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Toon-up Round Up

Toontown will be back
When the Toon Council enlisted help from Toon Scientists, Party Planners, and the Toon Resistance to "Toon-up" your fun in Toontown, the results were Toontastic!


    Faster, zippier Toons!
                Nutty new Street M.A.P.S.!
                            Party planning perfected!
                                        Quicker Cogs battles with more rapid rewards!


If you haven't already, jump in and try out these Toontastic improvements!
Which Toon-up do YOU like best so far?

Posted on August 09, 2013 to:

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Colonel Star says:

Cog battles :)

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 113 laff ) says:

The one I like the best has got to be the Street M.A.P.S. or the Skip Button and faster battle reward screens. The Street M.A.P.S. because they work very good on my lower not - maxxed Toons, and the faster reward screens for my main Toon, Cuddles Crinklemuffin, 113 laff. Thanks for both Toontown Developers! Sincerely, Cuddles Crinklemuffin

mariio says:

nutty new street m.a.p.s!

Princess Flippenhopper says:

Definitely the maps. :3 I guess the faster rewards is great too...

Pinkcat ( 47 laff ) says:

I like how you can skip the victory dancing!! It makes it so much faster!

Baron Von Whiskerstinks says:

I LOVE the speed up after a battle. Especially after a long one like V.P

grace says:

Nutty new street maps! Makes finding shopkeepers really easy!

Popcorn says:

Faster toons!

Dr Elite says:

No doubt, cog battles

Marissa The Mouse (107 laff ) says:

I like the faster, zippier toons the best.

Shazad says:

ALL 4 xD

Zippety Rockenhopper says:

Quicker Cog Battles!

Ziggy Electrofidget says:

I feel like the faster Toons is probably the best out of all of them. The street maps take the challenge out of finding buildings which isn't great, it makes the game way too easy

zillaspeed says:

Cog Battles FTW!!!

Fox (33+ Laff) says:

The M.A.P.S by far! It makes everything easier from ToonTasks, to busting the cogs!

Tsubaki says:

Quicker Cog Battles :D

Electrozapper says:

The faster toons make the game so much faster! I also love the Street M.A.P.S. so useful for toontasks

Ugly Corny says:

Skip dancing button.

Toonz says:

Cog Battles !! It is no contest! :)

Cool Kid says:

My favorite is the Street M.A.P.S.

lizz says:

I really like having the street maps! I already knew about what cogs you can find on the street, but knowing where your toontask shopkeepers are is very helpful! Thanks so much.

Sam says:

I'm Glad You Guys Added The Faster Running, Skip Option And Street Maps! I Don't Really Mind The Parties That Much Because I Don't Go To Them, But I Still Think It's Cool!

Peanut says:

Maps :P

dino ( 27 laff ) says:

probally the map or the skip button im a uber so it helped me

bailey says:

what a toontstic idea I like street maps cause they tell you what cogs you can find there and where you need to go for your toontasks this will surely make me start battling those pesky cogs more often

Tardis says:

I love them all ^^ but I would have to say that Faster Toons is great. :D

loopy Oscar says:

I love the Toon-ups to the game I can run fast, I can find buildings that I need and I save time with quicker cogs battles. I wish we can carry 6 toontask and carry unlimited jellybean that would make my day. :)

Jessie says:

I like the street maps and the cog battles! Much easier to do toontasks with both! :)

Artemis (105 Laff) says:

I like all of the awesome improvements! They really made Toontown have more quality because more people are satisfied with the updates. I like all of them the best.

Orange Fat Kitty says:

I enjoy the M.A.P.S and the quicker cog fights and rapid rewards. It's all TOONTASTIC for starters. I just love how much Toontown has changed over the past 10 years, and I can't wait too see what is in store for further cog blasting ideas.

Super says:

oh the skip button totally that one

Lady Melody says:

Do I have to pick? I like all of them! :)

Jake says:

I think all of them were toontastic but the best one was quicker battles

Lady Starlight says:

I absolutely ADORE the new maps!!! Its such a lifesaver! However, the rapid rewards I am not a big fan of. I like to see what others are working on and how far their gags are worked. Other than that, its amazing!

Flip (16 laffer dog) says:

I liked the skipping cog battle toon-up the most! :D

daffodil twinkleberry says:

i love all the new toon-ups :D

Sniffy says:

My favorite toonup was New Street Maps and Skip battles :)

Sheriff wacko says:

I'd have to say the street maps. This makes it easier to find the building I need to visit :D

Puppy says:

Faster Cog Battles! :D

Tom Kookynoodle says:

Skipping rewards is my favorite since you don't have to wait for other people

Queen Raven Sparklebee says:

I love the new M.A.P.S. because it makes it so much easier to find your shop you need. I also love the skip button though because it makes it so much easier to get to the next cog battle :)

Sprinkles says:

Why choose when I like them all!

Time Wharp says:

I think I like the M.A.P.S. and the Faster running :D. They're both helpful so I can't decide which is best!

Doctor Beany Doggenwoof says:

Faster Toons you Say? I guess now i can get my ToonTask done quicker when i need to visit shopkeepers. Thank you : )

Fireball says:

Definitely the mini map. I would always miss the one building I needed.

Jumpin Jessie Jujubee says:

EVERYTHING! Toontown is great with this.

Midnight says:

Skip button :D!

Scooter says:

The street maps are awesome! Sadly, the faster dancing is the worst update ever.

CJ says:


seagreendog says:

My favorites are in these orders. 1: Quicker Cog Battle Rewards Screen & Skip Rewards Screen 2: Faster Running 3: Street M.A.P.S 4: Party Planning Update

Bubbles Blubberbubble ( 81 Laff ) says:

I really think the M.A.P.S is my favourite. Thanks Toontown! Stay Toony!

Tiffany ( 16 Laff ) says:

I gotta say... ALL 4! They help SO much! Zippier toons help ALOT, Quicker cog battles make the cogs go splat! Nutty new street maps, toontown, how more fun can you get? Answer : More than ever :) BYE!

Noisy Moe Flippenzap says:

Quicker cog battles with more rapid rewards :)

Prof. Buster Bagleberry says:

Nutty new Street M.A.P.S.! because they are helpful to know what is the percentage of cogs.

Thunderphew says:

I really like the new street MAPS because it tells you which type of cog is on more likely

Night Fury says:

Wow i cant just pick one. I love all of them! :D

Senor Toono (121) says:

I love the Quicker Cogs battles with more rapid rewards, it means I can hurry on and do more Boss fights!

Kit says:

I love the street maps, but my favorite part was the fast cog battles! So awesome!

Sylvan says:

The skip button, by far the best.

Miss Valentine says:

Of course, the cog battles

Poppenroni says:

Oooh! Faster toons? I better try that!

Rhetoric L. Questin says:

I love the new battle format, very very nice. I also absolutely LOVE the M.A.P.S. that are available, saves me so much time! Thanks Toon Council!

Pancake Lemonsprinkles says:

The 'Skip' button for cog battles has to be my favourite

Law says:

I like the skip button. And the street M.A.P.S it helps my not maxed toons

Ginger Catish says:

For me, it's a tie between the M.A.P.S. and the Quicker Cog Battles! Toontastic tweaks, toons!

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

XD I like them all LOL

Red Duck says:

It's the Nutty new Street M.A.P.S. because now when I have a toontask I don't have to stop at every building and hit ' Page Up ' to see what the name of the building is, now I can just follow my map!

Bubbles says:

Toontastic! I started using all of these fantastic toon-ups today! My favorite is the Skip Button. Thanks, Toontown!

Megatoon says:

I really like the map, lets you go through neighborhoods easier. Plus never knew about shortcuts in some streets until now. Cog battle is nice as well, but I love the map the most.

Das says:

It's the Skip Dancing one for me because it makes thing super fast. The M.A.P.S make the game waaaay too easy, though XD

Lady Jinxsnout says:

Personally, I love all of them! Thank you toontown!!!! <3

Beppo says:

Simply everything that gets added.

Teddy(117) says:

Honestly i like them all. Faster Toons is better, but the new street maps Helps us with our tasks :D, Quicker cog battles is perfectly done. So yep I don't really know which one i like the most

Hailey says:

I like the skip button and the map!!! :p

Teardrop (110 laff) says:

They're all good, but in my opinion Street M.A.P.S or the skip button and dance faster are the best! However, I think that they're all sweet updates for sure!

weird chip says:

hmm good quetion, i'll have to go with cog battles

Princess Jellyroll Precioussnout says:

My favorite Toon-Up you have done to Toontown so far is making those toons faster than ever! Toontastic job, Flippy!

Cliff says:

The quicker cogs battles have to be the best improvement in Toontown so far.

Loud Thunderchomp says:

I actually loved ALL of them, 'cuz they were very helpful, but the one I liked the most was the Cog Battles Skip button, because I'm not the most patient Toon around. The Skip button allows me to do tasks and other things quicker, instead of waiting a few minutes for everyone to stop dancing, and now I don't have to wait for my Gags and stats to stop updating. Thanks Toon Council for these toontastic updates! - Toons of the world, unite!

Duke Graham says:

To be honest, it's a tie between the faster Toons and the M.A.P.S.. because they both help me get where I want to go.

Master Jake says:

I like the skip button! I mean, we all know ALL toons have AWESOME gags already!

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

Faster Toons of course! ;)

Ducky says:

Its gotta be between the new street M.A.P.S. and the quicker cog battles!

King Zowie says:

M.A.P.S. By FAR it helps me SO much for my Toontasks!

Katia (105 laff) says:

I personally love the faster toons! It's so much easier to get around places now ^^.

Zippy (108 laff) says:

Definitely a tie between Street M.A.P.S and the faster rewards.

Scout says:

Cog battles : My vote :D

Happy says:

I like the skip button :)

Bear Leprechaun says:

Hmm, they're all excellent "Toon-ups"! But I'd have to say, I like the faster cog battles! Thanks so much for all these upgrades Toontown! Toons of the world, unite!

Princess Curly Purpletwist (111 laff) says:

here's my favorites in order: 1.) Parties (super toontastic fun way to get jellybeans!) 2.) Map (helps me with my tasks ALOT) 3.) Skip button (I've been bored out of my mind looking at all the rewards!) 4.) faster toons (haven't noticed much difference...)

Princess Freckles Fuzzytoon ( 107 laff) says:

Quicker battle ends and party planning

Cc ( 107 laff ) says:

My fave is the faster toons so you can do thing faster like turning in toontasks faster! :)

November says:

Oh wow, Hard to choose. If I had to choose one it would be..... Quicker Cog battles. :P

Spike cheezypretzal says:

The M.A.P.S. definitely! I like how you can always find everything so easily without any problems! (:

Goldy says:

I think the best toon-up is the Street M.A.P.S! Its really helpful to me because im still maxing out my toon :D. So It's easier to figure out where my toontasks are as well as how close I am to them! Before the Street M.A.P.S I would pass the correct building at least twice before realizing it was the one I need! Now I know exactly where to go. Thanks for the updates Toon Council!

Prof. Tom MacMuffin says:

The street maps. I love to see what cog type is most common on each street :). I guess I am one of the few toons who still likes to watch me dance after a victory.

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

The best Toon-Up was toons being able to walk faster because you can get to things faster Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot, 111 laff.

Crystal Chow Chow says:

Mine is probably quicker battles. It makes it so much easier to get my rewards :D

Midnight (55 laff) says:

Running of course! If you need to zoom somewhere quick This is the perfect toonup!

Sweetie Paul ( 49 Laff ) says:

I almost forgot, thanks Flippy & Toon Council for Faster toons, new street M.A.P.S., Perfect Party Planning, & Quicker Cog Battles!

splatz says:

faster cog battles :D

Princess Mo Mo says:

The Street M.A.P.S. are a very helpful addition to the game. Thanks for the Toontastic improvements!

Little Flapjack says:

M.A.P.S!!!! It makes it so much easier to find the building you need for a toontask! Thanks Toontown!! :)

Kendall says:

I love the cog battles! I quit for four years and am coming back for a couple months, and when I saw the Skip button, I nearly exploded.

splatalot says:

faster cog battles xD

Puff-Fluff says:

Of course its the parties! :)

Colonel Bonzo says:

The rewards screen is the best! And I like the MAPS too.

Feelings says:

I think my favorite Toon-up would have to be the fast-forward button in the cog battles. It makes finishing tasks and fighting cogs faster!

cupcake - 108 laff says:

party planner perfected!

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

I really liked it all. The quick cog battles and faster toons make it easier to bust more cogs, get more gags, train more doodles, stomp more goons, and the m.a.p.s really make it easy to know where you should go.

Master Fangs Megacrumbs says:

It would have to be the Street Maps! They're so helpful! :D

Sheriff Nutty Dizzy Crunch says:

Cog battles.

Sneakin' Midnight says:

I like the skip in the battle the most.. i think dancing takes too much time, i think its a GREAT Toon-up.... but i also love the street maps, and how they inform you of what types of cogs ( percentages ) are on that street

Cecil says:

I would have to say the Rapid Rewards - but only if I'm in a hurry. (which I usually am -_-)

Jason 54 laff says:

i would go With My Tasks im trying to become a Maxxed toon! :)

Master Loopy (105 Laff) says:

I like the Quicker Cog Battles and faster toons and the maps. They are Toontastic!

Magical Crocodile says:

Running faster, helps me the most since I have the cog raider maps isn't needed, but I'm still not used to the quicker cog battles, but when I used to them I will use them so much more :)

Sparkle says:

I love the street maps the most. I don't notice as much of a difference in faster toons but dancing is awesome too

Strawberry Cake says:

I either like the street M.A.P.S. or the skip button the most, but all of them are good! :)

Roxy says:

My fave would have to be quicker rewards. I also love the street maps they make finding toontasks and buildings a lot easier.

Weird Chunky Electroslam Laff 129 says:

I like the new skip button in cog battles the most. Its a very good idea.

Prof. Max TwiddleJinks [106 laff] says:

I think M.A.P.S. is the best. Because when you have to turn a toontasks on a street it helps you ALOT with trying to find the place you are looking for! Thank you toontown HQ for this update! Toons of the World Unite!

miss coconut purpleswirl ( 97 Laff ) says:

I like the zippier Toons, and the street map, but I actually like the victory dancing, and now it speeds up. But when other Toons are in the same battle with me, they get skip the dance, and then it stops me from dancing. :(

Glaceon Cat says:

I love the new M.A.P.S and quicker cog battles.

Little Bubbles says:

The street maps make it easier to get the next street. :3

Princess Pancake Pinker Monkey says:

:3 i love all 4

King Mizzenzap says:

I love all of the toontastic updates! All of them make the game even more easier for new players, and players doing their best to fight cogs quickly, and effectively! Although, every cog defeated makes a big difference! Thank you ToonTown, and Thank YOU fellow Toons for doing your best to keep ToonTown fun and out of those robot claws of the Cogs!

Big Bacon ( 103 laff ) says:

Hmm.... Let Me Think.... I Know! The Quicker Cog Battles! It speeds up your process so much! You maybe could do all of Toontown Central In 2-5 Days! If I were still in Toontown Central, Donalds Dock, Or Daisy Gardens, I Would maybe do at least all of them in a week! ~ Big Bacon

Toonz says:

Before i was like where can i find this kind of cogs?I was to low of a level to go to the factories.So when toontown added this, i was so grateful and amazed.

Lady Kitty says:

I LOVE the new Maps. Click on that map and I love being able to see what I turn in my tasks!!!!!! I also like the feature of clicking the toon information to skip it.

Totally Eva (80 laff) says:

Honestly, i love the new street maps thing. Its so much easier finding the building i need for my toontasks and all of that. Keep up the good work toontown!

Lady c.j. sparkleswirls says:

Hmm, i could pick just one! Maybe all of them? Hehe!

McCheeseburger says:

I sure love all of them. You guys really came back from the connection issues.

Dee Dee Twinkleberry says:

The best toon-up so far has got to be the street M.A.P.S.. I remember when I used to be running through streets trying to find the building but couldn't. Now with the maps, it's so much easier to find the building as fast a I can.

Thomas (65laff) says:

I like the faster toons :)

Colonel Flipperteeth (113 laff) says:

I really like the speed up cog battles update so cool!! :)

Cog Deafeter says:

Faster Cog battles with skipping is so helpful

wacky paddle spinner says:

I think the fast toons is better besides whats better then having a speed up to reach the cogs?

Lily says:

I enjoyed the street maps best because it helps me with my tasks. Thank you Toontown!

J.C Wildcrash says:

I definitely like the quicker cog battles with the skip button and the M.A.P.S finding buildings has never been so easy and rewards have never been so fast thank you for these great updates I just don't know how to run faster

boingen fussen says:

i like all 4 of em

Blonde Mustache says:

I love speeding up battles, especially when I need to get to another place quicker. Second is the faster speed. :)

Silly bingo feathernugget says:

I like to run faster :)

titus says:

i like how the end of a battle screen goes by so fast!

rocco says:

Everything except running faster, that really didn't make a difference at all.

Ashton ( 65 laff ) says:

I would think that faster toons Is such a great idea! Thanks silly meter for that idea

Violet says:

Nutty New Street M.A.P.S

Noisy Alvin Robotoes says:

The Street M.A.P.S. are Toontastic! Toons of the world Unite!

Sunbleached Carrot says:

I like all of them, But I have to say the Cog battles And the Skip Button I like Them all!

Moon Berry says:

I really like the maps, it makes it much easier to find a shop, otherwise I'd pass it up five times before I can get to it!

Lady Melody says:

I mostly like maps because when the game didn't have maps it was hard to find where your task is building from building but, now they have maps so its more easier to find where your task is :D

Gueegoy says:

I never knew there were faster toons! And cog battles are faster? Awesome! But my favorite toon-up has to be the map. It's SO annoying trying to find that one building for that one toonotask. Thanks, Flippy!

clover says:

mm, its probably the street M.A.P.S. and the cog battle skip button that i like best.

Paradise says:

Faster toons!

Star says:

Quicker battles DEFINITELY

Mac says:

i like the skip dancing button

prince chip 33 laff says:

all of these are great

Pinkiepie says:

I like the skip button. It makes cog battles so much faster. Before then my toon tasks would fly away while i was dancing. THANK YOU AGAIN TOON TOWN HQ!!!!!

Little Frizzy Thunderswirl says:

I would say the best part about these new updates is being able to skip battles! It's going to make toontasking faster and more fun!

Dark Moon says:

I like all of them. :D

Overdog says:

M.A.P.S! Coupled with faster Toons getting to your destination is much faster, especially that the maps show all the little alleyways!

Popcorne (57 laff) says:

I think the faster cog battles cause then I can get my reward and go bust more cogs! XD

Ladybug says:

I love the quicker cog battles. Makes for better training! :)

Penelope says:

I really like the new M.A.P.S.! Finding buildings for toontasks is great, and the Cog percentages were a nice touch!

SuperRufflewoof says:

Maps, without a doubt in my toony brain.

Cow {54 laff} says:

i like the street maps because it helps you figure out where your task buildings are

J.C says:

Thanks To ToonTown Round-Up I Have So Much Fun, The Cog Battles, The Walks, Street M.A.P.S. & The Party Plans Too!

Tigerheart says:

i like the quicker cog battles :D

Josh says:

Believe it or not, i dont like the MAPS because it takes out the fun of attempting to find that last buildings or cogs!!!

Kirby says:

Cog battles by far :D

summer says:

I think I like the skip button best because I be tired of waiting for it to get to my page so thanks! That was my answer

Pearl says:

I love the street maps! I used to go back and forth looking for shopkeepers. Thank-you Disney!

Mister Loopenzilla says:

Street maps. Definitely the street maps

Silly Rainbow Robotoes says:

I like the Street M.A.P.S., and the skip button!

carter 57 laff says:

i like the skip button for the battles

Angie says:

They are all fun!

Queen Of Hairballs says:

I love the new skip option on the battles, since dancing the whole time takes the fun out of training with friends and wastes time, but the street M.A.P.S. make life so much easier too! It's hard to notice the difference with faster toons for me, but maybe that's just because I'm so used to it now XD.

Rosalina ( 101 Laff ) says:

This is a Very hard Choice, Hmmmmmm...... Oh yes! The Toons Run faster, :). I personally don't remember before this Toonup, but the faster, the better ;) Toons of the World, Unite!

Flame Angel says:

Thank you for all the toontastic improvements, but my favorite ones are faster toons and quicker cog battles. Thank you toon council! P.S. Toons of the World Unite!

queen rainbow says:

all the updates are great thanks toontown :)

Violet says:

i love all of them thanks toontown!