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Account Safety Reminder
A safe Toon is a happy Toon! We care about your safety, and encourage players to always be safe. An easy way is by never sharing your account information with anyone -- even if they are your friend, and promise to make your Toon stronger! Giving out your name or password is just not safe.

Another great way to play safe is to only play Toontown with the software provided for download at Using other programs to play Toontown (including hacks and macros) or modifying the Toontown software in any way is not permitted. Doing so can place your computer, and your Toons at risk, which can result in losing access to Toontown forever.
Stay Safe! In case you didn't know, using other programs can interfere with gameplay for you, and lots of other Toons. This means the Toontown developers have to stop to fix these things instead of creating all those new, fun things to do in Toontown. Be a responsible Toon, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play!
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Good ol' Salty Giggletoon says:

Ooh! Thanks for the reminder.

Wolfy says:

Hopefully all those new toons will learn something here. Great Job! Toontown!!!!!!

Daffy Octobocker says:

I know how to be safe on Toontown, but I do not dabble in hacking. To me, hacking is pointless.

Dippy Dinky Dynoronie says:

Well looks good but i would like you to make more fun stuff P.s TOONTOWN ROCKS!!!!

Sir Skippy Zippenberry says:

Thanks for the reminding me ToonTown!

Anonymous says:

I'm sorry ToonTown. I used hacks for the game and my account got terminated. I regret it a whole lot. I've been a long time ToonTown player and I just wanted to experiment with using other programs to make life a little easier on me. I didn't realize it was affecting others. I'm not taking my time to ask for my account back but just to apologize. I hope you reply to this post. Sincerely, Anonymous

ToonCouncil says:

Well said, Anonymous. While using hacks my seem like fun, they aren't worth the trouble.

Stay Safe!

McFlip says:

This is a great post ToonTown. I used to use hacks and my account got terminated. I fully regret it and if I ever got a second chance I would never use them ever again. No matter how much easier it made my life. I want other toons to enjoy the game also. I apologize ToonTown.

ToonCouncil says:

We are sorry to hear that happened, McFlip, but we need to keep the game safe for everyone. Thanks for posting your story for all to hear.

Stay Safe!

Princess Prier says:

Yes I Totally agree! I mean we can't play untill midnight if toontown needs to shut down and fix things. I mean i know a couple of my friends use a spoof called nightlife or the toontown spoofer. Those would slow toontoen down. Also hackers like Freckleslam also use things!

ToonCouncil says:

Great comment, Princess Prier, it is not allowed to use any other software that affects Toontown while playing. We work very hard to keep Toontown safe and fun for everyone.

Stay Safe!

Gabriel says:

Very good!!! Also toons should not share True friend codes with people they don't know! Yeah I said it.

Mirayah says:

BRAVO BRAVO!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

Some ppl use other software? I didn't know other software existed! Oh well, it's much easier and better to use the provided software. Don't like to hack anyway. It's too confusing. Thnx 4 reminding us Toontown!

Ned McCrump says:

Thanks for the Toontastic reminder!

Nobody says:

Wow I love toontown and i will neverdissobey the rules thanks toontow i love u u rock bey Toontowns verry own Nobody

Vanilla says:

Good thing. For all toons out there, be safe! :3

Captain Stinky Popen Bumper and or Bright Red Monkey says:

Hacking is pretty much has no point unless you WANT to be banned from toontown now who would want that?

Miss Pinky Twinklehopper says:

What is even the POINT in hacking? But this was a great reminder. Good idea, Toontown. I LOVE your game... so addicting! xD

lucky says:

I did not know that yet! Wow thanks for telling me toontown you rock I love the safety of toontown that is why i play because it is safe,fun and funny

Ryan says:

okay ty for the reminder but by taking out glitches your taking out fun please post

ToonCouncil says:

We understand Ryan, but sometimes glitches let Toons do things that were never intended, so we need to fix them.

Stay Safe!

Good ol' Nutty Fumbleseed says:

Nice call, Toontown! We don't want hackers to mess up are fun, now do we?

Princess Gwen says:

Thanks for reminding me. I'll neer tell my password to ANYONE! Keep up the good work!!!! P.s.I won't hack!!!! :)

Sparklepop says:

I know, I don't understand why people would want to do anything like that. It may seem obvious, but another safety thing to remember is to never give out your password; Toontown or otherwise. I know everybody has heard to never give out your password, but it really is important. It gives you access to all your toons and information, and if someone finds out your password, then they can do anything they want on your toon(s) including things you may not want done. So don't give your password to anyone. Sorry, I just felt that another account safety point that should be mentioned ;)

Captin Snappy Jabberbrains says:

Ooh! Thank you for the reminder!

cool hucklehopper says:

thanks can you guys make more fun stuff

Jimmy says:

I agree with you !

Thrillwiz says:

Always be safe and you'll still have fun. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!

Montana says:

Toons of the world, stay safe!

Zillersplat says:

I would be scared if someone got on my account. TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Chester says:

I just dont get those people who hack.

angel says:

wow good tip my sister is sad because she hacked to make toontown much better and she lost her toon. when she did that weird things i whent on toontown to check werid things whent shes very sorry

scooterwildbeary says:

To me hackers are cog tring to stop toontoow! ps. post please never posted.

Vanessa says:

WAT IS THE PROB WITH PPL!!!!! serously hacking? unless you WANT to lose your toon and I GARANTEE YOU DON'T so stp haking like this already happened to a different website that I used 2 go on and THAT'S Y EYE DON'T GO ON IT ANYMORE! STOP HAKING OR B BANNED! :(

Dusty Weaselgadget says:

Nice said. I'll be sure not to use programs that interfere with Toontown.

Justin says:

this is a great reminder to everyone i hope we can keep toontown safe for everyone to play Toons Of The World Stay Safe

blue bun says:

thank you toontown for all stuff you did for us.

Augie Doodle says:

You wont ever see me use a hack or macro, it's just not fair to other toons wen they are used by anyone. If i could give some addtional advice pertaining to safety, Another thing to watch out for is when the evil cog types try to "phish" for your personal info. If you get a message that asks for your information, just ignore it even if it looks like Toontown sent it.

ToonCouncil says:

That's great advice, Augie Doodle, Toontown will never contact you to ask for your Account ID or password, so please do not respond to any emails that ask for this type of information. Be a safe Toon, and don't share your account or password with anyone!

Stay Safe!

Lady Violet Sparkleburger says:

I have used hacks as well to help other Toons in factories and prevent them from getting sad. I also used them to help other Toons to get to cog hqs easier. My account got terminated for doing so. I apologize for this and I don't think I will get my 98 laffer back again ;_;. Is it possible you can still restore terminated accounts? I want to start with a clean record and not hack again, but still enjoy Toontown with my purple kitty. Thanks for your time. -Shanghai Cat

Princess Slippy Beannoodle says:

This is probably one of the posts I wouldn't really want to hear... :( I mean, it's good to keep ToonTown safe, infact, that's very good, because we want to ToonTown to stay forever right? But let's not get over protective here ToonTown because glitches are fun! :) We'll miss 'em. Honestly, with glitches, it's more fun! Maybe you can make short-cuts instead of glitches? And I have a question: Does this mean you'll start making all those fun things? You just started, why let all those toons down? Please post and reply.

ToonCouncil says:

Toontown is a fun and safe place to play, and glitches can interfere with the fun, which is why they get fixed. Toontown is getting sillier by the minute, and the fun has just begun, Princess Slippy Beannoodle! There is more on the way ... just drop by Toon Hall to see what we mean!

Stay Safe!

C.J. says:

I never knew hacking got ya terminated. But i dont hack cuz i dont even how to hack anything. Plus, how is hacking easier than using provided software? Isn't it a lot of work to hack? Anyway, since so many ppl hack toontown (personally i dont know any) i guess its a good reminder to tell ppl not to cuz its bad for your toon, other toons, toontown council, and your whole computer. Thnx for the tips toontown! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

The Awesome Rocker says:

Thanks for the messege! Now I don't have to worry about my account being hacked.

Jennifer says:

Well, Thanks for the reminder, Nobody wants to get banned, Right!? Thanks Toontown! Now everyone can be safe, And everyone, Dont forget to defeat those Cogs to take Toontown back and make it sillier!Well thanks for the reminder again. ~Jennifer~

Giratina says:

hacking is just like breaking toontown rules! Its a waste of time! Also when something fun on toontown is going to happen sometimes it cant because toontown has to fix it!

zazane says:

That is something my dad tells me a lot and i think hacking and cheating ruins the fun. Here is a suggestion for a new speedchat phrase "FOR TOONTOWN!" toons of the world unite!

Emma says:

Thanks for reminding toons of this, especially since I have been seeing more and more hacks recently. Toons of the world unite!!

Loffy says:

thanks for the reminder :) i hope hackers see this topic >:D and STOP hacking !!

Ladypeach says:

OMG that is soo dangerous I am glad that none ive seen so far does that and right toontown is a safe and happy place!

Trixie says:

aww, u took away the clothes and fly glitch :(

Miss Sally Sparkledoodle says:

I would NEVER share my personal information with ANYOBDY. No matter what they say. I have heard of some people doing cheats but I never would (and don't know how) to do them.

Peppy says:

Thanks for the reminder. I NEVER hack or anything that hurts Toontown! I love Toontown, But for people who are hurting Toons should get their account terminated. :(. P.S I NEVER hack EVER! Toons of the world unite!!

General Talk A-Holic says:

This is great reminder! Some people must of forgot that not only does the person has access to your account but it can also expose some confidential things like you or your parents credit card number! Worst of all it can also expose your home address! I'm sure we don't want random people popping up at our house do we? So lets remember toons lets play it safe! And please No third party software! Max your toon out the old fashioned way! Yeah it takes longer but its way better then having your account TERMINATED! Toons of the world unite! :D

doctor loony mctwist says:

thanks flippy for trying to take the glitches out because i bet the cogs could of gotten into the playground i bet because of all these glitched and problems

Light Blue Mouse says:

why do toons even hack? toontown is already fun without hacks!

princesspink says:

I know hacking peoples Toontown is bad.But Toons should never ever ever ever share their password! P.S TOONTOWNN IS AWESOME!

Miss MoMo Dizzenmuffin says:

I love playing Toontown and hacking slows down the game. Also, I just want to enjoy the game and not worry about getting my account hacked. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep these things from happening, Toontown! I love ya! haha -Miss MoMo Dizzenmuffin

Lady Hulamuffin says:

I saw that there were websites filled with chats and hacks for toontown!This is not good!Thank you for the reminder!The people that made these page will learn a lesson and these hacks and cheats will NEVER be able to be done again! P.S:Get on and make things sillier cause TOONTOWN IS BEGINING TO ROCK ON!

miss sandy says:

thank you for saing that toontown! i hope everybody learned how to protect them selfs and some learned a little leson.(i dont want to be mean but. . . P.S.please post this because u only posted me ONE time and you didn't even post me for the april toons ideas!) TOONTOWN RULES SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS SANDY out

Midnite Purr says:

Sadly, many people seem to not understand that downloading a program to use in TT is strictly forbidden in the house rules. I find it very sad to see so many people upset that their accounts have been terminated, but at the same time, they are still in denial about breaking the rules.

Raven says:

I have played toontown awhile, and I loved using the glitches. Even though I am sad to see some of them go, I always think that you will find something even funner for us toons. I think it's very fortunate that nobody is in trouble for exploiting the glitches in the first place, and I am glad you are giving us a public safety reminder. Toon-up!

Little Uber Kitty says:

I think this is a great post because some toons need to learn to stop hacking because it is bad for you and other toons. But, I think some of the glitches in toontown are cool. They are alot of fun to do :) Please dont fix all the glitches!

Rainbow Feather Spinner says:

Thanks for the reminder! I hope Hackers like Freckleslam the Anti Clan will stop it also i got a tip , try not to let anyone know your passoword and information in toontown so no one can use your account for something they do bad but you dint do it although toons seem glitches are fun but they make somethings in the game broken, Also im sorry for doing glitches beacause it seems fun. One thing left, Why is Nutty river always full? Well anyways Toons of the world Untie! - Rainbow Feather Spinner , Peace girl , Dark Chocolate and Scarlet lizard. (please post ive never been posted )

phoebe says:

Great post toontown,I used one of freckleslam's hacks and my account got termanated.For the week ive been trying to apologize about what happend.I reinstalled my computer to get the hack off.I miss my toon So sad........D;

Master Hatso says:

This is a great reminder, and if you look on some fansites, a lot of people are paying for what they did. :D

Lady Sally says:

You are right. Be nice so that u dont get banned otherwise the bad cogs will rule the whole toon universe, and u dont want that, right? :)

nacho says:

i change my password every month thanks for the reminder for the new toons

Prof. Cliff Macdoodle says:

Ah yes, Its the ole safety reminder right? so you get the picture We don't want hacking besides hacking is like breaking in to Toontown and so what it may seem easier for the hackers toon its not easier for others. Also you better NOT EVEN THINK OF SHARING PERSONAL INFO! It ain't really worth any value afterall be a good citizen of ToonTown please? don't be a Cog or else bad luck luck will come to you. Sincerely, Prof. Cliff Macdoodle

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks, Toons, for the overwhelmingly positive response! Providing a safe and fun place to play is what makes Toontown so awesome -- and we couldn't do it without you! Together we can continue to make Toontown the most Toontastic game in the Tooniverse!

Stay Safe, and Toontastic!