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Safety Reminder from the ToonCouncil - UPDATE

The ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to play safe, by never sharing your account information, log files, or personal information with anyone -- even if they promise to help you by making your Toon stronger or look different.

Allowing someone else access to your account can result in a hacked Toon, a ban, and even termination of your account. No one wants to lose all the time and effort spent building up a Toontastic Toon.


Giving out your name or password or log files is just not safe, so remember to stick to these easy rules:

  • Always keep your passwords private and safe - even from your friends
  • Never give out your personal information - such as your name, address, or phone number
  • Never share your Toon's log files - with other Toons in-game 



The ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to follow Disney's Online Code of Conduct here.
Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to report someone asking for your account information or password.


If you are unsure of a situation, just grab a parent for help.


Check out more great tips here and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play!  


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