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Toons Now Run Faster!
speedier Toons

As April Toons speeds to a close today, the Silly Meter drops one more silly surprise with help from those inventive Toon Scientists. 

While studying the Silly Meter's wild warping of weight during April Toons' Week, Toon Scientists tinkered with the goofy gravity in Toontown ever so slightly. The result?
From now on, all Toons run with a bit more zip!

Toons may need that extra speed soon, to dodge and evade grabby Cogs.
The Toon Resistance calculates that Cogs seem to be growing in numbers. Dash into Toontown now to speedily stock up on as many gags as you can this weekend...


Check out the new issue of Toon News... For the Amused! out today inside Toontown for all the dizzy details!

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Lady Sandy Peppertwist says:

Cool! I'll defeat those cogs faster now! Thanks!

SW says:

Woot, Thanks for the awesome update. Happy April Toons!

Ryan says:

I love this, faster running is awesome!

Kenson (112 Laff) says:


Under Cat says:

Thanks for the update Toontown! :D I've really wanted to be able to run faster for a long time and now we can!

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

I Knew My Toon Was Running Faster! This is Great! i always thought toons could use some extra speed!

The Horse says:

So THAT'S the silly surprise we were waiting for! Awesome! Now I can get to my locations faster, I can hurry up a bit while friends are waiting for me to join in with them in cog buildings, etc! Thanks, Toontown! :)

Princess Fancy McQuack (111) says:

I love this SO much! I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. I said "We don't run faster!" and another toon said "Yes we do! Try it!", so sure enough I did and I said "Wow! This is BOSS!". Thanks Toontown!

Chairman says:

I've been waiting for an update like this for ages. Thanks, Toon Council.

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

I Knew My Toon Was Running Faster! This is Great! i always thought toons could use some extra speed!

apple says:


Magical Crocodile says:

Thanks! So now when I'm running down the street I won't hit a cog on accident :)

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Wow! Now toons can be better atheltes by running at a high speed!

C.J. says:


Boo Boo Googletoes 111LP says:

nice thanks toontown we can get places faster and get away from cogs lol thanks :)

Violet says:

Ive been doing bldg after bldg im ready to defeat the cogs!

Somebody says:

This is perfect for completing tedious tasks and running after fast-walking cogs. Thanks for this awesome update!

Lucky Lady says:

Yay, finally! A new update makes it to the open servers!

Hartless says:

i have played for 10 years this is so great i love toontown

Queen Violet says:

Awesome! I can now run from cogs AND get to buildings FASTER! :D

Cecil says:

Oh, yes! This will help us defeat Mints and Factories faster! Thanks, Toon Council!

Pokyo says:

Toontastically runtastic! This update is definitely one of the best ones there could be in all of Toontown. Thanks, Toontown and the Toon Scientists! Toons of the World, Unite!!!

Domino Mczilla says:

The toon resistance CALCULATES that cogs seem to be growing in NUMBERS? Looks like the work of a Number Cruncher to me!

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist says:

Testtown had this update first. After having been on testtown where we could run faster, I logged on to toontown and noticed I was running at the same speed as I was. Only then did I know! Thanks, toontown!

Floss (59 laff purple dog) says:

Toontastic! we'll be Zooming those cogs cogs outta here in no time! And now i can run faster in tag with me doodle, lady, And those who play test, they haven't just added the M.A.P.S like in test! They now added the Speedy-toons! Thank-you toontown this will be a BLAST to toon headquaters!

Shadow Dancer (black cat laff 39) says:


Crazy Wacky Dizzyzapper says:

Toontastic! Now I can run quicker to cog battles! I'll show 'em cogs how I roll!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Thanks guys! Now it doesn't take me so long to get to certain places, including the gag shop to get more gags to battle Cogs!

Lady Gwen says:


Little Kitten says:


Flame (15 laff) says:

Woohoo! Running faster is AWESOME! Thanks Toontown!

Princess Lollipop says:

If we run faster that will be useful! Really useful MUWAHAHAHA lol jk

Bumblebee says:

I am zooming thanks to the silly meter! :-)

sunbeam says:

omg so cool im gonna try it out

lady jinxsnout (LJS) says:

yay!!! i love to be fast and speedy!!!

Moon Berry says:

Wow! And I thought April Toons' Week ended April 11th! This feature is amazing 'cause I love running fast. :)

Daffodil Bud says:

Awesome! Now i can run faster on streets!

Supernova says:

I think the words "calculates" and "numbers" hint to number crunchers invasions.

Thomas (64laff) says:

I love running faster you throw pies at cogs faster zip threw the playgrouds to there hqs toontown has been sillier than ever

Mike says:

Great, thanks for this!

King Fireball says:

since im a bunny and bunny runs faster so now I AM FAST NOW THANK YOU! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Big bacon says:

Wow! All the toons might LOVE this update! Thank You!

Zowie sparklesticks says:

I really love running faster! I can defeat more cogs faster. hehe. Thanks Toontown!

Comrade says:

Wow, this is very cool! Makes getting around much easier. Thanks Toontown!

Green Rabbit says:

Cool , and thanks! Now i can do missions faster as i can run fast!

Riolu says:

Interesting concept, Will definitely make fetch tasks alot easier.

Lightning says:

Thanks, Toontown! I used to think about how slow the Toons were, (no offence) when going to cog buildings, but now, I'm so much faster! Thanks!!

worrior bella says:

cool! I cant wait to try it!!!

Black Rose (17 laff Black Cat) says:

So thats what we were waitin for! Cool! I love running faster for those fast walking cogs! Thanks ToonTown! Toons of the world Gag Up! For a fun-filled run to get those cogs! WOOHOO!

Lady Domino Funnywhatsit says:

The toons speed is awesome,but the cogs invasion?Not.Every toon is fast, we might accidentally run into a cog on the street!I'm gonna stock up on gags now.Gotta rush!Toons of the World,UNITE!-Lady Domino Funnywhatsit

coach-z says:

Very awesome!!!!!!!

Flower says:


Organic Ducky says:

¡Me gusta mucho correr rápidamente!

Moonpaw Wolf says:

this is perfect! Toons can dash through Toontown in a flash! thanks!

Sadie says:

This is so cool! I'll be zipping through my toontasks in seconds! Thanks so much, Toon Council!

chester cheezycrumbs says:


Flap Quack says:

GREAT! i have been waiting for this!

Jimmy (70 laff Orange Monkey) says:

Cool Thanks ToonTown!

Cool Dynamite says:

it help me deafeat the vp fast in my solo it was the fast won i done.

Prince Fireball says:

Wow! At least they are taking stuff from Test Toontown and putting onto LIVE Toontown. I mean seriously. It's been a YEAR since they put Test Toontown back online and has been going for a year now. Well, I think this is a very nice update to the game considering the extreme slowness that was before this update came onto the LIVE game. Well, thanks Toon Council for adding this from the Test Toontown and can't wait until the rest comes! Hopefully, something BIG and EXCITING will be added soon. :) ~ Prince Fireball Blue Mouse 79 Laff Points

Andrew says:

Running this fast gives me a good burst of speed to get the cogs i need in seconds.

docter hudles says:

Faster Toons = easier ToonTasks and more gags. The more gags the easier to defeat Cogs. Thanks!!!!

Lily JT says:

I remember playing Toontown with my brothers, and i have a faint memory of getting from one place to another tool such a LONG time. Thank you Toon council! I love this game! >:3

Night Fury says:

Its great that there is another update to toontown:-). I love that we can run a little faster now. I somtimes even wish we could fly.That would be awsome! Go toontown! :-) .

Sprinkles says:

wow! How did you guys find such good scientists?!?!?

Daffy McZilla says:

Wow, thanks Toontown! This will make defeating cogs and running around toontown a lot easier now! Hope you had a great April Toons Week!

Mister Nuttysnoop says:

Thanks,that's why am running so fast then before.this makes it easy to catch up to bloodsucker battles!

Good ol' Penny Preciousbrains says:

I haven't played in a long time, but when I played today, I was like, whoa! Faster running! But I wanted to find out...... But my doubts were proved wrong! Toontown and Toontown Scientists, you guys are awesome!!!

Josua says:

Now those cogs will be deafeated and won't see me coming!

colby says:

we run so fast

Speedy says:

this acually matches my name,so all of toontown's speed goes with my name

Drake says:

Awesome easier to run through factories.

Rusty says:

Thanks Toontown for the update. :D I can RUN FAST like the speed of light. LOL

Deputy Tom Doggengloop says:

Thank you so much Toontown! Now we can travel to places much faster than before! :)

Black Rose (17 laff Black cat) says:

Thanks ToonTown! Woohoo! Now I can defeat those cogs faster and/or catch up to them! Thanks Again!

Aiden says:

This is sweet I am gonna run away from cogs faster on low gags and so get gags faster! Thanks so much Disney.

dippy dizzy ( 52 laff ) says:


JellyRoll LemonBump (82) laff says:

Faster Is Better And I Can Run So Fast A Cog Gets Dizzy! Its Funny When That Happens! Its Kind Of Werid When It Happens. So JUst Have Fun Zipping Around Toontown! Toons Of The World Unite!

Jasmine The Present Fairy says:

Thank you Flippy! Now I can catch up with my toon friends!

Daffodil Gumdropbounce says:

I am so glad that toons can now run faster! I can finally catch up to fast cogs and stop the cogs from taking over toontown. Just to all the toons out there, Daisy's Garden needs some help. Cogs have just about changed every building into cogs places. Please help Daisy! I can not do it all by myself.

Duke Graham says:

I love it! Now we could catch those pesky cogs faster...

Lighting (110) says:

This is AWE--SOME!!!!!!!!!

princess candy banana bubble says:

so cool!

Lucky Leaf 'n' Misti Daze says:

Awesome! Now, I just have to get used to my new speed...

Wackyroni says:

I could just dash to sellbot HQ everyday!

Captian J says:

Man I've always wanted to run faster thanks toon council!

Princess Rosie Pedalswirl says:

This is awesome! I can get where i need to go in half the time! Thanks Toon Council!