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Madcap March Accessories!

March accessories

March forward this month into a madcap change of caps, masks, wings, backpacks, shoes, boots, hats – even a wacky wig!

Take extra precautions by getting the anti-Cog hat... we don't know if it actually does anything, but we do know Cog activity jumps way up during March and April. Better silly than sad!

See all the Toontastic details in today's brand-new Toon News... For the Amused!

TOON TIP: If you don’t see these accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry!
These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy and receive the trunk first, if you do not have one already.

Become a Member Toon
to wear and enjoy accessories
and all Toontastic Cattlelog items!


Posted on March 01, 2013 to:

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Lighting (110) says:

Cool it will be great to get back some accessories if we don't have them.

unknown says:

awesome! cant wait to get them in my cattlelog! :DD

Nightmare says:

Yay! This is toontastic! I really want this special anti-cog hat, it seems like such fun!

dandyfoot(56) says:

this will be fun! its my first year on Toontown i hope i have enought jelly beans to buy stuff......

Interesting Orange Dog (68 Laff) says:

Unfortunately, I got my Cattlelog just before these accessories came out, but I can manage to make another toon to get them on, and gift them to my main toon! :) Thanks for the new accessories, Toontown!

Nightmare says:

Yay! This is toontastic! I really want this special anti-cog control hat, it seems like such fun!

Duncan (116 laff) says:

Haha! I like the wig on the bear.

Midnight - 51 laffer says:

Thanks so much toontown, Im gonna save up for the firefighter hat :D

Rusty says:

I'm gonna buy the crown for this. :D Thanks Disney!

Bear says:

The ones in the picture look great! I better go stock up on jellybeans now, can't wait to get 'em!

Moonpaw says:

Yayz, new accessories! Be sure to stop the cogs, everyone!

sir cat says:

it is so cool but i want to buy the samba hat i am sad

Ugly Corny says:

I like the Fez the most ;)

Rusty says:

Ahh! It's good for these accessories to be back! I think I still have the mask in my trunk! :'D Thanks toontown!

Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

These new accessories came just in time! I bought all the ones in the catalog that I wanted and then, MY BANK GOT FULL. Thank you for giving me something to spend my beans on! xD

Endless Possibilities(106) says:

I cant wait to get my cattlelog! I really would like the crown

Magical Crocodile says:

Yay! I'm glad they are back I wanted them before but I was all out of jellybeans, but now I have tons! I can't wait to get them all and maybe even gift some to my crocodile friends :)

Drybones says:

toontastic! always wanted the anti-cog hat!

Princess Kippy says:

Epic! I've been waiting for some new accessories. I totally want the wings that cat is wearing!

Rocky says:

Yay these are my favorite accessories! :D

Toothless says:

Awesome! I just got my cattlelog today! That means I can start getting some today! :D

mouseman laff (67) says:

thanks toontown!! :) you have made my day!

Pink Mouse (51 laff) says:

i want the anti cog hat solier hat and a queen hat

Dusty says:

How in all of toontown do you come up with so many toontastic ideas! You all at toontown probably never get any thank yous! So.... THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TOONTASTIC WORK ON MAKING TOONTOWN A FUN PLACE!

Omar says:

I love new accessories.

George says:

Thanks Toon Council!!! I really Love these awesome stuff ! I am sure To buy them!!!

Happy Doggy says:

i love the new catalogs

cliff says:

we want new accessories!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

It's fun wearing the Anti-Cog hat! In fact, if my friends don't own one, I gift one to them. :)

Callidus says:

Well, that anti-cog hat was something I always wanted since it came out! It will sure look awesome with my gag-attack pack, motorcycle boots and the lure outfit!

Zowie Octochomp says:


Cute Nice Owl says:

I thought my chance for the wig was gone. But, I was wrong! Plus its my 3rd or 2nd year on toontown.

Lady Sandy Peppertwist says:

I'm so excited! All of my accessories I have worn a lot, so I'm really thrilled about new ones! Now we can defeat those cogs in STYLE! Thanks Toontown!

Furry Paws (laff53) says:

Yay! Theyre Back! I cant wait to try some of those accessories, Its a great way to celecrate the wackiness of Toontown! Thank you Toon Council! :)

ursula gigglepocket says:

anti-cog hat?! cool!!!! all the stuff you make is cool.

Miss Meows-A-Lot(51Laff) says:

Toontastic!I already have most of them,Just need carnival masks!:)

hope says:

can't wait for these to come in my cattlelog AND I MAXED OUT MY JELLYBEAN JAR :) ii can't wait to get all of these wonderful accessories for my toon hope :)

Shayla ( 128 laff ) says:

can't wait for these they are so cool

princessbubble says:

it will be so awsome to get them in my cattlelog because i heard that they are great!

Queen Rosie (113) Laff Points says:

Wow! This is awesome! i really want some new accessories, like the carnivale mask and fairy wings. Thank you for bringing these back to the cattlelog! i cant wait to buy some new accessories!

Mister Kippy Paleflap says:

I really love these new items coming in every so often.

Liza says:

The hats will go with so many cute outfits! :)

Mousy (102 laff) says:

Yes! Thank you Toontown for bringing back these items! I'll have to wait till the catalog comes so I can get them all! :D

Super Dee Dee says:

Already bought the Wacky Wig, Yellow boots, Aqua cap and the Yellow bear backpack! This is really toontastic!

white cat(laff 130) says:

cool more accessories! :D

Teardrop says:

Love the new anti-cog control hat, it looks awesome! Better watch out for any new cog schemes around this time of year....

Little Mac Bananaroni says:

Oh boy! I'd love to wear the March madcap accessories! I don't have any accessories. But, I am a member. I just need to wait for my trunk to come.

Flower Smellyfeet ( 69 laff ) says:

Aww, why did I spend my jellybeans on valentoon's stuff! But I did see the March catalog on my other toon...

dizzyton says:

I want the would make me look like a Queen ! I hope other toons get it too !

Mister Von Octonoodle (95 laff) says:

Oh boy! I can't wait to show off my new hats, caps, and capes! Thanks Clarabell, and Flippy!

smorez says:

i cant wait to get them! i am becoming a member sometime this week, so i can get them! they look so cool!

Crystal Mustang says:

Thank you ever so much Toontown. I'm thinkin of gettin me those cute pixie wings.

valentine says:

thanks for the new accessories i cant wait to buy some for me and my friends. thay look so cool and awesome

Suzie Q says:

I can't wait to get this catalog! I might just have to spend my jellybeans rather than eat them!

Little Fuzzytoon says:

I Want those converse styled shoes! They look awesome!

DynamiteElectroCrash(61Laff) says:

Cant wait ill save up on my jellybeans and buy all of them!

Golden honey droplet(laff130) says:

awesome i like the pixie wings i can get them i have 12000 jellybeans :D

Little Kitten says:

I absolutely LOVE the new 'Madcap March Accessories!' Keep making Toontown fun!

Falling snowflakes says:

Awesome I want the green shoes.

discoverd black kitty(laff 137) says:

:D more new ones im so going to get the pixie wings they look cute :D

Senna says:

Awesome! I love all the new accessories! :) They're toontastic! I already bought some pixie wings! Thanks Toontown! :D

Princess Sandy (68 laff) says:

When is the tiara going to come out? I want to buy it sooooo badly, but it's not in cattlelog. And thank you for all the amazing outfits clarabelle designs :D

Darkrai says:

Oh cool. My other toons and I need some nice accessories, so these really hit the spot. Toons of the World, Unite!