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News from your Favorite Typewriter!
Toons who pay attention to the finer points of Toontown may notice that they got something they asked for... The adorable 'Toon News... For the Amused' mascot - the jumping, googly-eyed typewriter - has begun acting a little differently.
Now, just like Clarabelle, the icon will only appear at the top of your screen when there's a new issue of the News for you to peruse. Once you've read it, the button will disappear. That leaves more room to watch the pies fly! After that, to look at any issue, click the new typewriter tab in your Schticker Book! (And to close it again, click the Schticker Book icon. Are you seeing the trend?)

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Miss Melody Wonderpounce says:

PERFECT! :D! toontown is getting better everyday but THIS is like cogs giving up battles i cant WAIT until i start using this its PERFECT :D!!!

Doctor Cranky Wackeflap says:

Cool! now i can see my cream pies fly at Robber barons and Loan sharks

Lolipop says:

Wow Flippy! This is a great idea! So far ToonTown is a blast!

Zowie says:

Seems awesome! I can now see it in my Schticker Book! Yay!!!!

Rainbow Sarklepop says:

OMG!!!!! I'm going to get on Toontown RIGHT now to see it :D.Thank You! Toons of the World Unite!!!I <3 Toontown

Quackers says:

Awesome! Now I'll never miss the news in the middle of checking gag experience, and I'll see all the amazing artwork of the game! Thanks TT!

miss ginger says:

wow this can be useful, this is cool :D

master looney says:

keep up the good work toontown :)

Kevin says:

this is awesome toontown now it will be easy to find the news icon great work

Cute Mermaid (Bright Red Dog) says:

OMG that is so cool! no wonder why toontown took so long to load, it has new stuff! thanks toontown! you make something new every week! and that is what makes toontown the tooniest silliest 'funnest' game ever! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Sandy says:

That's awesome! When I was playing Toontown earlier, I noticed it was gone. And when I opened my shticker book, I seen the toon news icon. So that's the reason!

ToonCouncil says:

Yup! We're sneaky like that, Sandy! Though it's really not all that sneaky if we're making a big announcement about it...hmm...

Marigold Sparklezap says:

I noticed that today! I thought maybe I had just missed it when looking at my Schticker Book but it turns out I didn't! Cool! :-)

Captain Fireball says:

OOO! very handy...! :D It can be a bit annoying at time... now i know if theres new news :D

Raffy says:

COOL! I like it. It's now much more easier! It even fills the last space in my Shticker Book!

Cody says:

Cool that is a unique touch to the Schticker book

princessgingerfeatherzilla says:

This amazing new icon rocks! toontown is the best

Loopy Droopy Frinkelquack says:

Love the idea, how you come up with that! The button can get in the way a LOT.

Bubbles says:

YAY That just perfect, Because sometimes i always FORGET to read the news, so now i know if theres a new news, so we dont have to keep CHECKING AND CHECKING.. Thats just plain annoying.

Cool says:

Thanks, Flippy! Now the screen has more room. I can see more stuff from the top right.

Iced Mocha says:


Princess Popcorn thundermonkey says:

Yea! Now I know when a new issue is out! Ya'll be happy that you can too!

Queen Ginger Purpleswirl says:

Thanks for the information!!! I wondered were my newspaper icon went after I read the newspaper!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Little did you know it was hiding in your Schticker Book all along, Queen Ginger Purpleswirl!

Spring Time Collie says:

Nice! Now I can have a way better view of what my friends say, and those silly demands of the cogs! [I have follow them :]!]

Mckylee says:

That's purrfectly toontastic! XD More room and a new page in our Sticker books!

Lollipop says:

Cool, now I can see what i missed.

Crazy Collie says:

i play test toontown, and i think thats a GREAT idea. more room to make pies fly and less time moving the typewriter out of the way! (even though i like the dang thing) i hope all the stuff u guys r planning comes out terrific! :-)

Domino Superglop says:

Finally! Every time I wanted to Look at the news I would accsidently open my shiticer book. Now it dosen't matter! Thank you Flippy!

Jason says:

I think this is awesome! whenever i make a new player it always has the news jumping up and down. it gets annoying. this is really cool that we have it in our books AND its REALLY awesome we can read any issue!!! thank you and please post this. i think i am first to comment woo!

Silly Wilbur ZoobleScooter says:

Yay! Whenever i read the news quickly i dont know where to find it again. now i can read it as many times as i can!

caption trixie nickleflapper (1o5 laff) says:

Hi toontown goers! When I opened my shticker book today I saw all the way on the bottom a typewriter.And i'm like that can't be right?So I wanted to see something if it looks like a newspaper if your reading it.So I asked my friend to tell me if it does and he said a little yours truly, CAPTION TRIXIE NICKLEFLAPPER!!!

zippy mczap says:

Amazing! That icon was getting a bit in the way. XD

Prof. Scooter says:

Awesome! I love reading the news! And getting a tab in my Schticker book, that so cool! I'm trying to get as many tabs as I can, and this sure will make an addition! Not many toons read the news. Now they ought to! Gotta go, a Big Cheese is chasing after me! Bye!

loud thunderchomp says:

wow! toontown gets better each single day!

Echo says:

YAY FIRST TO COMMENT! Good, that was bothering me...

Melody says:

sweet now i dont have to go with the hassle of going home which takes forever

Colonel Jacques says:

This is awsome! What will Toon HQ come up with next? ( Please Respond Toon HQ )

lady amber says:

ooo!!!!! i am first to post!!!!!!!! okay i just want to say that having this is really awesome. i check the news all the time and this will be just even better! have fun running toontown! love, lady amber

Doctor Momo Fuzzygoober says:

This is awesome!!!! I love reading the toon news!!! :D

princess fancy says:


ToonCouncil says:

I couldn't agree with you more, princess fancy!

Rainbow Mizzentoes says:

Haha! Cool!

Jerry says:


Rythan says:

Wow thats so cool!

ReallyRandom says:

Woot, I love reading the Toon News, For the Amused! And now I get to read it again?! Woah!!! This makes me oh so the more excited!!! -^ ^-

Featherton says:

Wow! Now I can read the news eaiser! :D Thank you for this new feature!

snow paws says:

that looks awesome :)

Weaselwig says:

Wow that is really cool!!!! Im tired of having to goto the top of the screen just to see the news.

Daffodil says:

Toontown, you give splendid news everyday. I really hoped this day would come with a typewriter in my shticker book. Thank you Toontown! Keep it up!

Lava says:

Yes, I found out about that right when i opened my shticker book!

Frozen Leaf says:

Nice! now i can stay caught up on the news even if i'm too busy to ready it! thanks toontown! Frozen

Little Uber Cocoa Kitty (104 laff) aka Monster Mash says:

OMG!!!! that is sooooo cool that u can look at the "Toons News... for the Amused' in your shticker book!!!!! Keep up the good work Flippy!!!! btw, im so excited for toontask derby!!!!!! :D

ToonCouncil says:

Thanks, Little Uber Cocoa Kitty! Or should I say Monster Mash? Either way, I'm sure you're gonna be AWESOME during the Toontask Derby!

Quacky says:

Hey Cool! I sort of liked having the News up there but thats still Awesome xD

Sammy says:

WHOA. AWESOME. EPIC. that is all I have to say. :P XD : I Toons of the World, TYPE FAST!!!!!!

Kitty Lue says:

I think that is so cool xD. I sometimes accidentally click on the typewriter at the top when I'm going to click on the new cattlelog and this won't happen anymore. Now I can click on news while in my book :D

Fancy Bizzenbubble says:

I didn't read this before I got on Toontown, and i thought, "Woah, that't in the wrong place!" It was kind of hard to get used to it!

cliff twiddletoon says:

this is so awsome!!!!! i cant wait to see it and use it!!!!!

Ice Water ( high toon in training ) says:

Well this is easier then just going to the news actually but not really, u can keep it in ur book with ur other stuff :P

Feathers says:

Ooo! How Cool now it's all in one place!

Cool MoMo MacSpeed says:

Cool!!!!!! Now I can check the News for the Amused when I'm looking at my schticker Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oswald says:

cool i barely noticed that when i first logged in i was like ...wheres the news? so i went to my book and boom it was there!

fancysuperfink says:

wow! i was scared the other day when the news wasnt up the top so... now i have found out im happy ;) thanks toontown your the best plus toontown is my favorite online game :) ;)

pokey says:

this is perfect great job you are making toontown better!!!

Proff. Lionel Dynopockets says:

However much embarresed I am to say I've forgotten there IS toon news, this will help me to remember a little more, because I always am using my Schticker book. Nice idea, Toontown!

ToonCouncil says:

Glad it's easier for you to read the news now, Proff. Lionel Dynopockets!

Spike SuperPow says:

i agree with Miss Melody Wonderpounce Toontown IS getting more perfect EVERY single day!

Halloween Kitty says:

Whoa! When I saw the toon news and closed it, the button dissappeared! At the first time i thought it was a bug but when I opened the stchicker book I saw a new button! Cool!

Zu Zu says:

I like how thew they inform you once if there is a new toon news paper. After I closed it by accident, it took me ten minutes to find it! But it certianly takes up less space than on top of your screen, annoying you.

Cuty Hippen says:

I thought that space in the sticker book looked a bit empty. I agree with Miss Melody Wondorpounce. This IS PERFECT! :D


the book news is easier to find and easier to read!! keep up the good work toontown council. great work lol :)

Captain Yippie Fizzlemonkey says:

I luve this new update. now im going to go bust some cogs

ToonCouncil says:

That's the spirit, Captain Yippie Fizzlemonkey! You know how those Cogs like to ruin our fun in Toontown so let those pies fly!

Super Bingo (58 Laff) says:

This is soooo cool! Toontown Mods, you just keep coming up with better stuff all the time! Toons of the World UNITE! (Plz post you rock!)

super wilbur frinkel brains says:

The new way of seeing the toon news is useful and perfectly uncompromisingly brilliant! P.S (I think cashbot HQ is umeasurably and unimagineably fantastic to battle cogs in!)

Starfire Giggle Face says:

Awesome TT!!!!!!!!! You come up with new ideas every day! i love TT. I hope i play it for a long long time!!!!!!!!!

Ladybug says:

Thats a pretty good idea!!! I like it!!

Melody says:

This is AWESOME! Toontastic! I love toontown! You always have the right things to make toontown better and better! Keep working hard, and i'll keep telling kids to play toontown. TOON OF THE WORLD UNITE! Love, Melody

captain corky frinkel zapper:50 laff. says:

WOW!!!that is wat ive been wanting for,every since i started toon town i have saw the type writer at the top of the screen,so i clicked on it and after it went off and the type writer wasnt there.i wanted to look at it again but i couldnt. :-(.but now my wish is tru, i got to have it in my schticker book. :-).hope every 1 enjoys their new schticker book tab and toons of the world unite.

Nunu says:

This is such an awesome idea! I wonder what Toontown is gonna come up with next!

Midnight Moon says:

Perfection! Now, i can check easier! BEST EVER! THANKS TOONTOWN!! :D

kittykat says:

i like it :)

Lola says:

Cool!! I saw it earlier but didn't understand. This is what I'm talking about !!!!

Twilight says:

Absolutely PERFECT! This is helpful for those cream pies to fly. lol Twilight

ToonCouncil says:

Yes, Twilight. You're absolutely right! Nothing should stand in the way of those flying pies. How else would we defeat those annoying Cogs?

crazy boy says:

Thanks! I,ll check it out as soon as my computer loads and i finish squirting seltzer at the c.e.o!!

Violet Roses says:

OH BOY! This is great! Now I can open up my book and click the news! This will be GREAT! Oh by the way, my toon is VERY close to getting four level gags! JUST WAIT TILL I MAX THROW AND SQUIRT. I'LL BE SO DANGEROUS, THE COGS WILL FLY AWAY WHEN THEY SEE ME COMING!

Alisa says:


miss fluffy giggle pow , 43laff says:

It's much easyier to read the news now so u dont need to go up to the top of the computer and click it! But know you can open your book and you look on the side and see it and "click" on it! plz reply!

Pillow Pet says:

That is a great idea Flippy! i always forget where the news icon is and now i know where it is!!! TOONTOWN ROCKS!!!!! :D

Miss Bubbles Zippenflinger says:

zzzz. meow! oh, hi, toontown! this new news paper in the sticker book sounds fantastic! i can't wait to try it out! Your Purr-fect Toontown! Thanks Toon Council and Flippy and Toons!

Clanci says:

This will give me a perfect chance to catch up so I can finally know what's going on in toontown each week!

ToonCouncil says:

And there's always something happening in Toontown, Clanci! Not just every week but every day! That's why the Toon News is the best way to keep up with all the crazy fun.

Orange Cat says:

AWESOME!!! So much more screen room.

Lucky Leaf says:

Cool! I was going online like a day ago and when I looked into my Shticker Book, There was the little typewriter going inside! Then I closed my book and looked to the place where the news had once belonged. And it wasn't there! I guessed that you guys had changed the stuff a bit, without looking in the news!

Gumbo says:

I think this is such a good idea! This way we can have more room to see what is going on when were playing. Thank you Toon Council! :)

Super Skippy Dandyscreech (61 laff) says:


Ballmanterry says:

Great improvement! This way I do not have to be bothered by the icon once I read it!

London says:

wow! this is cool, now i can open my book, then get the typewriter instead of regularly :D! thank u toon town! please post and reply.

Captain Bumpy Peppertoon says:

Ah, it's much better than what it used to be and I like that. :)

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

oh man thats awesome! i have a nearly full icon list in my book and thats one more! toons of the world unite and eat jbs! and read the toon news for the amused, but thats beside the point lol