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Toontastic Trick-or-Treating

Treat Yourself to Jellybeans and a Toon Pumpkin Head!
Trick or Treating


From October 21 to November 1, round up your friends, put on your costume and accessories, and Trick-or-Treat to earn jellybeans  - and a Jack-O-Lantern for a head!
Here’s how:


  • Members can purchase the “Trick or Treat!” SpeedChat phrase from the Cattlelog.
  • Visit the six Shopkeepers who are taking part, in any order, and say “Trick or Treat!” to them.


Who ARE the Shopkeepers? Solve the Puzzle by clicking here, or pickup clues from the characters in the Playgrounds.


  • Once you’ve visited the sixth Shopkeeper, POOF!  Your head is a Jack-O-Lantern until November 1!


Your Jack-O-Lantern head will last until Halloween is over, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Pumpkin Head back, just go to any of the participating Shopkeepers and use your "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase again.


BEWARE: Some hats and glasses accessories may look ghastly when worn with the Pumpkin Heads – some may even seem to disappear like a ghost! If you don’t like the way a hat or glasses looks with your Pumpkin Head, just take off that accessory.
Once the Pumpkin Head wears off, you can always put the accessory back on.


You can only Trick-or-Treat once, so be sure that there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for all your Halloween loot:  600 jellybeans.


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Princess says:

ooo i cant wait for trick or treating! Im gonna find those stores and see if ill get jellybeans! YAY for toontown

ToonCouncil says:

Happy Halloween hunting, Princess - and remember to use the Puzzle in the "Trick-or-Treating" announcement above, so you can trick-or-treat at all six shops starting this Friday!

Kitten says:

AWESOME! We get pumkin heads again! And I can't wait till the black cats! Thanks alot flippy!

Captain Lily says:

Yay! Iv been so looking forward to trick or treating!! Can't wait for my friends and I to get online and go around visiting the shops together!! :D

LadyMaxieFuzzydoddle says:

Hey There, I am so excited to be able to go trick or treating, I already figured out all the shop names! But, I have a question, What are Black Cats? Please Help!

ToonCouncil says:

Making a super-rare Black Cat can only happen one day a year, LadyMaxieFuzzydoddle, and that's on haunted Halloween itself - October 31st! "Stay Tooned" right here at What's New for all the exciting Black Cat news coming soooon...

wiley says:

awesome. I can't wait two whole days! Hmm...... I think i'll wear my Super toon costume?

ToonCouncil says:

That's a Toontastic choice, wiley! Don't forget to also wear some accessories to make your costume super one-of-a-kind this year!

Domino says:

I look forward to it very much. :]

King Chucky Mc bubble says:

Sweet! i cant wait to go trick or treating

Ashstar says:

It will be very fun looking for them!

Banjo says:

Wow, thats great! The tall pumpkin head has a nice smile, I hope I get that one this year. I can go Trick-or-treating with my best friends! I'm also going to get a black cat, that will be exciting!

ToonCouncil says:

Which Pumpkin Head you get all depends on your non-Halloween Toon's head, Banjo! Rabbit Toons, for instance, need a tall Pumpkin Head to comfortably fit those tall bunny ears!

Andy says:

when i get a pumpkin head ill take off my hat and secret ID mask first so they dont disappear and then ill see how they look with it on

ToonCouncil says:

That's a Toontastic plan, Andy! Sounds like you have your chilling costumes all figured out for this weekend!

Spooky says:

I have tried all the shops and it isn't giving us jellybeans or the pumpkin head? :o

ToonCouncil says:

Remember, Spooky, the Trick-or-Treating fun doesn't start until this Friday in Toontown. That gives you two whole days to figure out the puzzle and get your costumes and friends ready!

Cody says:

2 days yes!!!

lucky star says:

i cant wait to go with my best friends trick or treating in our costumes

Colonel Spike says:

THIS... IS... AWESOME!!!! I missed out on it last year so this is exciting for me! THX FLIPPY!!!

Hannah says:

wow two days till i got almost all six shops but cant figure out the donalds dreamland one last year i missed trick or treating but this year im gonna trick or treat for first time on toontown YAY I CANT WAIT :)

Sabrina Jr says:

This is my first Halloween on Toontown and I'm so excited to go trick-or-treating! The pumpkin head is going to look really cool on my cat! :D

darlinestar says:

Halloween will be so fun yeahhh

Funny says:

YAY! Halloween ROCKS! I can't wait until Black Cats! I'm GOING TO SOLVE THAT PUZZLE! SO I CAN HAVE PUMPKIN HEADS UNTIL November 1st.

ToonCouncil says:

Have fun, Funny! And keep an eye out for Black Cats to make their comeback soon, on October 31st, the spooookiest day of the Toon year!

Junior says:

I cant wait till Halloween i'm going to be a vampire in toontown and outside of toontown so thank you Flippy and I like everyones costumes deffently Micky,Daisy,Minnie,Pluto,Donald,and Goofy's costume. Have a great Halloween all of the toons and my name is junior a red mouse with just the gags throw,squirt,and sound.

Princess Violet says:

Im so excited we're getting pumpkin heads again! That's so EPIC!!! <3 :D I love Halloween and Christmas- they're my favorite holidays!!! I can't wait to go trick or treating with my buddies! I already have the "Trick or Treat" saying!!! WOO HOO GO TOONTOWN!!!! Toons of the World, Trick or Treat!

Pumpkin Head says:

WOW!!! i can't wait until Friday! sounds really fun! but when you where your accessories when you get the pumpkin head you don't have it anymore??

ToonCouncil says:

Not to worry, Pumpkin Head, your accessories are still there! Some hats and glasses may get covered up if you wear a Jack-O-Lantern over them. You can always go to your Trunk and take off the accessories until the Pumpkin Head wears off!

cute cat says:

woot!!!! cant wait to get black cats! hmmm.........i wonder wat i will be?

Fuzzy says:

I love to trick-or-treat! i cant wait! And black cat day will be great too.

Sir Purrs-A-Lot says:

Sweet! I just think that I figured out the shops! I can't wait for Friday! Maybe I should enter a pumpkin costume to match the pumpkin hat! 600 Jellybeans and a pumpkin hat here we come! ;)

Pink Panther says:

Oh my, Halloween! im excited! I can't wait until a pumpkin head, black cats, and trick-a-treating!

Super Cat says:

Wow I can't wait for the all that Halloween Loot because I am poor with my jellybeans

Jake says:


Squeakers says:

YAY! this is gonna be AWESOME what should i wear with my pumpkin head? OOO! im gonna wear pumpkin shirt! :P its gonna be epic! im gonna ask ALL my friends!

Baby Cake says:

Oh Boy! I always loved doing this! Now I've done this three years in a row! Can't wait to visit all those lucky shopkeepers! ~ Baby cake

Sir Dandyflap says:

I bought the phrase last year so do i still have it and can I use it?

ToonCouncil says:

There's an easy way to check, Sir Dandyflap - just open up your SpeedChat phrases and look under "Halloween". If "Trick or Treat!" is still there, you can use it again!

Miss Ginger Snaps says:

Toontastic!! I cant wait for it.thanks toontown!! you guys rock!

Cman says:

I love trick to treating with my friends. When you do it which more then one friend it's so much more fun.

Peace Girl (106 laff) says:

Awesome! I can't wait to have a pumpkin head, since I couldn't get one last year. I also have a question, Flippy. Can we keep trick or treating to get 600 jellybeans over and over?

ToonCouncil says:

A Toon can Trick-or-Treat as many times as you like, Peace Girl, but you only earn the 600 jellybeans once. So make sure you have plenty of room in your Jellybean Bank for all those beans before you head out - and make sure you're wearing your costume too!

cliff(60) says:

I CANT WAIT FOR TRICK OR TREATING! I already have my costume the trick or treat phrase so im all ready!

Jim says:

I look forward it ! I can't wait ! :D

crazy zippy fumblefish says:

cant wait i always get the head so excited!

Bubbles says:

I Cant wait to go trick or treating with other toons

Dog Wit No Brain says:

I have been waiting for Trick-or-Treating for a long time!

jr(66 laff) says:

I LOVE halloween pumpkin heads!

daffy says:

i cant wait till friday to go trick or treating

Doctor Buzz Electroswirl says:

It's so exciting! This is my first time doing Trick-or-Treating, so I can't wait to see what's in store! :) And the prizes... A pumpkin Head and 600 jellybeans! What more could a Toon ask for? Thank you, ToonTown! :D

Miss Peaches Twinkledoodle says:

Ooo i cant wait! Last year I did this with my best friends! :) I hope I wil be able to buy the pirate costume. It looks really cool on other toons. But i cant wait! TY Flippy! UR THE BEST! :)

benny says:

i think this is the best event in all of toontown!!!!!!!!!! cause of the jellybeans and cause its soo fun trick o treating have fun!!!!!!!!!

Nick (107 laff) says:

Cool! Can't wait to get my pumpkin head :)

pancake pepperboom says:

i cant wait to get my pumkin head i have been waiting for halloween for a long time

Uber Grizzly Bear says:

I just got the pumpkin head :D!! Now I can be super pumpkin since I have supertoon outfit!!!!!!!!!!

Gold kitty says:

Oh thats great! I wish i was a member so i could get a jack-o-lanturn last year i had a frosty the snowman hat! :D I cant wait for black cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope halloween comes soon! Hooray for Flippy!

Bunny says:

I just got my pumpkin head it so cool is! There away to take it off or dose it stay on till trick or treating is gone?

Princess Rosie says:

I WENT TRICK OR TREATING!!! IT WAS REALLY FUN!! and i got my pumpkin head but how do i know if my jellybean bank is full or not?

Captain Domino says:

I love trick or treating on toontown it is so much fun!! thx for this awesome,scary(not too scary), fun halloween flippy!!!! Toons Of The World Unite! (I jump up in the air saying this) P.S. the pumpkin heads are so, so, so awesome!!

Spider says:

Wooo! Finally! ive been waiting all year for this to come favourtie ocasion for toontown woo! GO TOONTOWN!

Snowflake (26 laff ) says:

I need a bigger piggy bak to hold my jellybeans now! I love the pumpkin heads! i helped me and my friends trick - or - treat!

Little Pickles says:

I am trick or treating right now!! It is so fun on ToonTown!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dressed up, and getting jellybeans right now!!!!

sassy says:

epic! u tt ppl r awlways coming up with new things for us! :D

Fire Heart says:

im readyto find the shop keepers :) thanx flippy and happy halloween

cool rainbow says:

hey me and my true friend are so happy about trick or treating!!!!

Sheriff Raven says:

Cool! I already got my pumpkin head and jellybeans. :3

Crazy Wacko Hulaswirl says:

whoa!!!! i think this sounds awesome!!!! cant wait to start trick or treating with all my buddies!!!1

Melody says:

HOLY COW! 6OO beans! thats amazing! thanks so much toon council, u r the best!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Cuddles says:

Awesome! I really want a pumpkin head... I hope Toontown is full of Toons with pumpkin heads! Happy Halloween, Flippy! :)

Peanut says:

Went trick-or-treating-so awesome I almost cried :)

Kyle says:

Awesome, I already got my pumpkin head, its Toontastic!

D Man says:

kool i like halloween on toontown :)

Fluffy says:

im gonna be a VAMPIRE just need to get a LOT of jellybeans!!!

Megatoon says:

Hi guys, this hallowen-toon is the best :D, Disney, Trick or Treat? XD

Brook,Shadowstar,Leafsong says:

Cool! I JUST got a membership, & this is gonna be SO fun! Toons of the world, be SPOOOOKY!

Valentine Kitten(42 laff) says:

Toontown is really advancing! I remember the beginning! Wow. You guys are doing great!

bumblepop says:

i just want to say that it only worked the first time i tried it the second person i went to wouldnt give me any loot

Duckster says:

I might be a super toon or even a vampire i dont know witch one should i do Flippy?

Sheriff Skids Dizzyflip says:

I just got my pumpkin head earlier today! My friend Cog Buster helped me find all the stores. :D I wonder if my pumpkin head can scare the cogs away.....

zowie says:

im looking forward to trick or treating, and maybe i'll save all my jellybeans for some halloween costumes!

Violet Gigglezap says:

It was so much fun! I got a cool pumpkin head and a heap of jellybeans to spend on cool costumes! Thanks Toontown!

Unknown says:

I'm kind of new to Toon-Town. But it seems it looks realy fun! I'll be sure to play "October 31". Since i realy want a Black-Cat. Remember Toons Of The World Unite!

Blaise says:

600 Jellybeans. 8D That's just what I need to reach my goal of 5,000. Hahaha, hopefully I can reach that goal before the Halloween items are gone in the catalog, since I'm saving up for a costume. :P My first Halloween costume for this toon. <3

Yippie nutty quack (105 laff) says:

I did all my trick or treating and I love the pumkin head. Toontown rock

Matthew says:

I bought the whole toonasaurus costume and went trick or treating already! Toontown ROCKS!!!!!!!

LadyMaxieFuzzydoddle says:

I already got my pumpkin head but, since I am a girl, it looks kind of weird on me. Is their anyway to take it off before November 1 because I would be we wearing it for about 11 days but, without doing toontasks? : (

Midnight Love says:

I love Halloween in Toontown so much! Im gonna dress as a Super Spider.

Kayla says:

I love my costume and all that but..... Do you have to go to all the shops to get the pumpkin head?

prnisess ' sandy says:

happy halloween

Fiza says:

Oh yeah! Toontown rocks!:)

Bubbles says:

Wow, I cannot wait to get a pumpkin head and to get 600 beans!! :)!

Little Tubby Dizzenspeed says:

WOW!!!! 600 JELLYBEANS!!!? IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Knuckles Jumbledorf (106 laff) says:

I love this time of year in toontown. I already got my pumpkin head!

Loopy Zany Bizzengoose (111 Laff) says:

This is so cool! I got my pumpkin head already! YAY! thanks so much Toontown!

Kitty says:

Cool! :D!

Super Taffy Purpledoodle (52 laff) says:

I went trick or treating and now i have a pumpkin head! it was really fun solving the puzzle but i have to agree with The Friendly Helper. I WANT A BLACK CAT!!!

Violetta says:

Can you take off the pumpkin head?

Blinky Poodlezaner says:

YAY! Halloween is always the funnest time of year on Toontown, and this year accessories made it even cooler! :)! Can't wait to trick-or-treat! :D I remember all the shops from last year, hehe

Docter Blubbermuffin says:

The pumpkin head is awesome. I wore it with the pumpkin shirt and a orange skirt . It's soooooooooo cooolll

bella(100)laff says:

i got my very first pumpkin head yay!

Lily Cheezynerd ( 105 laff ) says:

Awesome! I already went Trick or Treating, but 600 jellibeans! Thanks Toontown!

Rock and roll monkey says:

Ooh I'm going to get a lot of candy from trick or treating and get a pumpkin head!

Lady Gwen says:

Yesterday I went trick or treating at all the shops and got a pumpkin head! :D

Powerpuff Vicky says:

It's so cool.... I've did the trick or treat and now im with the pumpkin! I'm wearing my pirate outfit. Sooo awesome! :D

Nicole says:

I do this almost every year, and its really fun, I cant wait to go this year and get some jellybeans

Candy says:

Awesome!! Cant Wait

kingskip purpleflip says:

this is going to be awesome!!! now i can go trick or treating with my friends. thanks toontown!

Silly Lily says:

YAY!! I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!

Natalia ( 106 :O ) says:

I think this is great because we get to have pumpkin heads and get free jbs. I love this holiday and i hope yall love it too!

Stuart says:

Oh i LOVE this! im already a pumpkin head!

Lady Preciouspop says:

I love the pumpkin heads! I never knew the had them last year. It sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the pumpkin heads and black cats, Flippy/ToonCouncil!

Mia ( 59 laff ) says:

That's so awesome I love halloween ( and pumpkins )!

Pancake (40 laff) says:

Awesome! I can't wait to "crack the code" and get a pumpkin head! I never had one before! It's TOONTASTIC!

Knuckles Dandybubble says:

I love trick or treating! :) You get jellybeans, and a pumpkin head like last year.

sip says:

YAY I got the Pumpkin Head it looks really cool on me its so spooky

Zekrom says:

Cool!! The Pumpkin Heads Look So Awesome ;) -Zekrom

Mackie (112) Laffer says:

I Finally Got My Pumpkin Head :P I LOVE HALLOWEEN :)