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Lawbots Strike Back

Toons rallied against the Glad Handers' under-handed trick, but the real (bird)brains behind this sinister scheme have landed – proving 'bot birds of a feather strike together!
Legal Eagles have landed
Legal Eagles fly high in the Lawbot pecking order, and very rarely leave their rusty roosts in Cog buildings. So beware their skillful "talons" in the art of making Toons sad!

The Toon Resistance reports Legal Eagles landing on Friday at these times:
                 3am - 6am          10am - 1pm           5pm - 8pm
                               (all times in Toontown Time)

Resistance Rangers are battling bird-brain 'bots non-stop to keep these Districts clear from invading Cogs:

Crazy Grove

Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

Silly Valley Zany Acres

Target the Legal Eagles' weak spot with Storm Cloud gags, and defend Toontown until those Lawbots cease & desist!
If fireworks of freedom ring out on Saturday, you'll know if we Toons have triumphed...

Posted on June 28, 2013 to:

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Ayat says:

This Is Unbelievable, Glad Handers And Now This... Beware Toons And Keep A Gag In Your Hand.

TheCogs says:

Bah! A gag in your hand isn't worth even one Legal Eagle. We're bringing down Cog law on you.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Wyld Fyre says:

I'm gonna need more pies for this.

Fireball McMeow says:

Wow! This summer will be fun, defeating cogs all day... I hope some toons have kept the jellybeans they got on jellybean week to restock their gags! Cogs of the world unite! :D Uh, no! I mean Toon of the world unite!

Electrocrash says:

oh dear, these look like some pretty tough cogs, i better have my squirt ready!

TheCogs says:

"Tough" eh? When we land, we are going to give you Toons legal nightmares.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Baron Fancy Snifflenerd says:

First Glad handers now Legal Eagles....hmm if i were you i'd be running because its a million against a few. whos the real winner...TIMES UP its the toons

Oscar says:

I knew it! Those tricky birds!

Silas says:

Whoa! Legal Eagles are really high so toons must have to work harder!

Chaia (15 laff) says:

Wow! Don't worry, Toontowners, we defeated the Glad Handers, we can definitely chase off these Legal Eagles! Time to stock up on pies again... TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

TheCogs says:

Big talk, little Toon. Careful... my legal isn't very tender.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Callidus says:

I KNEW that them cogs were cooking up something wicked! I never trusted those hand - shaking gladhander's truce in the first place... and now this! So I say, fellow resistance members, give your salute and BASH THOSE BOTS!

Chocolate says:

Oh no! I'm going to go get my gags and fight right now!

Brook says:

Lets beat these pesty cogs to the end! Toons of the world unite!

Callidus (105 laff) says:

Those Lawbots will be sorry to invade NOW... since I'm just about to swoop over to professor Flake for a row of Lawbot - crunching missions! If you know what I mean.

TheCogs says:

Not if we Legal Eagles swoop down on you first! Polar Place is the next street in our pecking order...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Captian gram crunchy flip says:

Man we should of seen it coming...

Sneaky Lightning says:

I think something sneaky is going on, and I know sneaky!

Sir J.C. says:

Well, I like that we have Mega Invasions back :D. But, Legal eagles uhh..... I it will help because some toontasks are about 500 lawbots. But, we can handle this toons unite lets do this! We can handle anything that comes in our path.

Sir lucky sparklesprinkles (73 Laff) says:

Oh man! I will bust as many as i can with my birthday cakes and my wedding cake!

Master Toon says:

Oh no! I might have to use my Whole Cream Pies and my Birthday Cakes to stop them!

Mr. Greenbean says:

I was right! I knew there was something fishy about that Legal Eagles next to that glad handler..

Noel says:

First, Glad Handers, now Legal Eagles? For Lawbots, they sure do break the law. Let's pie em'!

TheCogs says:

Legally, you're too small to stop us, little Toon.
Legal Eagles soar, then we score.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Miss Ginger Beanie Woof says:

Us toon can't give up! We need to work together to stop the Legal Eagles! Get some gags and stop the Cogs!

Maxamillion says:

I knew we could never trust those pesky cogs in the first place!

Grif says:

Come on you dumb birds come and get me

TheCogs says:

Who is this Toon calling "dumb"? I went to law school!
There is no limit to my talons.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Mr Freeze says:

I have my gags ready to defeat these sneaky Legal Eagles! Toons of the World unite!!

Fireheart 103 laff says:

I cant wait to see the fireworks tomorrow. We toons know we're gonna win

TheCogs says:

Toon fireworks will not be tolerated in Legal Eagles' Cog airspace. Those annoying, loud celebrations should be illegal!
When we take over today, that sort of silliness will be the first thing to go...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

Oh boy. These cogs just keep upping the bar. First Glad Handers. Now this! Best get the gags out. We've got some battling to do!

Midnightkit says:

I thought eagles were nicer, but these eagles - NO.

Storm says:

Whoa! We better get our gags set and ready! Pies are gonna fly today!

Mater says:

Time to bring out the pies :)

Master Fireball Electroface says:

First glad handlers and now legal eagles?Wow the cogs bring a good fight but its time to get the storm cloud out.

Moon Uber says:

This is a great time to train my new gags! :D And get newer ones from breaking these goons called: Legal Eagles! Why do they invade us? What have we done to Legal Eagles lately...?

Super Bluey says:

The bird brained cogs want to soar into the skies of our neighborhoods, eh? Well, this issue can be dealt with. What toons need to do is give them a cloudy forecast, with rain and thunder. By that, I mean use our storm clouds to get the Legal Eagles out of the sky. Buy up them clouds, everyone, as the cogs are coming in full flock!!! (Get it, like full force?)

Blueberry says:

We will defeat you Cogs!

Omar says:

I knew it! I knew that Legal Eagle was up to something! So there was the Glad Handers now those pesky eagles, how can it get any worse!?! It seems they are trying to make the Glad Handers hand shaking and invasions legal! I won't let that happen!

TheCogs says:

Those are some very eagle-eyed observations for a Toon. You might even be birdbrain enough to work for us Lawbots in our Cog legal offices.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Mister Loopenzilla says:

Hey Toon Council! I'll be sure to keep an " eagle-eye " on the skies for these pesky birdbrains!!!

Crazy Fireball Electrocrash says:

I knew there was something fishy about the Glad Hander invasion. We have to stop those Legal Eagles with our Seltzer Bottles!! Toons of the world, unite!

Tyler ( 95 laff so far ) says:

oh my.. those cogs are strong. oh well! i will get my level seven gags ready!

Monty Bananatooth says:

I knew there was something off about the Legal Eagle with the Glad Handers..

Master Jake says:

You Legal Eagles better watch out! Us toons have our storm clouds charged, and our cream pies made!

Loud Crumbly Fuzzybumber says:

The eagels may be trying to end the fun but toons always win in the end.

Princess Jazzy Fuzzysprinkles says:

I knew i shouldn't have trusted the Cogs! If i get in one of these invasions i'll get my new cream pie for SURE!

Chris says:

Wow, Seems those pesky Legal Eagles were our problem this whole time!

rainy 18 laff and the one and only says:

i knew this would be next... let's finish this so we get fireworks tomorrow!

Dominick (117 laff) says:

Lets battle some birds!

Pixel says:

Yikes! Now why would Glad Handers and Legal Eagles work together? Keep your head up toons! The cogs are up to something!

Midnight Song says:

Uh oh!! Those silly cogs don't know what they're getting themselves into! I'll keep my cream pie at army's reach!

Captain J.C Bongienmush says:

I'm gonna solo one.

Wood (104) says:

I KNEW IT! those pesky lawbots was behind this

duke pancake electromarble says:

no way I will let the cogs win! if the cogs win here, I think Toontown will become cogtown plus Toons will not come on anymore

Captain Skipper Wackygadget says:

Let's save Toontown!

King Fritz says:

Hurry out and defeat the cogs!

aliangel says:

Don't worry, the toons will strike those birds down.

Popcorn Wildzap says:

I'm going to bust their gears so hard it should be illegal!

Princess Jellyroll (41 laff) says:

Time to let the pies fly! :D

TheCogs says:

Do your worst with those illegal gags. We Legal Eagles will be the only ones flying high today, silly Toons. We soar... then we score.

- - end Cog transmission - -

QueenRosie Gigglefuddy says:

Lets put an end to this and stop these Legal Eagles for some Toontastic victory!

star says:

i may be weak and they be strong, but they wont stand for that long. UBER POWERS ACTIVATE!

bella says:

just remember, STAY PREPARED!

Weird Jellyroll Fizzlepop says:

I didn't expect this!

Sir Lucky says:

Good luck to everyone and go fight those Eagles! :)

master says:

bird brain I like that laughs any way im trying to get leagle eagles so its purrfect for me

Spark says:

I am a 137 laff I can defeat those cogs!

Electrotooth says:

So THAT'S what that legal eagle was doing in the other picture with the gland handers. Well, I have my seltzer bottles stocked up and I'm ready to stop these guys! Lets show them they won't win! Toons of the world...UNITE!!!!

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

Lets see how many birds we can take down with one pie!

Lady Dandyberry says:

The fireworks of Freedom sound interesting too! I hope we reign victorious over those pesky cogs!

Lefty LemonZilla says:

Wow those Legal Eagles are gonna taste the wrath of my Storm Cloud.

aliangel says:

The Eagles are trying to stop our connection, but we'll show them who is going to crash. Toons of the World Unite

Spider says:

The cogs are just mad that we still keep winning the battle of good VS evil for over 10 years.

Maximillon says:

We must stop those tricky cogs before something bad happens!

Electrocrash says:

Lets take back Toontown from the Legal Eagles! Toons of the Word, Untie! OOPS! I mean Toons of the world Unite!

Princess Flippenhopper says:

Thank goodness some of the districts aren't being invaded.... my tsks call for Cashbots, not these Eagles!

Monki says:

No wonder there was a sneaky Legal Eagle behind those Glad Handers! Attention toons, this is a wicked event. Get all your gags ready, especially your Storm Cloud. Weather is not looking good these days, Legal Eagles! Toons of the Worlds Unite, Fight those Legal Eagles!

Dandilion says:

We're gonna defeat as many of these whirlybirds as we can! Just so you know cogs, little Toons can do big things!

Frozen Hot Chocolate says:

Kyahahahaha! These silly lawbots may be high in level but we'll be able to take them down still! My cakes and storm clouds will take these pesky birds down!

TheCogs says:

(This is so much fun it should be illegal.)

- - end Cog transmission - -

Super Bumpy Octosprinkles says:

Those legal eagles don't stand a chance against us!

Zapdos says:

Bah if Legal Eagles prove that bot birds of a feather strike together, then us Toons need to be strong and fierce.

Master Pancake Electrobrains says:

This is getting really intense, we high Toons need to protect the lower Toons so we don't have many sad Toons. Everybody, we need to pull our gags from Cupcake to Train Tracks out and defeat these Eagles! Toons of the World, Unite!

Midnight says:

Wow Glad Handers then Legal Eagles! Stock on Gags and we can defeat some of these nasty Cogs. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

Snowflake says:

i knew this was going to happen lucky i've got my gags for this bring it on cogs

Little Binky says:

A invasion of the 4th wall breakers, time to destroy those cogs

rainy 18 laff and the one and only says:

and eagles answer me this, where is your leader ( not the chief justice ) but the chair man, you said he was coming so where is your leader? caw caw!

Captain Dee Dee Bumbercrumbs says:

What is your plan Legal Eagles!

TheCogs says:

Glad Handers were sent to fool you silly Toons into a false sense of well-being. Unfortunately, your Toon Council refused to sign the "truce" Lawbots sent with our handy deal-makers. We Legal Eagles land today to bring down the full weight of Cog law, as planned in the truce.

But why am I telling you all this?? It must be another Toon trick. Those kind of Toon shenanigans should be illegal!

- - end Cog transmission - -

Rosebud says:

This is great.... I better load up on my strongest gags right now. its on...

Duchess says:

You know what cogs, you think US toons are scared of a little BIRD. Anyway If you wanna get my friends then get through ME, because toons work together. So you SCARED YET? Ps, good luck with all the pies... Haha.

Weird Chester Octosprinkles says:

Those legal eagles made me go sad a few times but I didn't give up on defeating them. I will keep battling them.

Nodog says:

Legal Eagles, watch out! You are not strong enough!

Kewldude says:

Man, I should get a wedding cake! I will only use it if multiple come up at me at once! I will keep my most powerful gag with me at all times.

Hartless says:

I need Lawbots too - thanks everyone!

Strawberry says:

I KNEW this had everything to do with Legal Eagle's. This big plan is going to stop! Lets save toontown, and bring these cogs down! Toons of the world UNITE!!!!!

Rhysh says:

Man... Legal Eagles my be hard if you toons are new. But strong toons will take care of it! Just like me!

Queen Maxie says:

Prepare to taste my birthday cakes.

Thunder Buddy says:

Hah! Legal Eagles! They never have noticed the invasions are bringing my gags up and making me stronger! Who's laughing now illegal eagles?

TheCogs says:

Haw Haw! Kaw Kaw!
Your Toon jokes are pun-ishable by Cog law.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Ginger Catish says:

Oh no! The Legal Eagles are here! Oh, wait. You Illegal Eagles will never stack up to your boss, the CJ! And your boss will never stack up to us toons! Legal Eagle: Stop badgering the witness! Me: *throws badger away* Sorry. *takes out a goat* Legal Eagle: What are you doing now? Me: Goating the witness.

crinklemarble says:

Why do you legal eagles try to beat us? We obviously already beat you, so were just gonna blow you up! You dumb birdbrains, you think you can beat toons? No, toons will win! Toons of the world unite!!!

Princess Cuddles says:

Yes! Legal Eagles! They are my favorite type of cog to take down! I better go stock up on my squirt and get ready to see some gears flying!

Sweets Chocolate says:

Im going to defeat you ALL!! :D

Lucy says:

The Legal Eagles Have Taken Over Toontown!

Trixie says:

Oh No! I better bring my wedding cake...

Fuzzypounce says:

I knew it! Remember seeing the legal eagle in the last article?

Binka says:

Eek! We should have suspected this!! However we will not back down! This is a good opportunity for toons in Daisy's Gardens that are looking for a key from Legal Eagles! Legal Eagles, you don't scare me!

Popcorn wildzap 107 laff says:

Why are you trying to end our toon fun We'll send your gears on the run Why are you so batty Stop before our gags go splatty P.S invading Toontown is illegal!

Manning says:

I know we will see those fireworks flying high tomorrow toons! Toons of the World Unite!!

Baron Fancy Snifflenerd says:

This message is to the legal eagles:When the invasions strike were all ready to get our gags trained and tasks when we got all our gags we let the pies fly so when the pies are flying you better click that run to the HQ button.

TheCogs says:

And this is our message to YOU: our Legal Eagle forces have been briefed on your tiny, Toon defenses. We're bringing down the law on you.

- - end Cog transmission - -

drake lightning says:

You will never get away with this cogs! toons fight as much legal eagles as you can! that invasion bonus will get your gags prepared!

crazy skids electrospeed says:

you bird brains are going down

Isabella says:

That's why that Legal Eagle was in the background of the Glad Handler invasion picture...Hmm. Those Lawbots are always up to no good, especially pesky-pecking Legal Eagles. Those beaks of theirs are rather blunt... I'm not too afraid! I got my gags at my side

Jazzy Whiskerwhip says:

A cool way to train my gags!

Colonel Bonzo says:


Tommy says:

They are only Legal Eagles, what are they going to do? Give us "legal nightmares", I LAUGH in the face of the Cog Law and my Wedding Cake will be in their face too! Toons of the world unite!

Carrot Carrot Orange (15 laff) says:

Glad Handlers then Legal Eagles?! Well I knew it! :P I knew the Cogs weren't actually going to call a truce! Well I got a Glass of water & Cupcake for you Mr. Legal Eagle

peaches says:

I agree I am using my safes for these bird brains, and I need all players to stop all Legal Eagles!!! When the birds come, were loaded up with gags to show you we are hero's!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

I am totally ready for the Legal Eagle attack! I have the right gags to defeat them.

The SuperToon says:

A Pie in my hand is worth two on an Legal Eagle's face. Lets make the skies of ToonTown a Restricted Airspace when it comes to those bird-brained cogs

Hats says:

Those feather brains can't stand a battle against me!

Hidden says:

Cogs are robots, and robots aren't supposed to be able to think, but I swear, they're getting smarter by the month! First off, how do they scheme these plans? Second off, how can they say things they weren't wired to say before? And finally, how in the name of Doodle are they posting on the walls at TOON HQ?! Toons, at some point, we need to up our research and shut down the factory they're made in, or at some point, they'll be too smart to keep at bay!

Stinky (107 laffer) says:

That was a win for the cogs. There was a level five cog building in Toontown Central and i watched groups and groups go into that building and every time the elevator opened no toons came out. When i finally got the chance to get in there it was crawling with those dreaded birds! Those cogs gave us a beating. So who knows whats coming, but stay strong...

Kit Cat says:

Try to do your best Legal Eagles, Us Toons are unstoppable! We have beaten you nasty Cogs back and fourth, Us Toons need some Cakes and Storm Cloudes to end these Cog's nasty tricks!

Master Max says:

Oh boy... I never thought this would get worse. No matter. We have to hit them hard and good. It's now or never at this point.

Crazy Wacky Dizzyzapper says:

Do your worst, Legal Eagles! Or should I say Legal CHICKENS? We're gonna bring you down. Why don't you go fly away back to Lawbot HQ and tell your little C.J. that us toons are coming after you?

Clover (37 Laff) says:

Grr, those Legal Eagles! It was them all along! I knew it! Well, everyone stock up on extra pies and storm clouds and we can take down these bird brains! Toons of the World Unite!

Cassie says:

OH COME ON!! You legal eagles know that us toon are gonna enjoy those fireworks tomorrow... that means that we win of course. Come on do your worst. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Alvin says:

Wow, these cogs can't take a hint. We'll just have to teach them another lesson.

Ghostly Night says:

Say what! Now It's Legal Eagles!?!?!? Keep a gag in hand at all times toons and keep your guard up. We are toons, Unite!

cog buster says:

come on toons we can destroy those fowl cogs like the glad handers

cuddlyfuzzymuffin says:

lets beat these fowl cogs

Cool Chroma (55 Laff) says:

Oh no...not this! I think my motivation should keep my spirits up. Those Cog's won't take ME down!

Crystalis says:

I KNOW we toons will win on this. I plan on seeing those fireworks tomorrow.

Carrot Tree says:

I knew this was going to happen after the Glad Hander thing (rumors)! I've gotten planned and ready and I've defeated over 35 Legal Eagles!

Happy says:

Ptth, These cogs! You guys keep trying us invasion after invasion! And still believe they have the upper hand! Just try us bird brains! We will stop you! TOONS UNITE!

Max Funnysplat says:

You stupid bird-brain Illegal Eagles! You Cogs never win! We Toons always win! Remember Illegal Eagles, the place you are invading is not Cogtown, it's Toontown! And also, stop giving us Toons headaches by going in our Toon buildings and turning them into Cog buildings!

Taffy Sparketoon says:

Legal Eagles? Think about all the fifteen laffers out there fighting for their lives! Couldn't it just be Double Talkers? How about Cold Callers? I'm not a Fifteen laffer, but, have sympathy for these guys. They just started and now they're fighting Eagles?!

Gracey says:

Ha! These pesky birds are no match for us! Its infinity to one! Stock up on some gags toons! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Andrew says:

Toons prepare, these cogs are going back to the drawing board when we are done with them.

Mister Quackers says:

You Freaky Cogs Better leave us alone! Toons are strong and United! So gets your pies baked for some action toons! Its almost Over For you birdbrainzz Now :D

Super Sadie says:

Oh No! Another cog invasion! Hope its not too bad.

Rosie says:


Eleanor says:

OH MY GOODNESS! Theres gonna be millions. Im not sure what to do but the only thing is ill keep a birthday cake or two.

Popcornbud says:

So... that's why there was a legal eagle.... you eagles better pay! or else break dat law!

Silly Fangs ( 123 laff ) says:

Legal Eagles should be illegal since your trying to take over Toontown.... I will Pie you so hard you will get a legal headache you will want to say " WHY DID WE FACE THEM, AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!! "

Toasted Marshmallow says:

Really, cogs? Are you seriously taking us down? There's only ONE problem, Eagles: WE ARE TOONS AND WE ARE VICTORIOUS. YOU CANT TAKE US DOWN!

Peanut Twinklesplat says:

I'll be ready for them! My gags are stocked and my laff meter is full!

arceus says:

you are illegal eagles

legal eagle smasher says:

You pesky legal eagles have no respect for toon law. We toons will always win and enforce toon law. We will always find a way to stop you from replacing our laws with your stupid cog law.

The Impawsible Pawly says:

There's nothing you can do to stop us toons, Legal Eagles! Your pesky or should I say... 'pecky' ways of defeating Toontown is never gonna happen! You will see!

TheCogs says:

We shall see, Toon. My eagle eyes see a very different outcome, and the day is not over yet...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Fluffy Glitterpounce says:

Wow! Lets all have the water rain down on their mechanical feathers so they can't soar! :o

Meep says:

I'm going to keep gags close at hand at all times! We're going to beat those bird brains!!!

Nickthegreat says:

Silly birds.... You'll never win... Lets get em' with some birthday cakes :D

meow says:

This will end!!!

tiffany (58 laff) says:

wow I can't believe that the lawbots made the glad handers lie about trying to be nice. well im always going to keep a seltzer bottle in hand :)

Rabbitcon says:

Gasps* I'm ready for this! I've been waiting an entire year to see this come... time for me to grab my cakes and get these birdbrained lawbots! For justice! (and not the bad cog lawbot kind)

FriedChicken says:

you birds are nothing but fried chicken!!!!

Phoenix says:

Objection! Everything this Leagle Eagle guy is saying is clearly conjecture.

Princess Pearl Petalberry says:

Legal Eagles' ain't got NOTHING on me. Us toons can defeat them easily!

Pearl says:

Low Toons, I recommend that if a invasion comes on that you switch districts since these cogs are ranged from level 7-11. - Pearl

Rainbow says:

What if this is the reason why the Glad handers are trying to become allies? The Legal Eagles could have told the Glad Handers to pretend to shake hands with us o distract us so that they could have time to Invade! You know what this means.. *War Horn* CHARGE!

Queen Crazy Pepperdoodle says:

Despicable plan. Very good try cogs.

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

Dumb birds. They don't know that I have all my level seven gags. YOU BETTER GO BACK TO THE LAWBOT HQ, BIRDBRAINS!

Bignose says:

Hey, Eagles! What would happen if the Toons were to sue the Cogs for crimes against Toons? What would happen? Would the Cashbots bribe the CJ to rule in their favor? Would you use your Jargon, Leagalese, and Mumbo Jumbo to befuddle us? What would you do?

Milk says:

You've been planning this, haven't you, Cogs?Of course you have. I should've known from the beginning that Toons and Cogs would never be friends. And now you try to decieve us into a truce?! Well now you've made me angry! Rally the Council! We will fight! We will win! We will do you Cogs in!

John Egbert (35 Laff) says:

small laff toons like me can be very strong in groups. they better watch out!

super ice uber says:

wow these bird brains will never win the cogs failed 10 years ago and THEY had the upper hand BUT still today they fail even harder please if you know whats good for your nation leave!

Princess Furball SparkleMuffin says:

Throws those pies at those "Illegal Eagles"! Toons Of The World UNITE! :)

Lady Trixie Jeeperburger says:

You birdbrains. Didn't you learn the first dozen times you tried to invade Toontown? Toons always win.

Duncan (116 laff) says:

Ha! We never trusted you! ***Toons read only**** Let's "Befriend" them and put an end to this cog invasion! "Toons of the world, UNITE!"

Aqua Duck says:

Really, think of a different plan because our Gags and Pranks are too strong.

Thunderboom says:

Legal Eagles, peck on someone your own size.

Rock and roll monkey says:

Good Luck Legal Eagles! You're going down! Toons of the World Unite!!!

Cute Devil says:

Excuse me, Mr. Legal Eagle sir? You are breaking Toon Law. Why? Because it says in ToonTown, the only rule is have fun!

Hero 104 laff says:

AHHH!!! Are you toons enough! Get your gags ready, Your gonna need them!

Captain Dee Dee Bumbercrumbs says:

I'm just a duck you Eagles

Super Skippy Dandy Screech (75L) says:

Man... After 10 years, AND that Glad Hander invasion, they still haven't given up? Time to show them what we toons are made of!

Super Skippy Dandyscreech (75L) says:

They're gonna be sorry. Let's do this!

Sir Dynamite says:

Clearly, you cogs unfortunately have a beak, yet no brain. I assume you robotic birds are trying to kiss up to the cog leaders? Hmm? Want to get your own office like the Mover & Shakers? - Not happening! Because we toons are going to beat your feathers back into that filthy dump you call Lawbot HQ. Toons of the World, UNITE!

Prof. Beppo says:

Dah. Those Legal Eagles are just pincushions to us Toons. We shall crush them with everything we have! Though I do think they are masters at the law, they CERTAINLY aren't masters at Toon Battling. It's never going to work out for those birdbrains.

TheCogs says:

squaaarkk (ouch)
That outcome to our carefully planned invasions should be illegal. You've not seen the last of us, Toons...

- - end Cog transmission - -