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Toon Resistance Alert: Beware the Bloodsuckers!

Bloodsucker Invasions


They've been popping up all over Toontown (even in Flippy's office!), and the Toon Resistance confirms that Bloodsucker Cogs plan to invade Toontown this Tuesday, October 30 through Wednesday, October 31!


These creepy Cogs are set to swarm in three waves each day:  2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. PST, then at 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, and finally at 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. PST.
All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.


For Toons who want to avoid the Invasions, the Toon Resistance used garlic cream pies (blechh!) to clear the following Districts as safe zones:

Crazy Grove       Goofy Valley
Gigglyfield           Silly Valley
Giggly Hills          Zany Acres


Toons unite and bust those Bloodsuckers 'til they're batty!
Let's show those ghoulish gaggles of gears that they can’t spoil our Halloween fun!


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Droopy (75 laff) says:

Hooray, now I can gag train so I can get my new sound gag. Thank you toontown, but the toons will not let the Bloodsuckers win! Toons of the world Unite!!

LilySparkleBerry says:

LETS GO GIVE THEM COGS A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE. right Flippy! Lets go fight the cogs

Bonkers Bumberphooey says:

I'm gonna destroy all of the Bloodsuckers. Every last one of them!

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

Our best option is to fight those cogs!!! They can't ruin Halloween for us!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO BLOODSUCKERS!!!

master crazy elctrospeed says:

there have been spying on us and breaking are gags sneeking in houses and stealing jellybeans they have a plan we need every toon we can get including the toontroopers TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Raven says:

Oh no! Their trying to ruin this years halloween! Dont worry flippy we can show them that they cant ruin halloween!

spike superwoof says:

NO!!!!! The Bloodsuckers are terrorizing Toontown! I bet the Lawbot C.J. sent them for Halloween!

Phonix says:

Thanks for the warning! I'll keep my eyes peeled for those bloodsuckers!

Say Meow says:

This is bad, but this is good! Because my task includes defeating 16 bloodsuckers! I'd better get my cream pies ready!

Ness says:

Bloodsuckers again? Wow! We better load up on gags! :)

kitten says:

WOOHOO! thats what i need for my toontask bloodsuckers

Cream says:

Toontastic! I can't wait to beat some of those mean Bloodsuckers!

Cat-a-stroph-boy says:

This will definitely be a good time, especially to train my gags and clean the streets. :D

Prof. Crazy TrickySplat says:

This is our time! It will be a good time to lower the amount of cogs. If you need gags to train, this is the time! TOONS, TAKE DOWN THOSE BLOODSUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny says:

Wow! GARLIC cream pie? That must of been horrible! I'll send those Bloodsuckers right back to their HQ with my new piano!

Igloo (Laff 55) says:

Thank you so much Toon Council now i can finish one of my toontasks! Thank you, thank you so much!

Ugly Wacky Snorkelburger says:

Toons of the world unite! Those bloodsuckers won't get by unseen!

Miss Vicky Jinxflip says:

THIS IS WRONG! Flippy, The bloodsuckers your office the day of the eerie encounter and now they are getting stronger, they are taking us toons by surprise AND WE NEED TO DEFEAT THEM! Recruit the best toons. Get out there and make Toontown a happier place! Because we are toons and we are AWESOME. Oh and one more thing, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

bandit says:

oh no!!! the bloodsuckers

big scooter poppenerd ( 56 laff ) says:

great, bloodsuckers are taking over. But we got a plan to defeat those bloodsuckers!!!!!! Toons of the World Unite!!!!!! :D :D happy halloween!!!!!!

Zeppelin says:

heh heh. I gotta get a bloodsucker toontask. lots...and lots...of...BLOODSUCKERS. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! BWAHAHAHA!

Chocoloate Cake says:

Grrr, I knew those nasty Bloodsuckers were planning something! Watch out toons! Also, watch your office, Flippy! Toons Of The World Unite! :)

FlapJack says:

i saw the bloodsuckers when i logged on ._. i mean i went on the streets and trained my gags on them :D i hope they dont end :) plz keep the bloodsucker invasions coming i mean im training :D

dudley peperpop 79 laff says:


Artemis (44 Laff Red Cat) says:

:o Oh no!! Bloodsuckers are invading Toontown?! Well, they won't spoil my fun!! Because I've gotten lots of experience with these cranky machines! And we have more Toons than they have of Bloodsuckers probably. I just won't ever give up and will tell my friend Mr. Giggles Bear about this invasion. Toons of the world unite!!!!! We'll never give up Toontown and let those nasty Cogs turn Toontown into CogsVille!!

Scourge says:

Let's bat those bloodsuckers and leave them a memory they won't forget! Then, they might not invade next year! Gag up, Toons!

Ness says:

Toons of the world, UNITE!

anastasia says:

i will give my best. i hope you do too. we need to defeat them or they will destroy us! TOONS.....DEFEAT THE BLOODSUCKERS!

captain google zap says:

they just dont know when to give up

Tricky ( laff 75) says:

We better save halloween get out your marbles, lipstick,cream pies, hoses, AND AOOGAHS!!!!!

Princess Lollipop says:

I can't wait to get my hands on those Bloodsuckers! Muhahahahaha!

sweet spirit says:


Polyphony Digital says:

Oh no! The Bloodsucker Invasions! O_O I might gonna help to fight the Bloodsuckers, okay Toon Council?

Master Fireball says:

I don't think 'em bloodsuckers will get our town. C'mon toons we can do it! Toons of the World Unite!!!!!

Looney says:

It's sad how i'm going to miss this event! This is perfect for training gags and meeting up with friends to train them.

Mew Mew says:

Oh, I cant wait for the make-a-black-cat day SO MUCH!

sir max zillerwhip (74 laff) says:

they were right flippy! it is bloodsuckers!

The funny honey bunny says:

Bloodsuckers?! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can karate chop them all! or just use some of my gags to knock off the level ones and twos in a round.

Slate Blue Dog says:

This is such a good invasion for many ToonTasks are Bloodsuckers, and now we can do it while training our gags, fighting cogs, doing tasks and having fun!

miccy says:

bloodsuckers! perfect idea for halloween awesome!

mouseman says:

wow ok um... THERE ALL OVER THE PLACE! :) anyway have great halloween!

Omar says:


Super Toon says:

Awesome! Before I couldn't find any bloodsuckers and now theyre everywhere! :)

Capri says:

One time i was busting up Cogs there were like 5 Bloodsuckers!

Purranormal Meowtivity says:

All right toons! Gag-up and fight these vampire cogs! Toons of the world, Gag-up!

Super Spike Googleboom says:

Bloodsuckers now? Well, there not gonna ruin Halloween this time! Lets send them back to the C.J. so they can talk about failing there bloodsucking invasion! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

princess pearl bonginfoot says:

toons rule cogs drule!!! right flippy? by the way... toons of the world unite!

Super Spud says:

You know what, I just love to bust cogs! Especially the lawbot type! So lets get out there and bust some cogs! Toons of the world unite!

sam says:

woo woo we can stop those gaggles of gears from ruining our halloween fun and i have a toontask to destroy 100 cogs so i can defeat the cogs, get new gags and train for new gags. we can stop em! TOONS OF THE WORLD UINITE

Deputy Jellyroll says:

Why must the cogs try so hard? We'll just beat them in the end.....(lol)