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New Toon Names are the Name of the Game

The Toon Council asked you to send in ideas for new Toon names to make sure we have the wackiest, silliest selection to pick from – and we have our winning names at last!


After reading through all your creative suggestions, we’re proud to congratulate our winners:

Anita Nudder CupaKawfeeAwesome VictoriaBiscuitCaptain ChesterChocolate GumdropsCodyDanielleDoctor BumblebeeDuckmanDuck SpaceyKittyMaceyMagic BunnyMiss ClareMister Oscar FunnybumbleOliverPrincess Candy PeppersticksPrincess Coconut BananacrumpPumpkinQuackerzQueen RhubarbRubySeltzer KatStarSuper Thunderball Rocket MouseSweetfeet BabypieTwinkleseed,  and  Violet.

These brand new names suggested by you Toons are now in the Choose Your Name list:







Thanks to all you clever Toons for sending in your suggestions.
Now be the first to make a new Toon with a Toontastic brand new name!


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Bonnie says:

Yay! I've been wanting to make a new toon, and now I'l be sure to make one with a Toontastic name!

ToonCouncil says:

Well done, Bonnie! We can't wait to welcome your brand new Toon at Toon HQ!

Lexi (62 laff) says:

Congrats to our new winners! I cant wait to make a new toon with all of these wonderful names!Thanks for these names! remember TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! :)

Lucky says:

Lucky Glittersprinkles, Valentine Glitterzoom and Felix Bouncywhatsit is born!

ToonCouncil says:

Those are Toontastic new name combos, Lucky! Certainly sounds like some great new Toons will be busting Cogs soon!

Coco Muffin says:

Im making a new toon with some of these names :D

waldo says:

Wow awesome names.Keep up the good work toons!!

Liliane says:

I love some of the new names, they're very cute, and it's nice to see some new ones added!

Samantha says:

Congrats to you all!These names are all wonderful and creative!I like the names Bouncey,Dynamite,Jazzy and Squeaky. :)

Kidney says:

This is cool! I'm gonna make a new boy toon named Crazy Teddy Robowhatsit.

ToonCouncil says:

The ToonCouncil certifies that name as officially ToonTASTIC, Kidney! Great choice!

Harly says:

Aww, Those names are Toontastic! I wanna make a maroon cat and name it Pumpkin Witty.

Tea Gardner says:

Wow. I hope a lot of toons, even new to ToonTown, use some of these names for their new toons! I know I will, I love making new toons, so I'll be sure to use some of these!

Lightclaw says:

Some of these names are HILARIOUS! I love 'em!

ToonCouncil says:

We're with you, Lightclaw - and the funnier we Toons are, the faster those Cogs fall!

Sapphire Frog says:

These names are kinda cute, when I make a new Toon, I might add some of these names.

Twinklin-Twislers says:

I like all the cool new toon names :)

Maddy says:

YES! I've been wanting this to happen!!!!!!! :) Im gonna name my Toon whatsit Haha

Hunter ( 105 ) says:

These names sure are toontastic! To name specifics, my favorites are Robo and Whatsit!

Ashley(54 laffer ) says:

Cool! I can't wait to see toons with these hilarious names!

Captain Willow Pumpkinwhatsit says:

I just made this toon, and the name is awesome! Toontastic! ( I really love the whatsit part of the name. ) I made another one, named Dynamite Gumdropwhatsit! I hope you pick more in the future! :O :O :O Captain Willow

ToonCouncil says:

That's fantastic, Captain! Those are both so creative, I can't decide which name I like more!

Lollipop says:

Wow! These are some toontastic new name ideas! I can't wait to make a new toon!

Max (107 laff) says:

New toon names cool! I'm going to make a new toon!!!!

Martha says:

my bunny toon would be named : Teddy Star SmartySprinkles Hehe, Thanks, toontown! :)

Vert says:

I like a lot of these names some are original and some are funny and cute, I honestly like out of the new names Jinx, I'm gonna make a Toon called Petal Jinx.

Rainbow says:

I want to be the first to use the wacky names. :D

Cool Z.Z. Thundermash says:

I'm SOOOOOO happy for the new names! Im gonna use them right now!!

Silly Sally Sourseed (91 laugh) says:

WOW! these are some toontastic names! funnier names means funnier friends! Can't wait to see all the names new toons come up with!

deputy trixie funnybump says:

Wow! thanks toontown! i love the new names! i'll be sure to make one, i will make a brown cat named Chocolate Gumdrops! thank you so much! Toons of the world unite!

king fireball rhinotoon says:

i think these new names are awesome i just got a membership and now im going to try out these new names

Candy Pop says:

Amazing! Thank you so much for those new names.

Annelle says:

I'll try making a toon with those new names!

Mr cool man. says:

I like the name Astro. That should be the one!

Princess Binky Lemontwist (108 laff) says:

Completely toontastic names!! Makes me tempted to make a new toon. hee hee

Electric says:

Cool Names!!

Miss Ace Attorney says:

Sweet! I've already come up with my next toon's name: Jazzy Starglitter!

Zapper says:

I'm so excited! I am going to make a toon named Teddy, and it's going to be a bear! :3

alex says:

cool i might make a new toon and name her gumdrop or sprinkles!

bebop fizzlehopper says:

i love the new names!

Small Hare says:

COOOOOL!!! These names are so awesome :D! I can't wait to make a BUNCH of toons with these new names! I might also make a comination of these and old names!! I really like the names Astro, Felix, Presto, and whatsit! :D but all the names are SO creative!! I love the names :).

Dizzy says:

These are SO awesome names. I can't wait to make a new toon to use these new suggestions.

Hello says:

Cool! I have a toon named Valentine. It's finally up for Toontown to use! Yay! And congratulations to the winners! The names are really creative!

Peanut Google Snout says:

I think im going to make a new cat named Jinx!!! :)

Spike Whiskerpounce says:

That's a lot of names.

zippity ( 105 laff ) says:

These are awsome names!

random kitty witha foghorn says:

YEA! im making a teddy named teddy. XD

Princess Peaches Lemonwhip says:

I really want to say thanks to all of these great new toon names and to all of the toons that created them. My favorite is Willow, but all of them are just as good! Good job Toontown!

Twinkledoodle says:

These are some great names! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Princess Sally Poodle Bubble says:

cool i cant wait to use these names. Very nice names toons..

Julia says:

What a great idea! thanks Toontown!

Midnite Kat says:

This is awesome!

Coconut ( laff 110) says:

Awesome names! I like Teddy! And Gumdrop! Cool names toontown! Can't wait what other cool stuff is heading this way!

Zekrom says:

Dynamite Is My Favorite! :D I'm Gonna Make A New Toon Very Soon!!

Electric Wolf says:

Lol! These Are Cute! I Love Them All!!!!

zoey says:

I love these names! there so creative and fun!! I LOVE THEM!

Supertoon says:

Awesome can't wait to make a new toon! Have a toontastic day!

Zowie ( 15 Laff ) says:

Wow! Those names are cool! I like the '' smarty '' name. Thats me! :)

super-duck says:

:D I love making new toons! thank you people who came up with these!

Little Pip says:

Cool! I always have trouble naming my toons. Thanks!

Frizzy says:

Wow! I wonder how many different combinations you could have! So many great names to choose from, but you can only pick so little! I've got the perfect name though! How about: Willow Whiskers Wittywhatsit!? I love it!