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Origin of the SnowDoodle
From the snowy peaks of The Brrrgh they waddled, coming to Toontown with one mission – decorate parties and Estates! The SnowDoodle is a never-before-seen Doodle breed, made entirely from snow and ridiculous articles of clothing. They eat frozen jellybeans, and the only trick they know is “Melt.”
Buy one for your Estate from the Cattlelog, or invite one to your Winter Holiday party! But don’t wait too long – when Winter Holiday is over, you can’t buy them anymore! (Until they waddle back.)

Posted on December 20, 2010 to:

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Super Buzz ThunderJinks says:

I love my doodle, & now a snow doodle! Sweet! I can't wait to buy one! Thanks Toontown! You RULE! :D!

Princess Sodapop says:

It is so cool how the SnowDoodle melts like a snowman! I just Bought one and I love it! I am also going caroling with my friend. Thank-You Toontown! -Princess Sodapop

Princess Rainbow says:

SWEET!!! My Estate is even more wintery because of my new Doodle, the SnowDoodle!

Duke Slippy Beaniebee says:

wow a snow doodle well i might as well buy one december only comes once a month/year.

Crazy Lionel Dizzycrash says:

I bought a snow-doodle...they are very cool!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

You are right, Crazy Lionel Dizzycrash! The SnowDoodles certainly are very cold! Brrr!



Princess Dizzywoof says:

Omg!!! I invited two to my Winter Holiday Party on my other toon Pearl! And now I'm thinking of buying one on my other toons Dovepaw and Sandstorm! And maybe one on Kali.

Little Rainbow (45 Laff) says:

Wow, they are cool! I have one in my estate. And nice joke about the "melt" trick. Haha! :D Sincerely, Little Rainbow (P.S. Please post! I've never been posted. D:)

Yippie Gigglemuffin says:

I already bought over 100 SnowDoodles!

comet dynozapper says:


Super says:

Thats cool i can't wait to see it!

princeness pearl petla pocket says:

cool !

Dylan says:

Flippy,do you think that the doodles will like the snow doodles? Please tell me! I'm DYING TO KNOW! And if there's anything else I should know,just tell me. :)

ToonCouncil says:

I don't know, Dylan... How would you feel if a SnowDylan showed up in your garden?

maroon mouse says:

they are soooo cute!!!

Bowser jr says:

Wow!! i hope i get to see the Snow Doodle Toon town is ALSOME!!!!!

colonel jaquese dynophew says:

the melting snowdoodles are so awesome! it would be even cooler if we could buy one as a pet though. but thanks for them anyway toon council!!

ToonCouncil says:

That's a great idea, colonel jaquese dynophew! I'll pass it on to the Council...

Catnip says:

That's the best kind of Doodle there is! Melt is one of the best tricks! :D

bumblesticks says:

wow! ill buy it! thank you toontown! for this! :)

Marigold says:

They're so cute! Thanks Toontown!

libby says:

i like the snow doodles i went to a toon troop party and saw one

Ducksie Doo says:

Toon Town rocks I personally love it. i am a duck as u have probably guessed and i have one doodle. i think the idea of a snow doodle is awesome. do u have one flippy? is it cool if u do have one? does it "actually" melt when summer comes or is it just a statue or something? anyways i think that a snow doodle is such a great idea. bye now ROCK ON toontastic toons

coconutpreciousepoof says:

wow a snow doodle thats so cool i would like to know if it melts the same exact time as real snow

Grease Ripple Paints says:

Snow doodles look awesome!!!! Even though I've been in Toontown many years, I've never bought a doodle!!! This funny statue is making me think that I really should walk into that pet shop in Donald's Dock and buy one for myself!!!!! Happy holidays :)

ToonCouncil says:

I agree, Grease Ripple Paints. SnowDoodles are awesome! And a Doodle is even better!

Sir Comet Zippenscooter says:

Snow doodles are the cutest Doodles in Existence. I'll buy one as soon as I have saved up enough Jellybeans.

Sea Green Cat says:

I love snow doodles I bought one for every Toon I have I also gave some to my friends. (I'm master boo boo bean speed)

Kari says:

Snowdoodle are Fantastic!!!

Loud Wiskerphooey says:


Spotty says:

WOW!!! I just became a member and this was the friest thing i bought!!!!!!!!!! i love watching it melt. --- Spotty

Captian Hulanose says:

What I have to say is Awesome!!! :D

Sparkle says:

Can't wait! Toon Council, you always have the best holiday ideas!

Princess Ursula says:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY SNOW DOODLE ITS AAAWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A SNOWdoodle and a melting snowman! i love toontown and im never gonna leave it it is my faviorte game now and im NEVER gonna STOP PLAYING IT NNNNEEEEVVVVEEERRR! ;) Happy Winter Holiday To You Flippy And All The Other Toons. Love Princess Ursula... Toon's Of The World Unite! Love You All Happy Christmas! :)

ToonCouncil says:

Happy Winter Holidays to you too, Princess Ursula!

Princess Melody says:

I am new to toontown . I love toontown already . The SnowDoodle is so cool . I even finished the puzzle for the Snow Head . Toon Council and Flippy , can you please make SnowDoodles for pets ?? Please post never been posted

Icy says:

WOW! I bought a SnowDoodle yesterday! They really spruce up your garden. They don't cost much, and I already have 12,000 beans! I really think SnowDoodles can be the best statue to put in your garden! Flippy, Do you have a SnowDoodle? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Nathalie says:

When I first heard of the SnowDoodle, I thought it was a real doodle until I saw it in my friend's garden. I was going to save up jellybeans to buy it but the SnowDoodles I know of now are really cute too! Thank you Toon Council for this Toontastic Holiday! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Electra says:

The snowdoodles are fantastic! I think they look cute in their scarf and top hat, too! :-)

Snowdapple says:

Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be a Snow-tastic Toonyrific Holiday!

Spotty (21 laff) says:

WOW!!! A snow doodle!!! I always bought snowman but a snow doodle!!!!!!! No wonder its 50 jellybeans because its so cute!!!!!!!! AND SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! IF it was for 5,000 i would be on the trolley just for that doodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Please post i have never been posted :D ty toontown)

George says:

Good thing they melt... my doodle was getting jelous!!!

Chuckie Blue says:

That is so cool! I'm so excited to buy one! :-) Toontown is awesome!

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks, Chuckie Blue! You're pretty awesome too!

Forever Jade says:

I love my snow doodle because it makes me giggle a little bit everytime I log on and see it there. But it sucks when it melts because i have to buy a whole a new snow doodle and leave behind the great relationship i had with my last snow doodle :(. RIP Snowy, Looloo, and Wanky :(!

Lime Green Grass says:

Hi Toon Town My doodle loves the snow doodle and i do to, it took me a while to figure out how to plant it until i saw it on the new for the amused!

crazy melody dandygoose says:

sounds silly! im gonna find one right now!

princess roxy fizzlepop says:

I actually laughed at this :)

Little Z.Z. Purplequack says:

Thanks for making such a great addition to toontown! I can't wait to get one!

loud thunderchomp says:

( please post ) snowdoodles rock the house toons!!!!! they give you that holiday feeling. you dont need to scratch em either unlike doodles that would give your hands frostbite you dont want tht during xmas do you? buy snowdoodles in the cattlelog they arent very expensive. BUY A HAUNDREAD!!!!!!!!!! i love you toontown for bringing snowy doodles to our world!

loud thunderchomp says:

snowdoodles = doodles covered in snow MAYBE im not sure. hey guys could you make snowdoodles really move? & be fed? pretty please with busted cogs on top?

King Oswald Frecklemouth says:

Sweet idea! That must be a cool doodle if it's a snow one. I hope I have enough jellybeans to buy one! Toontown is the best game ever!

ToonCouncil says:

I agree, King Oswald Frecklemouth. SnowDoodles are pretty cool!

Rainbow Cheezyswirl says:

Awsome little snow doodles makes my house look more toony!!!

jellyroll wiskersnout says:

hey flippy i wish you a merry cristmas please respond and i finaly got my snowman head thanks to this sweet little pig :)

missz.zwondernugget says:

i am not member!:( but it still looks awesome! if i get a membership for christmas i will buy one! ty toontown!

Betty Banana Split says:

"HELP!" Mt snowdoodle keeps melting! IS there a way to make it grow back to it's original figure, Flippy? P.S. Please write back!

Sunlight says:

Haha. They r so cute and lovely! It would be so cool if u make the snowdoodle an actual doodle!!

Pearl (orange cat, 41 laff) says:

YAY! SNOW DOODLES! I bought one a few days ago! I'm so excited about the holiday party i wrote a song!: We wish you a toony Christmas We wish you a toony Christmas We wish you a toony Christmas And a happy New Year. We want some funny pudding We want some funny pudding We want some funny pudding Please bring it right here! We won't go until we get some We won't go until we get some We won't go until we get some So bring it out here!

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks, Pearl! You should sing your song at your Winter Holiday party. It'll be Toontastic!

Duke Slippy Beaniebee says:

I wonder if COGS have pets of any kind it would be realy REALY weird :)

Little Twinkletoes says:

I think SnowDoodles are a TOONTASTIC addition to Toontown! I have a toony feeling that my doodle, Bean, and my snowdoodle secretly play together when I'm not there... :)

Zowie says:

Dear Flippy, I also want to know where are the snowdoodles. I REALLY want to know because they act SO cool.I wonder if they play with ordanery doodles. Happy Holidays,Zowie

Queen Roxy says:

Great! I got the melting snowman just not the snowdoodle yet. They are both cooooool. Brrrgh. Have a toontastic day everyone! -Queen Roxy

Trixie says:

I love this snowdoodle! I cant wait till christmas so i can get my membership and buy one! THANK YOU TOONTOWN!!!!! TOONTOWN ROCKS! (Please post I have never been posted before.)

Wacko Lemonfussen says:


Snowflake says:

I bought a snowdoodle, and now I have a great idea! Why don't we name our snowdoodle?

Mistyflower says:

Omg I have to buy one ( or more :P ) of these! They are so adorable! They're so awesome!

ToonCouncil says:

I agree, Mistyflower. SnowDoodles are very adorable!

slate blue rabbit says:

SWEET! if im not a member can i still get one?

Poppy (70 laffer) says:

I just bought one. They are so cute! I'm glad they're in the cattelog. Ever since my bank got full, things got even better. Thanks toontown! your toon, Poppy

Vampire Chihuahua says:

Thanks!!!! I luv my new snow doodle my friends have been saying nice things about it!!! Thanks Toontown and Flippy!!!!! Luv ya lots!!! V. Chihuahua

Tiger (18 laff) says:

i cant w8 to buy a snowdoodle. at caroling i got 6800 jbs and ill maybe use some to buy a snowdoodle. P.S. thank you toon trooper tasha!

Super Bananaflapper says:

Theese new snowdoodles are really cool! I like how you decorated them with a candy cane! The snowdoodles look really cute. But, wheres the snowdoodles feet?

Ice skating queen says:

Wow i love the snowdoodle! and i love how it melts! SO cute!!!

Crazy says:

I'm 10 times more crazier for this cute Doodle! I'm gonna see if I have enough Jellybeans to buy it! Thanks Flippy! Please reply! -- Crazy :)

Shane says:

I love the snow doodles!!!!!! They are an AWESOME feature for christmas time TOONTOWN IS THE BEST. If a snowdoodle pet came out it would just make Toontown that much better! Toons of the world unite!

clover says:

wow this is exciting and it only knows melt. i can't wait to buy it. my doodle will love it.

Little Uber Cool Kitty says:

Wow! the snow doodle is awesome! Thank you ToonTown!

Tubby Fumbleton says:

Ahh... a snow doodle is pretty awesome, maybe if you could get one as a pet would be awesomer, anywayz thanks toontown you rule and wewill keep fighting those cogs until their circuits fry :)

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks, Tubby Fumbleton! I'll pass your suggestion onto the Council...

Nalamia says:

My doodles would love a new friend!

Master Poodletoon says:

Ok, I saw them in the Cattalog and I REALLY want one!

Lolipop says:

I think that snow doodles were a great idea! What will you guys think of next? Well keep the ideas coming because thats what makes Toontown more exiting every day!

Crazy Roxy McSwirl says:

I can't wait to get a SnowDoodle! I love Doodles! Thanks Toontown! You rock! - Crazy Roxy McSwirl

Rainbow Googledoodle says:

I love my snowdoodle i keep in the front of my house all the time it's so cute!

Rolando (red dog 66 laff) says:

i LOVE all tipes of doodles they are VERY sweet! and now the snowdoodle is here im so happy its like the melting snowman but more cooler :D Toons of the World Unite. Happy Winter Holiday ToonTown