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Holiday Cattlelog Shopping: The More the Merrier!

more Winter Cattlelog 

Toons should start seeing even more wacky winter items making their merry way into the Cattlelog this week.
Presents, sleds, and icy floors are just some of the jolly good fun to be found in Clarabelle's Cattlelog all Toontastically perfect for celebrating the holidays!


Don't forget to grab your BRRRilliant Winter Holiday gift, direct from the snowy Brrrgh!
Just get the special code in the “Talk of the Town” section of the latest Toon News… For the Amused! inside Toontown.

What are your favorite Winter Holiday items, and what are YOU looking forward to gifting to your Toon friends?
Let us know...!

Posted on December 12, 2012 to:

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Chester says:

Christmas Items are always the best ^^

Nike says:

Awesome! I Used To Have A Sled In My Home From Last Year ;)

Angel says:

Im gonna gift my friends some presents cuz i know they have a christmas tree but nothing under it!! :DD

Sandscorch says:

There is only one word: AWESOME. I can't wait to get all the Cattelog items. My favorite Winter Toon item is the scarf shirt and skirt! It's SO cute :) And I'm looking forward to gifting my friends furniture such as the sled and present

CW Funnydorf (110 laff) says:

AWESOME! They should do a santa hat or elf costume accessory.

Magical Crocodile says:

Yay! Now i can finally put up my christmas tree and gift some to my friends. Have a wonderful christmas Flippy and everyone at toontown!!

Marla says:

Wow, Christmas Items Already Here, I Better Save Some Jellybeans, I Also Can't Wait For Christmas! Also, Toons Have A Toontastic Christmas and Flippy Too!

Rocco says:

I'm going to give some christmas decorations to my friends.

Omar says:

YAY! Christmas items!

Crazy Clancy Peppertoon says:

YOU KNOW WHAT all i have to say is i will gift my friends SOOOOOO MUCH

Vivi says:

Can't wait! :D

Smirky Bumberpop says:

I've had my Winter Decorations up in my Toontastic house, and never changed it since 2010! I love Winter in Toontown!

Spy says:

Time to start fishing

NightSky says:

I cannot wait to gift all of my friends, These toontastic items! :)

Sky Blue says:

my favorite are the clothes and the icy floors! Im gifting my friends as much as i can!

Boo Boo Wildnerd says:

Thanks for selling the melting doodle, I love it! ;D

black panther says:

my closet is full! so i'll get the big closet and then i'll get the peppermint skirt and the scarf shirt and maybe the ice cube floor and the Christmas tree and the presents and the wreath XD happy winter holiday! and i cant w8 for snowman heads.

stealthy says:


comet dizzytwist says:

Christmas is the best time of the whole year for toontown

Paintball says:

I just ADORE these cute little accessories! They fit SO well with the clothes! Toons of the world, unite, and defeat those cogs for the hollidays!

Black Hole says:

yay! its my first black cat christmas! :)

Noisy Popcorn Zippengoose says:

It will be fun to decorate my estate for the holidays!

Bits and Pieces says:

I would LOVE to see some christmas themed mittens, more hats, and some new glasses. mittens would be really cool we got them for christmas. Looking forward to some new surprises.

Gaby says:

Toontastic!I wish I was a member cause then I could get all this cool stuff!Just gotta wait and see what santa brings:D

Thunderbubble says:

i LOVE the presents! I think the purple long one is a new fishing rod, and the small red and white one is a freshly baked cream pie! They're awesome! by the way, could you maybe come out with a sanata hat accessory! that would be wicked! Happy holidays!

Jake says:

I really want the Christmas Tree it will make the winter more Jolly! :)

Wizardy Crocodile says:

Oh boy! I can't wait to gift the super cute scarf shirt and skirt to my friends like Magical Crocodile!

chloe says:

i really love christmas so thank you and have a best christmas ever also share your christmas joy on toontown

King Corky Zippendoodle (123 Laff) says:

Finally, a time for giving and getting. :)

Princess Kippy says:

I love the Christmas tree.

Livie says:

Omg that's so cool! I love the holidays, so I really want to decorate my house! :)

Frizzy Thunderthud says:

OMG! I CANT WAIT! sorry for the yelling im just soooo excited :D!!!

Floop says:

Its the most... Wonderful cogbusting time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and when will the snowtoons come to town? ( Toons with snowman heads )

Tayu says:

Sweeeet hope everyone has a great safe holidays!

George (60) Laff says:

Christmas is awesome in this game! I love it in person to! I'll be gifting friends! :):):):):):)

stealthy (26 laff) says:

I am seriously becoming a member this Christmas and it will be freaking sweet!

Lily says:

Time to get all my friends gifts! Better get jbs LOL.

Aqua cat says:

Thank you! It sounds COOL *Hug* Im looking foward too all the christmas'y clothes More than ever!

Princess Mo Mo says:

Winter gifts are fun to give (& receive), i really love the new mittens shirt. All my friends will find 1 in their mailbox for Christmas! Happy Holidays toons of the world in Toontown.

Teddy says:

I was Thinking about Gifting what they want :P or what they like ^_^ cause i will gift them all the winter accesories :) =D. Anyways Merry Christmas and Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

Bubbles Friend says:

I look forward to more holiday gifts, and to gift my friends :) toons of the world, you r awesome!!!

poppenhoffer says:

WHOA! Christmas cheer is in the air while decorations are aflare! Let us all decorate while we destroy those cogs today! But furthermore be sure to spread some TOONTASTIC joy.

German Shepherd says:

Yay! CHRISTMASTIME! The cogs are always jealous of us! ;)

trixieglitterbubble(66laffer) says:

i think i will buy them all! that is alot of jellybeans without the 600 jellybeans from caroling!

Flamepaw says:

I love christmas

Crazy Dusty Spaklegoober says:

I am trying to buy enough cattle log items so for each season I can have the right furniture for each season and this gives me a boost up. Thank you Toon Town!

Mr. Toon [40 Laff Points] says:

It's the most, cog-busting time, of the year! :D

Buster says:

This is great, I finally have the chance to make my house and my toon look in the Christmas spirit! I love the clothes, accessories, furniture, wallpaper, etc.! :D

Flip says:

I've Been so excited since i started tt (november 2012) for a special code to come out cos i missed the halloween won. Keep on rocking Flippy XD XD XD. i need a tree also cos i have presents but no tree. the free jellybeans from the hint really helped as well so thanks XD