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Toon Troopers Play Party Elves!

Toon Troopers in Holiday Parties


Toon Parties are decked out for the holidays with SnowDoodles, falling presents, candy trees, and cozy Cogs – can anything make them more festive?


The Toon Troopers think so! And they’re going to crash as many Winter Holiday Parties as they can this week to prove it – with jellybean gifts for you!


Look for TEO, TAFFY, TESSA and TYCHO making surprise appearances in public Holiday Parties this Thursday and Friday, December 22-23!
These Troopers will be handing out candy beans in all Districts, so host your own Winter Party to celebrate the holidays!


HINT:  Be on the lookout for the Toon Troopers between 4pm - 5pm (PST) on Thursday,
and between 11am - 12pm (PST) on Friday.


It's easy to spot a Toon Trooper with the whistle symbol over their heads - and the jellybeans from their hands!


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Sadie says:

Cool! I've been trying hard to get in the "Most Jellybeans Earned" record and this might be my chance!

trixter says:

awesome! i can hardly wait

Princess Lily ( tan mouse ) 54 laff says:

AWESOME! I'm sure to be on at those times! I wanna meet a ToonTrooper and get some jellybeans! Thanks ToonTroopers! Happy Holidays Flippy and ToonTroopers!!! :D

silly lill says:

yay i cant wait to see them

King Pierre says:

I'm ready for this! I can't wait that the toon troopers will give me jellybeans to refill my bank! I needed it Soo badly! thanks toon troopers! see ya there

ariana says:

cool you guys (toon troppers) ROCK!!!!

Popsicle (60 laff) says:


Dash says:

Wow, I can't wait! So they will be appearing in parties and handing out jellybeans while they are partying around? Cool! Toons of the World Unite! :D

Rainbow says:

Wow i bet its going to be a snow terrific Thursday and Friday.

Sweet Candy says:

cool! i rarely get to meet toon troopers... :( but now i have an oppprtunity!! its like talking to a superstar lol

Lime Mouse (but im really blue ._.) says:

Aw yeah! Cant wait! Thanks toon council, looking foward to it.

Tapeon says:

I can't wait until this happens thanks toon troopers!

Popcorn says:

Fantastic! Thank you Toon Troopers!

Princess Biscuit Frinkeldorf says:

Oh my gosh im going to have a Winter Holiday Party ASAP! It wilol be so much fun! :)

Peaches says:

Wow im so glad I planed a party during that time frame. I hope the toon troopers would come. That would make my holidays!

Sunlight says:

Nice! I cant wait.! Troopers are extremely kind and fun to talk to! I love having them around :) Thanks ToonCouncil!

Tilly Rose Petal says:

Wow! This sounds great! I will be on later today and tommorow for sure! I can't wait! I have never met a Toon Trooper before.

The Dog says:

I can't wait! The Toon Troopers are so fun and we get loads of jellybeans!

Nathan says:

Awesome! I wish that they would be at all parties more frequently. I hope I don't miss it.

LadyMaxieFuzzydoddle says:

Cool! I need the Jellybeans, I have not bought any winter apparel yet!

nuttycrumbs says:


Powerpuff Vicky says:

Awesome! I'll look for them! :)

Alvin says:

This is going to really fun, and I hope I win so many jellybeans! Thanks from myself, and my friends! Hope the parties work out well!

Dogus says:


Ginger Zillergoober says:

Just another reason to love the holidays!

Rocket says:

If I Go To Winter Parties I'll Be On The Lookout For The Toon Troopers! Thank You Toontown So Much You Guys Rock!

Queen Megyn says:

Yay! I love the toon troopers! Not only do they give out loads of jbs, bnut they also are really nice!!! I'll be sure to make it to one of the parties to see the toon troopers. Thx TT

Loony Trickytoon says:

Cant wait! Thanks for doing this!

kingtwiddledoodle says:

i hope that the toontroopers will be at my party!!!!

Nutty Electropow says:

cool i was going to plan one anyway and i get jellybeans too thats even better

kylee says:

ok ill try to make it!

Kendra says:

COOL! Me and my little brother Duke Rufflecrumbs will be there today!

Heather. (dog, 17 laff.) says:

How do you get to be a toon trooper? Is there anything you can do to be one?

Dizzy Pedalberry says:

This is gonna be so much fun! I hope I see a Toon Trooper.

Blacky says:

Cool!! I'm gonna try to look for you!

Rocky says:

oOo I might throw a party to see if they come! What districts are they gonna be in?

Anita S'more Bananabread says:

So excited for this, I can't wait to buy all my friends giifts :), a phrase or two :D. I also need to buy a doodle for myself, and a holiday outfit, hehe =]. Toontown makes Christmas even better for us toons!!!

Crazy furball Dandypoof says:

Toon HQ, Will the toon troopers only be handing out beans or anything else? Have a toontastic holliday! -Crazy Furball

spooky says:

sweet! I am going to save up for new years eve!

Fluffy says:

This ROCKS! Now I can finally see the toon troopers and get a lot more jellybeans! :)

Precious Stocking says:

Wow! Thanks for letting us know! I'm gonna go plan my party right now! Wish me luck :)

Ginger says:

Do we have to be in a party to get the jbs or anywhere?!?! I want to get some jbs :)))) :D

Miss Sparklemarble says:

Cool I always love it when the Toon Troopers come we're going to get beans! :) Feeling:Excited!

Silly Dan says:

cant wait first time i get to see toon troopers

Sweet Bud ( laff 28 ) says:

i cant wait to meet them i never seen one before.So i cant wait hope i see lots of toons having fun :D

master spike says:

awesome its time for me to get the most jellybeans earned thanks to flippy and the toon troopers and toontown merry christmas

Princess Marigold says:

Thanks so much! This is going to be s cool!

wallyhuckletoes says:

yo yo yo toon tow hq i love the troppers ty for the jbs ant thank tou toon hq u da bes in the world!! O_o

comet (the real one) says:

awesome i can't wait to live this

puppy says:

how do u become a toon trooper?

Funky Mouse ( 108 laff ) says:


Hearted Bunny says:

Awesome! When it's time I'm totally going! Thank you Toon Trooper's, you're the best!

Super Daphne Purplesnout says:

Awesome I'm so excited!!!

Mr. Fancy Pants says:

This is so cool but do you think the cogs will try to capture the toon troopers while there at the party Flippy?

King Fireball (LP118) says:

since i saw my first toon trooper now i wanna party to see them and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Toons of the World UNITE

petunia says:

Amazing! I'll have to get to party's more often! :D

cedney[65 laff points] says:

All I can say is THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!Toons of the world unite!Happy Holidays!!!

Rhubarb Fuzzyberrry says:

:O:O:O:D:D:D THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have enough to host my own party but im gonna go to someone elses party. i hope i can find one because i need to buy the bird hat, alien eyes and the cog pack on all of my toons :O and anyways, how does one get to be a trooper if u can at all? and flippy, whats ur favorite colour of bean? mine is red

lucky star ( 65 laff now ) says:

This is amazing I cant wait thanks toon troopers and toontown!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

midnight marigold says:


Rose bud says:

I didnt see them!

Atemini says:

We saw one! So cool :D

Miss Spiffy says:

Cool! Me and my friend Hope are being generous and doing Surprise Party Bean Fests :D! We're popping up in different parties. I spoke with Toon Trooper Tycho and he told me to keep him updated :). Thank you Toontown! –Miss Spiffy P.S. That CFO has been defeated!

Queen Ginger Sparkleswirl says:

Cool! I'll keep a lookout this weekend. Thanks, toontown! I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with next!

Pinkey says:

Teo came to a partey today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary says:

I want to say thanks for coming to party

Good Ol' Fancy says:

Yay :D! I finally got to meet a toon trooper!

silly milly says:

will there be more at a party or one at a time? by the way sounds like fun

King Chunky Mcbubble says:

Toon troopers are so cool! I just met TOON TROOPER Tycho, he was really cool!

Queen Fluffy says:

Yay!!! I went today, and i can hardly wait for tomorrow!!! I've just met Tycho and Ted. They are really nice!!! :D

Cande says:

Ive only met Tycho, and I loved it!!! He gives a lot of jbs :D

Mo Mo ( monkey ) says:

Tycho is the best!!

Meowlicious Fireball says:

I was there for Taffy and Theo's Parties! I got 125000 and more jellybeans! It was AMAZINGG!

Queen Fluffy says:

Yay! I really loved it today. The Toon Troopers are so funny and kind!! I cant wait till tomorrow!! Thanks a lot, Toontown!! I really needed it. :) I love Toontown!!! (It's the best game ever!!! :D)

RaheemSuper says:

Yay it will be my first time to see a toontrooper :)

Deputy Fangs WonderSmirk says:

Aweeeesome!!! I neeveer met a toon trooper before!! YAAAAAY!!

princess twinkle fish says:

cant wait!!!!!! i need the jelly bean sooooo badly!!! :D

megasocks says:

thanks so much toon troopers

Fat peanut picklepop ( 86 laff ) says:

I hope i can go see a toon trooper and get alot of jellybeans! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!

Elizabeth says:


Crazy Ginger says:

Thanks. (: I'll be looking for them.

Master Goopy Poppenboing(48 laff) says:

These decorations are awesome. Keep it up Toon Council!!!! Toons of the world unite!

Miku says:

Sweet! Looks like fun!

Zoozoo says:

i waited for this.i might make a cristmas party next year.i want to earn 2,000 jellybeans by the end of next year.if i do,i will make a party!

Melody (90 laff) says:

I LOVE toon troopers coming! I've seen Taffy and Tycho and they give out ALOT of jellybeans! I'm having a party today (today is the 23rd) and hopefully they come! And when its over, I can't wait til they come again! PS: When I got the jellybeans, I got 12,200 jellybeans and now i have 9,900 or more! Thank you for everything!!! I LOVE TOON TROOPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! <3

crazylulu says:

were are the troopers were do the go were do the give jelly beans in toon town plz tell me?but it sounds so cool thx flippy for this cool christmas!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

What happens if we miss them? Will they celebrate the New Year? :)

carmen says:

toon troopers thank you for coming giving us jellybeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THNX TO TOON COUNCIL!

Falling Leaf says:

Cool i have been getting at least 800 jellybeans in last for days now this will just add to it and i might make a party and toon trooper will come! Toons of the World Unite

Dogybone says:

i have never seen a toon trooper b4 this is gonna be so awesome

Rainbow Sparklepop says:

I've been waiting to see them and now I can!!!! I'm going to head to a party now!!!! ?

Princess Trixie Dizzybouncer says:

When will the toon troopers come back? I will really miss them, with out their jellies, and with out their nice words! I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER TESSA,TAFFY, TEO, AND TYCHO!

Black Meow Meow says:

I have a question, if your party is full, will Toon Troopers still come?

Melanie says:

I think Ive seen a Toon Trooper and I got some jellybeans!

Claire (56 Laff) says:

Oh boy, that sure sounds like fun! I wish I had membership. Luckily, for Christmas, I'm super-duper positive I will get it! :)!!

Goldshade says:

Awesome! I'm going to get a membership, & I'd like to thank my good friend Brightspirit for promising to gift me! I think ToonTown is epic! Thank you, Toon Troopers! :D

juliet says:

cool i lovr the toontroopers there kinda cool to me . because they give toons lots of beans :)

Rocco Fuzzysmirk says:

Toon Troopers, thank you. Toons of the World, Unite!

Trixie Sparkletoon says:

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to try to find the Toon Troopers! Toons of the world unite!

Miss Ginger Beaniewoof says:

Awesome! I hope to get alot of jellybeans so that i can send my friends gifts! TOONTOWN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

princess twinkle fish (blue cat)64 laff says:

im going to see one! to get jelly beans :D and Toons Of The World Unite!

Cool Tricky Peppergoose says:

Toontastic! I can't wait! I want to meet a toon trooper!thank you toontown!

Grimsley says:

Epicness!! I can gift all my buddies for christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS :D!!!!! P.S. Flippy do you think it would be cool for a toon trooper to dress like santa and go to public parties :o?

Dottie says:

AWESOME!!!!!! The Toon Troopers are back. I think they are Super Awesome. I got to see Toon Trooper Tycho at a party this year and I got so many jellybeans that means I get to buy presents for my friends.

brianna says:

oooooohhhhhhhhhh this is gonna be fun because all toons get to meet a toon troopers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

silly milly says:

toon troopers look awesome. i cant wait to see them

Princess Wondermuffin says:

This is so cool! I hosted a party and they came!

princess ladybug says:

Wow! I will try to turn into a toon trooper because it is very awsome!

Popsicle (60 laff) says:

Awesome! Thanks ToonTown!

Melody McMuffin says:

Cool! I hope we have another Toontask Derby, like last year! Thanks Disney :)

princess says:

omg lol i cant w8 i am going to throw one right now p.s.IM SO EXITED!

Nice Toon(52 laff points) says:

Toon Troopers and Toon Council ROCK! thanx for this!

Kuro says:

Cool! I Think Ive met Tycho And Tessa ;) -Kuro