Toon calls the cattlelog

Look for the telephone in your Toon's house - you can use it to browse Clarabelle's Cattlelog and use jellybeans to buy cool stuff for your Toon and your Toon's friends!

Clarabelle stocks clothes for every mood and holiday, rods to catch bigger fish, wallpapers, rugs, furniture, window views for your Toon's house, and more. New Cattlelogs arrive regularly, each with new items and some old favorites in the back-order section. Items on back order are more expensive than when they were first available. Toons looking for a bargain should shop early!

Clarabelle also sells a wide variety of wacky and stylish accessories for Toons to really express themselves: hats, glasses, shoes, backpacks, masks, wigs - even jet packs and wings! To purchase accessories, you need to buy a trunk first. Toons can store only accessories in this special trunk, so you may have to wait for the trunk to arrive before you can take your first accessories out of your Estate mailbox. Clarabelle's delivery times are listed below.

It takes a little time for any item you've ordered to arrive. A message will come up when you've got a package, telling you to collect it from the mailbox in front of your house. Here's how long it takes for different Cattlelog items to be delivered to your mailbox:

Clarabelle's Cattlelog Items

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