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Wishing Toons a Jolly Winter Holiday!

Happy Holidays 

Whether you're catching falling presents, caroling with a head of snow, or enjoying decorations with good friends at your Toon Estate, the ToonCouncil wishes all Toons lots of Laffs and every happiness for the holidays!

We hope our wacky winter festivities warm the hearts of Toons all over – and maybe even a Cog or two (well, Toons can always hope, can't they?).


Jolly Winter Holidays to One and All!

Posted on December 24, 2012 to:

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Melody says:

Merry Christmas Toontown!

Honker says:

Have a Merry Christmas all of Toon Council!!!! your toon friend, Honker.

Doctor Coconut says:


Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

I hope everyone makes sure they give a gift of warmth and happiness this Christmas!

Odieboy says:

Have a Toontastic Holiday Toons!

Omar says:

Merry Christmas Toontown!

Evelyn says:

Cool I will definitely buy gifts for all of my Toon friends Merry Christmas

Gone says:

Haha! Cogs with warm hearts.. Well, I guess we CAN hope..

Sandscorch says:

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you have an awesome holiday?

Golduck says:

Happy Holidays, Toons :D

Tree says:

Merry Christmas everyone! :) Hopefully the cogs won't ruin our toontastic holiday! Have a happy new year, too. :)

sir popcorn says:


Mystic Waters (64 Laff) says:

Merry Christmas, ToonCouncil! And as for those cogs, I'll give them a Christmas cake to the face! :)

pickles robogoober says:

we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! toon of the world unite and have a great day!

Lilac says:

Merry Christmas!

Snickerdoodle says:

I hope everybody has a very holly jolly Winter Holiday! I hope the Cogs don't get all the presents!

Dandyfoot says:

Well i'm just glad its Christmas. happy new year and merry Christmas folks!

Cool Cat (43 laff brown cat) says:

Have A Good Christmas To all of the toons in Toontown

domino mctoon says:

My membership ends tomorrow :(. Hope I get a new one for christmas! Merry christmas flippy!

Miss Violet Sparkletwist says:

To all the Toons of the world, have a Toontastic Christmas and winter holiday! Toons of the World, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Princess Lily PurpleToon says:

Joyful Toons Bring Cogs Dismay Happy Winter Holiday

Polyphony Digital (65 Laff) says:

Merry Christmas Everyone! :D

Dogination says:

Merry Christmas to all Toons, and a Happy New Year!

z.z says:

Merry Christmas everyone have a great Christmas

Lollipop says:

Merry Christmas everyone! :D <3 Toontown

Queen Of Hairballs says:

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU TOONS OUT THERE!! I can't wait, and ill be sure to share some presents with all my friends! TOONS OF THE WORLD EAT PIE!!

Tubs Adorable Uber ( 35 Laff ) says:

Have a safe and merry Christmas and New Year everyone! Hopefully Cogs get a big lump of coal! Again, Merry Christmas Toon Council and all those Toons out there! Toons of the world, UNITE! :D

Pokyo says:

Merry Christmas Toontown!

Trixie Purplebunny says:

Have a happy holiday everyone! :D

Sheepish sheep says:

Thanks toon council for everything! You guys sure do make all us toons happy and joyful and in the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas to all!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

If you love the holidays then you'll love Toontown Online! I like their ideas! Your toon wakes up and recieves some gifts. Christmas is about giving! How do you come up with it Toon Council?

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I love christmas especially in Toontown. This game rocks!

Eleanor says:

Merry Christmas!

Black Hole Sun says:

The gifts from a cog should be.... To be happy with toons. Never to fight with each other.

Spectra Vondergeist ( 56 laff ) says:

Have a very Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year! Have a great time! Toons of the world unite! ;)

mizzenpretzel says:

a poem by yours truly. ahem. i love toontown, it is not hard to see, a monkey with 71 laff, yes, that's me! i love the gags, especially the wedding cake! does anyone know how much damage they make? my favorite squirt gag is the squirt gun, can you not see toontown is so much fun! i like donalds boat, i'd be sad if it sunk, my favorite sound gag is the elephant trunk! now before i finish here is what i want to say, i wish every toon a happy winter holiday! thank you.

Vice versa ( 45 laff ) says:

I Cant wait! Its christmas soon! And on my break im hoping to reach 50 laff! i go on toontown everyday to daisy gardens and defeat factories in dellbot hq i cant wait to gift and spread cheer for all around me

Noisy Raven Bagelpoof says:

Happy Hanukkah Toon council. Cogs hopefully will have warm hearts (well health badges) for the holidays.

Burnt Toast says:

Wishing all (yes even the cogs) a very merry christmas!

Sweet Bunny says:

I hope everybody has a warm and toontastic Christmas!!!!

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

Merry Christmas Toons!!!! (mostly you flippy). Hope everyone has a happy holidays... Maybe the cogs if they've been good, only Santa knows...

King Cliff Snifflenoodle(118 laff) says:

Its great to see toons in holiday cheer! Happy holidays for one and all!

Dark Night Cat says:

Merry Christmas ToonTown! You are the best. Happy Holidays to all of Toon Council and Flippy. Toons of the World Unite!

Little Peanut says:

I'm having fun caroling all over ToonTown! Merry Christmas!!

Cool Dynamite says:

merry christmas

skippy boy says:

merry christmas toontown

Miss Spider says:

I hope everyone has a toontasic Christmas and winter holiday! :)

Dinglequack says:

Thanks! I hope all of the Toon Council has a wonderful winter holiday, too! I can't wait for another toony year full of funny surprises. I wonder what you'll think up next!

Princess says:

Merry christmas everyone!

Floss ( 45 laff points ) says:

I've Been having a Jolly Holly Holiday with my friends Playing ToonTASTIC trolley games getting jellybeans and sending gifts! i wish all toons a JOLLY winter!

captainfancybumpenzapper says:


Mittens says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Toontown!

Boo Boo Googletoes (110 lp) says:

Merry Christmas toontown!!!!!!! :D

Shadowstrike/Whispurring Willow says:

Merry Christmas to everyone! :D

Master Fireball says:

Thanks Toontown! And Thank you Toon Troopers! I had a toon-tastic time!

Master Cliff says:

Merry Christmas, Everytoon!

Little lucky TrickyFlipper says:

Merry Christmas, and Happy new year! Thank you (Toontown Creators) for making this game so wonderful and fellow toons!

Ugly Corny says:

Merry Christmas!

silly hucklemirk says:

merry christmas toontown! lets bust those cogs!

Rainbow Dash says:


moy says:

merry Christmas toontown and everyone else you to toon council

domino mctoon says:

My membership ends tomorrow :(. Hope I get a new one for christmas! Merry christmas flippy!

Silly Lilly fizzledoodle says:

Happy holidays everyone!

Fireball says:


Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ominous (54 LP) says:

Season's Greetings to all of you!

Sir Goopy WhiskerSpeed says:

Merry Christmas!! I Hope its toontastic! ;)

cloverpup says:

Merry Christmas everybody

Flower Smellyfeet says:

Merry christmas! i hope you are exited for thr holidays! And a happy new year!!

hunter says:

I hope everyone will have a very merry Christmas and a great new year!

Misty says:

Merry Christmas! Toons of the world, unite!

Darkmist says:

Toons of the world unite, Present up!

ricky rokenmarble says:

this is awesome!!!!!!!!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

'Twas the night before Toontown christmas, a cog rises, they came in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Everyone used toontrooper jellybeans (Thanks) to buy gags. Threw a pie, had a laugh, and put gears in bags. Now toons carol, sing, laugh, play, all the toontown night and day. If you see a winter clown, then you know know KNOW not to have a frown, if you know you are feeling down, I have one thing to say: PLAY TOONTOWN! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Lime Dog says:

Well, well, well. What do the cogs want, fruitcake, or WEDDING CAKE! MERRY CHRISTMAS TOONS!

Kylie says:

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Fellow Toons :D

toonerz says:


Silly Droopy Doggennose says:

It's the most TOONTASTIC time of the year!

Raphael says:

Snowman heads are hot today! happy winter holiday!

poppenhoffer says:

I wish all toons a MERRY CHRISTMAS:) Also I hope at least a cog has it`s machinery heart warmed to the fullest with joy. If not than I`ll just break out my fruit pies and banana peels.

mabel says:

merry christmas toontown ~ mabel :)

loopy leroy bumbersocks says:

happy holidays! i wish all the toons in toontown a safe and merry Christmas

Lollipop Lemonswril says:

Yes i love the snowman head its soooooooooo cool!

Mistletoe says:

And a happy new year!~

Thunder says:

Merry Christmas, Toons of the world UNITE! :) x

Chocolate-Covered Sponge says:

You gave us a Christmas gift-THE JOLLYNESS OF TOONTOWN

Blue Moon says:

I hope yall had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New year as well! You friend, Blue moon

rainbow ruby says:

it nice to buy people gifts on winter merry christmas to all who belive in santa i do!! :D and all of the toons are awesome i just want to say great job for being a best toon and happy holidays and keep doing your toontask and be nice to others gags up and toon -up for toons enjoy :) and i LOVE buying winter gifts for toons

Fantastical Fox says:

Happy holidays Toontown! And have a very happy new years!

Captain Knuckles Electro Zapper says:

Happy Winter Holidays!

Zeppelin says:


Coconut ( 100 Laff ) says:

I really enjoyed these past weeks! It's been really fun to play during the winter season. I cant wait to next year! Toons of the world, UNITE :)

Maple says:

Merry Christmas Toontown and a Happy Toon Year!