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Toon Troopers’ Special Summer Thank You

Toon Trooper summer code

The Toon Troopers had a blast with Toons in their Silly Summer Parties, and they want to share a special gift to help remember all the wacky fun:

Silly Summer Shirt
The Silly Summer shirt!

How do you get this Toontastic new shirt for your Toon?
The Troopers cooked up a secret summer code you can use in Toontown to receive the shirt!

Where is the secret code?
Check out today’s new issue of Toon News… For the Amused! inside Toontown.

Don’t miss the “Talk of the Town” section for all details - and enjoy!


Posted on August 03, 2012 to:

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Duke Fireball says:

i will go and do that right now!

wilbur ( 107 laff ) says:

i saw lots of toons with toontastic shirts! like this and im getting one now!

Cool Cheezycrash (65 Laff) says:

I like the way the shirt looks, I think it definitely could tie a toon's outfit together!

Snowy says:

Wow! Thanks!

king beaniejinks says:

finally a shirt to go with the great season thanks so much!!!

Ginger says:

I'm going to find that as soon as possible

Silly Lily Fizzledoodle says:

Awesome! I cant wait to go around Toontown and show off my new shirt!

Blue Bubblegum says:

I love the shirt, I've got one of them myself, and it totally goes with any outfit!

Lily ( fifty five laffer ) says:

Sweet! I just got the shirt and im rocking it!

tiger says:


Thunderbubble says:

YAY! I love this shirt. Perfect for summer! REMEMBER, summer is NOT over yet! So dont get all worried with school on its way. I said that because TONS of my friends are worrying about school. My answer, Hakuna matata.

Miss Roxy Wondertwist says:

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! The sun has a face and sunglasses. That is awesome

Flipper says:

This is so cool! I got my shirt, and realized so many toontastic toons were wearing the exact toontasic shirt I was!! Have a super uper duper toontastic summer, everyone!

Primrose says:

Love it! Can't wait to get it today! :D

Fishy Kitty says:

It was a blast! Thank you toontroopers! And a warm summers end to all!

Eliya says:

I love it! Im going to type in the code right now! :D

Looloo says:

Wow! this is really cool! I've gotten it for a few of my toons already! Thanks!

Rainbowdiamond says:

i love the toontasic shirts!!! im wearing mine now!

Brittany says:

Nice shirt. I'm a bit of a fashionista, so this helps me create more toontastic outfits! Happy summer peeps! XD

Duchess says:

Cool I got that shirt! It is Toontastic I got all my toons one

Jake Rockentoon (19 Laff) says:

I love it! I also saw lots of other Toons wearing the Silly shirt as well! It goes great with my orange shorts! And it goes best with... SUMMER ACCESSORIES! Best shirt EVER!

Teddy says:

That shirt is awsome! I'm getting it NOW!

Lady Daphne Snorkelpoof says:

I love my new shirt, Thank you so much. It fits just right! I'm going to wear it the rest of the summer, and again in the winter to remind me of all the fun of summer in TT.

Miss Lily HulaHopper says:

Already got it! THX SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Sparkle says:

Wow, that's Toontastic! Thank you!

Smores' says:

Thank you guy's so much for the Shirts! I love them. ;)

princess says:

i did that :D thanks toon troopers it matches everything i have and now i have a special shirt to go along with all of my other coded shirts :D

Orange Dog (120 laff) says:

Awesomeness!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

Midnight Spirit says:

I look totally Toontastic in my new sunny summer shirt!

Lemon Pop says:

This shirt is so toontastic! I will go get it right away! :D

Candy Pop ( 108 laff ) says:

I am totally going to get one! They look really good! I love the sunglasses on the sun.

Princess Melody says:

Awesome! :D XD :P Love the new shirt!

Snow Kitten says:

I have that shirt on my toon right now. :)

Charlie says:

yay i finally get new clothes sweet! thank you toon troopers

Whiskers says:

I have the shirt!!! I wear it all the time! Toons of the world unite!

Memory says:

Yeah, today i saw lots of people wear the Silly Summer shirt. It is cute! :)

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

I can't wait to get the shirt!You rock ToonTown!

Zowie Zooble Zilla says:

I see alot of toons with these shirts and i have one too! it would be so cool if you could do a shirt like this for the other seasons (even though summer is my favorite!)

Romeo Blubbermash (100 laffer) says:

I cant wait to show those cogs what great t-shirts we have to bust them up!

sandstorm says:

we havent had a shirt like this in forever!!!! thank you toon troopers!!!!!!

Hippopowers says:

everyone is wearing the shirt!!!! this will be a silly summer!

Fat Flappy Picklesticks says:

Neat cant wait to check out the cool new shirt!

Farrah says:

Everyone is wearing this shirt! I look around and there is at least one toon wearing it! Thanks for the TOONTASTIC shirt!

master jake says:

it's cool:D

Cow (42laff) says:

I already got my shirt. Cant wait to wear it. Toons of the World Unite !

Tree Rex says:

I love the shirt!!!!! Thanks Toontown

Peppermint says:

I love this shirt! it goes good with every outfit of mine!

Tall And Useful (137 laff) says:

The shirt looks COOL! i'll be sure to enter the code! Thanks a bunch Toontown!

Pink cat says:

It is very good! Especially if your not a member I hope there will be more soon!

princess zowie poodle muffin says:

all my toons have that shirt! now we can show the cogs who's boss! >:D

Sheriff Meganerd says:

I like it! I'm going to get it right now!!

Master Fireball says:


Toony ( 85 laff ) says:

This shirt is toontastic! It matches everything in your closet! I can't even take it off i love it so much!

Jake (113 laff) says:

Thankyou very much toon troopers.

Sherrif Biscuit (59 laff) says:

Wow! this shirt is soooo toontastic! It goes great with my Trap pants, even nonmembers can wear it! its definetaly a special shirt

Always There says:

this will actually be really cool for me i'm just basically starting off so i can get this

Princess Kaits Noobish Uber (21 laff two track uber w/ maxed throw/squirt) says:

This shirt totally rocks! It goes with any outfit thanks so much for this ToonTown!

princess salty mc nugget says:

thanks so much toontown i love the shirt so much ty:)

Roses says:

Thank you Toontown! The shirt definitely brings out the sunny side of toons and looks great on everyone :) Enjoy summer everyone!

Deputy Thunderspeed says:

Oh Yeah I love this shirt

Samuel says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Rusty Wildcorn says:

Awesome! I was at camp this week so I missed the parties =( But this is great! Thanks!

Captain Biscuit says:

Sweet. Wonderful shirt for the most wonderful time of the year. ;)

Featherton says:

I really like this new and toontastic shirt Flippy! It really goes well with my yellow bow! :) I'm wondering though.. how did that pink ducky in the picture get his hands on those toontastic shorts? :o

dark blue dog (66 laff) says:

I really cant wait till i find out the code for that shirt!

Lucky says:

Awesome! I love the new shirt :D Thanks ToonTown!

Toonz says:

This shirt rocks!! many of my friends are already in them when we go in buildings

Cool MoMo MacSpeed says:

I love my new shirt! Thank you toontwn for making my summer toontastic!

Sahara (113 Laff) says:

Yay I love this shirt!

Roxy says:

This is awesome! I'd better go read Toon News For the Amused to find the code!

Crazy peaches (108 laff) says:

I Got it! i love this shirt! Its So Summer Silly!!!

mayza says:

THANKS for the epic shirt it makes me and my shark fin with straw hat and glasses look good

Little Robin says:

I did it...... IT'S SO COOL! It's like an item from flippy for members and non - members to get. :D :D :D!

Princess Rosie (red mouse 44 laffer) says:

Im so glad i enter the code and I am rockin that shirt!!!!!

dippy corny spackleswirl says:

I loved the shirts but i would have liked them more if it was a red shirt :)

ivy says:

Thanks toontown!!

Prof.crazybumpentoes ( 77 laff ) says:

Man I Love This Shirt! I Finally Found Another Good Outfit! Thanks Toon Troopers!

Mike says:

THANK YOU TOON Troopers you rock!!! The shirt is so toontastic it will shine bright right through the summer :)

Midnight says:

I love my shirt! it looks really good, goes with everything i have to thank you again toontown!!

Roxy says:

Wow! This is awesome, Toontown! It looks pretty and fits the whole "fun in the sun" theme! Now all we need are some sandals accessories to go!

andres says:

i would like for SUMMER to keep going on forever

squeasy lemon says:

i love the toon troopers

King fireball says:

HAHA!!! This shirt shows coolness, a sunny fun, and with a smile on its face, it always show we can have fun winning the hardest cog battles!!! Now........ ARE YOU WITH ME TOONS!!!

Princess Pearl says:

That shirt is the most toon-tastic shirt in the Toontown! I just love how it goes with my yellow bow!

Darkrose says:


Super Freja says:

AWESOME! the shirt is awesome xD go summer shirt!

Blueberry Blizzard says:

I really love this new shirt. I wear it every day. Almost every Toon I see is wearing it, even brand new Toons. Me and my friends on Toontown wear it to factories, Cog buildings, parties, and races. I love this shirt so much THANKS TT!

rocky says:

i love the shirt i just got it

Super Stinky Sourzilla says:

Oh my! I want the awesome shirt!!

Mister loopenzilla says:

Thanks toon council for the awesome new code! I love the summer shirt And bad news: I missed the Toon Trooper parties :( But hopefully I will be able to catch the next toon trooper parties! Mister loopenzilla over and out!

Flappy says:

Alright! When my trunk comes in, I'll buy a bunch of summer related accessories to go with this toontastic shirt. :D

Raven Featherswirl says:

Wow, I love the shirt! I hope everyone will get it!!! Because they should, lol.

Fancy Dizzymash says:

Looks fantastic!

Mikey(25 laff and gags level 4 and 1) says:

I like this shirt. Thanks! I like shirt and ToonTown!

Milkyway Midnight says:

I love my new shirt. Thank you troopers you guys rock.

Corine says:

I love this shirt! I am a new Toon and was bored of having a plain pink shirt, until I typed in the code and earned the cool shirt. Thank you Flippy and everyone else. TOONTOWN IS SOO FUN!

ryan says:

i think its great i love summer!

Maeve says:

I loved the gift! I am going to wear it everyday! Thanks ToonTroopers! Toons of the world unite!!!!!!!!!!

Prince Fireball (57 laff) says:

I love this shirt! Toontown ROCKS!

Max ( 16 laff ) says:

The shirt is toontastic! I can not wait to show it off to my toon friends! It goes with the season and my shorts! I want to give Toontroopers a thanks for the shirt! Have a Toontastic summer!

Little Nutmeg says:

This shirt is like a new trend in Toon Town now! Alot of my friends have this shirt! I even bought a few more clothes from the cattolog to match my new shirt!

junior says:

this is coooool

Sandstorm (77 laff) says:

SUMMER. LOL. I got my new outfit. CUTE!

master slippy says:

the shirt silly summer is very very cool with a color blue with a sun is cool :D

Lily Paddlezilla says:

I love my new shirt all my toons have it! It came so quickly I thought it would take a day.

Willow Purplezap says:

I got the summer shirt! it's fun.

terry says:

i love love love this shirt i love the sun but its rly hot