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Toontastic Winter Holiday Gift for You!

Winter Holiday shirt


Did you know that Pluto’s first job was delivering mail on a sled during icy cold winters? Maybe that’s why this former mail dog’s favorite place to play is still the snowy Brrrgh.
Lots of Toons like spending this time of year in that cheerfully chilly Neighborhood too, so Pluto had the idea to deliver a jolly gift to EVERY Toon!


To receive your Winter Holiday gift, just get the special code in the “Talk of the Town” section of this week’s all-new Toon News… For the Amused!  inside Toontown.

Once you get your gift, make sure you stop by and thank Pluto for his BRRRilliant idea!


Posted on December 07, 2012 to:

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Frreezing Icecube says:

Cool! That shirts looks REALLY good! Flippy, if your reading this, make sure to tell Pluto thanks for the amazing gift! Toons of the world unite!

raccoon the hedgehog says:

OMG this holiday gift is SO much better then last years cannon THANK YOU TOONTOWN I LOVE IT! toons of the world unite!!!!! P.S. merry christmas!!!!!!!! :D

princess sally says:

sweet i got mine shirt

Fancy Twinklebubble says:

Sounds like it's going to be a fantastic holiday season! :D

Midnight says:

Wooooow :o Tell Pluto I said thank you!

Bad Hare Day says:

Thanks, Pluto!

Luck magic (26 laff) says:

Aww! So cute and amazing! I will be sure to stop by the Brrrgh and say thanks to Pluto! And I'm sure Mickey does too with Flippy! Pluto is Mickey's doggy after all :)

Omar says:

YAY! Thanks Free shirt! :)

Spiderleap says:

The shirt is awesome! Thanks so much from all us toons!

Crazy Romeo Megaflap says:

can't wait to get my shirt :D

Princess Rosie Pedalswirl says:

Thank you so much, the shirt is awesome! Merry Christmas!!!

Meep Ducky says:

Awesome! But I think it should have your toon on it.. but it looks good!

Titanium says:

That shirt is awesome! Even better than my mittens one lolz I'm totally getting it!! :)

Glacierkit says:

The shirt is so awesome! Thanks ToonTown and Pluto! It's truly amazing! Happy Holidays!

Princess Freckles Fuzzytoon says:

I want that shirt so bad! It looks so cute!

Shadow says:

I think this is SLEDtastic!

Bubbles Friend says:

I always love new shirts for my toons!

Lilac says:

I can't wait to get the gift!

Chocolate Churro says:

Ooo........ I love it! I'm logging on right now!

Ima Frozen says:

It's brrr-illiant!

Nike says:

Cool! The Only Thing Better Than A Christmas Shirt Is A FREE Christmas Shirt! XD

Space says:

Oh, boy!!

Spring Leaf says:

Omg this is too cute! I remember last years gift and i like this one much better!!!

Cool Winky Banananugget says:

Tell pluto thanks for the awesome shirt. =-)

Earthquake says:

i love this shirt :D

Prince Fireball says:

My blue mouse and the rest of my toons enjoy this shirt :3 Thank you Flippy and Pluto! Great early Christmas present for everyone! Thanks! :D. Woot woot!

Silly Fun says:

This will be a toontastic holiday season!! If only I can buy stuff...

Spooky cat says:

Cool I love it Merry christmas! :D

Bella says:

Thanks Pluto for all your hard work! This shirt looks amazing, I can't wait to get one!!! :)

Cool Cat says:

thank you guys this is a awesome shirt, make sure to tell Pluto thanks for this awesome shirt. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Silly Dynoglop (40 lagher) says:

Toontown thanks again!

Vanilla says:

Wow! A cool free shirt! Awesome!

Juliet says:

I just LOVE this shirt. Merry christmas :P

Fluffy says:

I LOVE the shirt.Its SO cool!

Sandybean Noodle says:

Cool! I'll get mine now!

Dandilion says:

WOW! Thanks! I just got it! It looks Toontastic!

Rainbow Icecream (27 laff) says:

Wow thanks Pluto!

Sandscorch says:

Thank you Pluto! We all heart u

Noisy Lily says:

Woohoo!! I really want this one, its so pretty ;D

Flip says:

Sweet! I love getting gifts from codes! Best idea ever!

Oscar Boingenwhatsit says:

Thank you very much Flippy! You have a toontastic toony looney holiday!!!!!!

Beany Sparkleslam says:

Thank you for the Holiday gift Pluto! Way better then last year. Merry Christmas Toontown.

Sheriff Tim says:

shirts are better then anything, hope you come up with more shirts :D Sheriff Tim

lollipop blubberflipper says:

thx pluto!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Fluffy says:

I thanked Pluto this morning and he said"arf,arf (brrr i need a scarf).I think their should be shirts EVERY holiday!Marry Christmas Flippy! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!! :-)

princess star twinlke says:


trixie sparklebee says:

The shirt was great! Thanks a million Pluto!!! Merry Christmas!

Pringle says:

Thanks Pluto!

Secret Spy says:

Wow! Cool I like the shirt!

Silly Droopy Doggennose says:

Wow! I'll check for the code! AWESOME shirts, Pluto, and thank YOU Toontown!

winkey says:

Awsome shirt tell Pluto i said thanks =D

Coco says:

I always liked shirts that if you wanted to get or order them,you would need a code.I already have one,and let me say they are super cool!!! Toons of the World,Unite!

Robin says:

Nice shirt... Great addition to my closet :D! Thanks Pluto

Kitnix says:

Toontastic!! I'm so happy that Pluto would give us toons such a great gift! :) I'll make sure to give my thanks to Pluto! ;)

Mister Knuckles says:

Another Holiday shirt stacked in my wardrobe, thanks toontown! --- TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! ---

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

OOO that looks really cool ( no pun intended ) I wish i had a bigger closet cuz mine is full! Thank you for this awesome shirt!

super clancy says:

thank you Pluto! looks like you're not a "hot dog" :)

Magical Crocodile says:

Awesome shirt! Thanks Pluto now all my toony friends and I can match its going to be a very toony Christmas :)

Nancy Blue says:

Thanks Pluto! I'm loving my new shirt! It fits with my snowflake skirt. Have a Toontastic Holiday!

ocean waves ( 130 laff ) says:

yay cant wait to gift all my friends! Toons Of The World Unite!

electro says:

flippy thanks for giving us all those wonderful treats i hope we can repay you - gives flippy big hug - TOONS HAVE A WONDERFUL WINTER AND TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE :)

meow meow uber says:

Cool! :)

skippier says:

Thanks for the shirt Pluto!

Rosie says:

I think that is a BRRilliant idea!!

Apple Pie says:

I love the red shirt. It is so cute. Tell Pluto thank you for the adorable shirt.I love it so much! See you soon.

Banana The Pie Master says:

Really cool shirt. Thank you very much Pluto.

George (60) Laff says:

Love Christmas! Ty Flip Merry Christmas! :)

Coding says:

Thank you! Haaave A BRRRillant CHristmas Too flippy! ;D

Miss Trixie says:

LOVE IT!!! TY!!! Toons of the World Unite!!!

Bunny hop says:

this was a such a good idea, Pluto! thank you!

silly dissy hunklemuddle says:

I got my shirt it soooooooooo cool!!!!!!

master max eletrobrains says:

the shirt rocks thanks pluto

Radioactive Ooze says:

Thanks a lot! I look so cool in it! EVERYONE DOES! :D Though, I have missed the code spooky at Halloween... D: