses nasty cogs :3

Princess Candy says:

At least it's not robber barrons! those are the scary ones to me! :)

Gwen (114); Candy Wrinklebubble (106) says:

I Cannot wait for the mega invasions! no more waiting at the end of factories, mints, offices, bossbot courses, or even buildings because theres bloodsucker invasions for most of the day! THANKS toontown!

bubble gum 27 laff says:

i been fighting cogs yes .i am going to fight them go toons go good luck to all toons.

Jimmy Kitty (93 laff) says:

These invasions are crazy. I logged on at about 9:00 a.m. and logged off at 12:00 p.m. one morning and the whole time, Bloodsuckers were invading! So look out toons and if you happen to run into one, make sure lots of gears fly!

Captain Popcorn Octotoon (62 laff) says:

I think all toons should go online and smash those cogs.

king saxon says:

Get those yummy Cream Pies Ready!! Happy Halloween!!

Lightning says:

Epic! It's nonstop epicness to me! I hope I can get a lot more gags.

Master Slumpy Zooblewoof says:

Let's show those cogs what Toontown is made of!

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

Bloodsuckers, you're going DOWN!!!