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Silly Meter BRRRings Chilly Cheer

After accidentally knocking the Silly Meter into spooky mode, Goofy took a whack at fixing the kooky contraption today – and whacked Toontown right into a week of winter wackiness!
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Toontown's now decked out in colorfully cheery decorations and Clarabelle’s Cattlelog is filling with even more merry clothing, accessories, and festive furnishings to decorate your Estate.
Even Parties go from silly to chilly with a dusting of snow, candy, and ribbon – plus the Present Catching Game and Reindeer Doodles!


All wintry week, plop a snazzy Snowman head on your Toon by singing holiday carols to six special shopkeepers in Toontown.
To find the six shopkeepers you need to visit, just figure out the puzzle by clicking here!

You need to sing just one of your Caroling SpeedChat phrases to each shopkeeper (doesn’t matter which carol, they enjoy them all!).
You’ll get a stocking full of jellybeans each time, and a brrr-illiant Snowman head when you sing a carol to the last shopkeeper!



Tips for Tune-tastic Toon Caroling:

Make your merry rounds caroling to the shopkeepers in any order and in any District, except Welcome Valley.


You can only carol to each shopkeeper for jellybeans once, so make sure there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for your sweet rewards: 600 jellybeans.


Your Snowman head will last until this wacky week of winter ends on September 13, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Snowman head back, just go to any of the participating shopkeepers and use a “Caroling” SpeedChat phrase again.


Enjoy a jolly week of wacky winter!

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Twinkledoodle says:

Yay! Halloween and winter? Whats next Goofy!

ToonCouncil says:

There's a Friday the 13th on the way, Twinkledoodle...
According to Professor Prepostera, that unlucky day seems like the purrrfect chance for more Silly Meter hijinks, meow doesn't it?

Super Astro says:

Goofy's gone really crazy this time! I can't wait to see what this dog has planned next!

Sadie (119 laff) says:

Goofy? What do you have next? :) That dog!

Sadie (119 laff) says:


Squeakums says:

Hmm, Friday the 13th? Wonder what will happen in toontown... Maybe a CATastraphic surprise :).

Freedom Flag ( 60 laff ) says:

Great! This is going to be fun! I can't wait to get the 600 jelly beans! Caroling and trick or teat at the same time? Epic!!!!

Hats says:

My snowman head gave me a brain freeze! Brrrrrrgh!!

Good ol' Ricky Dynoboom (Dynaboom) says:

Even when Goofy fails, he wins! This Christmas theme is really awesome, but soon I want Toontown to go back to it's "normal" look.

Ginger Zillergoober says:

Yay! Goofy's really making these last few days of Toontown fun!!! :)

Super Toon says:

Yay more Holidays! At least the last days are Toontastic!

Melody ( 152 laff ) says:

Thanks so much! excited to get snow man head! What will you think of next Goofy???

Bubbles says:

Toontastic! I'm already freezing up with Pluto in the Brrrgh rockin' out my Snowman head!! Thanks for the exciting fun, Toontown!

Eastern Crocodile says:

I'm super happy for all these exciting events before the big closing, and then I'm crying inside because it's closing. But thanks for all the wacky fun! And CAn'T wait for meorrrrrrr... ( LOL )

Cyan (Cat, 17 laff) says:

Can't wait! So want snowman! Can't wait for Friday the 13th... Wonder what will happen...

Master Swordfish says:

I finally get to carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Isabeau says:

i just got the snowman head today. :D merry halloween chirstmas, toons, and toons unite! and theres winter parties everywhere?? cool!

Sable says:


Jinx Zoom says:

Goofy u are such a dog! Literally :P

Princess Rainbow...... thomas supercat and others says:

:O its winter!!!! time to get chilly in the summer! What holiday will be next? Goofy will know for sure what hes doing next! They should make sure goofy will try not hit it again clumsy goofy! Toons of the World a Chilly Unite!

Cheese Cake says:

Goofy is so silly! I am really sad that Toontown is closing so I will try to have as much fun while I can with these wacky holidays!

Sprinkles says:

Hi Toontown, this is me(sprinkles) and Tinky The Dog, a toontown player, and we are super excited about all this holiday stuff! We love you toontown!

Someone says:

Are you saying Friday the 13th is time for black cats? Oop! I've said too much! I'm sure to find the early winter holiday to be great!

Pink Cat ( 15 laff ) says:

Hey Toontown! I made up a wacky Winter Holiday song, here it goes! Jingle bells, flunkies smell, goofy laid an egg! cog mobile lost a wheel and all toons got away YAY!

mousey says:

this is awesome but i wish the game wouldn't close and be free forever

Dandilion says:

I already have my snowman head!

Cuddles says:

A Friday the 13th will definitely be CATastrophic.... :)

boss says:

Goofy wow silly dog thats why they call him goofy i suppose, Winter is better than the spooky mode last week those decerations scared me :O can't wait to carol :)

PrincessBubblesFunnytoon says:

Yay Happy Winter! Can't wait for the hoilday cheer! Flippy do you think that the cogs will do one last awful plan? I hope not. Also can't wait for black cats. Toons of the World Unite!

Princess Star says:

Yay! :)

Little tubby Dizzenspeed says:

Something coming Friday the 13th? Oh wow... Cog invasions!?!?!?!

Salty Nuttyfish says:

Silly Goofy, Gags are for Toons!

Silly Nutty Wonderwolf says:

Wow! I just got my snowman head and can't wait to enjoy some wacky winter time with my friends! Brrrgh!!!!!

Cuckoo feathered friend says:

I wonder when we make black cats, this is the greatest year of toontown so far! Keep it up toons. :d

c.w. cool picklehoffer says:

i love it thank you toontown for being awesome!!!!

Princess Star says:

Yay! :)

Little tubby Dizzenspeed says:

Something coming Friday the 13th? Oh wow... Cog invasions!?!?!?!

Prof. chester cheezymouth says:

Yay!!!!! i can't wait to get a snownman head!!!!!!!

Eaglekit says:

Can't WAIT to start earning my Snowman head AND the jellybeans! I can design my house and FINALLY get the applaud! Can't WAIT! Thanks Goofy!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 114 laff ) says:

I knew Goofy would set the knob for the chilly winter holiday! I already got my cheerfully chilly snowman head. Caroling is so fun! Deck the halls with seltzer spray, Happy Winter Holiday! ~ Cuddles Crinklemuffin

Loopy Sprinkles (117 laff) says:

Sounds like black kittys are coming to Toontown! :)

Dilonen says:

Boy I am gonna miss this game! I hope the super brrrgh and halloween days are gonna be a blast! I wonder whats next.... Valentine maybe!

Sally says:

you have a lot of good ideas!

Furry Paws says:

Goofy is a silly dog, I mean chilly! Get it? I hope we still can make black cats! I actually hope it's goofy's next plan too!

Good ol' Alvin says:

Can't wait for Black Cats. :)

Lady Bebop says:

Toon-tastic Goofy! Caroling sure is fun having friends around caroling with you!

Miley says:

wow that is cool

Blossom says:

Goofy, what you did was AWESOME!

Melody (105 laff ) says:

yay! I love the snow man head! also wish toontown would go back to normal...

Believe N Miracles says:

Yay, Toontown gets to see Holiday cheer one last time! Thanks Toon Council!!! :)

callidus says:

Sounds like toons will get to enjoy some last festive harmony until Friday the 13... Waitamoment! Friday the 13TH!? Bad luck's very special day??? If that' not the time to revive the BLACK CAT spell... And to make cogs feel VERY unlucky ofcause, me being one of those stealthy felines myself...


i just got the snow man head its amazing and get jellybeans toons of the world unite

Baron green dog laff 15 -.- says:

i always check in now with the toon news now. wonder if september 13 is something new and HUGE! :3

Mr.Greenbean says:

My birthday is on Friday the 13th! I wonder if something bad is going to happen. Or hopefully something silly and wacky.

Cuddles says:

i wonder whats purrfectly next....

Pink Mouse (52 laff) says:

I cant wait to get my snowman head again :) Toons of The World Unite!

Domino says:

i don't know that my hat got colder

prof.knuckles says:

Thanks Goofy for making the last days of Toontown awesome!

Valentine ( soon to be 100 laff ) says:

That's cool so something new every week? Well, whatever is next I look forward to it. For the last 2 weeks of Toontown I hope to have a lot of fun. :)

Duchess says:

I just figured something out! Maybe on Friday the 13 ( since it is a unlucky day ) maybe black cats will come to toontown because they are unlucky or cogs will invade for their last trick.

Roxy says:

omg i just got my snowman head so cool what will goofy do next!? he makes these last days so fun!

Mister Batty Trickyteeth says:

Winter rocks! Thanks Goofy!

Awesome uber says:

Wow Goofy is really goofy. I think that is why we call him Goofy

tan cat jr (laff 81) says:

Trick or treating, Carolling then on friday black cats! what else is happen!

Good Ol' Megatoon says:

Cold Caller was right, "The winter is coming earlier this winter"

Funny Dingo says:

Flippy, I'm getting a little suspicious that the cogs have a trick on us on friday the 13th. So Im going to hang on to my gags just in case to evil cogs have one final move.

Super Sonic (107 laff) says:

Awesome! Two opposite holidays in a few weeks? That's just toontastic!

Midnight (116) says:

Its great that you guys are celebrating the life of toontown with a bang! I am really enjoying my snowman head.

Hypno says:

Wow! Its cold in here... Brrrrgh... These winter celebrations sure are great! I can't wait to see what Goofy will have in store for us on Friday the 13th!

Senna says:

Winter in September? Works for me! Something also tells me Friday the 13th won't be too unlucky this year. :)

Ally says:

thanks you so much making a toontown! I can not believe how it ends I've been playing 5 years of age and now its closing :( Thank you for all the nice years I will miss Toontown forever thank you so much!!!!!!!!

majobeza says:

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky...So are black cats.......

J.C. RHINO MONKEY ( 107 LAFF ) says:

going too miss this game ill miss all my friends. toontown had a great run

Candy says:

I am sad toontowns ending and I'm happy that the silly meters bringing back but I just wish it would not end

Moonlight says:

I just wanna say toons of the world unite! As we work threw this very hard moment! Because we are strong and we will miss toontown!

rosie says:

Goofy has made these last few days really fun what have you planned next!! :)