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Top o’ the mornin’ to you!
If you’re wondering why I’m talking like this, well it must be all the enchanting emerald items popping up in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog this week!

Choose from gaggles of grand green clothing, and goofy green hats, glasses, and boots.
Wear your green and let every Toon know that you’re one lucky dog! Or cat. Or mouse. Or duck… you get the idea. Now get green!

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to wear and enjoy all
Toontastic Cattlelog items!


Posted on March 08, 2013 to:

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Bulldog Bryan says:

I'm gonna be one green bulldog this year!

black kitty jr. says:

awesome every one go green TOONS UNITE!!!

Vice versa ( 51 laff ) says:

Wow! This even makes me feel some "Green with envy" I Love it! Its one of my favorite colors. Emerald. :D Thanks for letting me share.

Grand In Green says:

Wow! Thats my name!!! :) THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! That is cool :)! I Cant believe my name is in the headline thanks much, Toontown Online!

Mousy (102 laff) says:

Yay! I can't wait for the green glasses!

ursula giggle pocket says:

wow! st. patricks day is coming by really fast! toons go green! happy st patricks day to all!

Deputy Tom Doggengloop says:

Wow! Thanks ToonTown for these cool new GREEN accessories! ESPECIALLY, for bringing back the old ones! I now I have a cute sailor hat! :)

coolguy (dog 16 laff ) says:

:D thanks! Toons of the World, Unite! wear as much green as possible and remember Go Green!

Princess Kippy says:

GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN! I like green mainly around this time of year though ;)

Chocolate Crocodile says:

Ooo I can't wait for toons go green day soooo much!

Nightmare says:

Yay! this is great! my favorite color (after black, obviously) has always been green. Im so excited! Rejoice, fellow green lovers!

Hyper Chow Chow says:

I can't Wait! :3

Senna says:

I think all these new items are toontastic! :) THANKS CLARABELLE!!!

Cleric Edward (113) says:

I am a one lucky GREEN duck! :))

Toad says:

Let the green pies fly - I mean cream pies! Looks like Toontown is really getting in the green spirit!

Bandit says:

whoa new accessories i would like to have just 4 of em so go green everyone toons of the world UNITE

sandstorm (96 laff) says:

when i go green, i get lucky!

Smorez says:

I can't wait! I already got some green on me, so now I can get some more!

Cool Chroma (27 Laff) says:

Wowie! These items really rock my little round ears off! I bought the O'Shirt and the O'Skirt a couple of days ago! Keep up the good work! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

Awesome! I love when this time of year comes because green is my third favorite color. And I have so many jellybeans to spend on these grand green accessories!

Jinks ~ Black Cat says:

GOING GREEN watch out cogs im coming back and greener than ever :D

Blooper (94 laff) says:

I love this!I can't wait to get more! This game rocks!

Prince Lloyd Crumbleberry (112 laff) says:

Everyone go Green and get lucky when fighting the cogs!

George (84) laff says:


Duke Zippenphooey (97) says:

Awesome, I can't wait to buy this stuff on my catalog. :)

Carmel Apple (93 laffer) says:


Ginger says:

Already chose out my green outfit! Thanks for the good choices!

Lucky Irish Icing says:

Im going to go green for March! Green is my color! My EMERALD eyes glimmer in the sunshine! My GREEN clothing makes me easy to be spotted! My LUCKY IRISH ICING toon makes me uniquely "Green" With Envy!

Cliff Twiddletoon says:

wow... i've seen this before somewhere... OH YEAH last year... lol :P i like being green, since im originally orange... sooooooooo YEAH :D

Blacky Jr. 25 laff says:

i wish i was a member

Ziggybumberburger says:

i have the leprachaun looking suit!

Mew says:

Wow! Clarabelle's designs get better every Holiday! I can't wait to use my Jellybeans and Buy them!

sniffy Petalmuffin says:

These accsecories rock

Moonlight ( 36 laff ) says:


Lady Sandy Peppertwist says:

Thanks so much toontown! I always love stocking up on holiday things... and I love being Grand in Green!

Boo Boo Funnywoof says:

I like being green :)

DrippyDingleBrains says:

I want to become green!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

Wow! Wearing green clothes! And plus, Toons go green is coming soon! Right, Flippy?

Lighting says:

That's sweet. Just like a Green Jelly Bean!

micheal says:


Toast Crocodile says:


Frizzy Sniffleface says:

WOW! I'm excited! It's time again to start saving those jellybeans for Toontastic outfits and accessories and furniture!

Fuzzypounce says:

OMG! I can't wait to wear my green!

Bandit(laff 108) says:

awesome go green is 3 days :) GO GREEN!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Golduck says:

Sweet, can't wait to buy some. By the way, I just finished my first long factory solo, DURING AN INVASION :D! Toons of the World, (wearing lots and lots of green) Unite!

Toonerz says:

This is so cool im love these outfits thx disney

Weird Fangs SparkleGrooven says:

Nice!, im so excited to see some green stuff for march! good thinking as always toontown!!

Sara says:

I just got on my green outfit. I love it so much since it is my favorite color. Also, Im throwing a green party!! I love it :).

Moe Fuzzymonkey says:


Dusty says:

I am going to be one Toontastic leprechaun! :P!!!!

Spacklespeed (107 laff) says:

I can't wait to be GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love the accessories!

Cookies N Creme says:

There's bad news.... :( Backstabbers are coming.... :( WE WILL STOP TH- wait, this is a clothing thing, Cool! I like green! Tee hee

Liza says:

I am all about accessories i will so love it!

Mew says:

We all know toons look great in the green shirts and pants toontown gives us, Thanks!