Toons Fishing

Is your Toon in need of a break from dropping safes on unsuspecting Robber Barons? Maybe you need a Laff boost or need to earn some jellybeans? Time to head for one of Toontown's ponds to do some fishing!

Fishing Rod Requirements

Every Toon starts with a Twig fishing rod. Your Toon can catch a lot of fish with it, but Toontown's heavier fish can only be caught by stronger rods. Purchase better rods to catch bigger fish, and help attract rare fish. New rods can be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

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How To Fish

Toon fishing

When your Toon is ready to go fishing, just step up to any unoccupied pier at any pond. There are ponds in every playground and on every street, as well as a pond at your Toon's Estate. Your Toon will be using Jellybeans as bait, so make sure you have a few beans in your jar before you begin.

When you step up to the pier, your Toon will get in position to cast his line. Watch the shadows in the water - these are fish just waiting to be caught. Click and hold down the red CAST button in the center of the screen. With the button down, move your mouse to determine where you want to drop your fishing line. When you're ready, release the CAST button. If you're successful, you will catch a fish! If not, keep trying.

Your Toon has a bucket that can hold up to 20 fish at a time. When your bucket is full, take it to the nearest Pet Shop Clerk or a nearby Fisherman. They'll be happy to take your fish - and pay you for your hard work in Jellybeans!

Shticker Book - Fish Bucket

Check the fishing page in your Shticker Book to see what varieties of fish you've caught, the fish you have in your bucket, and what type of fishing rod you have. You can also view all your fishing trophies here. Fishing can be a challenge at first, but it is really worth the investment and is one of the best ways to earn jellybeans.

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The Toon Department of Fish and Wildlife has put together this field guide to help you find all of Toontown's fish. Remember, each family of fish has some varieties that are easy to catch and some that are harder. Some fish are heavy - that means they can only be caught with the biggest rods.

Fish Species Chart

For advanced Toons only: Look for an ultra-rare Bear Acuda on Walrus Way and a seldom-seen Piano Tuna on Tenor Terrace.

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When you've caught 10 new species of fish, you'll earn your first fishing trophy - and a one-point Laff boost! For every additional 10 new species you catch, you earn another trophy and Laff boost. This means you'll be able to increase your Toon's Laff limit by seven Laff points by catching all of Toontown's fish.

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Bingo Wednesday

Fishing Bingo Wednesday

Every Wednesday is Bingo night at the ponds! Toons at each pond work together to fill out the Bingo card before the clock runs out to win jellybeans. There are four different Bingo cards: Classic, Diagonals, Three Way, or Four Corners. Every hour on the hour, there is a special Super Blockout card. The Super Blockout card is played not only against the clock, but against all of the other ponds in that district. Each Super Blockout starts with a 1000 jellybean jackpot. Every Super Blockout that ends without a winner will increase the jackpot by 100 jellybeans (up to 10,000 jellybeans).

Toon playing fishing

Walk up to any available pier between the hours of noon and 9 p.m. Toontown Time (Pacific Time), to participate. Play on any street or playground or invite friends over to your Estate. During Bingo hours you will be able to sell fish at your Estate.

Toon Tip: Remember to empty your bucket at a Pet Shop or with one of the FisherToons at the ponds before you play!

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