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Thanks "Fore" A Swinging MiniGolf May-nia!

Thank you to all Toons who took a swing in this past week’s Acorn Acres Invitational!
Acorn Acres thanks

For five frantic days of madcap minigolf, Toons sank scores of hole-in-one shots on the fairway.
Those scores are still being counted up, and winners will be announced soon!

Minigolf winners with the most “holes-in-one” will be posted soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused!
The all-new golfing outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned!


Posted on May 17, 2013 to:

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Polar Ice says:

I tried really hard for these holes in ones, 5 straight days of golfing, I hope my hard work paid off!

Cutie says:

Yay! I hope I won!

Pixie Love says:

Congratulations! :)

Moon Berry says:

Well congrats to all that won!

Rainbow Dash says:

I worked really hard ALL DAY... I hope I win :P

Pierre Toppenspinner says:

Even tho I didn't participate in this, I participated in 2012! :). Good luck everyone! And also, congrats. It took like 5 golf-tastic mania days. See you in the Toon News for the Amused!

Presto says:

Man I hope I won! And I hope everyone else who worked hard for it wins too! :)

Mary Mouse says:

Congratulations to all who have won the contest, and great job to everybody else! I hope you all had a great time participating in this contest! Toons of the world unite!

Stonechamber says:

NICE! Ive been golfin' up a storm.

Omar says:

I don't think I won :( I can only hope.

Captain Kit says:

Congrats to the Toons that won. :D

Petite Denise says:

Good luck to all participants! Thank you Toontown for this amazing tournament!

Fiona The Fox (15 laff) says:

Great job everyone! You toons really rock!

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

I got like 20 holes in one on the hardest course! That's probably nowhere near enough, but I tried! :D Congrats to the winners!

Magical Crocodile says:

Well I didn't golf much but that's okay maybe my friends will win Congratulations to all the winners :)!

Little Cuddles McFlipper (67 Laff) says:

Good luck to all you toons out there who had the patience (and membership) to do this contest!

Moonlight says:

WOOOAH that shirt is FANCY. Congrats for everyone who won! :D

Twilight says:

Good luck to everyone!

Little Peanut says:

Congratulations for the Toons who won! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Princess Pinky Feather bubble says:

Congrats everyone and Good luck! :) :D

little jake says:

OOO I hope I won I tried my best I even remember having that one time where I did 10 consecutive holes in one golfing for holes in one were sure sweet

King Comet says:

Hope i win! :)

Ella says:

I hope you toons won!!! :D

Macky says:

Gee it must be hard to golf but i never did it before because i dont have membership and i knocked out a ton of cogs the other day.:)

Macky says:

I almost forgot toontown is very peaceful and i almost died as my old toon i record sometimes although i need help are there any high toons who help low toons so i can get a little jacket covered shirt from minnie's melodyland and also a pair of shorts i forgot to tell you my old toon's name it is...... Bad Cat

Marty McFly says:

Hope I win ...Congrats to all !!!

Pickles (53 Laff) says:

Oh boy! Congrats to the winners!

princess says:

i hope you win :D!

Rainbow Dash says:

I am so excited! I hope I won! Good luck to everybody that tried :)!

Jazzy says:

Love playing Golf only got a few Holes in one. Hope i still get a golf outfit

Neon Glowstick says:

Awesome! I am waiting for the results for this AND the fishing contest!!!! I wonder what contest will make for us toons to enter next!

Midnightkit says:

Well, when they announce this, they will announce the Fishing Contest Winners! YAY :D!!!!!!!!!

Mary says:

For the people who won on the MiniGolf, congratulations! :)

Golden Berry says:

I worked pretty hard too! i hope i win :D i would love to have a nice outfit like that!

Rosie says:

i love golfing! i got 5 in the main goal

Western Crocodile says:

Aww, sad it's over ( even though I didn't get a chance to do it because I was out most of the time ) but congrats to the winners!

Sprinkles says:

Good luck to whoever won, you are appreciated by all your toontastic buddies!

King Comet says:

I hope i won!

Random Black Cat says:

I can't wait to find out who won!

Cool bananaswirl says:

ty tt for this i hope i won cuz i did all weekend of golfing and almost every one hole in one! Is it my lucky weekend?

Little Kitten says:

Even though I didn't try-out I wish a Very HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner. I knew I wouldn't of won because I am so not good at golf! XD But anyways Have fun with your prize! :-)

tiffany says:

i just got membership today i wish i got membership last weekend D: but congrats to anyone who won :D

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

aww :( i missed it while i was in Disney World! oh well. congratulations to all of the winners!

Lily says:


Sparkle says:

Boo Hoo! I don't think I won! But then again, I could have won the fishing tournament!

Little wacky says:

I really hope i won me and my Friend Polar ice was trying rly hard on this tournament plz plz plz i hope we win

Nightshade says:

I wish i had found out about this earlier. :(

happy little monkey ( 137 laff ) says:

Thanks! This gave me a chance to get back to golfing!

Supertoon (Laff 49) says:

Golfing was so fun! I Hope I won too!

airplane (laff 127) says:

great job whoever won :D!

Princess Bubbles Sparklesprinkles says:

THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!I LOVE MINI-GOLF!!!If I could play it.

Sparkle says:

I hope I won!

black star milkyway says:

i CANT wait for winners! and toon for amused

oswald ( laff 135 ) says:

I can't wait to find out if to see if i and others won!