Meet the Cogs

Four Cogs

As any Toon will tell you, Cogs are nasty robots with NO sense of humor, who delight in crushing everything that makes Toons happy. Apart from Toon-taunting, the only things Cogs love are money, greed, and paperwork. There are four kinds of these awful machines: Sellbots, Cashbots, Lawbots, and Bossbots.

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The art of the deal is the only thing the oily Sellbots care about, and if you're not a hot commodity, they won't give you the time of day. Sellbots are often on Oak Street and Elm Street in Daisy Gardens and Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland, with occasional trips to Sleet Street in the Brrrgh.

Sellbots Chart

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Only three things matter to Cashbots: Money, money, and money. If they had a mother, they'd sell her out for a quick profit. Cashbots have been seen in large numbers on Seaweed Street in Donald's Dock and Baritone Boulevard in Minnie's Melodyland. You may find a few on Walrus Way in the Brrrgh, too.

Cashbots Chart

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Master of both the frivolous lawsuit and the threatened legal action, Lawbots are cold-blooded machines with a thing for rules. They are found most often on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central and Maple Street in Daisy Gardens.

Lawbots Chart

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They possess no real skills of their own, just the ability to push others around and stay on top! Bossbots are found everywhere, but are most easily tracked down on Barnacle Boulevard in Donald's Dock and Walrus Way in the Brrrgh..

Bossbots Chart

Toon Tip: The two top level Cogs of each type are only found in buildings

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Cog HQs

Cogs need someplace to congregate and hold their tediously evil board meetings, and those places are the Cog HQs. Look on the Toontown Map and you will see a Cog HQ that has sprung up in each corner of the world. These dreary places are extremely dangerous, and only Toons with high Laff should venture inside! In addition to the regular Cogs, there are Skelecogs, Goons, Version 2.0s, and the dreadful VPs.

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