Trolley Games

Toons on the Trolley

Travel the Trolley to a mini-game paradise and earn jellybeans galore! The difficulty level of the Trolley games varies in the different neighborhoods, but the potential to earn more jellybeans increases. These are the games you'll find on the Trolley:

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Maze Game

Maze Game

Race around the maze and collect as many treasures as you can before time runs out. If you run into a Cog, he'll bounce you to another part of the maze and you'll lose valuable time, so make sure you steer clear. As the number of Toons entering the Maze game increases, the maze will get bigger, and will be filled with more Cogs. A four-player maze is the greatest challenge and the most fun.

It's possible for advanced players to benefit from getting hit by a Cog. If you're in an area of the maze that's already cleared out, you can gamble that a Cog will bounce you to a better location that's not yet cleared.

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Cannon Game

Cannon Game

Land your Toon inside the water tower as fast as you can. The less time you take, the more jellybeans you'll earn. The cannon game is cooperative, so if you're playing with other Toons and one Toon lands inside the water tower, everyone wins! Use the on-screen controls with your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to aim the cannon. To shoot your Toon from the cannon, press the red FIRE button with your mouse or hit CTRL.

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Ring Game

Ring Game

Swim through as many of the 16 rings as you can. The more rings you get through -- the more jellybeans you win. When you're playing the Ring game with other Toons, look at the ring icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. This tells you what color rings your Toon needs to swim through. When all Toons swim through their rings in the same set, all Toons get a group jellybean bonus at the end of the game.

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Match Minnie

Match Minnie Game

Use ARROWS on-screen to match Minnie's dance moves in a series of four rounds. The ARROWS on your keyboard work as well. The more moves you match, the more jellybeans you win. The Toon who matches Minnie's moves the fastest in any round gets bonus jellybeans at the end of the game.

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Toon Tag

Toon Tag Game

One Toon starts the game as "it," while the rest of the Toons race to collect ice-cream cones. Each ice-cream cone is worth jellybeans, so try to collect as many as you can before you get tagged! If your Toon is tagged, just tag another Toon to make them "it" and start collecting ice-cream cones again.

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Race Game

Race Game

Choose a number shown on one of the dice in the bottom left corner of the screen to move along across the board. If another Toon chooses the same number, neither Toon moves. Certain spaces on the board draw special cards when a Toon lands on them. Sometimes the cards are good news for you (you win extra jellybeans), sometimes they are not-so-good news (back three spaces). Think carefully before choosing a number that might put you on a card: it's always a gamble! The first Toon to reach the finish line wins the race game, and gets extra jellybeans.

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Tug of War

Tug of War Game

Tap the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS alternately to keep the green meter at the same level as the red marker in the power meter. If you do this, you drag the Cog toward the water. If you don't, the Cog drags you! When you're playing with other Toons, everyone wins the same number of jellybeans as everyone else on that team at the end of the game, based on how well the team did.

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Catching Game

Catching Game

Catch the fruit to earn jellybeans. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to aim for the shadows of the falling fruit. Beware of Cogs that get in your way. Toons in the trees will try to help by launching anvils at the Cogs, but make sure to not get hit! Anvils fall faster than the fruit so their shadows get bigger more quickly.

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Toon Slingshot Game

Slingshot Game

Tap the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys alternately to get your Toon into position and stop tapping them to launch yourself into the Toonisphere. Press the DOWN ARROW key to open your umbrella and float down onto the targets on the ground to earn points. Your best point score out of three attempts earns you jellybeans. Make sure to keep steering your Toon with the arrow keys after you've opened your umbrella for that perfect landing!

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Jungle Vines

Jungle Vines Game

Swing across the jungle in the shortest amount of time to earn jellybeans. Use the RIGHT ARROW key to swing to the next vine and the LEFT ARROW to swing back to the previous vine. Use the UP and DOWN ARROWS to climb or descend a vine. Dodge the flying bats and climbing spiders to avoid being knocked off your vine. Grab bananas to earn extra jellybeans! When swinging with other Toons, the first Toon to grab a banana gets it.

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Treasure Dive

Treasure Dive Game

Recover the sunken treasure while avoiding the passing fish and return it to the surface to earn jellybeans. The more sunken treasure you recover, the more jellybeans you earn. Use the UP ARROW key to move your Toon towards the direction he or she is pointed. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to turn your Toon towards the bottom of the ocean and use the UP ARROW to dive deeper.

When playing with other Toons, the Toon who recovers the sunken treasure will earn 25% of the jellybean award, with the remaining 75% being divided equally among all Toons participating. Toons can help each other by working together to block the fish from hitting the Toon recovering the treasure chest.

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Toon Memory

Toon Memory Game

Concentrate on finding the most matching cards before the timer runs out to earn jellybeans.

PC: Use the ARROW keys to move around and the DELETE key to uncover cards.
Mac: Use the ARROW keys to move around and the FUNCTION and DELETE keys together to uncover cards.

Get a match while the bonus light is on your card and earn bonus jellybeans! Get a perfect score by matching all of the cards before the timer runs out and receive a big jellybean bonus! When playing with other Toons, each Toon can only flip over one card at a time so you must work together to find matches.

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Ice Slide

Ice Slide Game

Have a toboggan-good time with this Trolley Game! Try to get your Toon to the center of the ice by the end of the second round. Use the ARROW keys to choose your direction and force. Press the CTRL key to launch your Toon. Points are earned based upon your distance from the center, and then converted into jellybeans at the end of the third match. Bump the jellybean barrels for extra points, and watch out for the dynamite barrels in higher level neighborhoods!

Toon Tip: Use the stacks of tires for an added bounce!

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Toon Escape

Toon Escape Game

Your mission for this wacky side-scrolling game is to escape the Cog den before the timer runs out. Use the ARROW keys to move, and the UP ARROW key to jump. Press the CTRL key to use your squirt gag. Collect Cog coins to earn bonus points. Earn more points by escaping before the timer runs out. Watch out for obstacles, which will reduce your points. Bust up the patrolling Cogs with your squirt gag!

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Cog Thief

Cog Thief Game

The Cogs are trying to steal our supply of gags! Protect the gag barrels while fending off the Cogs before the timer runs out. Use the ARRROW keys to move and aim, use the CTRL key to throw a pie. The longer you keep the gag barrels safe, the more jellybeans you will earn!

Toon Tip: Aim diagonally to get those hard to reach Cogs.

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