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Toon-up for Better Cog Battles!

After Cog-busting contests and mega-invasions this summer, the Toon Resistance has learned lots of valuable info thanks to you Toons battling back those belligerent 'bots. Their new toon-ups to Cog battles make it easier and faster to get your rewards for crashing those cranky Cogs!
Cog battle toon up
You’ve probably already noticed how quickly the Reward Screens display now, after those Cogs go SPLAT!!
And if you’re defeating Cogs alongside other Toons, you can now skip over the other Toons’ Reward Screens to get right to your own rewards - or to get on with busting the next Cog!


Just click the new SKIP button on a Reward Screen to jump to the next one.
Or you can also use the “Esc” key on your keyboard.


Grab some gags and battle more Cogs to try out these Toontastic toon-up improvements today!


Posted on July 11, 2013 to:

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Violet says:


Phonix says:

I've been waiting for this, but I never would have though it would happen! Thanks!

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

Hoorah! Speeding up the rewards! What a toontastic idea!

Free Hug says:

Thanks for this update!

Boogerdoggy (106 laff) says:

Wow! I've been waiting for this for a while! Its on testtown so i know what its like. Thank you flippy and the Toontown council you rock! Toons of the world, unite!

Chris says:

Wow can't wait to skip the dancing alot more faster it saves me time to chase up some more cogs.

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

This is exactly what Toontown needs! Less reward time. More cog-busting, gag-getting, doodle-training, building-stomping, kart-racing time!

Sparkleknees says:

Finally! Thank you so much! :D

Stewy says:

Good update BTW :)

Sir lucky sparklesprinkles (96 laff) says:

Wow! I have not been able to help friends because of how long the reward screens take to end. but now,i can skip through!

Monty Bananatooth says:

Yes! I was waiting for this to go on!

Klonoa says:

This is amazing!

swagger boy says:


CNC (112 Laff) says:

Awesome! Thanks so much! This will make it a lot easier to get through battles!!!

nice bear says:

i love this very much

Moon Berry says:

Hmm... That seems really useful to ZOOM right through things! Cool.

Gracey says:

Sweet! Looks like we can defeat cogs even MORE faster now!

Mr. Flufferz (45 laff ) says:

Wow this is great! Finally there's a skip button.. I always wanted a skip button since I started Toontown. This will help me train my gags a bit faster so I'm gonna use this a lot

Totally Eva says:

Wow, cool! I love defeating cogs and earning points for new gags!

Bonnie (Uber/75 laff) says:

Finally, been waiting for this forever! Glad so that I can get onto busting other cogs faster now :P

super says:

Yes i can finally get done with boss battles more easy with skip dances!!!!

captain jake junnycrash says:


Dee Dee Poodlenoodle says:

Isn't it suspicious that the Pencil Pusher is smiling?

Max Funnysplat (46 laffer male cat) says:

Awesome! Watching me dance was SO boring. Thanks, Flippy!

Jonathan says:

Thank you for this! Now I can get my rewards faster than ever!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Nice addition! Hopefully it's improved! :)

fireball says:

Awesome thanks!! now when a building drops I can skip and get to twice as fast Thanks!!!

Sir Comet Rufflescooter says:

Back before, I thought that the cog fighting process was pretty slow. And was slowed down even more with those animated street objects dancing in the beginning of the battles. But this minor update from the test server to the live servers made all other toons able to bust cogs faster than usual now, I'd say, this was a good update to the live server.

Pinky Pie says:

Awesome! Finally it's on open, I love this new add to the game, thank you!

Cocnut Sparklenoodle says:

Woo! Toontown is getting better by the day!

Little Fireball says:


domino lemonpow (laff 108) says:

YAY!!! im so glad you guys added this

Isabella says:

Horray! That's a great update. Thanks Toon Council.

Happy Doggy says:

Wow! That's toontastic! After all our hard work, it pays off!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Wow! Toon Battles can go faster now!?!?! Thanks Toontown for making the skip button!

Tick-tock says:

Wow! Finally its released! Its been on test for awhile now its released for the non-members to!

Turtle says:

Awesome update! Will help me get my cog busting done faster! :)

Believe N Miracles says:

:) happy now thanks :)

Trappenbocker says:

Thank you, Toon Resistance! Me and my friends are very grateful to have you around!

Rhinomash says:

Yay finally thank you toontown!

Thats Mr Teddy says:

Such a great upgrade, i'm all about going faster! Thanks Toontown. :)

Brook says:

FINALLY! I really wanted to speed this battle up!

Isabella says:

Horray! That's a great update. Thanks Toon Council.

domino lemonpow (laff 108) says:

YAY!!! im so glad you guys added this

Good ol' Popcorn ( 110 laff ) says:

YAY!!! i have been waiting for this feature! Thanks Toontown Council! :D

Lady Melody says:

wow! I love this new update thanks toontown! :D, its more faster then waiting to be done dancing

Arctic Glacier (36 laff) says:

THANK YOU FLIPPY! This is a Toontastic update I say!

Crystal Chow Chow says:

WOOHOO! I saw this on Test and couldn't WAIT for it to come out

Princess Poodleswirl says:

This is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Foxy Foo says:

Hooray! Now I can finish my tasks easier!

Master Loopy (105 Laff) says:

I like the new skip button it makes battling cogs more faster.

Snowflake ( 95 laff ) says:

Oh my gosh!!! Right when I read this my mouth was wide open!!!! :O :O :D Thanks toontown!!!

Geri says:

Awesome! Great new feature. Thanks for the update! :D

Ginger says:

Wow! Nice!

Galaxy Rapid Wild Wolf says:

Finally! I've been waiting for this. I'm very glad you added it into the game. Thanks so much! Thanks to you Flippy too! :) Toons Of The World Unite!

Sir Mac Crinklepocket says:

Hooray! I've been using this in Test. Very helpful. It's one thing I've wanted, because the dances tend to be long.

Silly Bonzo Wonderstink says:

This is just awesome :D

Skater says:


Pat says:

ah! Finally! That dance is so much better when it can be sped up and finished :D

Sylvan says:

Sweet, we totally needed this. Thanks toontown!

Monki says:

Finally this is on the live server! This was on Test Toontown and it was a great idea. I'm so glad it's on the live server now! Thanks to you Toontown workers, we can have so much fun fighting cogs and at the same time go busting the next Cog! Thank you so much Toontown, and I hope there are many useful and exciting updates coming up soon!

King Fireball says:

Thanks for the new update!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Ruby says:

I love the new skip button because now i can see what i got faster! it rocks! Also i hope we get some more new improvemeants Nice Idea toontown!

Black Mist says:

Wow, an update. That was unexpected. But this does make all the difference! I can't believe that we can just skip dancing in battles and run into another. :D Thanks Toontown. Keep up the amazing and unexpected.

Wacky says:

Finally! I've been waiting for this for so long! Now I can bust cogs alot faster! Thanks Toon HQ!

Sage says:

This is toontastic! Thanks, Toon Council! This certainly speeds up our silliness by the max! The max of pies, that is! Toons of the world, unite!

Organic Ducky says:

Where has this been all my life?

Eclairs says:

I love this button! It's really useful if you're fighting cogs and dancing while hearing a cog building sound and you just can't wait to defeat that cog building, but you have to dance first. Now we don't have to! Thanks Toontown :)

Lady Dandyberry says:

I'm so happy now :D Thanks!

Master Knuckles says:

Amazing addition to the game, speeds things up for more toony moments :)

Tom Kookynoodle says:

After 4 years of playing this game, I always had to wait for the other Toons' rewards to go by. Now I don't have to! Thanks a lot!

Sweetie Belle says:

Thanks for adding this feature! Sometimes I'm in a rush to bust some cogs and train my gags and the dance kinda slows me down.. Now without going on test tt i can skip the dance when needed! :) Thanks again I was waiting for this to come out!

Captain Mac Bumbersnoop says:

Now we can move on to other cog battles faster! They sure wont like that! Let's hope there aren't any more mega invasions in response to this.

Baron Ricky Thundergadget (105 laff) says:

The skip button is a great addition to the Toontown community. I hope that many players receive it openly and enjoy racking up the gag points and not having to worry about long waits!

Athen Luv says:


Kippy Kookyquack says:

YAY this is a great improvement thank you!

Teddy says:

A fine toontastic update to the reward screen really helps for a quick battle. Oh and by the way, Toons of the world, Unite!

Wubs says:

YES. YES FINALLY. I have been waiting for this for so long, YES...

Roxy Thundertoon says:

I think this is a wonderful step forward! Thank you!

Sheriff Raven says:

I'm glad they have added the skip button. :)

Cocoa Crumble says:

Woohoo! I've always thought this was such a good idea in Test Town, I'm so glad you've added it to real Toontown :D

Noisy Bizzy DoggenPhew says:

Too fast, less amazement for when I get new gags :(

Beantowne says:

This is just AWESOME !!!!! Thanks TT. Makes me even more excited to play now

Silas says:

I dont like waiting for other Reward screens so I will like this!

Jellybean Fest says:


Prof.Lionel Bumbermash(65 laff) says:

I think this is a toontastic toon-up! Thanks Flippy!

Master Dynamite Poodledoodle says:

Awesome,now if i could just get my final sound task......

Fat eddie bear says:

Wow now cog battles will be a SKIP hop of a jump! faster then a dance hop and a jump!

Rosalina says:

Oh thank you! This is very useful when my friend is in trouble and when he or she needs help :D Thanks you for the update, Toon Resistance, :)

crinklemarble ( 70 laff ) says:

FLIPPY!!! ur the best! im getting my grand piano soon so this will be faster for me :D thank you! this is awesome, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

lady jinxnsout says:

Neato!!! I am very happy about this skipper!!!!

Tricky Zooblegargle says:


Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

Skip Dancing? Oh i cant do that! i Love Dancing!

Fuzzypop says:


sensationalcat says:

hey thanks, sometimes i like to get training again after a battle or a boss battle.

Captain Stubby Whiskersplat (107 laff) says:

Awesome! I loved having this feature on the test servers and could not wait to have it on live! Thank you so much! Toons of the world, unite!

Colonel FlipperTeeth says:

I love this new idea! It has helped my little toon Rosie with her hard tasks. ;)

domino mctoon says:


Toontownrules says:

Yea now i can battle Twice the cogs!

Sable says:


Hope says:

Cool! They also have it on Test Town. It's awesome and thanks for the update! :) - Hope

Super Bluey says:

Hmm.... skipping to the reward screen of other toons can be both good and bad to me. On one hand(or paw, wing, whatever you want to choose), you can see YOUR rewards quicker, but on the other hand(or paw, wing, whatever you want to choose), you might not see what the OTHER toons get(they could be your best toon friends). To wrap things up like a Christmas present, I'm neutral on this new addition.

Alvin (laff 108) says:

YAY I saw this when i was on test town and you guys finally added it

milkyway says:


Rhysh says:

Toontastic! Now I don't have to wait forever to get moving on to the next cog! Thanks, Toontown!

Prof. Von Crunchypop (75 laff) says:

Yayz! It's finally on normal toontown!

yolo says:


Moonstream (49 laff) says:

This is Toontastic! Now I don't have to wait to know when I get my brand new gags! Hooray! Keep Calm and Throw Cream Pies - Sincerely, Moonstream

Cate says:


Super Snorkelton says:

Wow, going through cogs is so much faster now. Thanks!

Mr. Rickey (112 Laff, Royal Blue Mouse) says:

Wow they finally added this feature from test! :D

Prince Zippy says:

yes! now i can speed it up to see if i get a gag

Prof.Mac.Flippermonkey says:

In my honest opinion, I didn't think you were listening to what we toons were trying to add into the game. Thank you for proving me wrong :)

Puppy says:

Wow :o amazing! thanks toontown love ya and your game!!!! xD

Violet Twinkleswirl says:

Finally finally! My friend has told me about the skip button many times and I'm super excited to have it!

Ginger Zillergoober says:

I'm pretty glad this new feature is added, even though I sometimes find it interesting to look at the other toons rewards. But I guess this will help after a really long battle where the rewards never seem to end :P So thanks for this! :D

Little Flapjack says:

Thanks for adding this guys! Its really helpful and lets us do what we need to do faster! Your awesome :D!

DandielionSplat says:

Thanks so much! It really is going to help me out! And my friend who does it with me to. yay!!!

Toon says:

I like the new Skip Buttons So when a cog i need is coming towards the battle i was in i could hurry and skip before it flies away! :D

Megacrunch (108 laff) says:

Pretty good idea to skip battles. Sometimes I have to log off right when they are dancing so I have to sit there waiting until the Toons are done. I am so glad this update came out :)

Furry Paws says:

The Skip Button was on Toontown Test too, It's so EPIC!

Cranky Peppersocks says:


Scout says:

Thanks ;)

Cuddles says:

Ty very much

Solitare says:

I'm not dreaming am i?

Redstone says:

Woot woot!

Purple Cat says:

This is the best update ever

captain domino octoburger says:


Rollie Rufflebumble says:

YES!!!!! I've been waiting for this FOREVER! I can go and help my friends after a battle FASTER instead of say ' Sorry, it'll be a while, I'm dancing '

Queen Raven Sparklebee says:

This is so exciting! Some toons earn alot of rewards so its awesome to be able to skip through them!

Destiny says:

This is cool

Violet Fuzzyswirl says:

This is a great idea! It can save time for toons all over the world!

Captain Dee Dee Bumbercrumbs says:

I will love to skip

Little wacky says:

This is amazing toontown :)

Bella Twinle -61 Laff- says:

EEK :DD! I'm so glad you guys added this! Ty!

moe banana burger says:


Cool C.J (85 laff) says:

Yay, i can finally skip to the end. FINALLY THE BATTLE IS SHORTER. BTW just 1 bad part, YOU CANT SKIP IN BUILDINGS! Great update toontown Thanks!

Sally says:

Finally!!!!! Another GREAT addition to Toontown! Now i can focus more on maxing my toon even quicker! BRILLIANT! :D

monkeyman says:

So happy thank toontown

Mr. Duck says:

Thanks it helps me out with the level 12 cogs task!

pink nolan says:

Best update for a LONG time :)

Lady deedee dandy doodle says:

Wow after so long y'all finally added thx!!

jewels says:

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm speechless. :') And crazy about it.

Satfire says:

Thank you toontown!!!!!!

Banana Split says:

This is great I honestly love it!

Robot ( 37 laff ) says:

Wow :D Its really awesome, Me and my friends wanted something bigger tho. We still liked the faster rewards. Its kewl.

Cc says:

I'm so happy about this! Now if I complete a toon task, I can see it faster! :)

joshua (63 laff) says:

oh WOW IM SO PUMPED!! I cant believe this!! this is awesome the cogs will be defeated 2 times is much and they will LOSE!! toons RULE cogs DROOL!!

Sparkletwist ( 106 laff ) says:

I really love it! Great addition!

mr biggins says:

I love tt but this makes it even better

Master Toon says:

I expected this to be here after doing Testtown, this is a good update.

jake says:

yay thanks toonntown and toontroopers i really wanted this!!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Awesome! Now I don't have to wait for the other Toons to stop dancing and I can be on my way much faster! Thanks Toon Council!!! Cuz im not a very patient guy ya know.

jake says:

thank you!!

Lily says:

it's really great and ALOT faster! thanks x

lily blondie says:

Thank you so much for adding this!!!! We needed it!!

mew(64 LP) says:

Just like in the test server! Awesome!!!

Beary Cool says:


Colonel Bonzo says:

It's about time you updated this game

midnight says:

This skip button is toontastic!

kyley (123 laff ) says:

finally someone added this now there is more time to bust cogs !!!

Luna says:

This is great! Finally I could defeat cogs faster and it helps me with my toontasks a lot! I love this<3 :3

crazyclyde lemonzoom says:

I like this new idea. Its so cool!

Princess Violet Sparkle Muffin says:

I love this idea! I always love to see my rewards and to see if I got a new gag so this is perfect! I can just skip ahead to my toon and I don't have to wait! Thanks Toon HQ!

princess whiskers says:

I'm working on alot of ToonTask work! Thanks everyone! And a BIG thanks to Flippy!

Fuzzyspeed says:

Not that impressing but ooooh well :I

Fluffy says:

Finally ive been waiting for this!

Zachary (51 laff) says:

Thank you! now if im doing a task i can skip the dance and move on!

cupcake says:


Prof. Max Twiddlejinks says:

I REALLY didn't think Toon HQ would make a speed up button. But I sure am glad they did! Toons of the world unite!

cool violet says:

I been waiting for this along time!

Colleen says:


Princess Cuddles says:

I saw this update on Test Town, and i'm so happy you finally brought it to the live game! I can't wait until we can hold more toontasks, next! Thanks, toontown! :)

Saben (90 Laff) says:

WOW This is going to be a quicker way to finsh the rewards to not waste your time! Thanks Toontown!~

Amnesia (2 track Uber) says:


Guardian Angel (34 laff) says:

I've been waiting forever for them to add this to Live! Thank you! Toons of the world Unite!

mr biggins ( 65 laff ) says:

This is a so cool improvement to toontown

greenberrysweetpie says:

i really like it now that you can skip the dancing wich use to be long and you cogs wach out

Lily says:

Wow thats Great :) I can't wait to try it out, Thanks!

Master bebop says:

Honestly I don't like the fact they sped it up. I would like for them to keep the skip button for things like vp's, but I can rarely see what is going on because it is sped up so fast

Little Star says:

It's OK Everyone will stop the Cogs and get ready.

William says:

I never thought that something like this would be added to the game. Thanks, Disney!

Roxy says:

This is the coolest idea I ever heard! :D

Yukio says:

About time! Thanks, ToonTown.

Yoshe says:

Now i cant waste my time dancing in cog battles when i dont need this cog!

Aiden says:

I love this update is was testtown to toontown love it Thanks toontown!!

normal bear says:

wow! thanks now I can get cracking last time I was stuck on the battle menu and had to log off now I cannot get stuck again!

J.C. Wildcrash says:

Finally I can spend more time cog busting!!! I have been waiting for this!

Mister Boo Boo Rockendorf says:

the new skip button is AWESOME!!! thanks!!!

Seoul Nightz says:

omg...I've been waiting for this for so many years... thank you

Lux says:

This is an awesome update! Thanks!

Princess pancake crunchysprinkles says:

Yay! thank you!!! :)

mariio says:

I got to battle the cogs!

Green Dog 105 Laff says:

Finally :D Ya Added It Ive been Waiting an long time for it :D thx toontown

Lane says:

Cool! I Can Fight More Cogs Faster Now!

Mister Funny Muffin says:

Thanks so much, it really gets put in good use when your doing battles! And lots of other toons are enjoying it too! Keep up the good work!

Crazy dusty spackle goober(83laff) says:

Another thing that would be cool is if you could skip the elevator for cog building and factories and boss fights but if you were not alone in the elevator it would be a vote with other toons

Midnight Solo says:

Wow thx! now, i can go and hurry to the next cog before it flies away!

Imax says:

Sweet! One thing that annoyed me when in a rush was the reward screen.

Lawlsworth (137) says:

awesome! now I can do bosses even faster! what a toontastic idea!

Cricket (116 laff) says:

Im So exited for this thank you Toon Resistance!!!!!! This will be a big help!

Bella says:

Wooooooooooooow thanks for the skip button! It's more useful than it looks. Please make more awesome updates as much as you can! :D

Mackenzie says:

This is so useful :D Thank you so much toon resistance xP TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE XD

bubble snuffin says:

Ha ha it was a good idea for them to put the skip button up... And the jelly beans are faster... Yay toontastic

Cadence says:

Cool! this is a nice skip button

Queen Bee says:

Thank you ToonTown!! This is a wonderful addition to the game! Now we have more time to bust some cogs!

Robin says:

It goes faster now! :D thanks Toontown you rock! :D

Emma says:

I think the update was very helpful. It was my favorite one yet!!

Rusty (121 laff) says:

This is incredible. So many of my friends have gone sad because I couldn't help due to the reward screen. Thanks Toontown!

Lollipop Lemonswirl says:

Thank you very much. I loved it!!! :D

Super Red says:

New update! Awesome!

Tan Monkey says:

Thanks! Now I can catch that Flunky before he goes away!

miss violet bananamonkey says:

it has made a big difference in my game time play and i now set out for more toontasks i await egerly for more updates and improvements thanks toontown staff

kody says:

i can finally fight cogs faster thank you

Cheese And Quackers (57 laff) says:


Rosie says:

I love it!!! When there is a invasion i need to catch i love that i can just skip it and move on and get the next cog! :)

Black Cat says:

I love you adding this to live Toontown! It makes fighting cogs easier. It makes us more geared up. We are going to fight more cogs from this day on. We will be called : The Super Toonteam!

dragon says:

It is a great idea I have been ranting and raving because the rewards took too long. I can never get enough toontown.

Shaynee says:

Thank you very much for adding this.

callidus (105 laff) says:

Yay! I Loved this on test, Great thing it's Live now!!!

Riolu says:

It is a very welcome addition to the game.

Freedom Flag (46 laff) says:

Nice work toons! Now we can do our tasks faster and bust those cogs! My friends are going crazy now that you guys added it to the live server LOL. So toons, keep busting those cogs and get freedom back into our hands as my name stands its FREEDOM for all toons!! We are going to put the cogs plan to an END!!! Toons of the World, Spend Wisely! Toons, of the World, Gag-up! Toons of the World, Unite!

captinmax super fish says: