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New Toon Year Just Days Away
Happy New Year


Get set to celebrate the coming New Toon Year with Toontastic fireworks bursting over each of the playgrounds -- every hour on the hour -- starting this Sunday! When the Toontown sky turns to night, the colorful rockets take flight from December 30 through January 2, 2013.

For the best view of the fireworks show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward.


Grab your best Toon friends, dress up in your fanciest accessories like the top hat and tiara, and party like a Toon!


Then get ready to compete in Toontown's annual New Year's Eve Marathon - coming soon on (when else??) New Year's Eve!
Stay Tooned!



The ToonCouncil wishes all Toons a Toontastic
New Toon Year!

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captain astro says:

I can't wait! I'm so EXCITED

Gaby says:

Toontastic!I can't wait!

Sweetbud ( 92 laff ) cream cat says:

Can't wait for the fireworks and the marathon!

Dark Night Cat says:

That's amazing! I am going to play lots and lots of Trolley games. And hopefully I will be able to win that amazing shirt. Happy New Year ToonTown!

Sheriff Dynopow says:

Wow i cant wait! Got to prepare and get my friends.

Little Poppy says:

Awesome, I Can't Wait To See Fireworks!

Omar says:

YAY! I love fireworks!

Lily says:

yay the top toons marathon is back! i wasnt on last year but i hope this year i can a cool shirt. :P

Tall and Useful says:

Every year, when I see fireworks, I get in my cannon, blast out of it, and shout "Happy New Year!" to everyone while I'm in the air.

crazy dodle says:

yay its finally here the toon new year fireworks happy new year :)

cupcake 26laff says:

yay i cant wait until the fireworks begin and everyone have a happy new year. toons of the world unite

super dynotoon at 45 laff says:

i'm already celebrating by busting cog buildings left and right!(that's also my toontask.Well what do you know.)

Snowflake ( 80 laff ) says:

Nice! That sounds so cool! I can't wait till 2013!!!! Happy Toon New Year Toontown! ;)

Cool Cat (46 laff brown cat) says:

Toontastic i can`t wait for the fireworks thank you very much toon council

Scoobydoo says:

This is going to be exiting! I can't wait

Black Hole says:

omg i cant wait! i might fight the most cogs or play the most trolley games to win the amazing shirt! Toooooons of the world unite!!!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I love fireworks! I remember the summer fireworks now new year's fireworks! I love this game!

luna crescent says:

OH NO! I FORGOT THE CHRISTMAS STUFF! i better not miss this then.

Rabbitcon says:

I am really excited about the fireworks because, they are super cool! They are also very colorful and full of happiness. From Rabbitcon :)

Super Zany says:

Wow, I can't wait!!! I'll AWLAYS remember Toontown. It's like yesterday I was only using four gags...

Penny says:


Princess Star says:

Can't wait!

Monty says:

I hope everyone has a ToonTastic time in the contest! I will be enjoying this, thanks Flippy for everything you have done for ToonTown, and I wonder whats coming soon! And Remember - Toons of the world, Unite!

Dippy Nutty says:

I abosolutely can't wait for the fireworks! I'm really excited!

Josh ( 122 ) says:

I WANT to win the medal shirt SOOOO bad

crunchytooth says:

its been a while but im up to see this years event :)

Rusty says:

Very excited to do New Year's Eve Marathon! im gonna try to win this. :)

Cool Daffodil Bumblecrash says:

Fireworks! One of my favorite parts of Toontown, other than it being pure fun. I can't wait for this Toontastic New Year celebration! And the New Year's Eve Marathon... I've never competed in it. I hope I can get on for New Year's Eve!

Jellybean says:

Yay! I love fireworks, and i might participate in the marathon, too! I can't wait for the events!

Master Sammie says:

Wow! I can't wait for the Marathon, and the fireworks! ( I can't believe it's almost new year's! ) Toons of the world, unite!

Sir Crazy Funnysplat says:

I always love watching the fireworks on ToonTown! Happy New Year to Toons around the world from Sir Crazy Funnysplat!

Jake The Dog says:


crumblefussen laff78 says:


Lilac says:

Awesome! I can't wait to compete in the New Year's Eve Marathon!

poppenhoffer says:

The thing I am going to do to celebrate is just doing my garden, busting some cogs, and just relaxing by the steps by toon hall while watching the fireworks burst in beautiful glory.

loopy leroy bumbersocks says:

i love fireworks! I can't wait to see them! I think fireworks are toontastic!

Queen Lollipop Ruffleflip says:

I wanted the shirt! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see it! :D

Tobuscus says:

Fireworks are AWESOME!!I cant wait either!!

Hunter says:

Toontastic! First time with my black cat.

Prof.Snuffyfumbleflap says:

I cant wait. Happy toon year!

Cricket (66 laff) says:

Awesome! I can't wait for the fireworks!

thumber says:

yes my FIRST new year on Toontown

rehan says:

I am going to be crazy on this day !!!!!!

Grace says:

Yay! Cant wait for fireworks! Toons of the world UNITE!

Bunny Cakes ( 96 laff ) says:

Ooh! I gotta make sure to dress really fancy when I get on toontown. Fireworks are a special occaision and you have to dress fancy for occasions like this.Thanks toon council for the heads up!

nermal says:

toontastic i love fireworks i missed them in the summer so im really exited now :) :D

Blue Kitten (The one and only) says:

Wow! I sure can't wait, but how does the marathon work? I know the info will be up soon! Thanks, ToonTown! :) You ALWAYS have new updates to make GamePlay more fun :D!

Max-flip1234 says:

Yay Thank you Toon counsill for Putting Up The New Toon Year i cant Wait :-)

Winky Wrinklebocker says:

I Love Fireworks

Cool soupy(107Laff) says:

The fireworks i saw were beautiful!:D LOL! i cant wait for the marathon! from Cool soupy. :D :) And dont let the cogs spoil the fun! :( :P

Princess Coconut SourMuffin says:

This is so cool! Thanks for making the holidays just that much better, you guys! :D I better pull out my New Years outfits then... xD

master max eletrobrains says:

hey awesome happy new years

Clear Ocean, 52 laff says:

Happy New Toon Year to all!! :)

Super Dee Dee says:

Thank you Tooncouncil ya'll are very nice for wishing us a Happy New Year! Happy new year to you too. I would like to know more about this marathon :) Happy winter holiday to all!

aloola says:

Can't wait! but i wish i was member now my membership expired too months ago :( but i will be happy to join ToonTown rules!

Jessie says:

Wow!!! I can't wait! I hope I win this year. I did this marathon on my other toon and won by doing lots of buildings. I think I'll do the same on this toon. It's so fun I CANT WAIT!!

Moey says:

Awesome! That is amazing! I was wondering why they did so many fireworks in one day! Amazing!

ember says:

WOW new year's eve im so excited this is gonna be the best

Miss Melody Trickytoon says:

I cant wait! this is going to rock! happy new year toontown!

Anna banna says:


Amber says:

i loved the fireworks :D

Queen Violet says:

Happy New Year! Say bye to 2012 and say hello to 2013!!! Hope you had a great year!

Vice versa ( 46 laff ) says:


Blue ( 105 laff ) says:

i cant wait i love the fireworks i love them!!!!!

Magic Crocodile says:

Oh tooontastic These fireworks areee DAZZLING now here ;) I cannnoot wait.