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Sing a Song, Wear a Snowman Head all Season Long

When it comes to Holiday Caroling, every Toon can carry a tune – and the rewards are both sweet and snowy!
Caroling for Snowman


From now through January 4, put a Snowman head on your Toon by singing holiday carols to six special shopkeepers in Toontown.
To find which shopkeepers to visit, just figure out the puzzle by clicking here!

You need to sing just one of your Caroling SpeedChat phrases to each shopkeeper (doesn’t matter which carol, they enjoy them all!).


You’ll get a stocking full of jellybeans each time, and a cheery Snowman head when you sing a carol to the last shopkeeper!
If you need some extra clues, just chat with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the other playground hosts.


And don't forget to check your Cattlelog this week for a whole new batch of Winter Holiday goodies - like sleds, snowman wallpaper, ice cube flooring, and even more warm winter clothing!



Tips for Tune-tastic Toon Caroling:

Make your merry rounds caroling to the shopkeepers in any order and in any District, except Welcome Valley.


You can only carol to each shopkeeper for jellybeans once, so make sure there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for all your Winter Holiday rewards: 600 jellybeans!


Your Snowman head will last until our Winter Holiday is over on January 4, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Snowman head back, just go to any of the participating shopkeepers and use a “Caroling” SpeedChat phrase again.


Brrr - some hats and glasses accessories don’t look their best when covered with snow! 
If you don’t like the way an accessory looks with your Snowman head, just take off that accessory. Once the Snowman head melts away, you can always put the accessory back on.


Posted on December 14, 2011 to:

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Furball ( 54 laff YAY! ) says:

Thank you! I missed out on this last year, so I'm SO EXITED! And guess what? I ALREADY GOT MY SNOWMAN HEAD, THATS WHAT! Sorry that I yelled. I'm just exited. Thanks again, and Toons of the world unite!

ToonCouncil says:

That's okay, Furball - it can be hard to talk through all that snow, we know!

Fluffy (80 laff) (purple mouse) says:

i got my head today its AWESOME :)

Meowza says:

Haha! We're all Snowtoons!! Lol

Hoppy Mouse says:

TOONTASTIC!! Going to do this right away!!! :D

Princess Zoobleberry says:

Hi! I found them all I got so many jellybeans from this and purchased a doodle! Have a happy holiday everyone! P.S. The Snowman Head Rocks!

ToonCouncil says:

A Doodle is a Toontastic gift for the holidays, Princess Zoobleberry - even for yourself!

Blazeclaw says:

Oh, yes! I've been looking forward to this so that i can throw an EPIC party! :D TYVM TOONTOWN! :3

Spike says:

Sweeeeet! Now to figure out the puzzle...

Frizzy The Mouse says:

Wow! Thanks Toon Council!

ToonCouncil says:

You're very welcome, Frizzy! Have a wacky Winter Holiday!

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

TY TOONTOWN THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC AS ALWAYS LOL toons of the world unite - and carol too lol -

Peppermint Reindeer says:

:D I love Caroling at this time of year!

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

Toontown is the best!!! :)

Barron Z.Z. says:

This is awesome toontown always knows how to make the holiday awesome!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Dizzy says:

WOW! I love the snowman head. It looks SO cool :)

junglebud says:

im getting snowman head right now

zippity ( 105 laff ) says:

i just cant wait till i get my snowman head! Fa la la la lala la

Dawnerman says:


Clyde says:

Yay iv'e never done this and I wanna!

Astro says:

oh this is cool thanks toontown toons of the world unite!

Bunny cakes ( 79 laff ) says:

Thank you toontown so much!

gamer says:

I got it! It looks awesome!

Poppy (103 laffer) says:

I already completed it and now I have a snowman head!

ToonCouncil says:

C-c-c-congratulations, Poppy! Is it getting chilly around here with all these snowy Toons or what?

Skippy Superpop Laff: 99 says:

Awesome can't wait to go caroling!!!

Candy says:


Master Goopy Poppenboing says:

I really enjoyed doing this. It was TOONTASTIC!

awsomecooldude says:

its cool to be a snow man people think you are a snowman toon

Funky Mouse ( 108 laff ) says:

Ok I have a question Toontown for caroling, how do choose to sing a carol is it speedchat or chat you have to say it in?

ToonCouncil says:

To carry a holiday tune, Funky Mouse, use the "Caroling" SpeedChat phrases. Enjoy your frosty Snowman head!

rock says:

wow im caroling right now

spooky says:

Thank you! I can get more deorations and winter clotes!

Robin says:

I'm so excited! I'll go and earn my snowman head right now!

Tempting Fate says:

LOVE the cute glasses with the purple snowman! :)

Dusty says:

Woot Caroling! I love the snowman head with the's funky fresh! I know I'll get it cuz I have a tall head :D!

ToonCouncil says:

That's exactly right, Dusty! Enjoy your Snowman 'noggin!

Savannah says:

I always love to get a snowman head! :]

Greystripe says:

Ooh! i cant wait for that! i want one so badly!

Stuart says:

I want one! and i want jellybeans to buy gifts for my friends!

cute cat says:

toontastic!!!! u guys R AWESOME!

cedney[65 laff points] says:

Wow! I'm going to start caroling right away!

Gigi says:

This is awesome toon council, thanks! But how do you get different types of snowman heads? Like the one with the purple hat and glasses or the one with the green hat? Or is it just random?

ToonCouncil says:

That depends on the size of your Toon's head, Gigi. After all, it takes more snow to cover up a rabbit Toon's tall ears, for instance.

Elf says:

i am going to start a christmas carol group once i get on!

Kool Back Eye says:

Wow! These Snowman heads are really fun! Im Gonna get one for all my toons!

Princess Peaches Beanieberry says:

hi do you need to be a member to get the snowman head?

ToonCouncil says:

That is correct, Princess Peaches Beanieberry. You need to be a Member Toon to get inside some of the shops to carol to all six shopkeepers for your Snowman head.

Princess Ginger says:

I Love caroling! it's a fun thing to do with your friends. :) Happy Holidays!

little stubby says:

that is so cool i love what you guys do to toontown thanks so much. the snowman heads were a really good idea. thanks.

black Thunder says:

It was a blast to get beans I love the winter holiday thanks la la la i like to sing.

Karen (81 laffer) says:

Yay! Another way to get jellybeans! I love the snowmen heads! I can't wait to go caroling! Deck the halls with toons fa la la la la la la la la :D

Brinnannan says:

Toon caroling is always fun!! Can't wait to stock up for the winter! I'll be sure to bundle up this winter for sure. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Cman says:

I can't wait to do this it's going to be so much fun!!!!

Andy says:

Toontastic! i got my snowman head as soon as caroling started now while i defend toontown from cogs i can have a snowman head to add to the sillyness! Thanks Toontown Toons Of The World Unite!

ToonCouncil says:

That should really confuse those Cogs, Andy! But watch out for the Cold Caller - that chilling Cog isn't bothered by cold snow!

Izzy says:

Wow! I think this is a really good idea Toontown, thanks!!!!! I better get my thinking cap on so I can work out the puzzle!!!!!!!! remember, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

mystery toon says:

When you said "Once the snowman head melts away you can always put the accessory back on." What does that mean? Can toons now where hats and glasses? I'm confused

ToonCouncil says:

Have you been frozen in a block of ice in the Brrrgh, mystery toon?? :) Clarabelle has created a huge assortment of new accessories Toons can now wear! Hats, wigs, glasses, masks, backpacks, shoes, boots - even wacky items like jetpacks, scuba tanks, and wings - now Toons can wear it all!

Sno Kitten says:

woa! this is extremely awesome! last year i saw people with them and couldn't figure out how they got them! thanks so much! :)

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

Ooh, how exciting! Can't wait to participate!

Sweet Bud ( laff 23 ) cream cat says:

i cant wait to get my snowman head its going to fun with my friends too :D and Toons of the World unite!

buttercup says:

thank you for this wonderful winter

Funky Mouse ( 108 laff ) says:

Ok got it Tooncouncil ty for telling me how to say caroling. I enjoy my snowman head :)

Super Knuckles Cheezyfish (64 laff) says:

Hooray! thanks for the jelly beans and snowman heads!

Super Star says:

I got a snowman head! thanks!

sweet bea says:

I think its sooooo cool that u get a snowman head while caroling!I'm gonna go caroling right now! :D

Cool Domino Whistleswirl says:

Awesome! I need to buy myself a caroling phrase and get me a membership to start carolin!

Tea Gardner says:

I can't wait! I already have a snow doodle, and now I'll be a snowman too! This is epic! It's the Snowgirl & Friend. :D

ally cat says:

im going to go get a snowman head!! i love caroling too! this is awesome :)

Tayler says:

The new caroling is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

Snowflake says:


captin fireball electro zapper says:

this scramble is hard

cookie (56 laff) says:

omg i already started! so fun cant wait getting my head I LOOK AWESOME stay toony toons! toons of the world HAVE FUN

Master Alvin Trickygadget says:

I didn't get to do this last year, so I would like to do this year! I did the puzzle, so I know where to go. Thanks Toontown for putting the puzzle out to figure out which shop keepers to visit! Toons of the, UNITE!!

Ginny says:

That sounds really cool!

Kaity ( 93 laff ) says:

i got my snowman head and it has shades!

Buster nickelsplat ( 111) says:

What a celebration! What a festive season! Toontown has done it again! This celebration will not be the same.

fancy wackywoolf says:

ARRRG i dont now where to caral at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom says:

I love doing this, I only takes 15 minutes to do. PLUS I got so many Jellybeans

Kathryn (73 laff!) (Brown dog) says:

Its AWESOME that we can all have snowheads. Its also 'snow' problem when we have a Just-For-fun task to change our snowheads, we can get them back! I think that having caroling is an AWESOME idea! =D

Toonses says:

I really have wanted to do this for a long time and now i can! thank you tooncouncil! toon Of the world unite!

master crasy says:

happy hollidays

Dippy Spotty Poppenberry (106 laff; light green monkey) says:

Yay! I loved doing the Trick or Treatig so much! I'm happy we can do thi now, too!

puppy says:

I LOVE MY SNOWMAN HEAD!!! i got it yesterday and i had to go to every playground and certin streets and certin buildings and sang caroling almost all day long! but it was worth it. thanks toon council!! I LOVE TOONTOWN!!

Sparky says:

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Expecialy when ur gift pile is ten feet high! IM SO EXCITED I JUST CANT HIDE IT! Sorry i just love love love the holidays! Got my snowman head FINALLY! And alot of jbs so yay!

Little Mouse (blue) says:

Wow THAT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna get a membership for christmas yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jingle Toons Jingle Toons Jingle all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy, Oh what fun it is to play a really fun gamE! (toontown)

rektar says:

Merry Toonmas

Pickles (100 laff :D) says:

Deck the halls with seltzer spray! Happy Winter Holiday! Happy Holidays, Flippy!

Toonie (99 laff) says:

SWEET! just got it! this looks so cool! thank you ToonTown!

Queen Mousey says:

i got the first one i just need more

Mikey says:

I just got a snowman head and it's toontastic!!!!!

juliet says:

i did it and it was so fun my friend ask me to help her do it

Flapjack says:

I already got the snowman head!!! The head is so awesome! And I especially love the carols too. I LOVE TOONTOWN AND THE SNOWMAN HEADS THEIR SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the yelling but i had to get it out sometime. But as i was saying the heads are the best!!! Toons of the world unite!!! And Happy Holidays!!!!!

Matthew(51 laff) says:

Toontastic! I love snowman heads! Have a wonderful Toontown holiday! Are you toon enough?

Peanut (111) says:

I totally missed out last year. This year I leveled 3 times in 1 day, and bought a whole ton of shoes, all with my new SNOWMAN HEAD! :D

Lava says:

Yay! Just like last year!

ruff says:

the snowman head is really cool

nuttycrumbs says:

The snowman head looks so funny,i laugh at it all the time!