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The Cog Pack is Back!

November means the chill of Halloween soon turns to a frosty, fun winter. Clarabelle says bundle up, with the wintry warm accessories making their way into the Cattlelog!
November accessories

Look your Toontastic best for the holidays with angel wings and a tiara, a red bow, or
a top hat! A backpack of toys and some jolly boots make a perfect pair for popping into holiday parties.

Or keep your Toon winter wacky as can be, with a jester hat, a pilot hat, boingy hearts, or a pompadour hairdo for boy Toons!
You’ll find the biggest, kookiest collection of winter boots, rain boots, Toon boots, loafers, Cog packand tennis shoes in this Cattlelog too.

Clarabelle also brings back two Toon favorites:
her very own heart-shaped glasses... and the Cog backpack!
Show those cranky contraptions you mean funny business, with a
little Flunky of your own!

TOON TIP: If you don’t see these accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry!
These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy and receive the trunk first, if you do not have one already.

Become a Member Toon
to wear and enjoy accessories
and all Toontastic Cattlelog items!


Posted on November 02, 2012 to:

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Cranky Flipperbubble says:

Thank you Toontown!!! I couldn't get this ( the cog backpack ) the first time it came, but now i can get it!!!! Thank you!!!

Mr. Blacky says:

Two words : VERY AWESOME

Pink Pie says:

YES!!!! Thank You so much toontown. I have been waiting for this forever! I missed it the first time. I LOVE YOU TOONTOWN! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! I love to say that :D

Cuddles ( 36 LP uber ) says:

YAY! I finally get the tiara!! :) Thank you guys so much for brining it back!! :D

Miss Spider says:

Yay! I can't beleive Clarabelle brought the old winter accesories back! I'm going to buy so many accesories, my jellybean bank may be empty!

Taffy (blue mouse 88 laff) says:

Ooh!!!! My friend has been asking for the cog pack forever!!!

Ugly Zippy Freckleblabber (109 laff) says:

This is great! Clarabelle, thank you for bringing back these fun accessories!

purplepounce says:

WOW THIS IS AWESOME! i would get one. i need to get membership though. COOl

Lola says:

Gotta love that cog pack :)

Bingo says:

Yay! Been waiting for that Flunky backpack forever it seems! Thank you...Thank you!! :)

Pierre Toppenspinner ( 26 Laff ) says:

Wow! Sounds great to me. I got my next Cattlelogs on Saturdays so that worked out well! I can't wait to get the Pilot Hat. I heard about the Pilot Hat for so long that I wanted it so badly. xP So now toons, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

darth lollipop says:

YAY! i need the flunky backpack! flunky's are my fav cog!

George says:

Can't wait for the cog pack!

Wacky Crinklesplat says:

If you look in the picture you can see Flippy is finally trying to have some fun with accessories :)

Cranky Peppersocks:105 laff says:


Dottie says:

Good thing the Flunky backpack is back, I've always wanted my own! :)

Green Big Dog says:

Wow you guys can't get any better! Thanks toon council ;)

Rhinotoon(56 laff points) says:

LOL!! I`m definateley getting ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

blue moon says:

YES! CAN'T WAIT! I love all the fabulous winter accessories! :)

Princess Violet says:

Whoa! The top hat I LOVE MAGIC!

Spring Leaf says:


Little Furball says:

I bought some of the new accessories just now and I'm LOVING it!!!

embulbee says:

Oh, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ive been wanting the cog pack FOREVER! thanks Clarabelle for bringing this stuff back!

Super Peaches says:

Awesome! Really want that Cog Backpack

andy 93 laff says:

i wanna get that so bad right now lol

Omar says:

YAY! More accessories! :D

Princess Biscuit ( 54 laff ) says:

Wow! Last year, when we had the tiara, I thought I would never get the chance to see it again! Thanks for bringing it back out! Also, Thanks for the Toontastic accessories that keep toons happy!

Dynoburger says:

Thanks guys! I always wanted the Cog Backpack!

Moonlit Moonrise says:

I just made this toon! I cant wait to dig into those new accessories! And clothes, of course. Right Flippy?

Wolf Paw Print says:

Yay! I Love the winter items for well winter! I'll feel so snug in my new accessories! Happy Holidays! :]

Trickster says:

I cant wait to see those in my Cattlelog. My other toons have all there winter wear and cog back pack, cannot wait to see em

spooky says:

OMG! ty so much!!!! i want the tiara so bad! im up for the frosty chills of winter

queen amy says:

Yay winter accessories cant wait to get them! :D toons of the world unite!

Paine (89 laff) says:

That's Great!!!! I hope I can get a lot of jellybeans to buy some tennis shoes!! :D

sandstorm says:

oh dear!!!! i have not completed my halloween accessories yet!!!!! time really flies by!!!!!!

Prince Sammie Dizzenknees says:

WOOOH cog backpack! I'm going buy, then wear it to a factory, mint, etc. Sorry cogs :3

Katia says:

The cog pack looks so awesome! I can't wait to get my paws on it!

Apollo says:

Yay, I've been waiting all year for these accessories! Thanks Clarabelle!

Skyler says:

Cool! I'm gonna get the Cog Backpack... It's so cute and it shows them cogs who's BOSS!!! :D

yellowtoad says:


ka boomer (115) says:

Toontastic! The top hat is my favorite accessory!

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

:O YEA!!!!!! I have been waiting for soooo long for the top hat, pilot hat, cog pack, present pack, jolly boots, etc, etc, lol The only problem is.... MY TRUNK IS TOO SMALL FOR ALL THESE AWESOME NEW/CLASSIC ACCESSORIES!! @[email protected]

Nightmare says:

Ooh! I can't wait for the new ascessories! Especially the cog backpack!

Igloo (Laff 55) says:

I can't wait to purchase one of the cog packs along with the other items!

Raven says:


Crystalis says:

Looks like I'll have to stock up on jellybeans...............

Fireball (86 Laff Rabbit) & Red (19 laff cat) says:

Red: The Cog Pack Is Back? SO COOL!!! Fireball: Calm Yourself, Red. Red: IM GONNA BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!! *Takes Of Running*Fireball: Ugh, He's ALWAYS Like That... *sigh*

sparky says:

AWESOME im gonna defintly get the cog pack!!!!!!! TY DISNEY TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

Yes!!!The cog pack is back!I already have it but it's a great chance for other toons that didn't get it! =]

Piper (60 laff) says:

Awesome I missed the cog pack the first time but now I can get it! I'm logging in right now! TOONNS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

Hooray! I wasn't a member last year, so I didn't get to but these! I will be getting a lot of these once they come around!

Poison says:

BRRR! It's sure cold all right well im gonna go camping in chip an dales wheres its warmer :)

Rit says:

I always wanted the cog pack :D :D :D :D :D

Weird fangs sparkle grooven says:

Awesome, I wanted a cog pack when they used to be able to be bought but never got one. so i will really try to get some jellybeans this time and buy one!

C.W. Funnydorf says:

Awesome the cog backpack is back :D!!!!!! All my friends had been asking me about it.

gotenks says:

Thanks Toon HQ. Gotenks out.

Cat's Chew Toy says:

Oh yay! I'm so happy cause I forgot to get the Cog Backpack last year. Thank you Flippy!

Memory says:

I'm glad that the old winter accessories are back. :) I didn't get a chance to buy the ones I liked because I had only 10 jellybeans. Thanks again! :)

princess Olive Jeepermash says:

Thats so COOL!!!

brianna says:

i cant wait tell the winter things come out

Angel says:

Wow i've been waiting for the angel wings because well my name is angel and i can't wait till i get the other accessories!!! TOONTOWN RULES

McFry says:

OMG im so excited for the cog-pack!! :D I've always seen Toons with them, but I thought they won them for a contest or something :P The cog-pack is like the best accessory out there :P

Amarillo Slim says:

It would be so much better if we had more clothing and accessory storage space at our estates. TT has created so many really great items for toons to wear but we have to delete them to add the new clothing and trunk items. Please consider creating larger capacity closets and trunks. Thanks!!

Prince Petakpocket says:

Yay! I will get my self some of these cool accessories! Expecially the tennis shoes!

alvin says:

Wow nows my chance to buy the toontastic cog pack i like the outfit you are wearing Flippy its toontastic :-)

Sherrif Biscuit says:

I cant believe the top hat and all these accessories are back! Toontown you are SO cool!! Thank you!!!

The funny honey bunny says:

Nice! ive been le waiting for the cog pack for ages! woooooooooooooooo! the tiara and toy backpack looks coolio too!

Ashley says:

Yay, can't wait to buy the Cog Pack! :)

Master Z.Z. LemonTooth says:

I see that it is coming the cog pack. I want it. Last time i couldn't get it. This time i can. I hope i have enough.

candy says:

GO COG BACKPACK :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

shamaleon says:

Toontastic! I can't wait to get my cog pack!

Jasmine The Present Fairy says:


Midnight Flower says:

Ooh! I'll get the tiara!!

Ashley Sparkle Star says:

Wow I Can't Wait To Get These Fun New Treads!

Pierre says:

Wow! I can't wait for winter! ( Too bad toons only wear shorts!) Nice look Flippy! Hehe

Fireball says:

I need that Cog backpack!!!!

Miss Furball (65laff pink cat) says:

ooo im so getting that thank you toontown!

Sherrif Biscuit says:

YEAH!! I love these accessories so much! Especially the Top Hat and the Pilot Hat. I've been wondering all year if they would bring them back! Thank you Toontown!

Loopy Lollipop says:

Hey Toontown- Thanks for bringing back the Cog Pack! I was not able to get one before, so I can save my beans for one now!

Cute Nice Owl says:

Yay! I have been wating for the cog pack. I hope you toons were waiting too... I was waiting for the Tiara also.... I'm gonna cheer and dance!

Bubbacca says:

I always wanted those rain boots, but my membership expired before I could get them. :( Now I can get them! I'm so excited! Tell Clarabelle thanks for me Flippy!

Doggy says:

I got the Cog-pack For my new black cat toons Shadow and slinky, both 27 laff so far. Wish me luck on battling cogs!

Princess Bubbles Twinklemuffin says:

Awesome! I've been wanting new winter accessories sooo badly! Can't wait to buy them!

Chocolate churro says:

I've been waiting for it to return!

Anonymous says:

I can't wait for the cog pack to come out!

Miss Star says:

I am hoping my cattlelog will come as soon as possible,I really want the cog pack and I hope other toons will get it too,also Toons of the world Unite!

Cool Lefty Twiddleflapper says:

Wow I'm so excited with the new and returning accessories! I hope everyone enjoys the accessories and the holidays! Happy Holidays!

The Aqua Magic says:


knuckles 33 laff says:

thanks!!! i always wanted a cog pack and now i could if i had enough jelly beans

Captain Stubby Whiskersplat (61 laff) says:

I love the little cog backpack and I HAVE to get one! I have the angel wings and I look forward to the older accessories coming back! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!! :)

little scooter pepperfidget says:

i'm ordering flunky backpack, the top hat, pilot hat, jester hat, heart shaped glasses, Toon boots, rain boots, winter boots and i think tennis shoes

The Cheese says:

OOO my favorite shoes are in that catalog! I hope i can get them! :D

Captain Corkey says:

That is VERY AWESOME!!!!!!

jake says:

LOL flunky backpack ha ha ha!

King says:

Thanks! I could not get it the first time. Now I have it! I also like the other stuff too.

Amoureux [116 laff] says:

I've been waiting forever to get the flunky backpack, its SOOOO cute xD

darth lollipop says:

YAY! i just ordered my cog pack! flunky's are my fav cog's!

Max Dandyswirl says:

I might need more Jellybeans for all this stuff! Thanks Toontown!

Colleen says:

I like the Flunky backpack but I do not have it.

Cool Furball says:

Would really love to have one... I hope my new catalog arrives!

Star Song says:

Aww :D These look really nice! I wish I was member... Then I could be zipping around Toontown in all the nice clothes and accessories! Still love them :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Murky says:

oh my gosh that is so adorable ;U;

Bubbles Friend says:

Finally!! I have waited ALL year for tiara! :)

Candy says:

you guys are going to need more way to make jelly beans because you up with all these ways to spend them !!!! GO COG PACK

Samantha toon says:

Thanks guys already have it!!!! Its awesome!!!!! :) XD

Spirit says:

Thank you toontown! I've always wanted this kooky cattlelog

amy says:

lol ty guys but i want the gag pack more

Red Dog (76 Laff) says:

Yes! Can't wait to wear the Cog Pack! Thanks Clarabelle!