Laff Points

What's a Toon without a good Laff? Sad! Your Laff meter shows your Toon's health. When your Laff meter is full, your Toon is robust and happy. But attacks from Cogs are so grim and humorless they literally knock the Laff right out of you.

Toontorial Tom, Laff Meter, Laff Points

If your Laff meter reaches zero, your Toon becomes SAD. When that happens, the Cogs take away your gags, sending you to the nearest playground where you can fill that Laff meter back up.

Each playground has special items that replenish your Laff meter, which are listed in each neighborhood section.

Your Laff meter will also slowly refill on its own when you're hanging around any playground, attending a Toon Party, fishing, or playing Trolley games. You can also recuperate at your Toon's Estate. Click here for information on Toon Estates.

Toon-Up gags can be used in a battle to fill up other Toons' Laff meters. There's only one hitch: You can't use a Toon-up on yourself. Click here for information on Toon-Up gags.

Here's a tip on Toon etiquette: If you've just finished a ToonTask and are heading back to Toon HQ to get your reward, don't pick up any special items in the playground! Your Laff meter will be fully refilled each time you turn in a completed ToonTask to an HQ Officer. So leave those ice cream cones and other goodies for Toons who need a good Laff.

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