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April Toons' Fun Sends Toons Over the Roof
low gravity estates

When gravity goes goofy during April Toons' Week, Toons jump for joy (not to mention over rooftops) trying to catch each other playing Estate hide-n-seek.
A handy chimney makes a dandy hiding spot!

April Toons' pranks abound on Estates too, with Toons tricking their friends by wearing jet packs, wings, super capes – even propeller hats – to seemingly defy gravity in a single, silly bound. Thanks to haywire gravity, all your Toon Estate fun hits new heights of hilarity!

How high can YOU go?
Dazzle your Doodle, and take a loony leap at your Toon Estate today!


Posted on April 05, 2013 to:

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Miss Violet Petalcrumbs says:

Cool! Now that's what I Call April Toon's Week! We can jump around our estates, Chat with our doodles, and most of all.... Enjoy This Fun Week! Happy April Toon's week!

Prof. Tom Cheezyfish says:

I have had a blast with friends with the lower gravity at my estate! (Not to mention, my doodle cant' stop laughing, even after I leave).

Omar says:

I enjoy using my jet pack for the high jumping in my estate.

Moon Berry says:

Cool! I wish the low-gravity could stay forever! It's my favorite part of April Toons' week! (No offense, talking doodles!)

Sprinkles says:

Wow???? My doodle is talking! Next we need to know what they are thinking.....

Magical Crocodile says:

Yay jumping higher is so much fun I bet my doodles are jealous :P

Vice versa ( 54 laff ) says:

Im enjoying this! I Wore my pixie wings and said TOONTASTIC! Flying in the air, It was pretty fun! I Wonder what else COULD POSSIBLY Happen! We will all wait and see! Happy April Toons' Week!

Cassie says:

Oh my cheese sauce! I LOVE doing this! I always do something called roof racing with friends where you jump on and over roofs until you hit the last roof and win! I always love extra jumping because its easier to roof race! Thanks toontown!

Aiden says:

Nice idea i'm gonna play it with my friends! 'BET YA CANT CATCH ME :D'

rehan says:

very fun... good thing me and my toon aren't afraid of heights!

Cool Chroma (48 Laff) says:

This is AMAZING! My doodle wasw BAFFLED because I hopped up on my roof, kept pressing the Ctrl key, and managed to jump right off my roof and over my Glass of Water tree! AWESOME!!!

Enterprise (81 laff) says:

I'd always wanted to soar up high! good thing I have my dragon wings

mew says:

Very fun loved it having low gravity at the estates was really fun! And talking doodles were super fun!

Captain Dudley RhinoBrains says:

I love april toons week!!!!!!!! Me and my friend Jake love playing estate tag with the gravity gone wild! I just can't believe that this is what aprils about, i just came back to toontown and i just for the first time became a member and i have never been here during april toons week! And my doodle won't stop talking and saying how much he appreciates me. I LOVE IT. Well got to go defeat those cogs BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boingenbubble says:

This is the silliest week of the year! i love bouncing around my estate & the hopping over the houses! ( the doodles get to say whats on their mind too. ;) )

Falling Snowflakes says:

This is awesome!